The definitive guide to Gold and Silver market rigging

Gold and Silver are the Banksters’ and Politicians’ declared arch nemesis. Gold, and Silver, represent Honest Money; the time honoured store of wealth and trusted medium for the exchange of value around the globe; which it has been so for the last 5,000 years.

Currency Note in circulation representing actual physical Gold; redeemable at any time! Under a system where Gold represents the underlying value in a currency such as the Gold Standard of old, or any form where Currency is directly redeemable for Gold, and where Gold, or Silver, is the actual Money, the entire WS Banking system could not exist, a system invariably described as parasitic, superfluous and destructive.

Such a Monetary System must be enshrined in the Constitution and should be global and enacted by international treaty such as the Bretton Woods Agreement which the US unilaterally reneged on on that fateful day on 15 August 1971!
Every treaty can be broken as the US has proven time and again, but once a global system is in place which trades in tangible, physical Gold, then it will become nigh impossible to unilaterally renege on such a treaty since no other nation would suddenly accept infinitely printable Fiat Confetti Currency from a rogue nation like the US!
And that's the way the world is headed with eastern countries and Russia preparing for such a, much more equitable and fairer, global trading system by buying all the Gold which western Banksters are hocking off at their criminally suppressed, and hugely discounted prices.

The present, privately owned Fiat Fractional Reserve Lending, FRL, system allows Banksters to print currency out of thin air and charge interest on it, it allows them to leaver up on depositors’ assets and speculate, gamble and rort the system for their own books with OPM, Other Peoples’ Money, and construct a gigantic casino with derivatives, CDS, CDO, IRS etc, amounting to Quadrillions, all of which serve no purpose other than to defraud the productive citizens and profiteer from OPM.
And therein lays the crux and the banksters’ hatred for Gold and Silver, and also all the structural problems besetting the economy and financial system.

The criminal global currency system and the War on Gold here!

Any form of Gold as Money acts as a restraint on Banksters on all this parasitic racketeering, and would render the entire WS Plutocratic mob to the dustbin of history; a long and sordid history in privately owned Fiat FRL Currency racket and control of Governments and the entire system.

For Politicians it would prevent deficit spending, printing/borrowing currency to fund gigantic war machines and wage criminal wars, funding election promises to buy themselves into office with OPM, and repay banksters with deficit spending, indebting the nation to the banksters for bankrolling their election.

Of course scant regard is given to the trillions invested in the Precious Metals industry by the productive sector and investors; in fact parasitic banksters’ aim is to destroy the entire Precious Metals industry and all the trillions of hard working citizens’ wealth with it.

The vital miscalculation of TPTB in their blind hatred for Gold and Silver, and their Machiavellian destruction crime thereof, is that the BRIICS countries are rapidly re-monetizing Gold now, and have bought virtually all the US’ and West’s Gold; they recognize, as do billions of people around the globe, that Gold is Money and Power!

In order to suppress prices of Gold and Silver the riggers ended up underhandedly leasing, rehypothecating and hocking off the people’s Gold, right into the hands of their arch rival, China, at hugely discounted prices.

The interested parties in the demise of Gold and Silver as Money makes the list of perpetrators a varied and long one:

• The USG is determined to defend the Dollar as the World Reserve Currency, since this allows them to print and buy real goods from around the globe. Print and maintain a war machine and global empire. Print and wage wars and all manners of covert operations to perpetuate their hegemony. Print and make spending promises to get re-elected. Print and subdue a restless populace which has been rendered into virtual submission and economic privation through the very act of all these Fiat FRL enabled shenanigans and Fraud.
All this is of course a circuitous death spiral into the economic and financial abyss.

• The Fed needs to preserve this status quo for the Dollar or the Fed would become meaningless.

• The WS Banksters' entire raison d'être is at stake. See Footnote a

• The BIS and IMF are puppet arms of the USG and its Treasury and the Fed and act on their instructions. The SDRs issued by the IMF is a covert means to ‘demonetize’ Gold, at the behest of the USG.

