The Politicians in Power and the TPP/TTIP

► The very essence of Brainwashing dictates that the Victim is blissfully unaware and becomes the unwitting tool for the Oppressor; defending his own Exploiters, Tormentors and Executioners!

This article is part of a series to better understand the TPP/TTIP
An Historical Perspective Getting into bed with the US?
Is there a Conspiracy?

   (A Declaration of Vassalage)

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Don’t be fooled by their often suave mannerism and occasional charismatic flash of a smile – they are there to deliver on the BIG HIT!

The tactics are clear; deliver on some innocuous and inconsequential issues which please the obtuse masses and then force through the big ones underneath the warm and fuzzies while the sheeples are snoozing and are lulled into their permanent stupor!

Zionist Jew Churchill, a true Monster with the blood of tens of millions on his hands, yet celebrated by the Zionist controlled narrative as a Hero and Saviour! Zionist Jews Churchill and Roosevelt delivered on the absolute all time BIG Hit for their creed; WW2, which was essential part of the plot which led to the creation of Israel. Both are, to this day, celebrated heroes and no mainstream orthodoxy holds them to account for the destruction of Europe and the massacre of 60 million plus innocent souls who got caught up in the wholesale slaughter of that war of wars for the Zionist Jews and their ‘homeland’ on Palestinian Land!
Instead the blame is squarely laid on Hitler's feet who made peace offer after peace offer only to be curtly rebuffed by the Zionist controlled Politicians in DC and London. Hitler evidently lost against the united front of World Jewry and their puppets, commanding formidable Armies to achieve their long cherished plot!
The victors write the history books!

The Jews clearly are capable of homogeneous, coordinated and cohesive action which requires careful planning, absolute secrecy and precise cooperation of many actors amongst their creed.
The Holohoax of the 6 million gassings by the ‘Nazis’ should stand as an exemplary demonstration as to how they can achieve the seemingly impossible and utterly preposterous!

Alas, it is a fact that the Holohoax is now a copyrighted © Jewish owned ® Trademark and no one is allowed to use this epithet for real Holocausts like the Bolshevik massacre of over ten times the alleged Holohoax ‘victims’, perpetrated by, yes the Jews.
Solzhenitsyn puts the figure squarely at some 66 million massacred by the Jewish Bolsheviks!

Or for the Armenian Genocide/Massacre where in all more than 3.5 million Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians were massacred, first under the Dönmeh crypto Jews of the Young Turks and then Dönmeh crypto Jew Mustafa Kemal between 1914 and 1923.

Nor may you call it a Holocaust the million plus massacre by Jew Eisenhower, who changed the designation of German POWs to Disarmed Enemy Combatants so he could starve them to death in open air corrals bereft of any sanitation, food or shelter, away from the watchful eyes of the Red Cross!
Nor all the Germans massacred in deliberate fire bombing and wanton, vengeful destruction of German towns by Jew Churchill, or the massacre of Germans in the East by Jewish Bolsheviks who evicted them from their homelands and left to starve by the millions!

More recently the current Jewish British PM Cameron (I'm 1/16th Jewish) inherited the plot hatched by his predecessors to destroy Syria and institute 'Regime Change', and in the course of this Crime against Humanity some 470,000 innocent people have lost their lives to this satanical atrocity and affront against all human decency.
Zionist Cameron became PM in May 2010, so well before the conflagration started in earnest, though the preparations were all well in progress by that time, but Cameron played the main part in the wholesale massacre and destruction of Syria.
Yet Jew Cameron is capable of decrying the most popular Leader of any country on the planet, Bashar al-Assad, with the most vociferous, vile and insolent insults without as much of a blush or a hint of scruples.
It is abundantly clear that the democratically elected President of Syria is the victim of Cameron’s own criminal aggression and depraved crimes of waging a proxy war with ISIS to destroy Syria! ISIS is just an US/NATO Army Division dressed in sneakers and balaclavas, carrying out massacres, terrorism and crimes against humanity just like the regular troops do in standard uniforms. They are funded, trained, armed, commandeered just like the rest of the US/NATO terrorist hordes massacring and destroying country after country, from Iraq to Libya, from Serbia to Syria.....

In the same fashion, and blurting out the same inane refrain and chorus, “Assad must go’, are fellow Jews Obama, Kerry, Erdogan, Merkel, Qatar’s Al Thani and the Wahhabi crypto Jewish Saudi lunatics.

All are party to the unspeakable Crime against Syria, all are Jews!

