Deconstructing Obama’s UNGA rant.

{Please keep your sick-bag and preferably a punch bag handy while perusing this insult to human intelligence}

Every time Obama stands in front of the UNGA he suffers a severe and acute bout of violent Verbal Diarrhoea, this year’s defecation on the assembly is almost identical to last year’s delusional berating and inversion of facts and truths!

That there wasn’t a universal walkout by the entire assembly of BRICS and Third World countries to avoid being splattered and infected, by association and apparent condoning of his effluent discharge, is truly regrettable.

  • “Out of the ashes of the Second World War, having witnessed the unthinkable power of the atomic age, the United States has worked with many nations in this Assembly to prevent a third world war -- by forging alliances with old adversaries; by supporting the steady emergence of strong democracies accountable to their people instead of any foreign power; and by building an international system that imposes a cost on those who choose conflict over cooperation, an order that recognizes the dignity and equal worth of all people.”
► The list of countries the US has violated, invaded, bombed, destroyed, leaders deposed, assassinated, and undermined is too long to chronicle here! But here is a list of the US's crimes against nations globally. In fact the aggressor and violator has always been the US, yet has managed to shift blame to their vanquished victims, all across the globe.

  • “We see an erosion of the democratic principles and human rights that are fundamental to this institution’s mission; information is strictly controlled, the space for civil society restricted. We’re told that such retrenchment is required to beat back disorder; that it’s the only way to stamp out terrorism, or prevent foreign meddling. In accordance with this logic, we should support tyrants like Bashar al-Assad, who drops barrel bombs to massacre innocent children, because the alternative is surely worse.”
► Gulp, gulp, gulp, the audacity, duplicity, deviousness and insults to human intelligence is truly breathtaking. ‘Assad uses barrel-bombs’ is a mantra repeated ad nauseam by their own front-man of ‘human rights’ Kenneth Roth from HRW as a ruse to vilify the legitimate President of Syria with no cause or cogent purpose.
So what if he uses so called barrel bombs, which are merely home made devices which serve the same purpose as industrially produced bombs supplied by the tons to their ISIS proxies and used by the millions of tons by the US and NATO all across the globe.

US/NATO dropped 30,000 bombs on Libya alone and killed on average four or more people with each of these industrially manufactured instruments of death.
Apparently it is more ‘humane’ to massacre with bombs which make some Arms Manufacturer rich at the expense of Taxpayers than home made devices which have a fraction of the punch of their Military Industrial Complex counterparts.
The difference here is that Assad is defending his country and people from a foreign invasion of US-Zionist Army Divisions dressed in sneakers and balaclavas, but nonetheless are just like regular US Army Divisions, trained, paid, armed and commandeered by them.
While the US is unilaterally spreading Death and Destruction to ‘defend US interests’!
The US dropped 10s of millions of tons of bombs, napalm, cluster bombs and other illegal WMDs on Indochina and over 75 million liters of Chemicals like Agent Orange, on Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia, all laden with dioxin poisoning the environment for centuries to come.
(To visualise this mountain of death and destruction, the great Pyramid of Giza weighs about 6 million tons, the water equivalent would be about 2.5 million tons)
All this death, destruction and poison is killing, polluting and causing birth defects on an unprecedented scale across Indochina to this day and long into the distant future!

Figures are difficult to validate but in Iraq the US and UK dispersed some 400 to 800 tons of pure DU radioactive ammunition which has created a hellhole of indescribable horror of cancers, Birth Defects and poisoned soils and groundwater to eternity!

  • “As President of the United States, I am mindful of the dangers that we face; they cross my desk every morning. I lead the strongest military that the world has ever known, and I will never hesitate to protect my country or our allies, unilaterally and by force where necessary.”
► Are we talking here about a President of a major industrialised nation, and one which has received the Nobel Peace Prize no less, or are we seeing a deranged, infantile, immature psychopath who is power drunk, delusional and extremely dangerous at the levers of power as so called Commander in Chief?
This is no isolated slip-up, it goes along with ‘I’m good at killing people”, “The US will always lead in the world with its military”, and “We are exceptional” etc etc!
Clearly the US knows only pre-medieval behaviour in international relations and truly believes that might is right and the military is there to enforce its will.
It’s unilateral death and destruction to enforce US Hegemony.

