Preventing Bankster Armageddon and fighting for a fair & equitable World!

We have two choices, either we let them take us to WW3 and annihilate us all in a nuclear Armageddon, or we take them out before that happens!

Now if that sounds melodramatic to your years then you haven’t been listening to the drums of war pounding around the clock for many a year now.

Maybe an Iraqi, Libyan, Syrian or Novorossiyan might grasp this dire quandary immediately, and could fill any doubters in with some horrendous details of his own, relating first hand experiences what it is like to be ‘collateral damage’ for the Banksters and Schemers who wage wars to defend their private fiat currency crime racket at the mere hint of it being threatened or in peril.

  • Iraq/Saddam and his switching to Euros for his Oil.

  • Libya/Gaddafi and his proposal for, what the World really needed and deserved, a Gold backed, pan African Dinar, replacing Satan’s currency - the US$!

  • Russia/Putin and his fight to De-Dollarize trade across the slate; oil, goods, resources, any merchandise and financial instruments.

  • Syria/Assad and his rightful free choice to opt for the Iranian Gas Pipeline instead the Qatari alternative designed to undermine Iran and Russia; his two stalwart friends and allies.
Our own possible contribution appears small but nonetheless it is an essential engagement and important piece to solving the problems we’re facing.

► Stop buying any Fascist, Corporate, Multinational branded products! This is very difficult to circumvent; gasoline, cars, flying, movies, to mention just a few are monopolies, but can be reduced and avoided with determination: Where there is a will there is a way.
Be honest, do you check EVERY item first to verify its ecological soundness or rating, its corporate producer and country of origin?

► Get out of the System as much as possible; stop banking, repay all loans to banksters, rip up your credit card, trade and shop locally in community markets, coops and from local producers directly.

► Get off grid, install solar panels and whatever self sufficiency measures your circumstances allow.

► Avoid paying taxes and whatever duties you can elude.

The new world order or more aptly labelled the Jew World Order has set its sight on total hegemony and demonstrably is determined to achieve this goal over the corpses of hundreds of millions and perhaps billions, or even all of humanity, (Samson Option) to have a last crack at their utopian world tyranny, espoused in all their writings and pronouncements, some cryptic, but mostly clearly enunciated from the Talmud to the Protocols to all the papers written by the Warmonger Tanks, CFR, Brookings, AIPAC, Atlantic Council, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and all the other Zio-Jewish run Cesspools of Hate and War.

Last crack, because humanity is slowly, yes sadly very slowly but steadily, waking up to what their game plan is and even more importantly, who’s behind it. The internet is the key to our salvation, and you can just hear Clapper invoking yet another one of those Cyber-Armageddon verbal diarrhoea attacks to lay the ground for the total control and new draconian laws and even the UNfication of the internet and thus the neutering and castration of the flow of real information.

• Rockefeller: “The internet should have never existed, it’s a threat to national security”
• John Kerry: "This little thing called the internet makes it much harder to govern"

Translation: "Now that the mushroom populace has a means to find out what diabolical schemes and crimes against humanity we're involved in and what satanical shysters we all are, they naturally are not going follow us like sheep any longer and might even revolt and destroy our cosy, parasitic rape and plunder racket, i.e. revolt and overthrow the system!"

Also their one pillar underpinning their parasitic empire, Satan’s currency the US$, is dying, withering away, being shunned, despised and refused from over-arrogance and the very fact that it is their one and only means of financing their gigantic military machine underpinning their drive to vanquish all of the world. Their parasitic racket is crumbling, not nearly fast enough, not for the people in Syria or Novorossiya, but it is ailing and ever more sickening by the day.

To sound like a broken record, let’s remind us that the fiat currencies are designed to self-implode, their need for eternal, exponential growth predestines them to inexorably reach their true intrinsic value; ZERO,

► But what we, humanity and as citizens of the one world we collectively inhabit, must PREVENT AT ALL COSTS is the parasitic Money Masters just rebooting the same system and staying in power ever more, with the Fiat Currency Crime Racket being their iniquitous, parasitic tool to rape and plunder the productive people of their hard earned wealth.

Please spend a moment of thought on this; this is humanity’s once in a millennium chance to rid itself of the 300 year old Bankster Yoke!

The inevitable implosion is that only opportunity to free humanity of all the ills and woes it betides!

The iniquity plaguing the globe, the exploitation of third world nations, the vassalage and dependence of poorer countries who are kept in bondage via this rapacious currency system.

  • Gaddafi would be hailed as the greatest Hero of all times had he succeeded with his Gold backed Dinar, and that’s no hyperbole, it really had the potential to deliver equality and fairness to trade and give the third world a potent voice and instrument of power; a truly sound, equitable and sustainable Money System which can’t be printed out of thin air and used to fund a bloated war machine and acquire hard assets and goods with this confetti currency.

Long live Gaddafi and all intrepid battlers against the Jew World Order!

Anyone objecting to the JWO term, well get life and look at the facts, yes there are plenty of co-opted Goys, but they are just in it for the crumbs and spoils of this racket; the usury, the fraud, the market rigging, the exploitation of the system, the temporal power it accords them, but the ultimate power rests with the tribe, the mega rich bankster families; money is power!

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