Questions and Reasons to suspect foul play in Germanwings flight 4U9525

First up we need to realize that the matrix in power has the intent and wherewithal to control the masses by any means and that includes withholding information, the dissemination of false information and the planting of lies and decoys.
What has been known for a very long time and has recently been confirmed again by Dr. Udo Ulfkotte in his book and widely disseminated interviews is that secret services like the CIA, MI6, Mossad and BND write false stories and force Newspapers/Journalists to put their name to it and publish it.
The rest happens automatically since all news services copy each other and particularly if one has an ‘exclusive’ as would be the case in CIA provided lies; and thus the whole planet gets saturated with this lie planted in one single news outlet.

The Germanwings story can act as an excellent case study in this.
We have story after story coming out where each is a fragment to a picture from different sources but none of them provides hard and fast proof and tangible facts. they're all but little tantalizing tidbits of information which add up to a narrative the powers decided on or are forced into to cover whatever they need to hide from the public
  • There is the voice recording allegedly showing that the Co-Pilot locked the Pilot out. Where is the voice recording proving this, but of course it would be easy to fake this since the Co-Pilot apparently never says a word and only his breathing is audible, but screaming from the passengers and and knocking on the door can supposedly be heard.
  • Then there are stories of mental illness hidden from his employer, yes we are to believe that he got away with hiding a serious mental illness from Lufthansa!
  • Then there is the ex-girlfriend who tells stories of him hinting at a big thing he’s going to pull off one day and how he’ll be remembered for that, and of mental outbursts and other bizarre behaviour which led her to dump him. Of course we’ll never know her name or whether she’s legit and really exists.
  • Then he converted to Islam and is on a Jihad doing Allah’s work.

So let's look at the course of events and some nagging irregularities which seem to throw doubt over the official narrative:
  • There was no distress call or any communications from the pilots.
  • There were no attempted or successful cell phone calls recorded from passengers during the long descent.
  • The plane took 8 mins to descend and crash at full speed.
  • French authorities immediately announced after finding the totally mangled ‘Black Box’ that they’re confident that they will be able to retrieve all data.
  • Then conflicting reports say that one Black Box had its Memory Card missing, the other was badly damaged, but then the Cockpit Voice recordings are cited as proof that the Co-Pilot was responsible.
  • On the Voice recording there is allegedly audible screaming from passengers and the breathing of the Co-Pilot, ‘proof’ he locked the Pilot out.
  • The official narrative now is Co-Pilot committed Mass Murder-Suicide in slow-motion.
  • In 1997 SilkAir Pilot took the plane into a vertical nosedive at full speed with the same aim committing Mass Murder-Suicide; the way one would expect someone to commit such and act.
  • The Daily Mail first reported eyewitnesses hearing an explosion and then seeing fighter jets screaming away from the area. These lines were later redacted and are now missing from the article, a clear cover up of facts which implicate some foul play like Remote Hijacking by these fighter jets.
  • There were eight minutes to activate the Remote Flight Control System to save the Plane after the start of the unauthorised, unscheduled descent, yet there is no evidence of this being attempted. But apparently Fighter Jets made it to the doomed plane in time for eyewitnesses to spot them right after hearing a loud bang like an explosion.
  • The story that due to DGAC Protocol Fighter Jets were scrambled to see what was going on, a mere 5 minutes before impact, and that these are the Fighters sighted by eyewitnesses makes no sense at all, it is time wise improbable and smacks of a rearguard cover-up.
  • There are no indications, and no one seemed to have had any inkling that the Co-Pilot had any intentions to perpetrate this alleged act of Murder-Suicide.
  • The missing Memory Card could easily have been taken by a team standing by near the intended crash site, before anyone else appeared on the scene, to prevent the real facts emerging and substituting them with fake ones.
Theories abound as to what rally happened to the Plane and how it came to crash at high speed into a conveniently remote area of the French Alps:
  • Official story of Co-Pilot Mass Murder-Suicide.
  • Remote Hijacking via the witnessed fighter jets.
  • CERN caused the crash.
  • US Air Force tested a High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System (HELLADS) and accidentally disabled flight 4U9525
  • Mechanical Failure; this requires the simultaneous failure of all communications and controls.
Points to consider in conjunction with this recent mysterious crash of yet another high tech modern airliner equipped with Remote Flight Control Systems.
  • MH370, MH17, QZ8501 all have a common theme; there are many irregularities and suspicious circumstanced which the official narrative can't explain away but in fact heighten the suspicion of Foul Play!
  • All three and now 4U9525 have another common theme; they are operated by countries which buck the hegemony of the Zionist-Jewish controlled Matrix of USrael! That is to say the Military/Financial Matrix of world control; USG/WS/Fed/BIS/IMF/WB/CorpAm/Israel and the City of London Banksters.
  • Malaysia upset this Zionazi Matrix with its Kuala Lumpur Trials of Bush, Cheney, Blair, Howard, the Israeli Governments, and the many other actors involved in the Crimes against Humanity.
  • Germany upset the Matrix:
    • By joining the AIIB
    • Siding with all the righteous people of the globe voting at the UN against Israel, condemning the illegal settlements on the West Bank
    • Refusing to shut down European-Iranian Trade Bank and doing brisk business with Iran
    • By thwarting the US' drive for all-out war with Russia in the Ukraine in brokering the Minsk Peace Accord and opposing the arming of the Zionazi Fascist Junta in Kiev
    • By flirting with joining BRICS
    • By demanding their Gold back (which they were refused)
    • By maintaining friendly relations with Russia and safeguarding its huge trade with the Russian Federation
    • and many more 'recalcitrant' actions of a more independent, sovereign policy defying the dictate of the Zionazi Fascist USG and the Matrix controlling it.
Never underestimate the utter depravity and callous, satanical nature of the Oligarchy in power and the lengths they will go to to stay in power and subjugate the entire planet.
What's a few hundred people on a plane to them when they destroy the lives of hundreds of millions with their contrived Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan etc etc. and killed 1.5 million in Iraq, 100,000 in Libya, 250,000 in Syria, 50,000 in Novorossiya and would without the blink of an eye massacre the entire humanity with nuclear (First Strike) war to 'prevent the rise of any power to challenge US Hegemony' as their sick Wolfowitz Doctrine prescribes!

