MH17, BRICS and the German & Dutch Gold

The debauched yet insouciant intrigues of international politics!

The Dutch stunned the world with their announcement that they secretly repatriated 122.5 tons of their Gold from the NY Fed.

This surely must have riled the Germans who requested to repatriate their gold holding of 1,530 tons, also ‘safely stored’ at the NY Fed (out of a total of 3,396 tons).

After many refusals and unseemly bartering the Germans were promised they’d get 300 tons back – over a period of seven, (7) years! Yes, it takes seven years to ship that tiny tonnage from NY to Berlin!

That’s some 40 odd tons per year, but lo and behold, they got a paltry 5 tons shipped the first year, with Gold Bars which had to be re-refined and recast.
Clearly the Fed doesn’t have the Gold, it has been long since leased and sold a hundred times over – yes that’s not a misprint, Gold Bullion Banking is the same criminal fraud as the other Heist of the Millennium, normal Banking - just worse!
It is Fractional Reserve Lending, a practice dating back centuries which allows the Banksters to print ‘money’, currency actually, and lend it out at interest; if YOU do that it’s called forgery and you’ll be jailed for a very, very long time indeed.
With Gold they just sell Naked Shorts on the Comex, or call it ‘rehypothecation’ of an asset. They do the same with your house or any asset; sell it a hundred times over (rehypothecate), pocket the money and lend it out at interest or gamble with it in their Casino called ‘Futures Market or Banking or OTC trades, CDS etc’!

What the Headlines really should have read!

Now the Dutch joined with the Ukraine, Australia and Belgium in an agreement of the Joint Investigation Team, JIT into the MH17 Atrocity, which gives veto power to any signatory member to keep any findings secret.
Malaysia has explicitly been excluded from the JIT, and hence obviously also from this pact, even though it was their plane and had 44 Malaysian nationals on the doomed airliner, whereas Australia had 27 nationals on board!
Such an agreement and secrecy is unprecedented in any Air Accident Investigation, it is an affront to humanity as such per se, but there is more.
All evidence points to a premeditated crime against yet another Malaysian Airlines Plane, this after MH370, and the trail leads to the highest echelons in Washington and most likely Tel Aviv.
The Ukraine is swarming with Israeli and US mercenary operatives from the CIA/Mossad and it is very safe to construe that an operation of this gravity was not planned and executed by an isolated rogue element.

What an incredible coincident!

In fact the entire operation, though deeply flawed otherwise we wouldn’t be privy to so much cogent evidence of the guilt of the aforementioned parties, all was well planned with very specific objectives in focus, including the instant puerile, nauseating vilification of Putin and the Novorossiyan Self Defence Forces in the Eastern Ukraine!

Germany is secretly toying with the idea of joining BRICS and the BRICS nations are busy accumulating vast amounts of Gold to soon change to a Gold Trade Settlement System, as opposed to the US$, which currently is still widely used in international trade.
This is a fair and equitable system, and is a logical step after seven decades of the most horrific experience with the US$ as the World Reserve Currency.

Evidence Screaming False Flag Op

It is a logical conclusion that Germany was refused their Gold since the departure of Germany from the US sphere of control, over to the Eastern/South Alliance of the BRICS would spell disaster for the Zionazi US/UK/EU club of world hegemony and exploitation based on their Fiat Currency Crime Racket!

The Netherlands was rewarded for their cooperation in keeping any, all in fact, findings secret which would implicate the US/Ukraine/Israel cabal in the shooting down of MH17.

We know that the Fed/USG-ESF has sold all their Gold and everyone else’s Gold as well, so where is this gold coming from?
Is it Gaddafi/Libya’s 144 tons of Gold stolen by the Zionazi NATO Fascists? Oh no, that probably went to Hugo Chavez/Venezuela, which repatriated 160 tons from London. Or is it the Ukraine’s 43 tons of stolen Gold, well that wouldn’t go far enough.
Or is it some of the 60,000 tons stolen by the Banksters across the western world? That is everyone’s Gold from private customer’s allocated accounts to the Saudi’s and other oil exporting nations’ Gold to the very wealthy Asian clan’s Gold.

Or is it GLD’s Gold and replaced with ‘Gold in transit’, i.e. gold that’s being mined, made into dore and sent to refineries?
Or is some of the 45 tons Venezuela was recently conned to ‘lease and swap’ to GS, or the gold of sovereign nations stored in London?
Who knows where they stole that Gold from, but as sure as Gold is Banksters’ nemesis #1, it’s not the original Dutch Gold!

• Now this of course is all just pure conjecture, no one would ever contemplate that such depravity and unspeakable criminality festers amongst our esteemed western leaders!

Mark Rutte is a deeply compromised individual with the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State investigating his participation and role in murder and ritual killing of children.
“I was there, I saw the whole thing. I was told they were kids from the juvenile detention centres in Brussels. They were let loose naked in the forest and hunted down and shot. The killers included Prince Friso of Holland and his wife’s friend, the billionaire George Soros, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and Prince Albert of Belgium. After they shot down the young ones they cut off the boys’ penises and held them up like trophies, cheering and applauding.”

Elites love compromised politicians, they are easily controlled and blackmailed; just a few deeply compromised individuals come to mind: Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Rutte, Harper, Cameron, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney etc, all with a trail of blood, murder, drug dealings, fraud, blackmail and countless other crimes to their rap sheet.
Harper and Cameron both are also wanted for questioning by the ITCCS for participation in Ritual Murder of Children!

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The Swiss Gold Initiative and its enormous significance to humanity!

• "No country ever went bust on a strong, sound currency - but plenty have on Fiat printed with abandon!"

• "When the world’s Fiat Currencies collapse and go to their intrinsic value, Zero, as they all have done over the millennia, then the only store of Wealth left standing will be Gold!"

Bretton Woods and the London Gold Pool

Ever since that fateful day on August the 15th, 1971, when Nixon declared that he’ll stop the ‘Speculators’ from draining US Gold by ‘temporarily’ suspending the ‘Gold Window’, meaning the unilateral scrapping of the Bretton Woods Agreement, signed by 44 Nations and followed by every nation on the planet, and reneging the solemn commitment made by the US to back their $ with Gold and allow any country to redeem their paper Dollars for Gold, ever since that day of infamy there has been a very well documented conspiracy by the USG and the Banksters to deride, destroy and excise Gold from the World Monetary System, by stealth and every conniving and criminal means they can muster.

Prior to this date the US ran the London Gold Pool from 1961 to 1968, a cabal of 8 countries led by the US and 7 European Central Banks, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK, while the US supplied 50% of the Precious Metal to suppress the price to the pegged $35.20/ounce agreed on at Bretton Woods.
However this proved a monumental task as the US was running huge trade and budget deficits, mostly due to the Vietnam war, and started to print enormous amounts of Dollars, not backed by Gold, which engendered a Gold bull market of massive proportions and prompted European countries to redeem their paper $ for the Gold they were assured under the BW agreement.

