The Ukrainian ‘Revolution of Dignity’ and the ugly truth behind the glossy façade!

• Part One; Timeline

Chronicles of the subversive path to a genocidal, fascist Zionazi Tyranny run by kleptocratic Oligarchs and genocidal Nazi Maniacs; Vassals to the US/EU-WS/City Fascist Vultures and controlled & exploited by these Predators.

Early spring 2013:
US Embassy organises TechCamps to instruct subversives in the art of sedition and subversion and mobilising protests.

September 2013
A Conference organised by Oligarch Viktor Pinchuk to get the Ukraine into the Fascist EU/US/Nato fold was held in Yalta, Crimea:

Present were:
  • Viktor Yanukovich, hapless President at the time and later disposed
  • Dalia Grybauskaite, (president of Lithuania, rabid Russiaphobe)
  • Yuriy Lutsenko (ex Minister IA, jailed for Embezzlement and abuse of Power)
  • Mario Monti (ex EU Commisioner, Goldman Sachs Bankster, Coca Cola advisor)
  • Gerhard Schröder (former German Chancelor)
  • Dominique Strauss-Kahn (former IMF Head Bankster)
  • Egemen Bagis, (Turkey’s EU Negotiator)
  • Lawrence Summers (arch WS Bankster Mobster, joint architect of Laissez Faire Banksterism to rape and plunder the planet)
  • Robert Zoellick (ex WB Bankster)
  • David Petraeus (ex General and CIA Head)
  • Bill Richardson (former Energy Secretary, salivating over the Shale Gas Fracking Pollution Crime Racket for Chevron, Shell, Burisma etc)
  • Tony Blair (most reviled ex UK PM, wanted Mass Murderer and JPM consultant)
  • Bill Clinton (Drug Dealer, Mass Murderer and Racketeer, See Clinton Chronicles)
  • Sergey Yurievich Glazyev (Adviser to Putin, never had a chance to be heard with his words of wisdom and caution)
  • And of course Ukrainian Oligarch Viktor Pinchuk

Behind the scene were other notable Fascists, Warmongers, US Poodles and Russiaphobes working towards the prizing of the Ukraine away from Russian and into the Fascist EU/NATO/US fold:
Victoria Nuland, Štefan Füle, (EU Enlargement Commissioner), Carl Bildt (arch Redneck Swedish FM), Radek Sikorski, (Polish FM, Russiaphobe & US poodle)

Of course it was never revealed that the EU Association this conference was aimed at achieving would cost the Ukraine some $19 billion pa in trade balance with the EU alone, not counting the loss of trade with Russia, higher not lower Gas prices from Russia and loss of preferential loans from Russia in exchange for more onerous finance from the West.

In exchange for EU Association the Ukraine would lose its sovereignty it enjoyed as a member of the Customs Union with Russia, and become a vassal to the Fascist EU, while being exploited by everyone from the IMF to WS and CorpAm, EU et al.
Ukraine would lose its most vital export market where it trades 60% of its exports of Grain, Steel, Chemicals and Industrial products to Russia and he Customs Union, in all the worst deal they could possibly sign up to but the US/EU fascist alliance was doggedly determined to get the Ukraine into the western EU/US/Nato fold.

21 November 2013

EU - Ukraine Association Agreement negotiations falter and it becomes clear that no agreement will be signed in the near future. On the 21st November the Ukrainian Government announces that it will not sign a deal with the EU.
Then on the 29th November Van Rompuy announces that negotiations failed and Ukraine did not sign an Association Agreement with the EU
While Viktor Yanukovych complained that the EU had not offered his country a big enough package of financial aid but still intends to sign up to the EU.

20 November 2013

Rada Deputy Oleg Tsarev held his amazing speech in Parliament outing that the US Embassy with the connivance of Microsoft trained Ukrainians in subversion and insurrection and prophetically declared that the US is preparing a Civil War in the Ukraine.

21 November 2013

On cue and as per preconceived plan, Arseniy Yatsenyuk tweets #Euromaidan and organises protests after Yanukovich failed to sign the EU Association Agreement, ‘motivating’ some 2,000 preconditioned ‘protesters’ to gather at the Maidan Nezalezhnosti square.

17 December 2013

Putin and Viktor Yanukovych signed the Ukrainian - Russian action plan, which included: Russia buying $15 billion of Ukrainian Eurobonds, lowering the cost of Russian gas to Ukraine from over $400 to $268 per 1,000 c/m and restoring customs regulations on imports from Ukraine, giving it preferential treatment in trade with Russia.

