Putin outmanoeuvres the Zionist US-JWO on Syria and ISIS

The Jew World Order suffers a serious setback at the hands of master genius Putin!

Not wanting to prejudge events in Syria and Iraq, but the recent moves by President Putin have the ring of genius and the mastery of a black belt Judo Aficionado and three dimensional Chess!

First he innocently invites the very protagonists of Death and Destruction into a coalition to fight their very own Army Divisions dressed in black hoods and sneakers, and as they deviously refuse under an avalanche of subterfuges and accusations against Putin as the aggressor, shows them up for what they are; the Terrorists themselves!
(Not that the international Zionist Press did notice or report this detail)

Then he gets his own military alliance CSTO, Collective Security Treaty Organisation, to join him and proceeds to uproot and destroy the Zionists’ entire Terror Divisions of beheaders, rapists and sadists on the ground in Syria and Iraq.

These are the scourges carefully nurtured, trained, armed and financed over decades since the 80s when they were used to fight against the progressive Government, supported by the Soviet Union, in Afghanistan to install the pre-medieval savages of the Taliban.
Then they were used all across the former Soviet Union, then to destroy Libya and now Syria, Iraq, Ukraine and aiming at Crimea and Russia itself.

The ultimate insult against humanity was the US’ ploy to give them their own state, a caliphate and terror base of their own on Syrian and Iraqi lands so they could wage their savagery against all their prescribed foes in Iran, Russia and anywhere where they would be ordered to fight the resistance to the Zionist JWO.

But Putin, in a pre-emptive strike of genius, has seized the moment and is in the process of eliminating the US/JWO’s proxy Armies of Attila reincarnates to restore International Law and Order and uproot this scourge at the source.

Not surprisingly, the guilty are not pleased and don’t want to confront and face their formidable contender after being outed, shamed and outwitted by this parvenu of global chess!
(Will poofter Obama have the balls to face Putin in NY?)

But they’re wrong, Putin is a force to be reckoned with, his aim is not merely the prevention of losing his Mediterranean Naval Base in a Muslim Brotherhood run Syria or one wracked by savage jihadi factions as in Libya; he’s fighting terrorism before it gets to his home turf and at the same time restoring international rules, law and order, in other words, a civilised world.

US/JWO, your game is up, but rest assured they won’t quit and will just regroup and try other tactics over the corpses of millions of innocent victims to get their vile fantasy of global hegemony and Eretz Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates.

But as long as Putin controls the levers of power they won’t have an easy ride, Netanyahu may rush to Moscow as often as he likes, his evil ploys just got thwarted in the process and he might have to pull in his Luciferian horns for a while.
Chess and Judo stand Putin in very good stead - well done, shall you succeed and vanquish the JWO scourge!

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