US official Gold Holdings

This caused the London Gold Pool to collapse in 1968, but only after the US lost some 12,000 tons, from just over 20,000 tons down to a little over 8,000 tons.

Then after the ‘Nixon Shock’ Gold was sporadically sold at auction to further suppress the price. But then Gold commenced to be freely traded on the Comex Exchange which began the paper trading of Futures in 1975, which allowed the parasitic Banksters to use ‘Naked Shorts’ to suppress the price of Gold, manipulate the market and make huge profits at the expense of all other market participants, i.e. productive people.

This usually works perfectly well since the manipulators are big enough to push the market in any direction they desire and are always flawlessly positioned to profiteer from their market rigging. i.e. ‘Short’ at the top of the market, ‘Long’ at the bottom; a very lucrative criminal racket played out since 1975 with complete impunity since Gold is the Banksters’ and Governments’ nemesis #1, for it prevents their unlimited printing of Fiat Currency and also thwarts exactly such criminal profiteering rackets at the expense of productive people.
This all works well if they manage to maintain control over the market, since they are big enough to push the market any which way they desire, but if market forces overwhelm the manipulators occasionally they can get caught out with lethal positions on the wrong side for once; and this leads us to the next chapter:

Brown’s Bottom

In 1999 Gordon Brown announced that the UK would sell almost 400 tons of its Gold, well over half of its holding at the time. The perpetual market rigging and profiteering of the parasitic criminal Banksters had them caught out on the wrong side of an overwhelming market at that time, and Goldman Sachs, and particularly JP Morgan and also Citi were offside by a margin big enough the eliminate these scourges from the planet for good.
Alas, Banksters are in control of the planet and own and control every Government, and with Gordon Brown they had the perfect puppet to save their behinds; selling the people’s gold at rock bottom prices, and in a manner guaranteeing the lowest possible price.
(He announced the sales beforehand and sold it at auction, guaranteeing a suppression of the price and achieving the lowest possible price for the people’s Gold.) So instead of facing the wrath of the market like everyone else would have to, and confronting the consequences and certain bankruptcy as it should have been, these parasites and overlords of governments forced the sale of UK’s Gold to suppress the price and save these criminal Banksters to loot and plunder yet another day.
Brown’s 395 ton Gold sale was also in accord with the avowed underhand destruction and unilateral excising of Gold from the monetary system, and in general to suppress the price since Banksters perceive Gold as the most formidable and ultimate competition to their, at will and to infinity printable fiat currency; which it is.

Brown's sale of the UK people's Gold at the bottom of the market is colloquially referred to as Brown's Bottom!

Switzerland the IMF and the Swiss Gold.

Switzerland joined the evil of all evil IMF in May 1992, an institution used by the International Banksters to rape and plunder productive humanity via its onerous and iniquitous lending practices and loan terms, dishing up distressed assets in borrowing countries at pennies on the Dollar to the international WS Banksters. There is noting subtle about the IMF’s modus operandi, it is a predatory institution of the Banksters; run and owned by the Bankster for their criminal benefits and profiteering alone.

Then in June 1996 the Swiss Federal Ministry of Finance and the Swiss National Bank, SNB, formed a joint working Party under the pretence to avert a Constitutional breach by the SNB by dropping below the 40% requirement to back the Swiss Franc with Gold. Thus new legislation came into effect on the 1st November 1997 which lowered the backing requirement to 25%.
But this was only step one of the destruction of the Swiss Franc, engineered by the criminal Banksters.
This working party also recommended that Switzerland, that is the SNB should only have about on third of its foreign reserves in Gold and to revalue the Swiss Gold holdings upwards from $96.40/ounce to $189/oz, approximately 60% of the then prevailing market price.
Thus, they deemed, Switzerland has a ‘surplus’ of some 1,300 tons of hard assets, Gold, which should be disposed of. The rest of the ‘assets’ being Paper Fiat Currency which can, was and is printed by the trillions at the whim of the Americans to fund the largest military offensive force on the planet.

A currency backed only by a printing press and a gigantic military!

(This alone should have rung alarm bells, if anyone remembers the thirties, Nazism and every period preceding major wars; the US is no ally of anyone but an Empire of aggression and oppression across the globe, with EVERY country being targeted for exploitation, submission and compliance with US dictate.)

With this devious sleight of manipulation by the Banksters, the Swiss population at the time, Politicians and pundit Joe average alike, was fooled into accepting the gravest mistake any country could possibly make; the sale of its hard earned assets in exchange for worthless pieces of paper printable at will by the trillions.
Make no mistake, the Banksters have systematically conspired to demonize, ridicule and paint Gold as a ‘barbaric relic’ and the ‘fetish of a few nutters who think Gold has any value in today’s modern world’ and thus to excise Gold from the Monetary System for good.

What reckless printing will do to a currency!

The IMF statutes require member countries to adhere to a strictly Fiat based currency, with no backing, Gold or otherwise.

That Switzerland could be a member from 1992 to 1996, the onset of the process of disposing of its Gold, without any conflict with the IMF ‘requirement’ speaks volumes, nevertheless the US Fed/USG, the International Banksters and the IMF were clearly behind the drive to force and dupe the Swiss into selling their hard assets; Gold. The IMF rules were citied as a ‘requirement’ to de-link the Franc from Gold and dispose of this ‘barbaric relic’!
Subsequently the SNB sold in all 1,550 tons of Gold of its 2,590 tons it held prior to this heist by the Banksters, leaving only 1,040 tons.

The vilification of Gold

The International Banksters, that is the Fed, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), Wall Street Banksters, the IMF and virtually every Central Bank is behind the vilification campaign of Gold, with the obtuse Politicians on board of this delusional, self-destructive crime against the people.
World wide Gold is the people’s choice of Money, the only means of wealth preservation and trusted storage of their hard earned wealth, and has been so for 5,000 years. A store of wealth which over the long term always keeps its purchasing power, price manipulation aside!

Only one means of exchange of value and store of wealth has survived the the passage of time; 5,000 years of service to Humanity!

This is opposed to Fiat currency, printable at will by the trillions and rapidly loosing its redeemable value as demonstrated by the US$.
Every single Fiat Currency ever devised has always found its intrinsic value sooner or later; Zero!

The Fed's handiwork since its inception!