December 2013

Frenzied activity with John McCain (Bomb, Bomb, Bomb every country) and Victoria Nuland (Nudelman, hubby: Robert Kagan of PNAC / 9/11 infamy) jetting in and out of Kiev to finalise the coup and deciding whom they want as puppet stooges in the Ukrainian Junta.

January to February 2014

Protests become increasingly violent and the Riot Police Berkut is ordered into action by the powers behind the scenes, while Yanukovych was an impotent puppet to these Oligarchs pulling the strings towards the violent overthrow of his own Government.

During January and February American covert snipers killed protesters with increasing frequency and on the 20th of February some 21 people were killed to foment more violence and hatred against the Government.
In all some 103 would die during the protests and they’ve now been declared the ‘Heavenly Hundred’ which by Petro Poroshenko's decree were posthumously awarded the ‘Hero of Ukraine’ title!

Early February 2014

Secretly recorded phone conversation between Victoria Nuland and Geoffry Pyatt is leaked and apperas on the internet discussing whom they want to install in the new puppet junta.
The exact date of the conversation is not known.

22 February 2014

Yanukovych is ‘deselected’ as president and a new speaker, Olexandr Turchynov, Deputy Leader of the Nazi Fatherland Party is installed, who is then anointed President the next day.

Around 23 March 2014

The leaked phone conversation between former PM Yulia Tymoshenko and Nestor Shufrych, former deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine appears on the internet where she declares that 8 million Russians living in the Easter Ukraine must be Nuked along with their Leader i.e. Putin.

24 February 2014

Surprise surprise, the US-EU-UN immediately recognise the new illegal Fascist Zionazi Junta installed by the US with the connivance of EU and UN actors.

11 May 2014

Amidst growing violence and abhorrent rhetoric, reminiscent of Nazi Germany, against the Russian speaking region in the East, the Lugansk and Donetsk Oblasts decided to sever ties with the illegal Zionazi fascist junta in Kiev, intent on ethnic cleansing and exterminating them.

A Referendum was held in the Lugansk Oblast on the following question:

Do you support the declaration of state independence of the Luhansk People's Republic?
96.2% voted Yes.

The Referendum in the Donetsk Oblast on the same day:
Do you support the Act of State Self-rule of the Donetsk People's Republic?

89% voted Yes

24 May 2014

The Donetsk People's Republic and Lugansk People's Republic jointly announced their intention to form a Confederative Union of People's Republics, called Novorossiya.
A declaration of Independence of sorts.

A full blown war of terrorism against the two republics is waged by the rabid nazi fascist junta, with a whole host of independent battalions joining in the free for all massacres, financed by the US, EU, NATO members and Zionazi Oligarchs like Igor Kolomoysky, President of the World Jewish Congress.

Battalions involved are, amongst many others;
Azov, Donbass, Dnepr 1, Dnepr 2, , DND Metinvest, Kiev 1 etc, all known for their unmitigated brutality and savagery, same as ISIS, another proxy army of the US.
Live Organ harvesting is one other way they finance their terrorist operations, while private jets have regularly been observed flying from Kiev to European cities with cooler boxes being loaded on to them.

• Part Two: The Facts behind the Events

Nuland admits using $5b for subversion & insurrection!

The US uses the same criminal tactics in every country around the globe; through an array of Front Orgs money gets funnelled into the targeted country and Academics, Journalists, Politicians, Radio/TV hosts and anyone with possible influence gets bought off and subverted into insurrection against their own country and government.

  • Victoria Nuland:
    Since its independence in 1991 the US has supported Ukrainians as they build ‘democratic skills and institutions’ as they promote civic participation and good governance all of which are preconditions for Ukraine to achieve its European aspirations.
    We’ve invested of 5 Billion Dollars to assist Ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a prosperous and democratic Ukraine.

A truly hypocritical and condescending lecture from the country which enjoys zero democracy:

Jimmy Carter: ”The US has presently no functioning Democracy!”

'Democracy' where all the puppets are preselected by the real powers behind the throne, the moneyed Oligarchs!

Of course the Ukraine already had democracy, not the totally phoney US kind, not perfect by any means, but a significant cut above the fascist system in place in the US.

How the USG uses Front Orgs for subversion & insurrection!

This subversion is even done brazenly through their Embassies, a crime in itself, but as the saying goes; “The only country never to suffer a violent insurrection is the one without a US Embassy!”
Once the protests are under way, fully organized by American agitators and bought off local puppets, the CIA snipers get imported to shoot at both sides and create maximum carnage, hatred and escalation of conflict; a tried and proven act of Terrorism by the US across the globe, from Cairo to Tripoli, from Bangkok to Damascus, from Caracas to Kiev.