  • “We will do so mindful of the lessons of the past -- not just the lessons of Iraq, but also the example of Libya, where we joined an international coalition under a U.N. mandate to prevent a slaughter. Even as we helped the Libyan people bring an end to the reign of a tyrant, our coalition could have and should have done more to fill a vacuum left behind.”
► In plain words we destroyed the legitimate Government of Libya because he proposed and honest, fair and equitable Monetary System which would have destroyed our satanical Fiat Currency Crime racket of exploitation, rape and plunder.

  • “Nowhere is our commitment to international order more tested than in Syria. When a dictator slaughters tens of thousands of his own people, that is not just a matter of one nation’s internal affairs -- it breeds human suffering on an order of magnitude that affects us all. Likewise, when a terrorist group beheads captives, slaughters the innocent and enslaves women, that’s not a single nation’s national security problem -- that is an assault on all humanity.”
► Obama’s own Freudian slip sums it up: “we’re training more ISIL fighters…….”
The old tried and proven FFOps with CIA snipers and US paid rent-a-mob ‘protesters’ has kicked off this hell on earth for Syria.

The ICC is fast asleep, the UN is complicit, Putin came very close to calling a spade a terrorist: "Export of so-called democratic revolutions continues globally"!

  • “I’ve said before and I will repeat: There is no room for accommodating an apocalyptic cult like ISIL, and the United States makes no apologies for using our military, as part of a broad coalition, to go after them. We do so with a determination to ensure that there will never be a safe haven for terrorists who carry out these crimes. And we have demonstrated over more than a decade of relentless pursuit of al Qaeda, we will not be outlasted by extremists.”
► Just more of the same sickening lies.
The US has for decades nurtured these terrorists and deployed them wherever they’re needed for Regime Change and destabilise nations. Their year long ‘campaign’ to destroy ISIS was a stealthy opportunity to strengthen them by being able to fly directly into their Caliphate and dropping supplies of armaments and supplying them with all manner of logistics.
Captured ISIS fighters had the latest, up to the minute, Satellite Imagery in possession of the new Russian Airbase near Latakia.

  • “Let’s remember how this started. Assad reacted to peaceful protests by escalating repression and killing that, in turn, created the environment for the current strife.”

► And more of the same: US Embassy organising protests, CIA snipers firing on both – Protesters and Security personnel, then blaming Assad, the tried and proven recipe of the ‘US of Atrocities’ for Regime Change.

  • “We can promote growth through trade that meets a higher standard. And that’s what we’re doing through the Trans-Pacific Partnership -- a trade agreement that encompasses nearly 40 percent of the global economy; an agreement that will open markets, while protecting the rights of workers and protecting the environment that enables development to be sustained.
    We can roll back the pollution that we put in our skies, and help economies lift people out of poverty without condemning our children to the ravages of an ever-warming climate. The same ingenuity that produced the Industrial Age and the Computer Age allows us to harness the potential of clean energy.”
► TPP and its ugly cousin the TTIP are the most insidious, fascist, anti-worker, anti-people crimes ever to be perpetrated against all of humanity in the name of ‘free trade’, which has absolutely nothing to do with trade but with Corporate control of means of production, rights of ownership, laws of every description and the complete usurpation of sovereignty of every signatory nation.

He also mentioned Ebola and AIDS, and how they are working hard to be eradicated, while of course both are constructs of the US themselves and released to eradicate Humans on an industrial scale.

Every year we get the same effluent dished up by Obama, Cameron, Holland et al and every year the Zio MSM hails their stinking pile of lies and insults as a Humanitarian, Righteous and Valiant display of US/Western Values and Leadership and decries the rest of the globe as Villains and Criminals.