Who is still naïve enough to believe a single word coming from any ‘Authority’, be it Politicians, Government Officials or any Department or NGO wearing the mantle of ‘Official Authority’?

After the incredible shenanigans of the MH17 enqiry where the four countries involved, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and Ukraine, signed a NDA, Non Disclosure Agreement, allowing any one of them to veto and block any ‘findings’ to be made public or to be included in any secret report!
Of course the Ukraine has all the incentives to keep the facts secret and prevent it seeing the light of public awareness. It is no secret that MH17 was shot down by Ukrainian fighter jets, it just can’t become official narrative and publicly broadcast fact.

These four conspirators blocked Malaysia from being party to the enquiry even though it was their plane and had, with 43 passengers, the second highest number of citizens on board, while Monarchy Belgium had only four passengers on board.
Time will tell but anything released and stated as facts has to be treated with the utmost caution and suspicion.
Is there a chance for an innocent explanation and that the official narrative is the correct one, yes, but minimal.
Every such FFOp leaves always loose ends they didn't anticipate and cover, but with a complicit Zio owned MSM they can get awy with it every time and their control over every government is such that they all seem to fall into line every time and go along with their totally outlandish scenarios which no one believes.
Scenarios from the passport which survived the supposed 911 smash into the twin tower and landed safely on the footpath to be conveniently found, while the entire titanium engine and plane disintegrated into nothing, same at the Pentagon - to 'Putin shot down MH17' and so on....

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The unravelling of the Dollar hegemony

With the closing date for application to become a founding member of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, AIIB, looming large on the 31st March, a last minute rush of applications has flooded in by countries seeing this as yet another way to escape the US clutches and hegemony.
US puppet and stalwart UK even applied to join leaving the US like the proverbial stood up (ugly) bride with no friends left.

The US’ declared policy to isolate Russia and drive a permanent wedge between Europe and the Russian Federation and building a gigantic moat between the two natural allies, a cordon sanitaire bristling with military offensive hardware of Death and Destruction is starting to become their own millstone around their drowning necks.

This is the last ditch rearguard action of a crumbling empire, which has alienated every single friend and ally and made itself pariah and enemy number one with literally all of humanity.

The AIIB is seen as a threat to the hegemony and control the US has hitherto enjoyed over the entire financial structure from the IMF, BIS, WB and western countries’ CBs to the WS mega Banksters.
This threat has moved Jack Lew to issue thinly veiled threats to its allies:
"I hope before the final commitments are made anyone who lends their name to this organization will make sure that the governance is appropriate,"

The White House issued, in diplomatic terms, a very strongly worded statement:
“We hope and expect that the UK will use its voice to push for adoption of high standards”

An official voiced the administrations ‘displeasure’ as follows:
“We are wary about a trend toward constant accommodation of China, which is not the best way to engage a rising power.”