What the fascist US Empire was after is not ‘democracy’ in the Ukraine, but the quashing of a sovereign state willing and able to make its own decisions and acting independently and in the best interest of the Ukrainian people.
The Ukraine was wanted as a vassal for three reasons;
  1. To expand NATO into the heartland of Russia’s traditional sphere of influence with the Ukraine being part of Russia for centuries.
  2. As a bait and battleground against Russia, since Putin has resisted the Fascists from being a vassal that can be exploited and dictated to like any of the puppet banana republics the US has created all over the globe.
    Putin is the last stand against the US/Petro$ Hegemony and advocates a fairer, more equitable multipolar, peaceful world of mutual respect and coexistence with fair trade - the exact opposite to what the Fascist US Empire is all about.
  3. And as the Ukraine was under economic stress it was ripe for plunder by the Bankster Vultures via ‘Loans’ from the IMF and other ‘Development Banks’ which always stipulate that the best assets must be sold at fire sale prices.
This is all in blatant violation to all the solemn undertakings given by Reagan to Gorbachev that no former Soviet Republic shall join NATO or become part of an alliance against Russia.
So why all the hatred and drive to destroy Russia?
Russia under Putin is the only power willing and capable of resisting the fascist US Empire in establishing total hegemony and the subjugation of the entire planet as vassal states, to be exploited and ruled as their fiefdom, as most of the planet’s countries already are, i.e. all across Europe, Japan, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand etc.

This dogged, uncompromising fight against Russia is in essence the Wolfowitz Doctrine:
  • “Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.”
A lawless, unilateral, warmongering dogma of a deluded empire which shows zero regards for International Laws or conventions it signed up to and incessantly preaches about in a cover of their own lawlessness and criminality.
• 20 November 2013 Deputy Oleg Tsarov outs the USG and its Embassy in Kiev as the source of preparations for Civil War and a violent, staged uprising against the democratically elected Government of the Ukraine:
    Subversive agitator masquerading as Ambassador: Geoffrey Pyatt
    "In my role as a representative of the Ukrainian people, activists of the public organisation "Volya" turned to me providing clear evidence that within our territory, with support and direct participation of the US Embassy in Kiev, the "TechCamp" project is realised under which preparations are being made for a civil war in Ukraine."

    Deputy Tsarov outs USG Terrorist Plot "The "TechCamp" project prepares specialists for information warfare and the discrediting of state institutions using modern media potential revolutionaries for organising protests and the toppling of the State Order."

    "The project is currently overseen and under the responsibility of the US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt."

    Negroponte/Ford experts in Death Squads, violent insurgencies & regime change

• The US Embassy in Kiev, as all US Embassies are around the world, is a subversive Cell to control, subvert and overthrow governments which aren't totally compliant to US Dictate.
As the Deputy Oleg Tsarov stated in the Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament, the US Embassy held TechCamps to instruct subversive elements in the US tried and proven 'art of agitation and subversion', something well honed in the "Color Revolutions, and the 'Arab Spring' revolutions, all organized by US Embassies.

The US Embassy in Kiev proudly states the following on their website:

From their Website: TechCamp trainer Kalsoom Lakhani talks about fundraising using crowdsourcing

March 1, 2013

The U.S. Embassy in Kyiv in partnership with Microsoft Ukraine hosted TechCamp Kyiv 2.0 on March 1, 2013 at the Microsoft Ukraine Headquarters. TechCamps support the U.S. State Department’s Civil Society 2.0 initiative that builds the technological and digital capacity of civil society organizations around the world.....

Kiev December 14, 2013: Strategy meeting towards Civil War, Death & Destruction:
John McCain, Vitaly Klitschko, Arseny Yatsenyuk, Oleg Tyagnibok

......To date, State Department sponsored TechCamps in Ukraine have trained more than 200 civil society organizers from throughout the country and Belarus. The technologies and approaches presented help to build new networks of relationships, enhance skill development, and create new avenues for communication. Adoption of these technologies by civil society organizations will help support the missions of these groups as well as broader social goals of democracy, transparency and good governance in the 21st Century.

Instructions on Civil War exactly as Deputy Oleg Tsarov rightly stated and has since proven to be fact!
Some 'Diplomatic Missions', these US Embassies!

Government Building graced with the result of 'US Democracy'

The USG has a long history of covertly using their embassies for subversive and seditious activities from the formation of Death Squads in Nicaragua by US ‘Ambassador’ to Honduras Negroponte, to the role played by the same actors, John Negroponte and Robert Stephen Ford in the Death Squads in Iraq and the violence in Damascus, used as a pretext to vilify the democratically elected Assad Government fighting the US Army Division called ISIS/AQ/Al Nusra/FSA etc.