End the sycophantic UN and its connivance with the only power on the planet which really counts: the JWO!

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Putin arrives in Syria and the Terrorist Rats flee with tails between their legs

Judging by early successes of the new coalition comprising SAA, Russia and its CSTO Allies, and by all indications also China, the rats are fleeing and getting decimated as never before.

Watch out for thousands of these vermin milling amongst the 'refugees' flooding into Europe now that the raping and killing is becoming a decidedly lethal pastime, and the endless supply for their teenage harems is drying up, while the US will find it harder and harder to drop supplies to them on the sly while the Russians and Chinese are hawking over them.

What ironic justice; after years of nurturing, training, financing, arming and commandeering these jihadi vermin to massacre, rape, plunder and destroy they'll be setting up shop in their sponsors' own hometowns.
Cameron will be counting his Karmic score when the ISIS-al Nusra - Khorasan - Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar - Muhajirin wa-Ansar Alliance - Jund al-Aqsa - Liwaa al-Umma - Liwa al-Haqq - Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan - Turkestan Islamic Party - Islamic Muthanna Movement etc etc are all starting to wreak havoc across the UK and the rest of Europe.

If early reports are correct then Russia is not just there to tender support and logistics, they’re actively strafing and eradicating the rats and making life impossible for these off the books US Army Divisions once the supply lines are cut from Turkey and Jordan.

Obama will be ‘profusely thanking’ Putin when they finally meet at the UN for accomplishing a task he himself tried so hard for over a year with the exact opposite results – ISIS growing stronger by the day! (Sarcasm!)
So how is he going to explain the apparent ease with which the ‘Coalition of the Honest’ has managed to thwart the terrorists where the ‘Coalition of the actual Terrorists’ has shown zero results to the world at large for what they so profusely professed they were trying to achieve?

But let’s not celebrate prematurely, no doubt the ‘Coalition of the real Terrorists’ will try their darnedest to salvage their proxy Armies in sneakers and balaclavas to deploy them to their next assignment of rape, death, destruction and savagery in Russia, Iran, China and beyond.

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The Nobel Committee’s choices for Peace, aka Mass Murderer Prize

Please help the Nobel Committee find a suitable recipient for the 2015 Peace Prize, which will be announced on the 9th of October this year.

From 1968 onwards Kissinger negotiated the official ‘Paris Peace Accord’ while secretly negotiating with Le Duc Tho on a way out of the impasse the official negotiations were mired in, and to let the Yanks extricate themselves out of their VN predicament, which now has become legendary and synonymous with intractable quagmires and shameful defeat.

Kissinger along with his underling Nixon, although the official hierarchy appeared as the reverse, conspired to sabotage the talks in Paris so as to give their client regime in South Vietnam a leg up in the elections held at the time, destroying the Democratic opposition’s platform of peace.

North Vietnam’s starting position always was re-unification of the nation, so there was no, or very little common ground, but Kissinger, as the Nixon administration’s Security Advisor, intensified the bombardment, and indiscriminate massacre of civilians, of North Vietnam to get them to relent and come round to some agreement the yanks could sign without loosing face.

What ensued were another four to five years of pointless war, death and destruction, 20,000 more Americans lost their lives and countless, perhaps millions of Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians got massacred in an orgy of American bombing, scorching and poisoning of the three countries!

When in 1975 the Yanks called it a day, that is were soundly defeated, their position taken in the talks and secret negotiations was roundly upended and the North finally got their re-unification, all on their terms.

Nevertheless, not withstanding all the shenanigans, connivances, double-crossings, wholesale massacres, prolonging an unjustifiable war and millions killed, the Nobel Committee, (what a misnomer) saw fit to jointly award Kissinger and Le Duc Tho the Peace Prize for 1973.

Le Duc Tho wisely declined this form of agenda driven public display of sycophancy and propaganda declaring it ‘bourgeois sentimentality’ and also cited the North’s stated goal of, at the time yet unfulfilled, re-unification as reasons for not accepting it.