Secret memos and documents unearthed and published by GATA and other researchers reveals a picture of systematic vilification, marginalisation and the avowed destruction of Gold and Silver as Monetary Metals, euphemistically called, ‘Demonetization’, by TPTB, i.e. CB, WS Banksters, BIS and the USG and its secretive crime unit, the completely unaccountable, top secret ESF!
See Footnote: b

Short list of Cartel’s major criminal Market Ops, dumping naked, unbacked short contracts in enormous quantities to crash the entire bid stack.
Date Metal Ounces Tons Price Destruction
1 May 2011 Gold 24 million 750 Price was actually up
1 May 2011 Silver 5 m 160 $14.95 over 5 Days
6 Sep 2011 Gold 22.5 m 700 $63
6 Sep 2011 Silver 230 m 7,200 $1.86
8 Dec 2011 Gold 20 m 625 $194 over 6 Days
8 Dec 2011 Silver 112 m 3,400 $1.85
29 Feb 2012 Gold 24.5 m 62 $103
29 Feb 2012 Silver 263 m 8,200 $3.75
12 Apr 2013 Gold 13.4 m 416 $38
15 Apr 2013 Gold F'note c   $160
12 Sep 2013 Gold 1.2 m 38 $84
20 Sep 2013 Gold 200,000 6.2 $10
11 Oct 2013 Gold 2 m 62 $16
21 July 2015 Gold 2 m 57
16 Sep 2016 Gold 2.5 m 8,000
2 Mar 2017 Silver 150 m 4,695

See Footnote: c

Prices are strictly controlled around the clock with HFT amongst the Cartel Members, and daily smaller ops are carried out to suppress and snuff out any price rise.

Flow Chart of the Gold Market and price rigging

Click to enlarge


Footnote: a

The idea that a rising Gold price is somehow linked to interest rates, and hence the fate of the Dollar, stems from a paper, Gibson’s Paradox, written by one of WS’ most ardent hacks and onetime Secretary of the Treasury, Larry Summers.
(Summers and Rubin were the architects of the complete deregulation, repeal of Glass Steagall, and ‘de-oversighting’ of the financial markets; a sleight of conniving with WS, which brought about the present intractable financial malaise, but brought unimaginable riches to the few WS Executives he was working for while in the employ and pay of the Taxpayers)

This paper was solely a justification for the very lucrative racket of rigging the Gold and Silver markets, where the riggers are invariably the winners and everyone else the losers.
JPM regularly reports ‘perfect quarters’ where they ‘earn’ in excess of $100m every single day form their ‘trading desk’; read ‘rigged Market Ops’.
Of course this is only possible in completely rigged markets where the mega Banksters collude in rigging markets and loot the other hapless participants of their investments, time and again.
This also explains the complete complicity of the ‘regulators’, the CFTC, in allowing this criminal racket to continue in full view of everyone, and closing both eyes, when everyone is screaming foul and corruption!

Footnote: b

The ESF was set up under the 1934 Gold Reserve Act to carry out covert market operations in Forex, Gold, Silver and just about every other market.
Of course there can be no legitimacy in the unilateral suppression and rigging of prices by the US of globally traded markets affecting billions of people around the planet.
The USG is fond of quickly labelling anyone a ‘Currency Rigger’ or the like, if they suspect market operations by a country affects their ability to rig that market with their own secret and illegitimate interventions.
The ESF is reportedly also involved in far more than just these illicit market ops, the range of activities attributed to this ultra secret unit range from Money Laundering to the financing of the CIA’s endless list of Black Ops, Drug running, Covert Wars and every kind of criminal activity carried out without supervision and accountability.

Footnote: c

In a truly bizarre twist of conniving, 15 of WS’ top Banksters met in early April 2013 at the WH just hours before the most concerted and vociferous attack on Gold and Silver, revealing complicity and collusion at the highest level in this suppression crime.
Banksters got themselves into a very tight spot and were just hours away from defaulting in their Fractional Gold Market racket, where every single ounce has at least one hundred claims to it.

Their crime of reselling the same asset hundreds to times over, the looting and stealing of Customers’ allocated/unallocated Gold accounts, the re-re-rehypothecation of leased Gold and the gigantic naked short positions which they were called upon to deliver had them resort to ever more aggressive suppression and price destruction, seeking the redoubled assistance of the USG/ESF in this crime.