But as demonstrated previously, the price of Gold is totally rigged, and has been suppressed since the 60s by various nefarious means, and the smash from $1,900 down to 1,100 has been orchestrated by the Banksters, i.e. the Fed, BIS, USG/ESF and their WS overlords. Gold is their nemesis #1, as under Gold as money none of their crimes, fraud and looting and plundering the productive people is possible; banking would just be the taking of deposits and lending it out at a margin, not the wild casino of trillion dollar fraud it is today.
It would also prevent the printing of Fiat currency at will and lend it out at interest; a means by which the Banksters were able to enslave the entire humanity in debt.
Gold also prevents Bankster profiteering from economic cycles engineered by them by the loosening and tightening of monetary conditions, which allows them to profiteer on the way up, on the way down, and at the bottom by picking up distressed assets at pennies on the dollar. A practice wholly embraced by the Bankster cabal ever since they gained control over the monetary system.

Now the IMF is feverishly engaged in promoting the Special Drawing Rights, SDRs, as a means of reserve assets, which is just another fiat confetti ‘currency’, printable at will by the international banksters at the IMF under the command of their US overlords, all in order to avert Gold resuming its 5,000 years rightful place as the only real means of exchange and storage of Wealth; Money.

Gold price chart and Brown's & SNB's cleverly timed Gold sales!

SDRs were specifically introduced to thwart the Phoenix like rise of Gold in the international monetary system. Alas, the Chinese, Russians, and most nations outside the US/UK/EU sphere of the Banksters domain clearly have other ideas and have accumulated vast amounts of Gold which they have not disclosed and are in fact working on a New Monetary System and Settlement of Trade system outside the US$; namely ‘Gold Trade Settlement’, a fair, equitable, and the most elegant, stable, sustainable solution of all.

In 1999 the ‘First Washington Gold Agreement’, WGA-1 was signed, there were in all three such agreements. It was part of the US led Bankster cabal’s underhand scheming to force other countries willing to kowtow the dictate of the Americans to dispose of their valuable hard reserve assets; Gold.

Switzerland was the most foolish and willing stooge under the conniving treachery of the SNB and sold the most Gold, in all 1,300 tons of centuries of accumulated wealth at an average price of around SFR 15,604/kg, in exchange for freshly printed pieces of confetti paper. This represents a loss of SFR 28 billion plus the 250 tons sold at SFR 27,000/kg for a loss of 2.6 billion at today’s criminally suppressed prices.
But it is safe to say that the price would be multiples of what it is today were it not for the criminal suppression of the international Bankster cabal led by the American Fed/USG/BIS matrix.

The Swiss Gold Initiative

The Initiative requires the SNB to hold at least 20% of its assets in Gold, is not allowed to ever sell any Gold and must store all Gold physically in Switzerland.
The SNB would also have to repatriate 104 tonnes of Swiss gold from the Bank of Canada and 208 tonnes from the Bank of England

So what’s the big deal for the Banksters to so violently and deviously oppose it?
The SNB is a fully embedded participant to the western Bankster cabal, and we mean this literally, the SNB has been actively involved in the criminal underhand dealings in the Gold market, it is a puppet to the US Fed/USG/WS cabal which unilaterally rules unimpeded with total impunity over the Global Monetary Realm from the BIS to the IMF and every Central Bank.
There are countless lawsuits against Banksters across the western world for the theft of allocated Gold accounts amounting to many tens of thousands of tons, some put the figure at 60,000 tons, including all the Swiss Banksters, but you’re not allowed to know this, they are protected form publicly disclosing such sordid facts that Banksters worldwide are just common criminals.
ABN Amro was the first Bankster to admit that they’ve stolen everyone’s Gold and won’t honour their contractual obligations of delivering Gold stored in allocated accounts, for which they charged storage fees all these years and issued certificates with the serial numbers of all the Gold Bars supposedly held safely in storage on customer’s behalf!
But all that allocated customers’ Gold has been stolen by the Banksters and sold a hundred times over in the paper market and replaced with a worthless IOU piece of paper!
And herein lies the crux of the Banksters’ dilemma and love/hate of Gold. A rising Gold price would see them short squeezed again and every Bankster, JPM, MS, BoA, Barclays, UBS, DB etc, would be bankrupted in the process. That’s what happened when the price reached $1,920 and threatened to really take off. Hence the unprecedented vicious, criminal attack on Gold ever since that day in September 2011, it’s yet again to save the parasitic criminal Banksters.
All with the connivance and blessing of the entire system, from the US president on down to the Treasury, Judiciary, CFTC and every official organ connected to the system.

So ferocious and devious is the smear campaign by the Banksters against this Initiative that the organisers’ PayPal account, which they used to collect funds from around the globe to aid their campaign, since this is of such enormous importance and an issue touching every citizen on the planet, has been closed down by the Banksters and then even forfeited (stole) the funds held therein.
Then Luzi Stamm one of the organisers, was not allowed on a public TV debate, a rather puerile act of reprehensible chicanery.
Every media rag and TV station is relentlessly running obtuse diatribes against this Initiative, based on the international Bankster cabal’s rulebook of lies, misrepresentations and fabricated distorted facts and history about the role of Gold and its import for a stable, equitable and sustainable Monetary System.
This Initiative is of such importance that it is seen worldwide as an arbitration on the parasitic Banksters’ current, privately owned criminal Fiat Currency Crime Racket with which they are able to rape and plunder productive people at will and buy off the entire system including Government, Judiciary, Watchdogs, the Media, in short all four ‘Estates’, the entire means of control over the productive people!

A YES Vote would spell the beginning of the end of their criminal reign of rape and plunder, and start the process to bring back sanity, equity, fairness, liberty and justice into today’s world.

• For every War the Gold Standard was abandoned to print and fund the Banksters’ schemed and initiated criminal Wars!

Gold is Peace, Gold is Prosperity, Gold is Liberty!

Gold will always serve in this virtuous role for Humanity; only the criminal Banksters and their Puppet Politicians fight against these noble Values and Aspirations.
Gold will forever be Humanity's one and only choice as a trusted store of wealth!

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Obama's UN speech and Ebola, USG's latest Bio Weapon release

In case you’ve missed the ‘incredible’ Obama Speech at the UN, which prompted Dr. Paul Craig Roberts to comment:
“Obama’s September 24 speech at the UN is the most absurd thing I have heard in my entire life. It is absolutely amazing that the president of the United States would stand before the entire world and tell what everyone knows are blatant lies while simultaneously demonstrating Washington’s double standards and belief that Washington alone, because the US is exceptional and indispensable, has the right to violate all law.
It is even more amazing that every person present did not get up and walk out of the assembly!”