Kissinger cowardly piked out of the acceptance ceremony fearing massive anti War/American protests and donated the prize money of $1.3m to charity and subsequently returned the Gold Medal to the Nobel Committee.

The awarding of Nobel Peace Prizes to the Israeli Prime Ministers Peres, Begin and Rabin is equivalent to awarding them to terrorists and mass murderers.
All these Israeli PMs were members of the terrorist Irgun and Lehi etc Gangs and have untold blood on their hands. Their aim and conduct has always been a ruthless conquest of all of the Palestinian’s land, over the corpses of tens of thousands and by terror, atrocities and violent expulsion.
Needless to say the Palestinians resisted and fought back with the little means they could.

Awarding these vile characters with the Peace Prize is equally akin to awarding Mass Murderers and Terrorists with what was once perhaps regarded as a prestigious recognition of genuine contributions to world peace and harmony.

These Jewish PM Terrorists made zero concessions to the Palestinians, they only slyly tendered hollow promises they never meant to keep just so they could get the Palestinians to ease off for a while and have the Zionists pursue their relentless drive to eradicate them and acquire all of their land.

Obama received his Peace Prize on the premise that he would initiate and pursue a genuinely new course of US foreign policy, of which he temptingly offered some glimpses with his ‘reset’ of relations with Russia et al. Yet his acceptance speech was peppered with inane warring rhetoric and a justification of American militaristic foreign policy of War Crimes and unilateral aggression to ‘preserve American interests’!

Never before has anyone managed to insult human intelligence on a global scale as Obama pulled off with his deranged warmongering rant in Oslo.

Since then he was instrumental in the destruction of Libya and 100s of thousands of Libyans and the murder of global hero Gaddafi, the wholesale destruction of Syria and a quarter of a million of innocent souls there and the destruction of the Ukraine, all the while droning wedding parties, school kids on their way to school and farmers returning from a hard days work in their fields from Pakistan to Yemen.

Awarding “I’m good at killing people” Obama with the Peace Prize must yet rate as the ultimate disgrace the Nobel Committee has managed to offend humanity with, but never fear, they sure as hell will manage to better this in the not too distant future, perhaps even this year!
So please help the Nobel Committed to find a suitable candidate to complement their previous selections of recipients who have shown the ways of the western Zionist Matrix, which rewards evil and mass murder as a way to legitimise this form of savagery and odious policy of the JWO!

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Putin outmanoeuvres the Zionist US-JWO on Syria and ISIS

The Jew World Order suffers a serious setback at the hands of master genius Putin!

Not wanting to prejudge events in Syria and Iraq, but the recent moves by President Putin have the ring of genius and the mastery of a black belt Judo Aficionado and three dimensional Chess!

First he innocently invites the very protagonists of Death and Destruction into a coalition to fight their very own Army Divisions dressed in black hoods and sneakers, and as they deviously refuse under an avalanche of subterfuges and accusations against Putin as the aggressor, shows them up for what they are; the Terrorists themselves!
(Not that the international Zionist Press did notice or report this detail)

Then he gets his own military alliance CSTO, Collective Security Treaty Organisation, to join him and proceeds to uproot and destroy the Zionists’ entire Terror Divisions of beheaders, rapists and sadists on the ground in Syria and Iraq.

These are the scourges carefully nurtured, trained, armed and financed over decades since the 80s when they were used to fight against the progressive Government, supported by the Soviet Union, in Afghanistan to install the pre-medieval savages of the Taliban.
Then they were used all across the former Soviet Union, then to destroy Libya and now Syria, Iraq, Ukraine and aiming at Crimea and Russia itself.

The ultimate insult against humanity was the US’ ploy to give them their own state, a caliphate and terror base of their own on Syrian and Iraqi lands so they could wage their savagery against all their prescribed foes in Iran, Russia and anywhere where they would be ordered to fight the resistance to the Zionist JWO.