Not surprising the CFTC declared that there is ‘No Crime’ committed in the Silver market, and by extension in the Gold market, despite a five year investigation and first hand Whistleblower testimony, and the entire planet being able to discern normal trading where sellers maximize their proceeds, and the deliberate dumping of gigantic Naked Short Contracts, intentionally crashing the entire Bid Stack during the quietest trading time of the day!

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US War Crimes in Fallujah and Iraq; Birth Defects, the effects of DU, Nukes and White Phosphorous

Iraq Study

The use of DU, ‘depleted’ Uranium, is a crime against humanity on a horrific scale, one which has incontrovertibly been shown to cause horrendous birth defects, cancers and illnesses of a wide spectrum.

U-238 has a half life of 4.5 billion years, the age of earth, so the radiation will for all intents and purposes never cease nor will it ever appreciably diminish in our time reckoning.

DU armour piercing material virtually vaporises on impact into a very fine dust and thus invisibly pollutes the environment, air, groundwater and soil, in a way which is impossible to clean up or contain.

DU - Beyond Treason

DU emits around 15 Bq/mg, and as it vaporises into a microscopic dust it can be inhaled, ingested via polluted groundwater and produce grown on soils polluted distances away from the actual use of these radioactive armaments.

DU - NATO's Dark Secret

There is a concerted effort to downplay the radioactivity of DU and it is claimed that it virtually is harmless and has never been shown to cause any radiation related sicknesses.
Countless Gulf War and Iraq War Veterans with what is termed ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ beg to vehemently disagree and clearly put the lie to such deceitful claims.

A medical study in Fallujah found the incidence of
• Childhood Leukemia to be elevated to 38 times to what would be the expected rate.
• Child Cancer rate 12 times
• Breast Cancer 10 times
• Infant Mortality 15 times
• Congenital Birth Defects were deemed scientifically unquantifiable since many mothers give birth at home and often the baby dies at birth and the incidence goes unreported, but it is hugely elevated.

The US invading forces used Depleted Uranium (DU) extensively along with White Phosphorous and Cluster Bombs; illegal WMD, which was the ruse used by the Bush administration to invade Iraq.

There is also an incontrovertible radiation signature of Enriched Uranium, clearly attesting to some type of new Tactical Nuke which the US is using against civilians, causing widespread radiation sickness and adding to the statistics of all the horrendous radiation induced mutations, cancers and sicknesses cited above.

This same type of new Tactical Nuke appears to have been used in Gaza by Israel, the US’ partner in the Middle East and recipient of Nuke Bunker Busters which they used against Syria, with impunity! This is shown by the radiation signature found in Gaza.
Israel is the recipient of billions in military and other aid from the US and new weapons are often provided to Israel to be live tested on Palestinians.

The most horrendous aspect of this radiation pollution is its insidious and enduring maiming and killing, for all intents and purposes to eternity, making vast tracts of land uninhabitable and posing an enormous health hazard for Iraq and the entire planet.

Below are some of the Horrendous Birth Defects caused by the USG use of Nukes in Iraq, and elsewhere!

Limericks for the Connoisseur

Bushy had a ‘coalition of the willing’
To perpetrate a spree of massive killing
Obama though’s a shunned old loner
He is the undisputed slyball droner
And always someone else’s blood is spilling

There was a sly ol’ Bankster Jamie
Some thought he was little slimy
Lost six billions with his gambles
His company now’s in shambles
Yet all he said’s “Don’t blame me”

CFTC commissioner Chilton Bart
Was charged to oversee the Mart
Had lots of proof of market rigging
But five years later did a little jigging
Turns out he’s just another WS Tart

“Exceptional USA!” Obama often crows
Yet it’s the absolute and abject lows
A horrendous One-State spree of crime
The worst and utter human slime
But soon one day, it'll reap of what it sows

Fiat $’s just not money
Money is the colour of honey
Fiat’s like confetti
Invented by a Yeti
With Gold it’s always sunny