Everyone knows that the Zionazi Junta in the Ukraine came illegally to power thanks to the machinations of US Front Orgs via the ‘Subversion Ops Centre’, aka US Embassy, pumping $5bln into insurrection and subversive activities buying off traitors and funding agents and snipers to really set the place ablaze!
It’s now also widely known that ISIS is just another NATO force perpetrating the most heinous atrocities and crimes against humanity on behalf of their masters in DC, London, Riyadh, Tel Aviv, Qatar and Ankara.
Yet, what is now becoming ever more evident is that Ebola is just another one of these deranged psychopaths’ atrocities against humanity, and as Professor Boyle asserts, is clearly a Bio Weapon’s release by the Exceptional People from DC.

Bio Weapons Expert: Ebola Outbreak Is A USG Bio Weapon Release

But the Zionazi Matrix in power is sticking together like the proverbial to the blanket and are covering and protecting each other to the hilt. Cameron’s speech is a follow up on Obama’s verbal diarrhoea and equally nauseating, to say the least!

Obama's 39% approval rating and why Dems lost the election

Just another day at the Oval Office!

With the Ultra Zionazi Dems being clobbered by the Ultra-Ultra Zionazi Reps and Obama dropping to another new low in his approval ratings it’s judicious to examine the reasons for the disdain the US electorate has for this perpetual War Criminal and globally wanted villain and perpetrator of Crimes against Humanity, Terrorism, Extrajudicial Murder and War Crimes.

The 39% approval rating is not the full story in fact. With a massive 56% disapproval rating he's probably the worst performing puppet stooge to ever been put into the WH by TPTB, as measured by the notoriously unreliable and skewed opinion polls.
The question as to why is the most telling part.

Americans are bombarded incessantly by the redneck warmongering Zio MSM with lies about the evils of Assad, Iran, Putin, Maduro, Dilma Rousseff and on an on, so much so, that to these deluded zombie pundits Obama is in fact not aggressive enough, not bombing enough countries, not massacring and assassinating enough ‘recalcitrant’ leaders of sovereign countries!

They disapprove of the lie that Obama supposedly is not in there boots ‘n all in Syria, Iran, Ukraine, Russia, Argentina, Venezuela bombing, killing, assassinating, destroying and Regime changing Rambo style; which in fact he already is, surreptitiously, covertly, with proxies, front orgs, contract killers and hired thugs!
The Zombie electorate would have the US War Machine ‘teach lessons’ round the clock to every leader they can’t completely control and subjugate.

Thus ironically, if the truth were to be told to the US Zombie electorate about the real nature of ISIS, the Zionazi Genocidal Mass Murderers in the Ukraine, the AQ thugs in Libya, if they were to be told that they are Obama’s agents, armies, terrorists, mass murderers, beheaders, assassins, gang rapists and sex slave traffickers acting at his and Israel’s behest, they’d probably accord him with the highest approval rating for any incumbent stooge in history!
An Oxymoron spawned by Zio MSM induced Insanity?


The folly of NSA spying to save a crumbling Empire

If there is one thing the Zionazi Oligarchy ruling the planet fears the most, then it is the death of their single means of staying in power; Satan’s Currency!
It’s the unlimited printing of Fiat confetti $$$ which accords them the means to fund a gigantic military and support their empire of exploitation and oppression through force and brutality, it’s their single prop on which the entire Zionazi Tyranny rests to keep them in power via their military and secrete services brute force and prowess.

Gaddafi was swiftly massacred and his country and entire legacy of progress, prosperity, peace and equality destroyed with unprecedented savagery and conniving by the US and its NATO coolies, misusing a ‘No Fly Zone’, which was UN approved, alas all based on lies and a fabricated, paid for insurgency with controlled AQ mercenaries. His crime was the suggestion and promotion of a Pan African Gold Backed Dinar, a brilliant idea which would have given humanity a glimmer of hope in spelling the beginning of the end of the Fiat $ Crime Racket, which feeds and sustains the endless criminal wars of aggression and Crimes against Humanity.
With Gaddafi, a champion of the peoples on the entire planet was callously and cowardly slaughtered by the Zionazi cabal and with him the hopes for a fair and equitable Currency which can’t be printed by the trillions and used to fund Wars and an exploitative Empire.

Saddam Hussein signed his death warrant the minute, back in November 2000, when he decided to sell Iraqi oil for Euros instead of Satan’s $$$, “the currency of the enemy”. This after a decade of sanctions, vilification and isolation.

There is zero tolerance to the undermining of the hegemony of the Petro$ and Satan’s $ as reserve currency. The cabal had to wait for a really good excuse to attack and murder Saddam, the 9/11 FFOp was not quite convincingly made to stick on Saddam, no link to any ‘AQ’ could credibly be made, so the WMDs were invented and a vilification campaign was launched with tales of gassings and other horror stories; but removed and slaughtered he had to be at all costs for his transgression of abandoning the Petro$. This is another double crossing of an erstwhile ally and unwitting puppet, who was used against Iran in a horrific 9 year war to get back at Iran who also had the audacity to ask for a fair deal for the exploitation of its oil resources but was refused, and hence the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, now BP, was unceremoniously sent packing. Then after 79 Iran was targeted purely for reasons of spite, retribution and humiliation over the US Embassy hostage crisis and Israel’s inane hostility towards Teheran with lies of the “6 months to a nuclear bomb” fairy tales.
But in December 2007 Iran announced that it had ‘eliminated all sales of oil in US$; “a worthless piece of paper” and thus is now an even more intensified target by the Zionazi cabal for breaking with the Petro$. Sanctions have been in place against Iran since 79 with only a brief respite between 81 and 84.

Putin in his nonchalant and gallant manner is progressively and dauntlessly working on giving the planet an alternative to Satan’s $ and is undermining its dominance and hegemony over world and oil trade with the BRICS initiative and a Gold Trade alternative to the US$.
Thankfully the Zionazi cabal is in fact unwittingly aiding and expediting his valiant efforts with their inane, illegal and criminal sanctions against Russia, which has forced Putin’s hand in implementing alternatives and substitutes! Thus Russia is now top of the Zionazi’s ‘nemesis’ list and every attempt is made to destroy Putin himself and Russia’s economy and draw him into a military confrontation, which thus far he has gallantly averted to humanity’s relief and immeasurable blessing.

NSA spying is a tool by the Oligarchy in power to ferret out the wheeling and dealings of their own vassal ‘allies’, albeit ‘unreliable’ it proves to be, and Germany is at the forefront of their targeting of ‘friends’; the fear has them petrified that Germany will abandon the sinking Zionazi US$ Titanic and opt for the Yellower Pastures of a Gold Backed Trade System; Fair, Equitable, Non-Adversarial-Pacifist and Sustainable.
(The Fiat Currency System is pre-programmed to self-implode, and like a cancer, needs to exponentially grow until it destroys its host, i.e. the Economy and the Productive People!)