But Putin, in a pre-emptive strike of genius, has seized the moment and is in the process of eliminating the US/JWO’s proxy Armies of Attila reincarnates to restore International Law and Order and uproot this scourge at the source.

Not surprisingly, the guilty are not pleased and don’t want to confront and face their formidable contender after being outed, shamed and outwitted by this parvenu of global chess!
(Will poofter Obama have the balls to face Putin in NY?)

But they’re wrong, Putin is a force to be reckoned with, his aim is not merely the prevention of losing his Mediterranean Naval Base in a Muslim Brotherhood run Syria or one wracked by savage jihadi factions as in Libya; he’s fighting terrorism before it gets to his home turf and at the same time restoring international rules, law and order, in other words, a civilised world.

US/JWO, your game is up, but rest assured they won’t quit and will just regroup and try other tactics over the corpses of millions of innocent victims to get their vile fantasy of global hegemony and Eretz Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates.

But as long as Putin controls the levers of power they won’t have an easy ride, Netanyahu may rush to Moscow as often as he likes, his evil ploys just got thwarted in the process and he might have to pull in his Luciferian horns for a while.
Chess and Judo stand Putin in very good stead - well done, shall you succeed and vanquish the JWO scourge!

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The UN elects Saudi Arabia to Head UN Human Rights Council

Well done UN!

Few other countries would have a worse human rights record than Saudi Arabia; except of course their ‘Cousins’ the illegal, racist, Apartheid Squatter colony on Palestinian land, and their benefactors, protectors and accomplices, the US of Atrocities!

Thus far in 2015 Saudi Arabia has executed well over 100 people in an orgy of revenge and quashing of dissent.

Be careful of any temptation to the following which will reduce your height by a head length, all of which are beheading offences under the Saudi Penal Code:
  • Sorcery and Witchcraft; take off your Amethyst Amulet for peace and spiritual vibrations well before you enter the Fiefdom of Saud.
  • Consumption of intoxicants, i.e. Alcohol; make sure you don’t bring or buy any Kirsch Chocolate for your friends.
  • Espionage, don’t ever look at any Government buildings!
  • Apostasy i.e. turning away from the Saudi’s official deranged Wahhabi Cult.
  • Possession of Drugs; who knows whether your night cap of Valium counts as a beheading offence.
  • Burglary
  • Robbery Arson
  • Consensual sex with another adult male, we have no Queers in our Kingdom!
  • Treason
  • Adultery; Raucous Christmas Office Parties offer no excuse!
  • Rape or Sexual Assault
  • Non Fatal Terrorism
  • Non pre-meditated Murder; self defence if you’re attacked is no excuse, in that situation you’re either killed by the attacker of by your Government!
  • Aggravated Murder; the only offence which merits some consideration, but a lifetime of hard labour benefiting society would be preferable!
So well done UN, now the Nobel Committee better take heed.

Can we smell a Nobel Peace Prize in the winds for their benevolent assistance rendered to the ousted President Hadi in Yemen while reducing his subjects by well over 5,000 during constant bombing raids on Cities, Schools and Hospitals?

Yemen is a crime of unspeakable barbarity and callousness, but there is no outcry, no UN action to speak of, no condemnation from Self-righteous Governments or Lefties.

The Saudis are the US’ best friend, besides Israel, but it is on a very different level altogether; Israel has been a constant drag while bossing their benefactor the US around, while the Saudis have bought massive amounts of US Treasuries and Arms, thus keeping the Petro Dollar racket going; this is such a true and valued friend and ally you’ll never let down!

Surely the UN would never make a move without either the explicit or tacit approval of the US!

Now the Saudis being equipped with a very sound Common Sense Culture and a truly compassionate Salafi Takfiri Wahhabi Religion will bring a wealth of Values, Morals and Ethics to their job as Arbiters of Right and Wrong at the esteemed UN!

Yes, this is the world we now live in, where black is white, where the biggest Criminals, Abusers and Terrorists are awarded the UN Human Rights Council Chair to oversee nations' behaviour with regards to, yes Human Rights of course!

