The Nobel Committee’s choices for Peace, aka Mass Murderer Prize

Please help the Nobel Committee find a suitable recipient for the 2015 Peace Prize, which will be announced on the 9th of October this year.

From 1968 onwards Kissinger negotiated the official ‘Paris Peace Accord’ while secretly negotiating with Le Duc Tho on a way out of the impasse the official negotiations were mired in, and to let the Yanks extricate themselves out of their VN predicament, which now has become legendary and synonymous with intractable quagmires and shameful defeat.

Kissinger along with his underling Nixon, although the official hierarchy appeared as the reverse, conspired to sabotage the talks in Paris so as to give their client regime in South Vietnam a leg up in the elections held at the time, destroying the Democratic opposition’s platform of peace.

North Vietnam’s starting position always was re-unification of the nation, so there was no, or very little common ground, but Kissinger, as the Nixon administration’s Security Advisor, intensified the bombardment, and indiscriminate massacre of civilians, of North Vietnam to get them to relent and come round to some agreement the yanks could sign without loosing face.

What ensued were another four to five years of pointless war, death and destruction, 20,000 more Americans lost their lives and countless, perhaps millions of Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians got massacred in an orgy of American bombing, scorching and poisoning of the three countries!

When in 1975 the Yanks called it a day, that is were soundly defeated, their position taken in the talks and secret negotiations was roundly upended and the North finally got their re-unification, all on their terms.

Nevertheless, not withstanding all the shenanigans, connivances, double-crossings, wholesale massacres, prolonging an unjustifiable war and millions killed, the Nobel Committee, (what a misnomer) saw fit to jointly award Kissinger and Le Duc Tho the Peace Prize for 1973.

Le Duc Tho wisely declined this form of agenda driven public display of sycophancy and propaganda declaring it ‘bourgeois sentimentality’ and also cited the North’s stated goal of, at the time yet unfulfilled, re-unification as reasons for not accepting it.

Kissinger cowardly piked out of the acceptance ceremony fearing massive anti War/American protests and donated the prize money of $1.3m to charity and subsequently returned the Gold Medal to the Nobel Committee.

The awarding of Nobel Peace Prizes to the Israeli Prime Ministers Peres, Begin and Rabin is equivalent to awarding them to terrorists and mass murderers.
All these Israeli PMs were members of the terrorist Irgun and Lehi etc Gangs and have untold blood on their hands. Their aim and conduct has always been a ruthless conquest of all of the Palestinian’s land, over the corpses of tens of thousands and by terror, atrocities and violent expulsion.
Needless to say the Palestinians resisted and fought back with the little means they could.

Awarding these vile characters with the Peace Prize is equally akin to awarding Mass Murderers and Terrorists with what was once perhaps regarded as a prestigious recognition of genuine contributions to world peace and harmony.

These Jewish PM Terrorists made zero concessions to the Palestinians, they only slyly tendered hollow promises they never meant to keep just so they could get the Palestinians to ease off for a while and have the Zionists pursue their relentless drive to eradicate them and acquire all of their land.

Obama received his Peace Prize on the premise that he would initiate and pursue a genuinely new course of US foreign policy, of which he temptingly offered some glimpses with his ‘reset’ of relations with Russia et al. Yet his acceptance speech was peppered with inane warring rhetoric and a justification of American militaristic foreign policy of War Crimes and unilateral aggression to ‘preserve American interests’!

Never before has anyone managed to insult human intelligence on a global scale as Obama pulled off with his deranged warmongering rant in Oslo.

Since then he was instrumental in the destruction of Libya and 100s of thousands of Libyans and the murder of global hero Gaddafi, the wholesale destruction of Syria and a quarter of a million of innocent souls there and the destruction of the Ukraine, all the while droning wedding parties, school kids on their way to school and farmers returning from a hard days work in their fields from Pakistan to Yemen.

Awarding “I’m good at killing people” Obama with the Peace Prize must yet rate as the ultimate disgrace the Nobel Committee has managed to offend humanity with, but never fear, they sure as hell will manage to better this in the not too distant future, perhaps even this year!
So please help the Nobel Committed to find a suitable candidate to complement their previous selections of recipients who have shown the ways of the western Zionist Matrix, which rewards evil and mass murder as a way to legitimise this form of savagery and odious policy of the JWO!

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