Besides economic warfare NSA spying is used to snare young hot blooded males with a revolutionary bent which then are entrapped in faux ‘terrorist plots’ and used as patsies, either as a means to show that the FBI/CIA/NSA is ‘preventing terrorism’, or as FFOp stooges to further the police state and destroy ever more liberties (Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook) or as a pretext to war and aggression (9/11).


Obama’s American Exceptionalism and the CIA & SOCOM Assassins

The marvels of having undergone a Conscience Lobotomy and/or re-programming as a Killer Automaton for the Zionazi Fascist Oligarchy!

“America must always lead on the world stage. If we don’t, no one else will. The military that you have joined is and always will be the backbone of that leadership.”
• The mentality of a Mobster, a Terrorist or just a deranged, power-drunk Commander in Chief with the biggest Killing Machine on the planet at his disposal?

“I believe in American Exceptionalism with every fiber of my being.”
• Delusions of a retarded jingoist or just a zealot believing his own deranged rhetoric and lies?

The US certainly has shown ‘exceptional Leadership’ in the use of its military; it invaded 70 countries, assassinated some 30 foreign leaders and attempted to kill as many again, effected ‘Regime Change’ in countless countries and has ongoing overt/covert Ops in 134 countries around the globe, that’s 70% of the planet’s sovereign countries!

The Special Operations Command, under which some of these covert Terrorists from the 'Exceptional People's Republic' operate, has an official budget of over $10bn alone, then add to that what they make in drug dealing, illicit arms sales and other criminal activities and the cash sloshing around for these Merchants of Death is staggering. And then there's the CIA, a much larger Terror Organisation again with a budget many multiples of that and sponsorship from CorpAm/WS/Military Industrial complex for whom they really 'work'!

The SOCOM's numbers alone officially are in the 70 thousands and are engaged in every shade of covert ops from assassinations, kidnappings, FFOps and Terrorism of every kind to fomenting insurrection, Civil War and any kind of unrest and destabilisation the USG wants in any given country, just like the CIA.

Some 13,000 operations have officially been carried out by the CIA alone, but all these numbers are ‘official’ and could be multiples of what’s admitted to, from the budged, to the personnel to the operations.

Today there is turmoil orchestrated across the globe by these covert subversive Terrorist Ops from the Exceptional People.
From Syria where they are embedded with ISIS – the US Army division out of uniform in Muslim Garb, to the Ukraine where they are embedded in the Zionazi government, Nazi army, Zionazi Azov death Battalions, to the covert actions in fomenting uprisings and civil war in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Hong Kong, China, East Turkistan, Russia, Venezuela, Ecuador and wherever you find unsavoury elements stirring up trouble, they are there active in financing, supporting, printing pamphlets, coining slogans, supplying logistics, guns, snipers, arms, media access, anything that furthers the insurrection cause against democratic governments not kowtowing to US dictate.

The Empire of total Chaos and Crimes against every Law, Convention, Agreement and moral and ethical Standards!

Exceptional Leadership from the Exceptional People!

Plans for World War 3, if all else fails go to War

War is profitable – for some, the same ones who own the puppet government, the very same ones who own the Wall Street mega Banks, the Military Industrial Complex, CorpAm
– the same ones who control the CFR, Atlantic Council, AIPAC, Brookings etc who in turn write ‘Policy’, the same ones who appoint the stooge in the WH and appoint the Cabinet and Fed – a veritable Bar Mitzvah on steroids!

But the days of the Empire are numbered, the smell of Death lingers putrid in the air, its one single underpinning pilar, Satan’s $ is being chipped away, dismembered, cast aside, piece by piece:

• Currency Swap agreements all over the place

• Oil/Gas deals in other Currencies; Euros, Rubles, Yuan

• Trade Deals excluding the Empire of Terror

• Alternatives to the IMF, Fiat $$$, SWIFT Visa/Mastercard are emerging

• Gold is emerging from its Empire imposed slumber since that infamous, fateful day 15 August 1971, which allowed the Empire to print with abandon and fund a gigantic military to build a global Empire of oppression and exploitation.

• The 22,000 tons of Gold the US held after WW2 are long gone in the price suppression crime to excise Gold from the system - since Gold prevents the unlimited printing of Fiat. And the many, many tens of thousands of tons looted from the people of Asia, courtesy of the Imperial Japs, has long since been squandered on Black Ops, Regime Change schemes, propping up all the unsavoury puppet tyrants and regimes the Exceptional People put in power from Japan to Saudi Arabia, from the Philippines to Chile, from Egypt to Jordan etc. • The people of the planet had a guts full of the Exceptional Empire’s perpetual War Crimes against Humanity and are fighting back

So what’s left - go to all out War and take everyone down with you; the ultimate Spite of a losing, chastened Tyrant Bully!

This is one scenario espoused by some pundits, though it’s doubtful whether the Zionazi Oligarchy in DC has the cranial substance to ever contemplate, in their delusional hubris and utter contempt for humanity, that their Empire of Death and Destruction built on exploitation and oppression could ever falter.

But if all else fails, that’s their last ditch Crime plan against Humanity so as not to concede any advantage to productive humanity, the masses of people and nations they’ve exploited for so long with their Fiat Confetti, WS, IMF and CorpAm always there to rape and plunder.


Fascism is back in Europe, fully sanctioned

Wherever you look, from the Ukraine Zionazi fascist massacres, atrocities and genocide, to violent protests in Brussels, Prague, Greece and all across the Nobel Prize winning EU, Fascism has not only resurfaced but is now official, sanctioned policy from the highest Jesuit/Zionazi self appointed Regime in Brussels to their puppeteers in DC – as long as the Zionazi atrocities are directed at the arch nemesis Putin/Russia, anything is fair game.

But as with all bigotry and hate based dogmas, they have a nasty habit of backfiring and biting the hands that lead them…….
But the Satanist Puppeteers are bereft of such insight and will always try and further their aims with whatever venal, atrocious ideology they can mobilize the masses with.
The Crusaders tried it unsuccessfully massacring anything that stood in their way and with 'god' on their side! Hitler tried it - it lasted for a few years then it annihilated him, Hirohito and his minions tried it, they massacred 30 million all across Asia with the utmost savagery, hatred and contempt for all other races and then got beaten into submission and never recovered - they're still a vassal to the victors. The Zionazis in Palestine do it right now and have so for the last 60 years massacring indiscriminately on the basis that the Palestinians are just Goyim, Cattle, Sub-humans, well actually not even humans, more like 'animals' as they like to call the rightful owners of the land they stole and squat on; Palestine.
Israhell has its day of reckoning coming to it someday soon.

Now the Zionazi Fascists from DC and the EU adopted it to get at Putin/Russia and it blossoms right across the noble EU, till the Beast eats its own!