Genocide by other means:
The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan
Zionist Jew Merkel has some important Hits to deliver for the JWO, namely the destruction of the white race across Europe by letting in as many delinquent Wahhabi zealots from North Africa as the Jewish conveyor-belt can deliver with forged Syrian passports, paid fares and false promises.
And then of course there is the TTIP, the JWO’s final push for complete enslavement of the masses through their Multi National Corporations owned and controlled by them via their mega Banks and Directorships.

In this she is joined by fellow Jews Malcolm Turnbull of Australia and John Key of New Zealand who are outdoing each other in waxing lyrical on the most egregious, onerous enslavement ‘treaty’ ever devised, the equally abominable TPP!

This is their BIG Hit for the tribe! Nothing else matters and fades to insignificance compared to the big one of the TTIP/TPP and ‘Refugees’ to fulfil the Jewish Coudenhove-Kalergi plan to destroy the white race!

Make no mistake, this is no innocuous, picnic agreement, it has all the clauses and fish hooks to completely neuter and destroy all and any Sovereignty of every nation whose leaders have been bribed to sign on to this affront to humanity!

The treachery and duplicity of Jew Alexis Tsipras is now legendary by unilaterally reneging on solemn promises and quashing the people’s No Vote and going 180 degrees the opposite way by selling out his nation to the JWO, which is now at liberty to devour and pick over the carcass of what’s left of Greece, it’s assets and economy! Greece is now a vassal state to the Jews who own and control big finance!

Crypto Dönmeh Jew and deranged tyrannical Mass-murderer Erdogan plays a two-timer game par excellence by publicly decrying Israel but in reality cooperates with his Jewish brethren one hundred percent in every respect.
In Syria he is the number one actor, facilitating the supply of arms, provisions and fighters to ISIS while buying their stolen oil with a fleet of thousands of tankers owned by his Crime Family. Turkey was very friendly with Syria until 2011 when mad tyrant Erdie saw an opportunity to resurrect the Ottoman Empire, to some degree at least, by scavenging on Syrian territory and by cooperating with US, UK, KSA, Qatar and Israel in the destruction of his erstwhile friend and neighbour!
Any dissident gets immediately silenced by wannabe Sultan Erdie and one misfortunate journalist, Ergün Poyraz, who dared to call Erdie the butcher a crypto Jew was sentenced to 29 years in jail for his honesty.
Some 3.5 million Christians; Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians were massacred by the Dönmeh cyrpto Jews of the Young Turks, the Triumvirate and Mustafa Kemal. Jew Erdogan is also upholding a long Turkish tradition of Genocide against minorities and is not hesitant to bomb the living daylights out of his own Kurdish people and that of Syria and its many ethnicities and religious factions via his proxy butchers.

Zionist Obama not only openly professes that ‘I am Jewish in my soul’, he is the fruits of secret tryst between a Jewish part time model and a black wannabe photographer and avowed communist, Frank Marshall Davis, and thus makes him a fully fledged Jew.
Obama’s penchant and proficiency to lie without the hint of a blush and with formidable ferocity and some degree of eloquence, reading off a teleprompter, clearly must be genetic, as is that of Cameron and all the other Jewish leaders soiling the seats of power across the western world.

Of course Jew Obama is the ultimate willing and reactive Puppet in his tribal handler’s palm; performing like the trained, programmed and scripted automaton he always was.
His connivance with fellow tribal member Sarkozy in the destruction of Libya and the massacre of Gaddafi and half a million Libyans has earned him many brownie points with his tribe.
But his real big hit and much lauded accomplishment is his full on commitment to the destruction of Syria with his US Army Division variously labelled ISIS, IS, AQ, al-Nusra, etc, and with it the massacre of half a million innocent productive people for the parasitic, racist, supremacist and apartheid colony squatting on Palestinian Land!

It is the removal of the obstacle to ‘Greater Israhell’ so this ‘chosen cult’ can finally get what their very own ranting in the Talmud and Torah promised them; the lands from the Brook of the Nile to the Euphrates which is behind all the misery, suffering, mass-murder, death and destruction in Syria!

Greater Israel, promised to them by their very own concoction, a dude called Yahweh, Yehovah, YHWH, יְהֹוָה, Elohim or whatever epithet this guy hides behind from where he describes how the Jews are his anointed race to rule over the Goyim (cattle, beasts) and how they should be killed and removed so his chosen flock can have a ‘world of their own’ without it being fouled and contaminated by the filthy Goyim; that’s everyone else, YOU and seven billion other human beings.
But of course to them we are mere cattle to be exploited, harvested and killed at their pleasure, all commanded and demanded by their Luciferin deity.