In a statement a WH spokesman also said:
“Based on many discussions, we have concerns about whether the AIIB will meet these high standards, particularly related to governance, and environmental and social safeguards”

Now given that Jack Lew hails from one of the most corrupt of all corrupt WS Banks, and he himself was in the midst of it during the 2007/8 meltdown makes his concerns even more galling.

Then there are the “high standards’ of the discredited corrupt World Bank, yes indeed, or the ‘high standards’ of the US’ rapist tool the IMF.

In fact it is fair to say that the entire financial matrix from the Fed, BIS, IMF, WB, CBs and WS is one gigantic, thoroughly corrupt and criminal tool of the US ruling Oligarchy to rape and plunder the planet.
There is ample proof of this criminality and that’s exactly why the AIIB has been set up and BRICS has arisen; to challenge and replace this corrupt US centric matrix.

The AIIB is a brilliant move and is yet another nail into the US Dollar’s coffin and will hasten the long awaited demise of the emipire’s grip on global economic and financial decisions and governance.

Anything which isolates and diminishes the US grip on global power is welcome and the AIIB seems to be poised to be a roaring success.

The latest to announce an interest to join are Austria, Australia and now Turkey, another NATO member and US ally.

Thus far the following countries have joined or applied to join and become founding shareholders in this bank:

Country/Date of Accession
  1. Bangladesh - 2014
  2. Brunei - 2014
  3. Cambodia - 2014
  4. China - 2014
  5. HK/China - 2015
  6. India - 2014
  7. Indonesia - 2014
  8. Jordan - 2015
  9. Kazakhstan - 2014
  10. Kuwait - 2014
  11. Laos - 2014
  12. Malaysia - 2014
  13. Maldives - 2014
  14. Mongolia - 2014
  15. Myanmar - 2014
  16. Nepal - 2014
  17. Oman - 2014
  18. Pakistan - 2014
  19. Philippines - 2014
  20. Qatar - 2014
  21. Saudi Arabia - 2015
  22. Singapore - 2014
  23. Sri Lanka - 2014
  24. Tajikistan - 2015
  25. Thailand - 2014
  26. Uzbekistan - 2014
  27. Vietnam - 2014
Country/Date of Application
  1. France - 17 March 2015
  2. Germany - 17 March 2015
  3. Italy - 17 March 2015
  4. Luxembourg - 19 March 15
  5. New Zealand - 28 Nov 2014
  6. Switzerland - 20 March 2015
  7. United Kingdom - 13 March 2015

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Don’t be a traitor to your country!

This article was inspired by a recent visit on holiday to a shopping centre in Thailand but is equally applicable to any country on the planet.

If you have ever walked through your local super market and deliberately looked for locally made products so you can support your country and the people of your country but found that in fact it is very difficult, you’re not alone of being fleeced and conned by a very clever, insidious strategy.

Most of the products you’ll find in the most easily accessible shelves are made in China, while the good quality Thai products are stashed and hidden away in the back-row shelves.
You’ll have to ask a shop attendant for assistance to find these locally produced products; that is if you’ll find one that’s informed enough to be able to assist you!

It is well known, and in conversation Chinese immigrants confirmed that they have been sent out to other countries by their Government to ‘facilitate trade’, that is to go to and live in other countries all over the world and start importing Chinese products to destroy the local manufacturers and economy and replace the indigenous products with goods made in China.
(What a 'nice' way to repay your host country which granted you residency and citizenship!)

It is a clear strategy and it is working so well that China has in reality already become the world’s biggest economy.

(The US still claims to be number one, but that’s based on false data and the delusion that shuffling paper, gambling with Trillions of Dollars in rigged markets and raping the planet with Fiat Currency is Economic Production.)

Thailand is running huge trade deficits with China, a situation which is totally unnecessary and is completely engineered by the people behind this insidious strategy.
Thailand is also running a huge trade deficit as a whole and in the month of January 2015 alone recorded a massive $457 million deficit; which is ฿14,864,153,500 and that’s in just one month!

This situation can not last and must be addressed and reversed or Thailand will get on the slippery slope towards IMF bailouts, and the IMF is just a tool for the Banksters to rape and plunder countries, where they print money out of nothing, lend it to the bankrupt country at interest and demand that the country 'restructure', 'open up' its economy and sell all its vital assets cheaply to the US Multinational Corporations and thus make the country even poorer still and ever more dependent on US Multinationals and foreign capital.

