The US of Regime Change, US of Atrocities, US of Crimes against Humanity

US Presidents, or should we say 'Contract Killers' for the Zionazi Fascist Oligarchy, have a long tradition of 'head hunting'.
Not the kind executives think of, but one rather of a more bloody and criminal nature.

Here is a list of Countries whose legitimate Government the US tried to overthrow and the one's it has been successful in removing a 'recalcitrant' sovereign head of state to replace him with a vassal puppet:

Attempted Coups:
  1. China 1949 to early 1960s
  2. Albania 1949-53
  3. East Germany 1950s
  4. Costa Rica mid-1950s
  5. Syria 1956-7
  6. Egypt 1957
  7. Indonesia 1957-8
  8. North Vietnam 1945-73
  9. Cuba 1959 to present
  10. France 1965
  11. Costa Rica 1970-71
  12. Angola 1975, 1980s
  13. Seychelles 1979-81
  14. Zaire 1975
  15. South Yemen 1982-84
  16. Suriname 1982-84
  17. Libya 1980s
  18. Iraq 1991
  19. Somalia 1993
  20. Somalia 2007 to present
  21. Syria 2012 - present
Successful Coups:
  1. Iran 1953
  2. Guatemala 1954
  3. British Guiana 1953-64
  4. Iraq 1963
  5. Cambodia 1955-70
  6. Laos 1958, 1959, 1960
  7. Ecuador 1960-63
  8. Congo 1960
  9. Brazil 1962-64
  10. Dominican Republic 1963
  11. Bolivia 1964
  12. Indonesia 1965
  13. Ghana 1966
  14. Chile 1964-73
  15. Greece 1967
  16. Bolivia 1971
  17. Australia 1973-75
  18. Portugal 1974-76
  19. Jamaica 1976-80
  20. Chad 1981-82
  21. Grenada 1983
  22. Fiji 1987
  23. Nicaragua 1981-90
  24. Panama 1989
  25. Bulgaria 1990
  26. Albania 1991
  27. Afghanistan 1980s
  28. Yugoslavia 1999-2000
  29. Ecuador 2000
  30. Afghanistan 2001
  31. Venezuela 2002
  32. Honduras 2009
  33. Libya 2011
  34. Ukraine 2014

Note that the successful overthrow of the legitimate, democratically elected leader of Iran, Mohammad Mosaddegh, served as a blueprint for most of the subsequent, subversive overthrows of sovereign Heads of State and democratically elected Prime Ministers.

Nobel Peace Laureate "I'm good at killing People" Obama is no exception to the long 'tradition' of the US' criminal machinations to get a US puppet installed in EVERY country on the planet.

Gough Whitlam 19169 - 2014,
Australian PM, deposed by US Ally

Even closest friend #2, behind poodle UK, Australia, was not immune to its 'Friend and Ally' US’ acts of aggression and insurrection and had in 1975 its PM Gough Whitlam overthrown for his valiant condemnation of the US war in VN and his withdrawal of troops from that insane criminal war.
He condemned the bombing of Hanoi as the work of maniacs and mass murderers, so naturally a 'Terrorist' like this had to be removed el pronto.

As the saying goes;
The only Country safe from a foreign instigated Insurrection and Coup is the US since they don't have a US Embassy!

‘Regime Change’ is just one facet of the US’ Crimes against Humanity.
On the way to their installing of a pliant puppet stooge Government the people of these countries are subjected to the most horrific atrocities and Crimes against Humanity.
A good example is Libya, which under Gaddafi morphed from the poorest to the most affluent country in Africa with the most progressive record in Human Rights, Women’s Rights, Education, Health Care and a standard of living the envy of many a bankrupt European country.
Today Libya is a morass of tribal warfare, rivalry and male, Islamist chauvinism and oppression of women and a country in total chaos, ungovernable and on the verge of collapse.
Gaddafi warned of exactly that this tragedy was going to happen if he’s removed as head of the Libyan Government.

NATO bombing alone massacred some 100,000 Libyans and since then the slaughter and mayhem has claimed many more lives.

Syria is another unspeakable tragedy, after the Libyan atrocity by the US/NATO with the aid of their proxy AQ Terrorists, the US Army/CIA shipped these butchers and mass murderers via Turkey to Syria to achieve the same horrendous Crimes against Humanity, Massacres, Regime Change and country destruction as in Libya;
250,000 people massacred with US proxy armies called ISIS, Al Nusra, FSA, AQ, etc and millions displaced, their lives destroyed, eking out a horrendous existence as refugees and the country destroyed and bombed back to the stone age, just as in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, now Novorossiya, next Iran, Russia and China if they have their way.

Assad is deemed an obstacle to the Zionazi Fascist Ruling Oligarchy for several reasons;

The Qatari Gas Pipeline which he declined in favor of the Iranian counter proposal, his friendship with Iran and the competing Iranian Gas Pipeline, his resistance to Israel and support for the Palestinians, his alliance with Russia and the Russian naval facility in the port of Tartus, his secular Government was inclusive of all Religions, Sunni, Shia, Alawite, Christians and others, but he is also friendly with the Shia Government of Iraq.
All this makes him a target since the ruling Zionist Matrix in DC and London needs Chaos, Hatred, Civil War and weak countries which can be controlled and exploited.
Iraq, Libya, Syria were not complying with US dictate and dared to break out of the US$ straight jacket; Saddam dared to sell his oil for Euros, Gaddafi suggested a Gold backed Dinar to rival the Confetti Dollar and Assad is too strong and too much loved and supported by his people!

All this adds up to a too independent, strong country which the Zionaz Fascists Oligarchy ruling the planet won't tolerate and will stop at nothing to remove such leaders.
Putin is their ultimate prize for his valiant resistance and deft maneuvering against the US$ Hegemony and the Vassal Empire it supports with the giant military Satan's Dollar can fund, as long as it is used as the Petro$ and World Reserve Currency, but Putin is working diligently to end this Fiat Crime Racket!

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