Where the biggest Warmongers berate the Nations who tender help and assistance to a nation under assault by the entire western Zio Axis of unspeakable evil.

There should be no illusions left that there are any democratic processes at work; not on a national level, not at the UN nor at intergovernmental levels like the ICC, IMF, BIS and all the other UN outcrops.

There is only one power which rules - and that’s the JOW!

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Identifying the Jew World Order as our real foe and oppressor!

On Honesty, Courage and Defiance!

  • If we are not honest and courageous enough in identifying the problem, then we’ll never find a solution!
  • If we are so afraid to name our oppressors, rapists and plunderers then they have won and completely succeeded in our subjugation!
  • If we are so conceited that we truly believe that using generic terms like NWO, Illuminati, Oligarchy, the 1% or the Banksters, rather than directly pinpointing our foes makes us superior then this sycophancy lets them hide forever behind these benign smokescreens and perpetrate their crimes in anonymity and with complete impunity ad infinitum!
  • If we are so conditioned (brainwashed) that we robotically recoil from speaking our mind and cower in deference to our masters we’ve truly become their slaves!

The graphic below displays but a minute sample of a vast library of their own words describing their utter contempt and loathing for you and the rest of humanity. It’s a tiny snapshot of their delusional, racist and supremacist mindset which is expressed by all and sundry on a daily basis, from politicians, community leaders, academics, Rabbis and settler hooligans alike!

If the basic tenets of a doctrine are of a nature to instill such vile hatred, condescension and contempt for your fellow human beings, then this should be declared for what it is and banned on grounds that it is a dangerous, antisocial, subversive, terrorist dogma inciting Crimes against Humanity!

Think Palestine, Gaza, all the wars against the Goyim, from the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution and all their Crimes against Humanity, WW2 contrived by the Jews, to Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and all the present warmongering against a raft of nations from all across South America to Russia, from China to Venezuela and anyone not subjugated in their empire of vassal states, including Europe, Central Asia, Philippines and Japan etc!

The hierarchy is clear;
• If you control the finance you control the government.
• If you control the Media you control the minds of the masses.
Total control!

The only solution is to dismantle their US$ Fiat Currency Crime Racket and all the Fiat Currency Rackets across the globe and Fractional Reserve Lending!
End the Fed, BIS, IMF, WB, and the WS Bankster Rapists!

Build world trade on a fair and equitable basis, the kind Gaddafi was proposing before they got to him, massacred him and hundreds of thousands of Libyans so they could stop the greatest gift to humanity he could ever make – a Gold backed Currency!
  • Gold is Peace, Liberty and Prosperity!
  • Fiat is War, Oppression and Exploitation!
We need to go back to Gold as the means of exchange of Value. A store of Value which can’t be printed out of thin air, which does therefore not depreciate and transfer wealth from the productive people to the parasitic banksters.

A monetary system which is not owned by anyone; not Banksters, not Jews, not corrupt, incompetent and delusionally self-enamoured Governments who inevitably would be no different than banksters if the power to create currency were to be transferred to politicians! The power over people would just be concentrated in the same people who wield power over us now; indistinguishable from one another; Banksters, Politicians, Think Tanks – all one and the same; the JWO!

It is a Store of Value System which is as natural as the allure and attraction Gold has engendered in Humanity ever since the dawn of organised barter and trade and the adornment with this universally recognised Precious Element of feminine companions, heroines, and deities alike!

And that's why Gold is the Banksters nemesis #1!

More on who the Jews are and what they really think of us!

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Preventing Bankster Armageddon and fighting for a fair & equitable World!

We have two choices, either we let them take us to WW3 and annihilate us all in a nuclear Armageddon, or we take them out before that happens!

Now if that sounds melodramatic to your years then you haven’t been listening to the drums of war pounding around the clock for many a year now.