Obama also is overseeing the destruction of the Ukraine with his Jewish Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland, aka Nudelman, and his Jewish Ambassador to the ill-fated Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, so the chosen tribe may have an alternative to Palestine should they finally be kicked out of their squatter colony on Palestinian Lands.
Of course these squatters originated in the Ukraine way back around a thousand AD, then called Khazaria, and are not Semites or originated from Palestine as DNA proves, but Khazars and a veritable mix of European and other strains.
Israel and Mossad are up to their necks involved in the Genocide in Novorossiya (MH17) with their all Jewish puppet Junta and Jewish Oligarchs like Israeli/ Cyprus/Ukrainian triple citizen Kolomoisky who funds an array of Death Squads which terrorize the Russian speaking people in Donbass on a daily basis, indiscriminately bombing schools, Kindergartens, Hospitals, villages and housing estates to the cheers of the EU, OSCE and the USG!

Jew Sarkozy, a Monster by any other name! Former French President Zionist Jew Sarkozy delivered big time to the JWO by initiating the destruction of Libya and the lynching of global hero Gaddafi, whose proposal for a pan African Gold backed Dinar would have levelled the playing field for the very long suffering African Nations, raped, plundered and exploited by their European Colonial Masters and the US via its Multinationals and the Fiat Currency Crime Racket!
In this Crime against Humanity he was aided by his emissary, fellow Jew and perpetual merchant and harbinger of Death & Destruction, Bernard Henri-Levy.

The list of Gaddafi’s ‘sins’ against the JWO is a long one indeed and they all hurt the Jewish Rapists and Parasites in their bulging pockets:

  • Gaddafi intended to transfer his billions in deposited European banks to Chinese Banks.

  • He decided to stop buying French Rafaele jet fighters but instead use the funds to look after his people and invest it in Social Services programmes.

  • And of course his biggest sin of them all was to challenge the Jews’ very own, privately owned Fiat Currency Crime Racket, the US$ and Jew controlled € by proposing a pan African Gold Dinar!
    This was the tipping point, as with Saddam for switching to the € after 10 years of unilateral US imposed sanctions and 2 million deaths they caused, as with Iran who had equally unilateral, criminal US sanctions slapped on for the very same reason, Gaddafi wasn't going to undermine the Jewish controlled Fiat Currency Crime Racket with a much more attractive, Gold backed alternative which would have prevented them from exploiting the African Continent to the same extent as they had hitherto!
    Gaddafi’s plans for the pan African Currency were well advanced, and in order to thwart the implementation thereof, Jew Obama immediately froze the publicly owned Libyan Central Bank’s $30bn he could touch.
    Gaddafi had planned to use these funds for the establishment of an independent African Investment Bank, an African Monetary Fund and an independent African Central Bank!
    Of course this was touted in the Jewish owned and controlled MSM as freezing Gaddafi’s stolen hoards of cash, of which there were absolutely none!

  • Libya had a hoard of 144 tons of Gold, which would be used to back this competing Gold backed Dinar.
    (This Gold was immediately stolen and has never been seen since!)

  • Gaddafi had developed Africa’s last giant Aquifer and used it to feed his people.
    (This irrigation system was under merciless attack by the Jewish controlled NATO forces, as was the factory manufacturing the pipes so it couldn’t be repaired in a hurry!)
    French Companies Suez SA and Veolia sought to own the Water from the Nubian Aquifer and profit from it in various ways by the billions.

  • Libya controlled the issuance of its own currency via the State owned Central Bank of Libya, CBL.
    It was under the control of ‘The Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya’, which was Gaddafi’s great achievement for social justice and unprecedented prosperity for Libyans.
    This left the Jewish owned US$ and € out in the cold as the Jewish Vulture Capitalists couldn’t profit, control and exploit Libya at will as they can in all other jurisdictions where there is a privately owned CB and which is also a member of the BIS.
    (The hired ragtag Wahhabi ‘Rebels’, educated in butchery, beheadings, child rape and the trading of sex slaves immediately instituted a new privately owned Libyan Central Bank, well before Gaddafi was completely removed from power! Some 'Rebel' mob this!)

  • In 2009 Gaddafi suggested to the General People’s Congresses that Libya should nationalise the Oil and Gas industry so the Libyan people could directly benefit from the $30bn revenue the industry generated.