Where is all the people’s precious Gold?
Has it all been slyly leased and sold?
“It’s to support my Fiat Dollar”
We hear Shalom Bernanke holler
A traitor in the worst ol’ Bankster’s mould

Who’s that dancing on the Dollar’s grave?
Now’s mankind really sound and safe?
Forged and printed by the trillions
To raze and slaughter women kids civilians
Satan’s tool to plunder rape enslave

Banksters have their own confetti ‘money’
They fight and kill to keep this pot of honey
They print and forge it by the Trillions
Charge even interest to us foolish minions
This fiat fraud’s now headed for the ‘dunny’

The Comex is nothing but a paper fraud
Where real Gold is leveraged to be awed
It’s more than just a hundred times to one
This Crimex system everyone should shun
Thoughts of getting real Gold are truly flawed

In an act of abject wicked treason
Defying any logic or sound reason
Our Gold, that’s save we’re falsely told
Has all been leased and slyly sold
Fort Knox’s been void for many a season

Obama always bays for Regimechange
He wants the world to Zio-rearrange
He set his sights on Iran/Syria
Already razed Gaddafi’s Libya
It’s all for Zio shekels in exchange

Let’s talk about the People’s Money
It’s got that glow and hue of Honey
It is the banksters’ sworn old foe
Never liked that shiny honest glow
With Gold as dough they just can’t racketeer
Loot and pilfer, steal or profiteer
But Fiat is the definite parasitic racket
Where people’s wealth ends up in Banksters’ pocket


Comparative analysis of monetary systems

A comparative analysis of monetary systems
A tale of two kingdoms; Aurelium and Fiatistan.

Any similarity with living individuals and existing kingdoms is entirely unintended and coincidental!

In the kingdom of Aurelium the people were busy and working hard to extract a beautiful yellow metal, which they liked very much and treasured above all else since they could shape into jewellery, many ornaments and also exchange it for goods and services amongst the population of the kingdom. Soon the king decided to standardize the trading of this yellow metal and started to mint coins of defined weights and denominations. Thus Money was born and commerce really started to flourish and grew at a steady pace equivalent to the amount of the yellow metal people were able to extract.

Since the people who extracted the yellow metal paid a royalty to the king for the privilege of being granted a mining licence, and the fact that they took their yellow metal to the royal mint to have it minted into coins and then spent that money into the economy in wages, supplies and many other costs, all the money in circulation was debt free, everyone earned it through their hard labour and no one had to borrow any money ‘into existence’.

It was a fair, peace loving and just society built on ‘Reward for Effort’ and this ensured an orderly and gentle society, where everyone respected the rule of law and knew and appreciated the value of effort and labour.

 First coin minted in Lydia 7th century BC made from electrum First Honest Money coin minted in Lydia, 7th century BC, made from electrum, according to strict weight and denomination standards

In kingdom Fiatistan a group of hardnosed gangsters who were very shy of work and which had a parasitic bent went to the king and smooth talked him into granting them the sole right to issue currency, solely printed on paper, which everyone in the kingdom was forced to use, since it was decreed at the same time that any other form of currency was illegal and citizens had to pay their taxes with this paper currency. They called their currency the Dullard.

Having obtained the sole right to print currency meant that every single unit of currency in circulation was a Debt by some citizen owed to these gangsters, now called Banksters, who had to borrow it into existence through loans or credit card purchases.
It was an onerous system where this group of Banksters had the right to print money out of thin air, something everyone else was severely punished for, as it was called counterfeit if done by ordinary people!

Through this incredible, some citizens of Fiatino called it a crazy, outlandish, unnatural and iniquitous system, these Bankster soon accumulated immense wealth, since every currency unit in circulation carried interest payable to them. And the currency to pay that interest also had to be borrowed into existence, so the currency supply had to permanently increase at an every increasing clip, till one day it would go hyperbolic.

With the accumulation of wealth inevitably came immense power over the king, his ministers, the economy and everyone in the kingdom.