That’s selling your Airports, Harbours, Roads, Oil, Mining, Farmlands, Hydroelectric Dams, Power Stations and other infrastructure at discount fire-sale prices.

It is a criminal rape racket owned by the US Money Moguls who control WS, the IMF and WB (Wall Street Banks, International Monetary Fund and World Bank).

Thailand could and should be running massive trade surpluses if the people of Thailand were to be selectively and cleverly shopping and consciously supporting their great nation and its excellent products.

Countries are just like any company, person or household; you can not continue ad-infinitum spending money buying imported goods; one day every entity will run out of money and become bankrupt.
Every time you buy an imported product you’re sending money out of your country never to return and your country is that much poorer for it!

People who run the big supermarket chains have not the interests of your country at heart. In Thailand particularly they’re mostly run by people whose loyalty is more with China than with Thailand and hence Chinese products are imported instead of locally produced goods which would support Thailand.

Thailand produces most every product needed for a person’s needs; every overseas brand has a better Thai equivalent and is wholly owned by Thailand and thus retains he money within Thailand.
Even if an international brand is produced in your country, a percentage of the price you pay for the product is repatriated by the owners of the brand and this could amount from 10 to 20%.

Another con is to say that Thai people are living in China and are producing a certain product. But the reality is that:
  1. No Thai person gets employed to produce this product, and
  2. The money you pay still leaves the country and enriches China and makes Thailand that much poorer.
On the whole Thai products are of a better quality and thus represent much better value. People are always fooled, partly out of greed, partly out of the erroneous notion that cheaper is better value, into buying the cheaper Chinese products, but end up paying more in the long run, since these cheap products don’t last very long.
Often they break on first use as is frequently experienced.

Another scam is the dumping of products.
If you encounter a pile of cheap Chinese products sold in the open area in your shopping centre or supermarket, imported by the container loads and sold at absolute knockdown, loss making prices, the Chinese are not doing this out of kindness or charity for you!

The strategy of dumping hugely discounted products is to undercut and destroy the local manufacturers so that in future only the Chinese imports are available and the local manufacturing base is destroyed.

So remember, every time you buy any product, always make sure you’re supporting your country, your producers, your workers your people – and that’s YOU!

After all, if your money leaves the country then your nation will be that much poorer and eventually China will own all of your country, which will end up bankrupt and a vassal to its new owners!
Money is Power!

China is waging an economic war against the world and your country, and don’t you be an unwitting or even willing participant in destroying your own country with thoughtless and careless shopping habits.

But you can help by shopping only for locally produced products, educating your friends and family and by spreading the message so that people start waking up!
Remember this is economic Warfare and if everyone is consciously and conscientiously doing their shopping in an ethical fashion this war can be won!

Then there is the ecological dimension which must be taken into consideration when doing your shopping. It makes no sense to burn finite fossil fuels, shipping products from far awy countries to destroy the local economy in another country and which makes the imported product’s Ecological Footprint that much larger and which is now anathema to conscientious shopping.

Don’t be an Eco-Terrorist and above all don't be a Traitor to your country!

The King of Thailand has worked tirelessly for a lifetime to better the lives of his subjects and to make Thailand economically stronger and more self-sufficient by implementing and fostering economic programs designed to achieve this goal.
It is ironic that his adoring people are recklessly undermining, and in some cases treacherously sabotaging his noble aspirations and lifetime work by irresponsibly shopping and importing foreign goods to replace better local products.
This ranges from Cars to equipments to food, drinks, clothing, cosmetics, household consumables to high tech gadgets, stereos, TVs, etc all of which are locally produced, some as Thai owned brands, some at least as foreign brands but still made in Thailand.
The consumer in Thailand has a huge choice for products, and with a little discernment every product can be locally sourced and thus the Thai economy and country supported - like a true patriot who really loves his country!


The US of Regime Change, US of Atrocities, US of Crimes against Humanity

US Presidents, or should we say 'Contract Killers' for the Zionazi Fascist Oligarchy, have a long tradition of 'head hunting'.
Not the kind executives think of, but one rather of a more bloody and criminal nature.

