The UN elects Saudi Arabia to Head UN Human Rights Council

Well done UN!

Few other countries would have a worse human rights record than Saudi Arabia; except of course their ‘Cousins’ the illegal, racist, Apartheid Squatter colony on Palestinian land, and their benefactors, protectors and accomplices, the US of Atrocities!

Thus far in 2015 Saudi Arabia has executed well over 100 people in an orgy of revenge and quashing of dissent.

Be careful of any temptation to the following which will reduce your height by a head length, all of which are beheading offences under the Saudi Penal Code:
  • Sorcery and Witchcraft; take off your Amethyst Amulet for peace and spiritual vibrations well before you enter the Fiefdom of Saud.
  • Consumption of intoxicants, i.e. Alcohol; make sure you don’t bring or buy any Kirsch Chocolate for your friends.
  • Espionage, don’t ever look at any Government buildings!
  • Apostasy i.e. turning away from the Saudi’s official deranged Wahhabi Cult.
  • Possession of Drugs; who knows whether your night cap of Valium counts as a beheading offence.
  • Burglary
  • Robbery Arson
  • Consensual sex with another adult male, we have no Queers in our Kingdom!
  • Treason
  • Adultery; Raucous Christmas Office Parties offer no excuse!
  • Rape or Sexual Assault
  • Non Fatal Terrorism
  • Non pre-meditated Murder; self defence if you’re attacked is no excuse, in that situation you’re either killed by the attacker of by your Government!
  • Aggravated Murder; the only offence which merits some consideration, but a lifetime of hard labour benefiting society would be preferable!
So well done UN, now the Nobel Committee better take heed.

Can we smell a Nobel Peace Prize in the winds for their benevolent assistance rendered to the ousted President Hadi in Yemen while reducing his subjects by well over 5,000 during constant bombing raids on Cities, Schools and Hospitals?

Yemen is a crime of unspeakable barbarity and callousness, but there is no outcry, no UN action to speak of, no condemnation from Self-righteous Governments or Lefties.

The Saudis are the US’ best friend, besides Israel, but it is on a very different level altogether; Israel has been a constant drag while bossing their benefactor the US around, while the Saudis have bought massive amounts of US Treasuries and Arms, thus keeping the Petro Dollar racket going; this is such a true and valued friend and ally you’ll never let down!

Surely the UN would never make a move without either the explicit or tacit approval of the US!

Now the Saudis being equipped with a very sound Common Sense Culture and a truly compassionate Salafi Takfiri Wahhabi Religion will bring a wealth of Values, Morals and Ethics to their job as Arbiters of Right and Wrong at the esteemed UN!

Yes, this is the world we now live in, where black is white, where the biggest Criminals, Abusers and Terrorists are awarded the UN Human Rights Council Chair to oversee nations' behaviour with regards to, yes Human Rights of course!

Where the biggest Warmongers berate the Nations who tender help and assistance to a nation under assault by the entire western Zio Axis of unspeakable evil.

There should be no illusions left that there are any democratic processes at work; not on a national level, not at the UN nor at intergovernmental levels like the ICC, IMF, BIS and all the other UN outcrops.

There is only one power which rules - and that’s the JOW!

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