Maybe an Iraqi, Libyan, Syrian or Novorossiyan might grasp this dire quandary immediately, and could fill any doubters in with some horrendous details of his own, relating first hand experiences what it is like to be ‘collateral damage’ for the Banksters and Schemers who wage wars to defend their private fiat currency crime racket at the mere hint of it being threatened or in peril.

  • Iraq/Saddam and his switching to Euros for his Oil.

  • Libya/Gaddafi and his proposal for, what the World really needed and deserved, a Gold backed, pan African Dinar, replacing Satan’s currency - the US$!

  • Russia/Putin and his fight to De-Dollarize trade across the slate; oil, goods, resources, any merchandise and financial instruments.

  • Syria/Assad and his rightful free choice to opt for the Iranian Gas Pipeline instead the Qatari alternative designed to undermine Iran and Russia; his two stalwart friends and allies.
Our own possible contribution appears small but nonetheless it is an essential engagement and important piece to solving the problems we’re facing.

► Stop buying any Fascist, Corporate, Multinational branded products! This is very difficult to circumvent; gasoline, cars, flying, movies, to mention just a few are monopolies, but can be reduced and avoided with determination: Where there is a will there is a way.
Be honest, do you check EVERY item first to verify its ecological soundness or rating, its corporate producer and country of origin?

► Get out of the System as much as possible; stop banking, repay all loans to banksters, rip up your credit card, trade and shop locally in community markets, coops and from local producers directly.

► Get off grid, install solar panels and whatever self sufficiency measures your circumstances allow.

► Avoid paying taxes and whatever duties you can elude.

The new world order or more aptly labelled the Jew World Order has set its sight on total hegemony and demonstrably is determined to achieve this goal over the corpses of hundreds of millions and perhaps billions, or even all of humanity, (Samson Option) to have a last crack at their utopian world tyranny, espoused in all their writings and pronouncements, some cryptic, but mostly clearly enunciated from the Talmud to the Protocols to all the papers written by the Warmonger Tanks, CFR, Brookings, AIPAC, Atlantic Council, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and all the other Zio-Jewish run Cesspools of Hate and War.

Last crack, because humanity is slowly, yes sadly very slowly but steadily, waking up to what their game plan is and even more importantly, who’s behind it. The internet is the key to our salvation, and you can just hear Clapper invoking yet another one of those Cyber-Armageddon verbal diarrhoea attacks to lay the ground for the total control and new draconian laws and even the UNfication of the internet and thus the neutering and castration of the flow of real information.

• Rockefeller: “The internet should have never existed, it’s a threat to national security”
• John Kerry: "This little thing called the internet makes it much harder to govern"

Translation: "Now that the mushroom populace has a means to find out what diabolical schemes and crimes against humanity we're involved in and what satanical shysters we all are, they naturally are not going follow us like sheep any longer and might even revolt and destroy our cosy, parasitic rape and plunder racket, i.e. revolt and overthrow the system!"

Also their one pillar underpinning their parasitic empire, Satan’s currency the US$, is dying, withering away, being shunned, despised and refused from over-arrogance and the very fact that it is their one and only means of financing their gigantic military machine underpinning their drive to vanquish all of the world. Their parasitic racket is crumbling, not nearly fast enough, not for the people in Syria or Novorossiya, but it is ailing and ever more sickening by the day.

To sound like a broken record, let’s remind us that the fiat currencies are designed to self-implode, their need for eternal, exponential growth predestines them to inexorably reach their true intrinsic value; ZERO,

► But what we, humanity and as citizens of the one world we collectively inhabit, must PREVENT AT ALL COSTS is the parasitic Money Masters just rebooting the same system and staying in power ever more, with the Fiat Currency Crime Racket being their iniquitous, parasitic tool to rape and plunder the productive people of their hard earned wealth.

Please spend a moment of thought on this; this is humanity’s once in a millennium chance to rid itself of the 300 year old Bankster Yoke!

The inevitable implosion is that only opportunity to free humanity of all the ills and woes it betides!