The atrocities couldn’t be more egregious and depraved, the dehumanisation of the Russian population in the Eastern Ukraine is taken straight out of the Nazi’s rulebook – just worse.

It’s gone part underground, part overt and from the very top at that; the ‘President’ the Exceptional People from the western ‘democratic’ Free World like to schmooze with and uphold as the New Democratic Face and fruit of a ‘Grassroots velvet Revolution of Dignity’ has declared them Nonhuman in as many words and decrees!
Sorry if you feel nauseous at that notion, but that’s how the Zionazi propaganda and policy is now played on the sheeples across the globe!
Nothing is too depraved, too sick or deranged; as long as it fits into the overarching policy anything is employed.

And what’s this overarching policy?
The prevention of any rivalling power, the enslavement and vassalisation of EVERY nation on the planet for exploitation and as puppets that can be used for any purpose from UN votes to allies who fight your wars against any perceived fabricated conjured up enemy.

An empire of total control; total hegemony!
The Exceptional Zionazi US Empire!

Live Organ Harvesting

Assassinations of Russian speaking civilians


Dogs of War, or how the Zionazis declared open hunting season on the Goyim

The Nobel Laureate is a busy man, overseeing the Democratisation and Pacification of so many ‘Tyrannical Regimes’ and Rogue States all across the globe with his armies in and out of uniform.

Some Dogs of War are official and wear uniforms, like NATO, but first he needs to send in his incognito armies out of uniform, the Zio MSM calls them AQ, al Nusra or ISIS etc, to stir things up and pave the way for the real heavy Democratizing Bombs to be delivered to countries like Libya and Syria.
In the Ukraine, that is Novorossiya, the use of Zionazi Battalions are employed with great success in Democratizing the pagans with Democracy Genocide, Democracy Ballistic Missiles, Democracy Howitzer Bombardments, Democracy Sniper killings, Democracy Massacres and Democracy Organ Harvesting.

Then the odd shooting down of a Passenger Airliner full of people from a far flung country which dared to challenge the Zionazi ̶T̶ᴇ̶ʀ̶ʀ̶ᴏ̶ʀ̶ɪ̶s̶ᴛ, sorry that’s ƊЄMƠƇƦƛƬƖȤƖƝƓ Matrix, by holding War Crimes Tribunals punctuates the Democratizing process. Also a good old inferno in a Trade Union building full of people helps the cause of Democratizing the unruly natives who obviously are in need of some good old fashioned Western Style Civilizing!

In case anyone has any objection to the term Zionazi, well that is a lovingly used pet name for ‘Democracy People’ who follow a Nazi doctrine hating everyone including Jews and are financed and controlled by Jewish Zio Fascist Oligarchs, who stole their wealth from them in the first place, quite quaint really!

Ah yes, Obama’s Dogs of War, well trained, armed, financed and controlled by an entire coalition of likeminded Democratizing individuals like Mr. Democracy himself King Abdullah, Democracy Erdogan, Cameron, Hollande, some nice democratic Emir from Qatar and other Democratic Philanthropists.

In all some 14 million people are already experiencing blissful Democracy right now away from their homes in some Democracy Camp, while some two million have already achieved complete Democratic Enlightenment and were allowed to depart to their Democratic Heaven thanks to these selfless Benefactors from the land of Zion.

Are there any other countries which would like to be gratefully Democratized by the Exceptional People from Zio DC; may we suggest Venezuela, Russia, Iran, China, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan, oh the list of eager countries goes on and on……


Arrest Warrants for the Queen, Harper, Pope, Cameron

Justice, what Justice?

If people think that the world is run along established Constitutional Rules and that the “Letter of the Law’ in any given land, or International Laws for that matter are applied without prejudice by an impartial Judiciary, the proverbial ‘Blind Justicia’, then there is some cathartic rude awakening to be borne!

Victims of the egregious War Crimes by this century’s greatest Criminals and Mass Murderers have filed over 40 complaints to the ‘International Criminal Court’, ICC, with zero results.
Today Bush, Cheney, Blair, Howard, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Netanyahu and all their Zionist handlers in the Boardrooms of WS, Think Tanks and the City thumb their noses at the millions massacred, at the tens and hundreds of millions of their victims whose lives they’ve destroyed and are destroying, in Iraq, Gaza, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Iran, Russia and just about every country on the planet where their criminal, illegal wars, terrorism and spurious sanctions hurt the economy and people's lives, where their secret services are engaged in subversion, insurrection, assassinations and where they foment civil wars and unrests from Venezuela to Egypt, from Georgia to Thailand, from Russia to Hong Kong and on and on.

The ICC has apparently miserably failed to deliver even the most basic of rudimentary justice as it was meant to dispense!

The widely perceived image, and with good reasons so, holds that this court has been from the outset a tool for the powerful and connected to cover for their own Crimes against Humanity, and in order to justify its existence, the ICC has resorted to hunt down and persecute minions in Africa and the odd innocent Slavic leader, all based on litanies of concocted lies.

Now the Gambia, Burundi and South Africa have served notice to the Head of the UN, or intend to do so shortly, that they are withdrawing from the Rome Statue; that is they are entering the process to leave the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, ICC, whose chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda herself is a Gambian!
It will take one full year until the process is complete, however any proceedings, financial obligations, investigations and prosecutions pending or initiated until the exit process is complete are binding to the applicant nation wishing to exit.
Gambia’s Information Minister, Sheriff Bojang justified the move as follows:

“This action is warranted by the fact that the ICC, despite being called the International Criminal Court, is in fact an International Caucasian Court for the persecution and humiliation of people of color, especially Africans!”

Burundi has voted to leave on the 12th Oct 2016, Kenya is debating leaving and other candidates are Uganda, Chad, Kenya and Namibia!
There are presently 34 African countries who have ratified the Rome Statute out of a total of 124.

The ICC is presently conducting 10 investigations and three trials, all bar one investigation are centred on African leaders.
This while the greatest Crimes against Humanity are being perpetrated in full view and the information is cogently palpable for everyone to know and see; and they are not being committed by African leaders or people of colour!

The ICC was established on 1st July 2002 after the Rome Statue of the International Criminal Court, which was adopted on 17 July 1998.

Thus far 124 countries are members and notable absentees are China, India and the US!
The US voted No to the Rome Statute during the 1998 Conference; this after its demand maintaining its Security Council Veto Right on possible cases was denied.
Then the US under Clinton initially signed the Rome Statue on the last day for signing, 31 Dec 2000.
However the US never ratified the Statute and then on the 6 May 2002, Bush rescinded, reneged, suspended the Clinton signature. Commensurate with this reneging of the signature the American Servicemembers Protection Act of 2002 was introduced.
This law 'authorizes' the use of military force to liberate any US Citizen or Citizens of US-Allied countries being held by the ICC, located in The Hague, Netherlands.
This clause is rightfully dubbed the Hague Invasion Clause, and flies in the face of any spirit of International Law!