Here is a list of Countries whose legitimate Government the US tried to overthrow and the one's it has been successful in removing a 'recalcitrant' sovereign head of state to replace him with a vassal puppet:

Attempted Coups:
  1. China 1949 to early 1960s
  2. Albania 1949-53
  3. East Germany 1950s
  4. Costa Rica mid-1950s
  5. Syria 1956-7
  6. Egypt 1957
  7. Indonesia 1957-8
  8. North Vietnam 1945-73
  9. Cuba 1959 to present
  10. France 1965
  11. Costa Rica 1970-71
  12. Angola 1975, 1980s
  13. Seychelles 1979-81
  14. Zaire 1975
  15. South Yemen 1982-84
  16. Suriname 1982-84
  17. Libya 1980s
  18. Iraq 1991
  19. Somalia 1993
  20. Somalia 2007 to present
  21. Syria 2012 - present
Successful Coups:
  1. Iran 1953
  2. Guatemala 1954
  3. British Guiana 1953-64
  4. Iraq 1963
  5. Cambodia 1955-70
  6. Laos 1958, 1959, 1960
  7. Ecuador 1960-63
  8. Congo 1960
  9. Brazil 1962-64
  10. Dominican Republic 1963
  11. Bolivia 1964
  12. Indonesia 1965
  13. Ghana 1966
  14. Chile 1964-73
  15. Greece 1967
  16. Bolivia 1971
  17. Australia 1973-75
  18. Portugal 1974-76
  19. Jamaica 1976-80
  20. Chad 1981-82
  21. Grenada 1983
  22. Fiji 1987
  23. Nicaragua 1981-90
  24. Panama 1989
  25. Bulgaria 1990
  26. Albania 1991
  27. Afghanistan 1980s
  28. Yugoslavia 1999-2000
  29. Ecuador 2000
  30. Afghanistan 2001
  31. Venezuela 2002
  32. Honduras 2009
  33. Libya 2011
  34. Ukraine 2014

Note that the successful overthrow of the legitimate, democratically elected leader of Iran, Mohammad Mosaddegh, served as a blueprint for most of the subsequent, subversive overthrows of sovereign Heads of State and democratically elected Prime Ministers.

Nobel Peace Laureate "I'm good at killing People" Obama is no exception to the long 'tradition' of the US' criminal machinations to get a US puppet installed in EVERY country on the planet.

Gough Whitlam 19169 - 2014,
Australian PM, deposed by US Ally

Even closest friend #2, behind poodle UK, Australia, was not immune to its 'Friend and Ally' US’ acts of aggression and insurrection and had in 1975 its PM Gough Whitlam overthrown for his valiant condemnation of the US war in VN and his withdrawal of troops from that insane criminal war.
He condemned the bombing of Hanoi as the work of maniacs and mass murderers, so naturally a 'Terrorist' like this had to be removed el pronto.

As the saying goes;
The only Country safe from a foreign instigated Insurrection and Coup is the US since they don't have a US Embassy!

‘Regime Change’ is just one facet of the US’ Crimes against Humanity.
On the way to their installing of a pliant puppet stooge Government the people of these countries are subjected to the most horrific atrocities and Crimes against Humanity.
A good example is Libya, which under Gaddafi morphed from the poorest to the most affluent country in Africa with the most progressive record in Human Rights, Women’s Rights, Education, Health Care and a standard of living the envy of many a bankrupt European country.
Today Libya is a morass of tribal warfare, rivalry and male, Islamist chauvinism and oppression of women and a country in total chaos, ungovernable and on the verge of collapse.
Gaddafi warned of exactly that this tragedy was going to happen if he’s removed as head of the Libyan Government.

NATO bombing alone massacred some 100,000 Libyans and since then the slaughter and mayhem has claimed many more lives.

Syria is another unspeakable tragedy, after the Libyan atrocity by the US/NATO with the aid of their proxy AQ Terrorists, the US Army/CIA shipped these butchers and mass murderers via Turkey to Syria to achieve the same horrendous Crimes against Humanity, Massacres, Regime Change and country destruction as in Libya;
250,000 people massacred with US proxy armies called ISIS, Al Nusra, FSA, AQ, etc and millions displaced, their lives destroyed, eking out a horrendous existence as refugees and the country destroyed and bombed back to the stone age, just as in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, now Novorossiya, next Iran, Russia and China if they have their way.

Assad is deemed an obstacle to the Zionazi Fascist Ruling Oligarchy for several reasons;

The Qatari Gas Pipeline which he declined in favor of the Iranian counter proposal, his friendship with Iran and the competing Iranian Gas Pipeline, his resistance to Israel and support for the Palestinians, his alliance with Russia and the Russian naval facility in the port of Tartus, his secular Government was inclusive of all Religions, Sunni, Shia, Alawite, Christians and others, but he is also friendly with the Shia Government of Iraq.
All this makes him a target since the ruling Zionist Matrix in DC and London needs Chaos, Hatred, Civil War and weak countries which can be controlled and exploited.
Iraq, Libya, Syria were not complying with US dictate and dared to break out of the US$ straight jacket; Saddam dared to sell his oil for Euros, Gaddafi suggested a Gold backed Dinar to rival the Confetti Dollar and Assad is too strong and too much loved and supported by his people!

