The enormous importance of Gold in War and Peace as the ultimate Financial Asset!

Never underestimate the importance and power of Gold!

On marching into Prague in March 1939 after annexing the Sudetenland, Hitler's first order of rape and plunder was to force the directors of the Czech National Bank, at gunpoint, to send requests to London to transfer their 23 tons Gold from their account at the BIS into the Reichsbank’s BIS account, and the 27 tons of Gold held at the BoE held under their own account to the Reichsbank’s account.

Needless to say that the BIS Bankster crims carried out this treachery to help finance Hitler’s war; have to make sure that Germany will be able to repay the Zio Banksters who lent money to Hitler for his war effort!

The second request was prevented after a huge uproar in the press and the UK parliament!
The five BIS Banksters were tried after the war but none of them were hanged for their crimes – as the German BIS Director and Hitler's Minister of Finance Hjalmar Schacht said before the trial: “They don’t hang bankers!”
What else is new!

Partners in Crime: Hjalmar Schacht & Montagu Norman

(Former Reichsbank President Schacht was a close friend of Montagu Norman, the BoE Governor from 1920 to 1944, and a founding member of the BIS, which he considered to be ‘his bank’. Together they established the BIS, an institution with a long history of crimes against humanity, of which the destruction of Gold, the global mining industry and trillions of hard working people’s wealth is but the latest such crime and affront to humanity!)

Then ever since that fateful day 15 August 1971 when Nixon took the entire world off the last vestiges of a Gold Standard, the Banksters saw that their day has finally, and well and truly arrived, and hatched the plan of the millennium to banish, excise, vilify and destroy Gold as a monetary asset once and for all!

With all the constraints Gold had placed on Banksters’ ability to print currency out of thin air removed, a fest of free for all (Banksters only of course) printing orgy began and has never stopped since, giving the Banksters unlimited power and wealth; raped and plundered from, and at the expense of productive people!

The Banksters have systematically resorted to every crime to destroy Gold, and along with it trillions of productive people’s wealth by destroying the mining industry by suppressing prices to far below economic levels of cost of production.

The crimes against Gold, the people’s money, are enormous and far reaching;
  • The underhand hocking off of the people’s Gold stored with Central Banks, BIS, NY Fed and Fort Knox!
  • The theft of Gold and virtually all ‘Allocated Customer Accounts’ with major Banks and sold a hundred times over!
  • The theft of entire countries’ gold and sold to suppress the price, i.e. Germany etc!
  • The destruction of the mining industry and trillions of productive people’s investments!
  • The implementation of the printable Fiat SDRs as a replacement of Gold as the ultimate financial asset!
  • The manufacture of over 15,000 tons of gold plated tungsten 400 oz LGD Bars, partly stored in Fort Knox and partly sold into the market to destroy confidence in the Gold market and undermine Gold as the ultimate trusted financial asset.
    A plan hatched by the arch crims of the latter day financial Crime Fraternity during the Clinton years: Rubin, Summers, Greenspan.

Rubin Greenspan Summers: Architects of total deregulation to let WS rape & plunder

But the BRICS countries have amassed huge amounts of Gold, sold to them at absolute knock down prices by the WS/City's greedy mugs and crims, far in excess of what they’re prepared to disclose to the western Bankster Croesuses and masters of their Fiat Crime Racket of Death and Destruction!

With that Gold hoard they shall bury the Fiat Dollar by implementing a new, fairer and equitable system replacing Satan’s currency as the means of international trade settlement.

Let the day arrive – and then soon!
The lesson is that Gold is, and always has been the ultimate financial instrument and asset, in protecting from inflation, from the destruction of Fiat Currencies, and as a store of value accrued through hard graft – unless you’re a Bankster who can just rape and plunder productive people’s wealth with impunity, a lesson history has taught many times and the latest bankster induced financial crisis is but a reminder of that sad reality!

If and when the BRICS resurrect and accord Gold its rightful place again as the ultimate financial asset, then the Fiat Currencies will assume their intrinsic value: Zero!
Gold will have the last laugh, and the ones holding the gold will survive and prosper while the printers of Fiat Confetti Currency won't be able to buy anything from nations trading their goods in Gold - justice and fairness will have returned to international trade.

So protect yourself and buy Gold; five thousand years of trusted service to humanity will continue for as long as there is a need for stored wealth, i.e. forever!
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