Identifying the Jew World Order as our real foe and oppressor!

On Honesty, Courage and Defiance!

  • If we are not honest and courageous enough in identifying the problem, then we’ll never find a solution!
  • If we are so afraid to name our oppressors, rapists and plunderers then they have won and completely succeeded in our subjugation!
  • If we are so conceited that we truly believe that using generic terms like NWO, Illuminati, Oligarchy, the 1% or the Banksters, rather than directly pinpointing our foes makes us superior then this sycophancy lets them hide forever behind these benign smokescreens and perpetrate their crimes in anonymity and with complete impunity ad infinitum!
  • If we are so conditioned (brainwashed) that we robotically recoil from speaking our mind and cower in deference to our masters we’ve truly become their slaves!

The graphic below displays but a minute sample of a vast library of their own words describing their utter contempt and loathing for you and the rest of humanity. It’s a tiny snapshot of their delusional, racist and supremacist mindset which is expressed by all and sundry on a daily basis, from politicians, community leaders, academics, Rabbis and settler hooligans alike!

If the basic tenets of a doctrine are of a nature to instill such vile hatred, condescension and contempt for your fellow human beings, then this should be declared for what it is and banned on grounds that it is a dangerous, antisocial, subversive, terrorist dogma inciting Crimes against Humanity!

Think Palestine, Gaza, all the wars against the Goyim, from the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution and all their Crimes against Humanity, WW2 contrived by the Jews, to Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and all the present warmongering against a raft of nations from all across South America to Russia, from China to Venezuela and anyone not subjugated in their empire of vassal states, including Europe, Central Asia, Philippines and Japan etc!

The hierarchy is clear;
• If you control the finance you control the government.
• If you control the Media you control the minds of the masses.
Total control!

The only solution is to dismantle their US$ Fiat Currency Crime Racket and all the Fiat Currency Rackets across the globe and Fractional Reserve Lending!
End the Fed, BIS, IMF, WB, and the WS Bankster Rapists!

Build world trade on a fair and equitable basis, the kind Gaddafi was proposing before they got to him, massacred him and hundreds of thousands of Libyans so they could stop the greatest gift to humanity he could ever make – a Gold backed Currency!
  • Gold is Peace, Liberty and Prosperity!
  • Fiat is War, Oppression and Exploitation!
We need to go back to Gold as the means of exchange of Value. A store of Value which can’t be printed out of thin air, which does therefore not depreciate and transfer wealth from the productive people to the parasitic banksters.

A monetary system which is not owned by anyone; not Banksters, not Jews, not corrupt, incompetent and delusionally self-enamoured Governments who inevitably would be no different than banksters if the power to create currency were to be transferred to politicians! The power over people would just be concentrated in the same people who wield power over us now; indistinguishable from one another; Banksters, Politicians, Think Tanks – all one and the same; the JWO!

It is a Store of Value System which is as natural as the allure and attraction Gold has engendered in Humanity ever since the dawn of organised barter and trade and the adornment with this universally recognised Precious Element of feminine companions, heroines, and deities alike!

And that's why Gold is the Banksters nemesis #1!

More on who the Jews are and what they really think of us!

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