All this adds up to a too independent, strong country which the Zionaz Fascists Oligarchy ruling the planet won't tolerate and will stop at nothing to remove such leaders.
Putin is their ultimate prize for his valiant resistance and deft maneuvering against the US$ Hegemony and the Vassal Empire it supports with the giant military Satan's Dollar can fund, as long as it is used as the Petro$ and World Reserve Currency, but Putin is working diligently to end this Fiat Crime Racket!

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Updates to the Ukrainian Revolution of ‘Dignity’, Page 3!

Continuous Updates to the
Chronicles of a 'Revolution of Dignity'

16 March 2015

• Press TV: Poroshenko✡ in Germany says Novorossiya violates Ceasefire, Truce Deal Not Working; (and no, he didn't even blush)

• Daily News Update: OSCE under attack from Uke forces, they knew that the OSCE will be at the Donetsk Airport; Ukes violated the 'Ceasefire' 25 times in the last 24hrs; Finnish Journalist beaten by Ukes for telling the facts of Uke ceasefire violations; President Grybauskaite "Lithuania already under attack"; EU's Tusk off to DC for more Warmongering.

• UT TV, Ukraine Today, trying to debunk rumors that their fascist Zionazi Government is killing off opposition politicians saying they are just 'suicides'!

• Poroshenko✡ Double Speak: Mobilisation / Demobilisation - Peace working / Not working;
Ukraine Demobilization Start: President says 35,000 servicemen to return home from east Ukraine

• DC Warmonger #1 McInsane interview: Arm the Ukraine; I'm ashamed of my country.... etc - but keep your Sickbag handy!

• Poroshenko Submits ‘Special Status’ Bill: Ukraine's parliament to vote on the bill this week, however areas 'captured after September 19 2014 are not to be included.

17 March 2015

• News Update: Uke Terrorist forces violated the 'truce' 34 time during the last 24hrs; Poroshenko submits law for special status of Novorossiya to Rada but as part of the Minsk accord the leaders of Donetsk and Lugansk must approve and sign the law first and they haven't seen this proposed law yet.

• Daily News: Since Minsk-2 comes into force the Uke Terrorists violated the ceasefire 8,254 times;
Uke Terrorists opened fire at DPR truck and murdered 2 men - (an attempt was made to advise the OSCE of this latest violation but they were all caught in bed with the Terrorists)

• Daily News: Drunk Uke tank driver runs into pedestrians and kills girl causing outrage and some retaliation against Uke Terrorist Forces

• Daily News: Riots after drunk Uke Tank driver kills an eight year old child and a woman; Poroshenko✡ declares War in Transnistria to 'unfreeze' the conflict and re-integrate Transnistira into Moldova; During the past 24hres the Fascist Uke forces violated the ceasefire at least 19 times destroying homes;

• A semi objective article in the Guardian on the Tartars in Crimea:
“In the incomplete year of 2014, Russia spent as much as Ukraine did in the previous seven years on issues of housing and support for Crimean Tatars,” said Smirnov, who heads the region’s committee on inter-ethnic relations.

• The Ukrainian's dirty tricks continue with their bill for limited self rule in Donetsk and Lugansk. while the to republics were not consulted first and didn't sign this bill it will not include all the territories of Donetsk and Lugansk. And it come only into force after local elections were held in the Eastern Region, a clear breach of the Minsk Accord.

Ukraine votes to approve ‘special status’ to rebels in the East

And endless subtle Propaganda Lies from every News outlet in the Western world:
Fighting continues Three government soldiers died on Tuesday, with five injured. Separatist fire caused some of the casualties and the others occurred when a military vehicle drove over a landmine, spokesman Andriy Lysenko told reporters, though he did not give precise tolls for the various incidents. Ukrainian officials have complained daily that separatists continue to launch grenades, mortar and small arms fire from their positions. The opposition fighters - who seized control of some parts of eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions last year after Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine - also accuse the government of violating the ceasefire.
While of course the truth is the exact opposite, but that's not the prescribed narrative of the Zionazi Fascists from DC.

