Putin arrives in Syria and the Terrorist Rats flee with tails between their legs

Judging by early successes of the new coalition comprising SAA, Russia and its CSTO Allies, and by all indications also China, the rats are fleeing and getting decimated as never before.

Watch out for thousands of these vermin milling amongst the 'refugees' flooding into Europe now that the raping and killing is becoming a decidedly lethal pastime, and the endless supply for their teenage harems is drying up, while the US will find it harder and harder to drop supplies to them on the sly while the Russians and Chinese are hawking over them.

What ironic justice; after years of nurturing, training, financing, arming and commandeering these jihadi vermin to massacre, rape, plunder and destroy they'll be setting up shop in their sponsors' own hometowns.
Cameron will be counting his Karmic score when the ISIS-al Nusra - Khorasan - Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar - Muhajirin wa-Ansar Alliance - Jund al-Aqsa - Liwaa al-Umma - Liwa al-Haqq - Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan - Turkestan Islamic Party - Islamic Muthanna Movement etc etc are all starting to wreak havoc across the UK and the rest of Europe.

If early reports are correct then Russia is not just there to tender support and logistics, they’re actively strafing and eradicating the rats and making life impossible for these off the books US Army Divisions once the supply lines are cut from Turkey and Jordan.

Obama will be ‘profusely thanking’ Putin when they finally meet at the UN for accomplishing a task he himself tried so hard for over a year with the exact opposite results – ISIS growing stronger by the day! (Sarcasm!)
So how is he going to explain the apparent ease with which the ‘Coalition of the Honest’ has managed to thwart the terrorists where the ‘Coalition of the actual Terrorists’ has shown zero results to the world at large for what they so profusely professed they were trying to achieve?

But let’s not celebrate prematurely, no doubt the ‘Coalition of the real Terrorists’ will try their darnedest to salvage their proxy Armies in sneakers and balaclavas to deploy them to their next assignment of rape, death, destruction and savagery in Russia, Iran, China and beyond.

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