The US has sought to strike Bilateral Immunity Agreements, BIA, with other states signatories to the ICC.
As a sledgehammer approach to getting countries to sign these BIAs, the US threatens to suspend ‘military assistance’ with recalcitrant countries who refuse to sign these Impunity for US Citizens Agreements.
Purportedly over 100 countries have been cowered into signing these spurious waiver agreements, so that US personnel are free to pursue whatever crimes against humanity they are ordered to perpetrate on orders of their masters in DC, or for any in the field atrocities perpetrated as 'par for the course' of US Military engagement.

Then in December 2004, Congress adopted the so called Nethercutt Amendment.
This legislation extends the denigration of the authority of the ICC and authorizes the withdrawal of Economic Support Funds, ESF, to countries, including key US allies, which have ratified the Rome Statute, but have not signed a BIA with the US.

The US clearly sees itself as above the law and not beholden to any internationally agreed Rule of Law, Jurisprudence and Accountability!

Interestingly, in February 2005 the Iraqi Transitional Government decided to ratify the Rome Statute. Alas, two weeks later this decision was reversed, ostensibly under pressure from the US!
One wonders why the US would want to prevent Iraq from becoming a signatory to the Rome Statute!


1. The jurisdiction of the Court shall be limited to the most serious crimes of concern to the international community as a whole. The Court has jurisdiction in accordance with this Statute with respect to the following crimes:
  • (a) The crime of genocide;
  • (b) Crimes against humanity;
  • (c) War crimes;
  • (d) The crime of aggression.
2. The Court shall exercise jurisdiction over the crime of aggression once a provision is adopted in accordance with articles 121 and 123 defining the crime and setting out the conditions under which the Court shall exercise jurisdiction with respect to this crime. Such a provision shall be consistent with the relevant provisions of the Charter of the United Nations.

               Article 6

For the purpose of this Statute, "genocide" means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
  • (a) Killing members of the group;
  • (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
  • (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
  • (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
  • (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
                   Article 7
          Crimes against humanity

1. For the purpose of this Statute, "crime against humanity" means any of the following acts when committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack:
  • (a) Murder;
  • (b) Extermination;
  • (c) Enslavement;
  • (d) Deportation or forcible transfer of population;
  • (e) Imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law;
  • (f) Torture;
  • (g) Rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, enforced sterilization, or any other form of sexual violence of comparable gravity;
  • (h) Persecution against any identifiable group or collectivity on political, racial, national, ethnic, cultural, religious, gender as defined in paragraph 3, or other grounds that are universally recognized as impermissible under international law, in connection with any act referred to in this paragraph or any crime within the jurisdiction of the Court;
  • (i) Enforced disappearance of persons;
  • (j) The crime of apartheid;
  • (k) Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health.
In all these clauses the ICC has never found any cause for the investigation of crimes perpetrated under its own Statute against western leaders.

The UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway and most every other NATO country are all fully ratified signatories to the Rome Statute and fall under the jurisdiction of the ICC, and amongst all these countries the ICC fails to see even a single breach of its Laws.

The litany of NATO countries’ Crimes against Humanity/Peace etc is such a long one, it would be a veritable smorgasbord for the ICC to pick any of them to start the process of prosecuting the real criminals for once in its sorry existence.

  • The criminal bombing of Yugoslavia, namely Serbia and Kosovo, all based on lies.

  • The illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, all under the ruse of the 9/11 False Flag Operation perpetrated by the USG, the Mossad, CIA et al!
    Millions massacred and the countries destroyed on a litany of lies!

  • The criminal, illegal bombing of Libya, the Crimes against Peace by importing their own Terrorist assets to start the conflagration, and once Gaddafi was forced to fight the foreign invasion, the spurious ruse of R2P with a 'No Fly Zone' to bomb the country and infrastructure back to the stone age, all Crimes, War Crimes, Crimes against Peace, Crimes against Humanity!
    Credible estimates range from 200 to 600,000 killed in these NATO bombing raids.
    But no, the ICC sees or knows nothing!

  • The exact same crimes are being repeated in Syria by the same actors plus many more which have jumped on board, since there is no fear of any consequences or prosecution by the ICC or any other court on the globe!

    In Syria the Crimes have become so overt, brazen and in your face that it is now even mainstream knowledge that the US and its cronies are openly arming, financing, supporting and commandeering their head chopping Terrorists and are conspiring for Regime Change in Damascus, which in itself is a Crime under the Statute!

    The trail of evidence leads straight to Sarkozy, to Brown, Cameron, Hollande, Obama, Clinton, Erdogan, Salman al-Thani, Netanyahu, Merkel and all the cronies involved in this gigantic criminal plot to destroy Syria, or as Sarkozy reportedly exclaimed; Burn Syria to the ground!

    Roland Dumas provides highest level insight that this is a planned atrocity and crime under the Rome Statute and even the Nuremberg Principles of the Allies themselves!
    Dumas recounts that on his visit to London in 2009, during the tenure of Gordon Brown as PM, UK Government officials confessed to him that they were preparing 'an operation for covert action in Syria with armed insurgents to overthrow the legitimate Syrian Government' adding that 'this was conducted on behest of the Israeli Government and that they, perhaps jokingly, invited him to join in the operation'!
    Dumas was FM of France from 10 May 1988 – 28 March 1993 so he was most likely out of the loop of the criminal machinations of the Sarkozy Government.

    Candid admissions by insiders provide further evidence that Sarkozy, President between 16 May 2007 – 15 May 2012, vowed to ‘Burn Syria to the ground’ during a furious exchange with Bashar al-Assad after the latter’s rejection of the French-Qatari Gas Pipeline project, on the grounds that Syria already had opted for the Islamic Friendship project with Iran!
    This exchange apparently occurred during a visit to Paris by Assad in July 2008.

    The evidence is so palpable and glaringly obvious that the ICC has zero excuse for not pursuing these Criminals sitting in the Élysée Palace, in 10 Downing Street, or which are now retired, Criminals which are sitting in the White House, in Congress in the respective Governments, in the subordinate secret services, in the military and wherever they are, and party to this atrocity.

  • Yemen; where again so many actors are involved and are guilty of the most egregious Crimes against Humanity - all staring everyone in the face, but the ICC is blind!

  • Gaza; the most brazen and overt, in your face Crimes against Humanity ever; alas the chosen people are of course never prosecuted since they are the perpetual victims!