• China ordered over 600,000 tons of Corn from the Ukraine snubbing the US suppliers.
Some of the Ukraine cargoes for April-May shipment were struck at about 1,500 yuan ($240) per tonne, including cost and freight, said one buyer. The price is about 60 percent lower than domestic corn quoted at 2,490 yuan per tonne in the major port of Shenzhen. U.S. corn is quoted about 80 yuan ($13) per tonne cheaper than Ukraine corn, traders said. "Some mills expect to get import quotas by the end of this month or next month," the buyer said.

• Russia says it will not hand back Crimea to Ukraine
Of course not, it's been part of Russia for over 200 years.

• UAF deserter wants to join the Novorossiya defence forces.

18 March 2015

• Zakharchenko: Kiev has deliberately destroyed the Minsk Agreement; Kiev doesn't want Peace it wants to destroy Novorossiya with violence and sanctions;

• Daily News

• Ukrainians show their true Zionazi Fascist nature of deranged barbarity and subhuman hatred and viciousness - just like their brethren in Isrehell.

19 March 2015

• The 3 plans of Petro Poroshenko✡

• Daily News Update: Uke Terrorist forces continue the shelling of residential areas of Donetsk; Rada declares DPR and LPR as occupied territories; Rada re-interprets Minsk agreement and is not ratifying the "Special Status" Bill until elections have been held in these areas - this is a breach of the ill-fated Minsk accord.

• Zakharchenko Presser: The sense of this bill is zero; Poroshenko✡ completely ignores all his promises made in Minsk; How can the Ukrainian People live with such a president;
Ukrainian jurno asks what would satisfy him:
Zakharchenko: Determination of the DPR and LPR according to the borders of these former Oblasts, withdrawal of all Uke forces from our territory, Sit down and negotiate with us how we are going to live with each other, trade, economic ties - that's what is in the Minsk agreement. That's what we've negotiated, that's what we've delivered.

• Zakharchenko: Kiev violates all Minks Agreement Points, it's sabotage of the Agreement,
The Ukrainian Military are attempting to take the Spartak Settlement and approaches to the Kuibinshevsky District of Donetsk from Peski direction by storm since the day before yesterday. They are using tanks, we’re repelling them with light armaments, this morning we’ve driven ours to their position
Yesterday's action in the Rada has basically annulled the Minsk Agreement;
The responsibility rests with Germany and France, they gave assurances that the Minsk Agreement will be fulfilled.
Our intel tell us that Kiev is strengthening their forces and is planning an offensive in the near future, we are intensely preparing for our self defence.

• Eduard Basurin: While the Novorossiya people repair the damage caused by the Uke Terrorists these same Terrorists keep violating the cease fire, firing shells and rockets into residential areas, targeting Novorossiya self defense vehicles killing 3 service men; 32 shellings have occurred in the last 24 hrs by the Uke Terrorists.

• Aleksandr Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitskiy stated that any further discussions with Kiev are only possible after the cancellation of the Rada's and Poroshenko's shameful decision.
(To unilaterally introduce the “Special Status Bill” without consulting with Novorossiya, to only include the territories held along the frontline on the 19th of September, and to ratify the bill only after elections were held in these ‘territories’ according to ‘Ukrainian law’! All in flagrant violations of the Minsk Agreement.).
Uke attacks on Novorossiya continue.
Uke Terrorist Forces are staging False Flag Ops with their Terrorists wearing Novorossiya uniforms - Video Crews at the ready to spread the lies.

• Ukraine is a country of Peace and I'm the President of Peace!
• Zionazi Fascist Rothschild✡ owned Reuters:

Biden, Ukraine's Poroshenko✡ agree Russia sanctions must be tied to Minsk

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko✡ agreed in a telephone call on Wednesday that sanctions against Russia must be tied to the full implementation of the Minsk peace plan, the White House said.

"As long as Russia continues to fuel violence and instability in Ukraine, the international community must be prepared to increase the costs to Russia for pursuing such actions," it said in a statement.

Biden also welcomed the decision by the Rada (Ukrainian parliament) to confer special status on rebel-controlled eastern regions and grant them limited self-rule - but only once local elections had been held under Ukrainian law, which caused anger in Moscow.
• While using heavy artillery and tanks to shell and bombard Donetsk and other towns the Uke Propaganda Ukraine Today reports:
Ukraine completes withdrawal of heavy weapons from contact line.

And now for the ULTIMATE Hypocrisy and deluded Arrogance:

Ukraine prepares to send Hague Tribunal evidence of militant crimes against humanity

Ukrainian PM urges Putin's recent documentary be used as evidence at any future tribunal

Ukraine's Security Service has forwarded three books to Ukraine's Prosecutor General, with evidence of war crimes commited by Russian-backed militants in east Ukraine. The documents are destined to be used at the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

Last month, Ukrainian MP's took a symbolic step for The Hague to investigate potential war crimes by Russia and militant group leaders with a parliamentary vote to appeal to the International Criminal Court.