The iniquity plaguing the globe, the exploitation of third world nations, the vassalage and dependence of poorer countries who are kept in bondage via this rapacious currency system.

  • Gaddafi would be hailed as the greatest Hero of all times had he succeeded with his Gold backed Dinar, and that’s no hyperbole, it really had the potential to deliver equality and fairness to trade and give the third world a potent voice and instrument of power; a truly sound, equitable and sustainable Money System which can’t be printed out of thin air and used to fund a bloated war machine and acquire hard assets and goods with this confetti currency.

Long live Gaddafi and all intrepid battlers against the Jew World Order!

Anyone objecting to the JWO term, well get life and look at the facts, yes there are plenty of co-opted Goys, but they are just in it for the crumbs and spoils of this racket; the usury, the fraud, the market rigging, the exploitation of the system, the temporal power it accords them, but the ultimate power rests with the tribe, the mega rich bankster families; money is power!

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Veteran Amputees; the price of innocence, ignorance and recklessness!

Joining the US Armed forces means becoming a cog and automaton for the real powers, the Jew World Order!

Always know what you're letting yourself in for!

In the case of joining the armed forces there really is no excuse; there is so much literature and documentation available online what the US Armed Forces are really for, whom they serve and what their aim is, you'd have to be prepared to sacrifice your life for pure evil if you still decide to join!

Most often an 'education' is cited as reasons, then of course a 'job', 'adventure' and 'comradeship' are also favourites, and perhaps a dark majority, besides giving such innocuous reasons, just doesn't care one iota what their task really entails and what the moral implications are of joining an army which has been fighting abroad 100% of the time in foreign countries, of which not a single one ever posed a threat to the US.

But most probably really think they are patriotic and serve their country and are defending freedom!

Official figures for US Armed Forces casualties lists as follows:
Killed - Combat; 3,527 Others: 961 Total: 4,488
Wounded: 32,222
But of course the dark figures of Gulf war Syndrome sufferers and veterans who suffer from mental illness and PTSD exceeds half a million and counting those with problems like substance abuse, homelessness and societal problems is as high as three quarters or more out of the 2 million plus who ‘served’ in the ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ in Iraq.

Some great adventure to be had in the US Army’s overseas expeditions!

While the war in Iraq has caused infinitely more casualties amongst the Iraqi population where figures vary greatly but even the lowest estimate now lists some 500,000 killed. The true figure could be multiples of this and reputable sources estimate that 1.5 million have died as a direct result of this criminal, spurious war against a former client state whose only mistake was to break with the Petro Dollar racket and sell oil for Euros!

But for Iraqis the suffering never ends, the DU poisoning is eternal and the birth defects, cancers and intractable illnesses will continue to plague Iraqis for as long as the radiation endures, and that’s, by our time-reckoning, to eternity!

Shunning Satan’s currency, the US$, that's the extent of Saddam's crime, never mind anything else he might have done on behalf of the Zio empire, like the war on Iran, the gassings of Iranian soldiers with US / EU supplied gas and equipment, and had he had the time to fully develop it, with a nuclear bomb, which was funded, aided and overseen, via their proxy Saudi Arabia, by the Americans in the hope he'd use it on Iran! Yes, Saddam, when he was their hit man in the ME, was aided in developing nuclear arms to use against Iran, the arch nemesis of nuclear Israel, but Iran which had never a desire to develop such amoral weapons is vilified and sanctioned for developing a peaceful program for nuclear power - on behalf of the greatest menace in the ME, Israel.

Anything goes as long as it kills, brings chaos and destroys countries, enemies of the US/Israel empires - but NEVER EVER cross the JWO and its one and only source of power and abandon the US$ in favour of a better alternative!

How do we respect and honour Veterans who are, apparently, unwitting cogs in such unspeakable evil on behalf of the Jew World Order?
And what would that honour be for? For being fooled and truly believing they were fighting for a just and noble cause, maiming and killing with abandon as many have done in the ‘heat of the moment’?

Always know what you’re letting yourself in for!

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