Veteran Amputees; the price of innocence, ignorance and recklessness!

Joining the US Armed forces means becoming a cog and automaton for the real powers, the Jew World Order!

Always know what you're letting yourself in for!

In the case of joining the armed forces there really is no excuse; there is so much literature and documentation available online what the US Armed Forces are really for, whom they serve and what their aim is, you'd have to be prepared to sacrifice your life for pure evil if you still decide to join!

Most often an 'education' is cited as reasons, then of course a 'job', 'adventure' and 'comradeship' are also favourites, and perhaps a dark majority, besides giving such innocuous reasons, just doesn't care one iota what their task really entails and what the moral implications are of joining an army which has been fighting abroad 100% of the time in foreign countries, of which not a single one ever posed a threat to the US.

But most probably really think they are patriotic and serve their country and are defending freedom!

Official figures for US Armed Forces casualties lists as follows:
Killed - Combat; 3,527 Others: 961 Total: 4,488
Wounded: 32,222
But of course the dark figures of Gulf war Syndrome sufferers and veterans who suffer from mental illness and PTSD exceeds half a million and counting those with problems like substance abuse, homelessness and societal problems is as high as three quarters or more out of the 2 million plus who ‘served’ in the ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ in Iraq.

Some great adventure to be had in the US Army’s overseas expeditions!

While the war in Iraq has caused infinitely more casualties amongst the Iraqi population where figures vary greatly but even the lowest estimate now lists some 500,000 killed. The true figure could be multiples of this and reputable sources estimate that 1.5 million have died as a direct result of this criminal, spurious war against a former client state whose only mistake was to break with the Petro Dollar racket and sell oil for Euros!

But for Iraqis the suffering never ends, the DU poisoning is eternal and the birth defects, cancers and intractable illnesses will continue to plague Iraqis for as long as the radiation endures, and that’s, by our time-reckoning, to eternity!

Shunning Satan’s currency, the US$, that's the extent of Saddam's crime, never mind anything else he might have done on behalf of the Zio empire, like the war on Iran, the gassings of Iranian soldiers with US / EU supplied gas and equipment, and had he had the time to fully develop it, with a nuclear bomb, which was funded, aided and overseen, via their proxy Saudi Arabia, by the Americans in the hope he'd use it on Iran! Yes, Saddam, when he was their hit man in the ME, was aided in developing nuclear arms to use against Iran, the arch nemesis of nuclear Israel, but Iran which had never a desire to develop such amoral weapons is vilified and sanctioned for developing a peaceful program for nuclear power - on behalf of the greatest menace in the ME, Israel.

Anything goes as long as it kills, brings chaos and destroys countries, enemies of the US/Israel empires - but NEVER EVER cross the JWO and its one and only source of power and abandon the US$ in favour of a better alternative!

How do we respect and honour Veterans who are, apparently, unwitting cogs in such unspeakable evil on behalf of the Jew World Order?
And what would that honour be for? For being fooled and truly believing they were fighting for a just and noble cause, maiming and killing with abandon as many have done in the ‘heat of the moment’?

Always know what you’re letting yourself in for!

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