The ICC's record speak for itself:

As of to date, the ICC opened 10 investigations in the following countries:
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Uganda
  • Central African Republic
  • Darfur
  • Sudan
  • Kenya
  • Libya
  • Côte d'Ivoire
  • Mali
  • Central African Republic #2
  • Georgia
Thus the ICC has:
  • indicted 39 defendants
  • issued arrest Warrants for 31 defendants
  • issued 8 summonses
  • 7 persons are presently in detention
  • Proceedings against 22 are ongoing
  • 9 are at large as fugitives
  • 4 are under arrest but not in the ICC custody
  • 1 is in the pre-trial phase
  • 7 are at trial
  • 1 is appealing his conviction
Proceedings against 17 have been completed.
Of these
  • 3 were convicted
  • 1 has been acquitted
  • 6 have had charges against them dismissed
  • 2 have had the charges against them withdrawn
  • 1 has had his case declared inadmissible
  • 4 have died before trial
Thus out of 17 trials the ICC has convicted the total sum of three (3) 'criminals' while one was acquitted!
As is clearly evident the ICC, to justify its existence, is preoccupied with prosecuting/persecuting minions in Africa and is letting the biggest offenders in DC, London, Paris, Riyadh, Ankara, Tel Aviv completely off the hook!

Is it any wonder that African countries now decide that they had enough of the grotesque charade and being used as whipping boys for the Oligarchy who controls the planet, including evidently the ICC!

Thus the ‘Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal’ KLWCT was established in 2007 by Mahathir Mohamad, which brought a small measure of satisfaction in that the most high profile criminals have been publicly tried and convicted of their Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes.

In 2011, after two years of investigation by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission, KLWCC, the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, KLWCT, consisting of five judges with judicial and academic backgrounds reached a unanimous verdict which found George W. Bush and Tony Blair guilty of Crimes against Peace, Crimes against Humanity, and Genocide as a result of their roles in the Iraq War.

Then in May 2012 the tribunal unanimously convicted, in absentia, former President Bush, former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, former Deputy Assistant Attorneys General John Yoo and Jay Bybee, former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, and former Counselors David Addington and William Haynes II of conspiracy to commit war crimes, particularly torture.

Then in November 2013, the tribunal found the State of Israel guilty of genocide of the Palestinian people and convicted former Israeli general Amos Yaron for crimes against humanity and genocide for his involvement in the Sabra and Shatila massacre.

Though the KLWCT has no powers to enforce an arrest and the incarceration of the guilty of its own, it made recommendations to the ICC, and being staffed by respected international lawyers and judges it does carry moral and legal authority and respectability.
Alas the recommendation by this KLWCT to the ICC has resulted in, you’ve guessed it, zero action against these felons.

Equally repugnant and odious, the crimes on a different level, against defenceless Children by high ranking ‘elites’ have been hushed up and attempts to prosecute these felons have amounted to a stonewalling and zero action by courts in the respective countries across the western world.

Hence the ‘International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State’, ITCCS, was set up to do the job the established ‘justice system’ has wantonly and treacherously failed to do, and has so for a very long time; protecting their masters in power.

The ITCCS is presently comprised of some 800 individuals engaged as Field Secretaries, Common Law Court Lawyers and Judges, Common Law Sheriff Enforcers and in Investigative activities and is active worldwide.

In its first case it prosecuted and convicted the most hight profile villains possibly in all of history; Elizabeth Windsor, aka the Queen of England, former Pope Joseph Ratzinger, the Canadian PM Stephen Harper, Superior General of the Jesuit Order Adolfo Nicholas Pachon and many more in Church, Royalty and Politics. Since then the current Pope Jorge Bergoglio and Archbishop Justin Welby were also convicted and found guilty of covering up and being party to Crimes against Humanity.

Naturally, the clique running the planet predictably has rallied around these convicted felons and is fighting back with every dirty trick they can muster:

  • An officer of the ITTCS has had an arrest and extradition order issued against him by the British Crown to thwart his investigation into the sacrificial, ritual murder of some 800 Babies and Children in Tuam, Ireland.

  • A British soldier has been detained and committed to a Mental Facility, drugged and kept against his consent after mentioning to his superior the existence of the outstanding arrest warrant for Elizabeth Windsor, aka Queen of England issued by the ‘International Common Law Court of Justice’.

  • The work of the ITCCS is being hampered and obstructed at every turn and opportunity, where investigators are prevented from gathering evidence at Crime Scenes, threatened with arrest, having issued arrest warrants and denied access to witnesses and crime scenes.

  • The vilification, slander and ridicule of the protagonists of the ITCCS is in full swing across the media landscape.

  • The denial of the existence of mass graves and missing children is part of the cover up and campaign to ridicule and discredit the ITCCS and its efforts to bring high ranking felons to justice.

The Vatican's Child Trafficking

There shouldn’t be any illusions lingering that the planet we live on is run by a ruling clique of satanical nature who are able to massacre on a grand scale via their henchmen in armies and via proxy terrorists they pay with your money, but who are also directly engaged in the ritual sacrificial massacre and murder of defenceless children for their deranged satanical urges and believes without the least hint of pangs of conscience.
In fact Bush, Cheney and cohorts are openly defiant and scathing of their conviction and ‘defend’ their crimes in the most deluded and repugnant psychopathic fashion.
These deranged psychopaths are members of Cults like Skull and Bones, Ninth Circle, Twelve Mile Club, Octopus, Freemasons, St. Pius X Society, Ndrangheta, Nazi Organisations and many more satanical cults.

An eyewitness described the hunting and killing of young boys grabbed from orphanages and borstals:

“In some woods near Oudergem, Belgium, they hunted those naked children through the forest and shot them down … then they cut off the penises of the dead boys and held them up as trophies. I saw Belgian soldiers patrolling the woods and protecting the men who did the hunting, men like Prince Friso, King Albert of Belgium and Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister. I recognized George Soros in the hunting party too, you know, the billionaire. He is good friends with Friso's wife, Mabel Wisse Smit.”

The International Common Law Court of Justice is evolving into a grassroots movement to disestablish the illegal power structure bought with the looted wealth from Productive People by the criminal Banksters and their Politician whores on the take and bought off by these parasites. In ‘Canada’, a country with the Queen, a convicted felon as head of state, moves are afoot for a new Constitution and the establishment of a legitimate state named Kanata, on equal terms with the Indigenous People based on the rule of common law and the power of the people.

Equal movements are sprouting up across the western world to take back power from the Zionists, Zionazi Banksters, Church, Jesuits and their Politician whores acting out their agenda to keep humanity enslaved, exploited and oppressed by them.

The International Common Law Court of Justice as ‘Tribunals of Conscience’ have the appeal, the legal & moral authority to enact real change and bring the criminal power structure to heel if enough people get involved and fight for their Rights, Liberties and Justice. It won’t be an easy fight, but it beats violent revolution and has the moral and legal authority onside.