Malaysian owned MH17, MH370, QZ8501 and why they are no coincidence!

Of late there have been some Ukrainian chaps paraded with an 'inside scoop' of how a SU-25 pilot returned with his Air to Air missiles missing and uttering; “Wrong Plane”, and similar stories of this kind, in an attempt to conjure up a scenario that this was just a mistaken identity.
There are so many factors which speak against this scenario of a ‘mistaken identity in the heat of the moment’.
MH17 was pursued for a lengthy time by more than one fighter jet and it is clear that both, A2A missiles were fired and onboard cannon fire was used to destroy the passenger jet.

It is a last ditch attempt by some to deflect and avert the outcry which will erupt, if and when the true story becomes clear to the public; that a Ukrainian Fighter Jet downed the passenger plane full of people; to make it look like a mistaken identity. Even Kolomoyskyi is in on the act boasting that it was a mistaken identity; it just doesn’t make any sense in light of what are well known established facts.
(One has to wonder about the circumstances and motivation of the release of this (staged?) conversation with Kolomoyski, where he boasts that it was a mistaken identity, and who was the real target, Putin?)

MH17 was a very well planned FFOp Atrocity, hatched at the highest level in DC and Tel Aviv, with Kiev being an accomplice in the grand chess game of these satanical Zio Terrorists!
There are countless pieces of evidence which proof beyond any doubt that this was no accident, mistaken identity or a Novorossiya Self Defence Force’s BUK shooting down of the plane:

  • The real Headlines!

    The instant vilification worldwide by Zio puppet politicians and the world wide Zio owned Media.
  • The inexplicable, sudden diversion of the plane to fly over the combat zone
  • The instant confiscation of the ATC communications by CIA/Mossad spooks immediately after the shooting down.
  • These ATC conversations have never been released as has been the usual procedure in all previous air accidents!
  • The Tweets by the Spanish controller confirming all this live while it happened.
  • His mysterious disappearance straight after and the deleting of his Twitter account.
  • The NDA, Non Disclosure Agreement, by the four countries comprising the ‘Joint Investigation Team’ to keep all findings secret.
  • The Machiavellian exclusion of Malaysia from this team. Malaysia who owned and operated the Plane and had far more passengers on board than either Australia or Belgium. It appears that Malaysia now finally has condescendingly been admitted after all the incriminating evidence has been eliminated!

    The bullet riddled cockpit

  • The bullet riddled cockpit showing that it was shot down by air to air cannon fire.
  • The Russian radar evidence showing the MH17 was pursued by Ukrainian fighter jets for a lengthy time (totally ignored by the western Zio MSM)
  • The complete lack of evidence of a smoke trail from any alleged BUK missile fired from the ground.
  • The leaving behind of incriminating evidence of the fuselage riddled with bullet holes by the Dutch ‘salvage’ team.
  • The refusal to release the coroner’s report into the causes of death of the (bullet riddled body) of the MH17 Pilot.
  • The heavy shelling and prevention of rescue teams reaching the crash site, by the Ukrainian forces after the FFOp shooting down of MH17.

    Clear evidence of Bullet Holes destroying Cockpit

  • The dubious and thoroughly discredited fake tapes released to incriminate Novorossiya Self Defence Forces.
  • The fact that the Ukraine was, and is swarming with CIA/Mossad spooks by the thousands and are in control of every aspect of the Ukrainian Zionazi Fascists’ crimes and genocide against the people of Novorossiya.
  • 30 Malaysian Experts traveled to the Ukraine on their own account to investigate the crash for themselves but weren't allowed to the site by the Kiev Junta and spent 1 month waiting in Kiev while the other 'experts' were allowed to the site after the initial shelling by Ukrainian Forces to prevent access. Eventually they left for Malaysia without ever laying sight on the crash site or their own plane.
  • The coinciding with the most depraved, sickening, genocidal assault on a defenceless people whose land they stole and whom they are determined to massacre to the last soul so they can claim every inch of these people’s land by the racist Apartheid squatter colony referred to as Israel by the western Zio puppets.

    BBC's deleted Report

  • The BBC’s removal of incriminating interviews of Ukrainian people who described seeing jet fighters pursuing MH17 and hearing explosions and gunfire in the sky shortly before the plane came crashing down.
  • The subsequent changing of vital data pertaining to MH17 on official sites, like the weather in the region and actual flight path taken by MH17. This is serious tampering with evidence and requires high level authority.
  • The unprecedented speech by Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans at the UN Security Council about the MH17 tragedy; an incredible milking of an atrocity regardless of who was responsible! This stretches the orchestrated Propaganda War to its utter limits, to the point of becoming totally farcical!
  • There are many more incriminating pieces of evidence, all adding to the same picture...
  • There is cogent evidence that the MH17 Boeing 777 in fact was MH370.
  • Novorossiya residents who were first on the scene of the downed passenger plane all commented that many of the corpses smelled of formaldehyde and were partially decomposed minutes after they plunged from the sky.
  • The same residents also attested to the fact that most of the formaldehyde reeking victims were Asian looking and that their phones contained no pictures or data points subsequent to the 8th March 2014, the date of the disappearance of MH370!
All this is overwhelming evidence that the Ziopuppet USG, the Tel Aviv Apartheid terror regime, and Kiev Zionazi Fascist genocidal Junta are behind this heinous atrocity, from the planning, execution and cover up to the milking of it for propaganda purposes and their deranged psychopathic aim to start a shooting war with Russia – WW3!

If QZ8501 is not found and there are suspicious circumstances to its demise then one would have to conclude that this is yet another FFOp by the same Zionazi cabal behind the previous two disappearances of Malaysian Planes! Time will tell.

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