In a statement, lawmakers requested a case be opened dating back to February 2014 about events that quote ‘led to particularly serious consequences and mass murder of Ukrainian civilians'.

Parliament said in a statement: "Since spring 2014, Ukraine has been suffering from continued military aggression of Russia and Russia-backed militants, during which Crimea and Sevastopol were annexed…. and parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions have been occupied. Thousands of Ukrainian citizens have been killed, including children; thousands of people injured, the infrastructure of the whole region destroyed, and hundreds of thousands of people were forced to flee from their homes."

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk requested last week for a Russian documentary trailer about Moscow's takeover of Crimea to be sent to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

The parliamentary vote may be difficult to act upon as Ukraine has yet to ratify the Rome Statute, the treaty covering international investigations into accusations of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

21 March 2015

• Novorossiya Rescue workers came under fire while looking for Uke Terrorist Corpses at the Donetsk Airport from Uke Terrorist Forces!
Uke Police arrest Protesters after a drunk Uke soldier killed a girl and a women, Police are authorized to use live rounds on people;

• Continuous Ceasefire violations by the Uke Terrorists Forces with Mortars, Automatic Grenade Launchers, Machine Guns etc;
From 25th March the DPR will introduce a multi Currency System with the Ruble and US$ and start to withdraw the toxic Hryvna;

• Oligarch Gang Feuds over Billion Dollar Assets takes to armed takeover:
Kolomoyskiy seizes Ukrtransnafta Headquarters with his heavily armed hoodlums to oust newly appointed Head Yuri Miroshnik to re-instate his ousted ally Alexander Lazarko accused of embezzlement of H2.5 million;

• News Updates

• Assassination attempt on Givi

◘ During the last 24 hrs Uke Terrorist Forces violated the Ceasefire 51 times with heavy armory;

• News Updates: Novorossiya's own Mobile nearing completion;
Uke Terrorists destroy a vital Rail Bridge connecting LPR with Ukraine;

• Bankrupt Ukraine has money to build its very own Wall of Delusions, to keep out the Russians - or is it to keep the impoverished, conscripted, oppressed, and Nazified Ukes in?

• More on Kolomoiskiy's Banditry:
Ukrainian Oligarch under fire after night raid on state oil firm
But Poroshenko said the Oligarch would be issued with a "reprimand" for his behavior.
How nice, he will be politely told that taking 30 armed gangsters into the HQ of a state owned company to reinstate his criminal ally is not ok - the Ukraine of US/EU Values!

• Brainwashed or is it Brain-dead Stoltenberg regurgitates the hackneyed lie that Russia has troops in the Ukraine while Nudelman giggles on.
Stoltenberg: Nato is a defensive alliance - Tell that to the 100,000 massacred in Libya, or the 250,000 slaughtered in Syria with NATO proxies like SFA, ISIS, al Nusra etc, or the people in Serbia who got bombed by this 'Defensive Alliance'.
23 March 2015

• During the last 24hres the Ukes violated the Ceasefire 41 times.
Huge column of Armored Vehicles seen driving towards Kostyantynivk

• Comedy hour with Deputy Commander of "Anti Terrorist operation" Colonel Fedichev listing the losses of the Self Defence forces..........

Meet Mr. Kolomoyskiy, such a nice, polite and civilized man like all Ukrainians - and particularly his fellow Chooze!

• A look at what "President of Peace" Poroshenko did to the $700,000,000 Donetsk Airport where still countless of his conscripts are buried and can't be retrieved since his Army of Peace is constantly shelling the Novorossiya Rescue workers.

• Stratfor Director George Friedman: The Goal of the US is to prevent an alliance between Germany and Russia; Build a Cordon Sanitaire to isolate Russia;
What he is not openly enunciating is the proclaimed aim to prevent the emergence of Russia to challenge the US, economically and militarily, by ANY means, even the Nuclear Option which is a seriously studied scenario and in full preparation by the Zionazi Lunatics in DC!
First Strike tactics - Nuclear War - Total annihilation of Life on this Planet - the Truman-Wolfowitz-Brzezinski Doctrine of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) but if they just can get away with a First Strike...... Yes totally insane!

• Igor Strelkov: I won't go back to Novorossiya as it would cause division an upheaval in the power structure.

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