 First US Fiat Paper \Currency, the ‘Continental’ of 1775, backed by nothing than promised tax revenue! First US Fiat Paper Currency, the ‘Continental’ of 1775, backed by nothing than promised tax revenue! It soon suffered the fate of all Fiat Currencies and became the epitome of worthlessness in "Not worth a Contintenal"

The Banksters would in fact run the kingdom as they pleased, and to the sole benefit and advantage to themselves.

With all that wealth they bought all the media in the kingdom to control the entire news flow and minds of its citizens, they bought large swathes of the economy and had their representatives on every board, in every council and they also literally appointed all their own ministers to the king’s cabinet.

These Banksters in fact were the state within the kingdom, and the king was a very unhappy man for having granted them this right to print currency.

Needless to say that the citizens in the kingdom of Fiatistan became more and more unhappy, unhealthy and grew ever more alienated from the natural flow of life, nature and family.

Fiatistan was also constantly at war with every other kingdom since the Banksters simply could print more of their confetti currency to finance these wars. But the wars in themselves were a scheme by the Banksters to enrich themselves; by creating more interest bearing debt for the kingdom and financing the war industry which they all owned.
Other kingdoms which didn’t have the same Fiat Currency system and refused to use Fiatistan’s Dullard currency were first vilified with lies, then blamed for false flag terrorism and then attacked, destroyed and occupied.

Very first Paper Currency in 11th century China, though Merchant Receipts predated it by some 400 years Very first Paper Currency in 11th century China, though Merchant Receipts predated it by some 400 years
Since the citizens of Fiatistan could see that the Banksters simply could run their printing presses and everyone had to pay interest on this new confetti currency, including the king, and thus the Banksters accumulated ever more real wealth from the citizens at an ever increasing clip, society began to break down and the Banksters in power enacted ever more onerous laws and implemented every means to suppress freedoms and rights, and Fiatistan became a very oppressive fiefdom of the Banksters.

The Banksters schemed all along that they had the power to indebt the kingdom, and every citizen, to them by printing excess currency so that people would borrow more and more and buy assets which inflated in price until it became apparent that the price was unsustainable and the asset bubble would burst.

This accorded the Banksters the means to scoop up assets at hugely discounted prices from distressed borrowers. And so the Banksters, under its leaders Al Greenbridge and later on Hi Barnacle, created boom and bust cycles with ever increasing frequency by excessively loosening and then tightening the currency supply, which made the Banksters very, very rich and the citizens very poor.

This worked for a very long time, far too long it seemed to all the poor suffering citizens of Fiatistan, until one day the debt of the kingdom, combined with the collective debt of the citizens, was just too great to be sustained any longer and the whole Fiat Currency system …………

Stand by for the continuation of this tale of two unequal kingdoms!

In Aurelium the Monetary System grew out of a natural progression, and everyone accepted this Money since they knew it was valuable and difficult to get; only through hard work and effort. So their system lasted to this day and there is no sign that it could ever collapse, change, or be rejected by the citizens of Aurelium. It is a natural emanation of the free market, and a just, fair and equitable system, and these are the essential qualities to its infallibility and enduring nature.
Now with internet banking the king instituted an electronic payment system where the gold can be deposited in secure, audited vaults and payments can be made in units down to nano grams of gold. Thus it is as convenient as any modern funds transfer system, except this is an Honest Money System, which can’t be printed out of thin air and has no counterparty risk; the gold IS the Money, and ownership always is vested with the Citizens, the actual owner, not any Bankster!

In Fiatistan the currency system was a parasitic, artificial construct, and moreover implemented by devious machinations by a clique of gangsters who had their game plan all set out in advance.
As one of their ancestors, Crimsonplaque, sinisterly quipped: “Let me issue a country’s currency and I care not who makes the laws”!
These gangsters understood all along that only money is real power and with that power one can control everything and seize ever more wealth from productive citizens. The citizens didn’t wake up to that fact until it was far too late and their kingdom was in such a parlous state of decline and their freedoms had been all but obliterated.

They looked with heavy hearts and more than a touch of envy across the border to Aurelium and sworn to themselves that for the next monetary system they will copy their natural system and never again let any parasitic gangsters take total control over their monetary system, lives and the entire kingdom!