  • Gaddafi was leading the charge in a law suit against the European Colonial Powers in the order of 7 Trillion for damages from broken treaties during the colonial era.

  • French oil major Total wanted more of Libya's sweet high grade oil as it was losing out to ENI the Italian oil company, largely thanks to Silvio Berlusconi being very friendly with, and a secret fan of Gaddafi.
    Ever wondered why Silvio Berlusconi was so vilified and reviled by the Jew controlled press and the puppet politicians?

Credible estimates put the figure of massacred Libyans in the order of 600,000 plus; mercilessly slaughtered in deliberate NATO bombing raids, against towns, infrastructure and everything Gaddafi instituted to better the lives of Libyans, an unspeakable, almost unprecedented Crime against Humanity of savagery, venality and malice!
(Although the Jewish led UK/Allied destruction of Germany and its towns and the rape and massacre of millions of Germans at the end of WW2 is equally vile and larger in scale)

Of course the list of Jews which have been appointed into high office by their money masters is too long to list all here, but some of the more influential positions, where they act out their well rehearsed and long hatched plots are; Fed Chair geriatric Granny Yellen and her deputy Israeli citizen Fisher, 'Chosen One' SoT Jacob Lew, PNAC Kegan’s wife Nuland (Nudelman) ala violent Maidan Coup in Kiev, Mr. Sanctions Treasury Under Secretary Cohen, and ‘naturally’ all the Think Tanks are led and controlled by Jews.

Samantha Power pushed the R2P ruse to get UN approval for a 'No Fly Zone' which was then misused to bomb Libya back to the stone age and massacre 600,000 innocent Libyans on lies and more lies.

And then there is 'Poster Girl’ of vileness and hypocrisy, Sammy Power, the US’ envoy to the UN, who cogently demonstrates that all that’s needed is to be married to a Jew and you’re completely inseminated with Jewishness to the core!
Hubby Cass Sunstein is behind the vile proposal that the U.S. Government employ teams of covert agents and "pseudo-independent” advocates to “cognitively infiltrate” online discussion groups and and destroy the credibility of any opponent to the government. Of course this despicable Orwellian Plot has long since been put into practice and we can thank another Jew for this.
But then are there any non-jews working in the USG at all these days?
Sammy Power was instrumental in getting the US and NATO to go along with Sarkozy in destroying Libya and massacring 600,000 innocent Libyans.
Vile Cass Sunstein and his Cognitive Infiltration While in the position as 'Special Assistant' to the President and 'Senior Director' of the Office of Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights, she used the spurious ruse of R2P, Responsibility to Protect, to go and bomb the living daylights out of Libya and destroy everything Gaddafi had worked for to better the lives of his people!
All orchestrated with proxy 'protesters', read AQ Terrorists, Jewish MSM vilification, Propaganda, Lies and more Lies, while all the Death & Destruction was wreaked by the undercover ops from the CIA, DGSE, MI6, Mossad et al.

Call it what you will, but by any stretch of the imagination, measure or reckoning, we’re living in a JWO, where the actors besmudging the seats of power are all Jews, acting out the orders, plots and schemes of their Jewish master plotters of High Finance, Think Tanks and Jewish Secret Societies of which there are many, all interlocking and from top down controlled!

Gerard Menuhin is joined by Jewish Prof. Robert Faurisson declaring the Holocaust a fraud and Rabbi Friedman of Vienna who attended the Tehran Holocaust Conference and declared the Holocaust a "successful historical fiction". History is replete with Genocides, Massacres, Atrocities and Mass-murders and it is safe to proclaim that they've all been perpetrated by that one creed who claims to be the sole, one and only victim of a Holocaust which never happened the way it is sold to us today.
Jew Gerard Menuhin, son of famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin, in his book 'Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil' declares: “The Holocaust is the biggest lie in history. Germany has no blame for the Second World War.” He also states of the Holohoax: "A good lie takes time to plan, and this was a very good lie."
So beware of smiling, suave Jews bearing gifts, they've calculated that a small token gift laced with poison will get the kiddie to follow the pied piper to his doom!
The TPP is leading every nation, blind and stupid enough to sign on to this Declaration of Vassalage to the JWO, to its Doom!

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This article is part of a series to better understand the TPP/TTIP
An Historical Perspective Getting into bed with the US?
Is there a Conspiracy?

   (A Declaration of Vassalage)

External Links; Tyranny by the one Mob in control of the MIC:
Who's behind the TPP TPP: One World Government
Who pushes the TPP? Dr. PC Roberts on the TPP

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