• Early February 2014
Leaked Phone Conversation between Victoria Nuland and Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt discussing whom they want to install in the new Junta they'll put into power once Victor Yanukovych is ousted.
Testimony to the most blatant and brazen coup ever by the 'exceptional' people from DC, and they have over 70 attempted and successful coups under their belt!

• Leaked Phone Call between Ashton, EU's foreign affairs chief and Estonian FM:
"Maidan Snipers Fired at both Protesters and Police"
But Ashton trying to make out that it was Yanukovych's Government behind the sniper massacre!

    RT news item on Ashton conversation

    Estonian foreign minister Urmas Paet: “….evidence shows that people were killed from both sides among policemen and people from the streets that they were the same snipers, killing people from both sides ….. same bullets….. but the new coalition don’t want to investigate…”
This is typical USG/CIA signature tactics: snipers shoot at both sides to create maximum chaos, hatred, and more violence.
These vile tactics have been employed by the one and only terrorist nation right across the globe: Cairo, Kiev, Caracas, Bangkok, Baghdad, Tripoli etc with the same success in starting uprisings and overthrowing the legitimate, democratically elected government, in the way of US hegemony and not willing to be their vassal to be exploited.

    Ashton, proffering the official line, never mentioning the US covert involvement:
    “…. And I said to the opposition leader, shortly to become government, you need to reach out to Maidan, you need to be engaging with them…… what you’re experiencing is anger at how Yanukovych lived and the corruption....."
• Tymoshenko / Shufrych conversation: Nuke 8 million Russians!
    Shufrych: Indistinct... Concerning Crimea, I tell you, I'm shocked! I'm shocked! Just today I've had a talk with our common friend, he almost weeps... And I asked him, how we were going to...

    Tymoshenko: You see, I myself am ready to take the machine gun now and shoot that scumbag in the head.

    Shufrych: I said yesterday that should, God forbid it, there be a military conflict... indistinct... should, God forbid it, there be a military conflict, I'm a reserved officer and my elder son is a reserved officer, both of us would take up arms and defend our country.

    Tymoshenko: Indistinct... Look, it goes beyond all boundaries. F*ck it... we should take up arms and kill the f*cking katsaps (Russians) along with their leader.

    Shufrych: I tell you...

    Tymoshenko: I wish I had been there and lead all the actions, they would have eaten sh*t instead of getting Crimea.

    Shufrych: By the way, you know I thought about it too. If you had been here at your place, it might have been...indistinctly...though we had no force capacity...indistinctly and you know what is most hurtful...

    Tymoshenko: I would have found a way to kill the morons.

    Shufrych: And you know...

    Tymoshenko / Shufrych conversation: Nuke 8 million Russians!

    Tymoshenko: And I hope that as soon as I can do it I will raise all my connections and alert the whole world so as to turn Russia into a burned field.

    Shufrych: I tell you that I'm your ally here, and even more than that. I want to tell you... well we've had a talk today, this morning there's been a conference of party leaders and then I talked to Viktor. Vitya asked what we should do to the rest 8 million Russians still living in Ukraine? They are the outlaws!

    Yulia Tymoshenko: Nuke 8m Russians & kill their leader

    Tymoshenko: Damn, we should fire nukes at them!

    Shufrych: I wouldn't argue with you here, because what's happened is a dreadful thing. But there's a following alternative showing up, because today there are actions which are undoubtedly illegal. These illegal actions should be considered in some international court...

    Tymoshenko: Well we are going to the Hague to the International Court of Justice...

    Shufrych: And...

• Ukrainian General Yan Kazemirovich discusses the dirty dealings behind the scenes by the Zio Oligarchs ruling the Ukraine in bed with the US:

  • Turchynov, Yatsenyuk, Tyahnybok and others like them, I declare it openly, and I know it for a fact, that they are sponsored agents of the CIA from the USA.
    Moreover Yatsenyuk is the first deputy head of the Ukrainian Masonic Lodge, and the head is Pinchuk, Kuchma’s brother in law.
    And all these lies that took place and all the commands Yanukovych is just a puppet in the hands of Pinchuk, Kuchma and Kravchuk.
  • Akhmetov did the main mayhem.
  • And now it’s simply a direct occupation of the Ukraine by the US.
  • There are very many people who would like to join Russia.
  • Very many people who simply want help from Russia to clean out the “Holy Rus” from the invasion of red-brown plague and Americans and Zionists.
  • Ordinary Jews also suffer from their magnates, the so called Orthodox Judaic Organisations of the Hasidism, in particular the Chabad Organisation which rules over all this black feast.
• Ukrainian General Viktor Muzhenko disputes all of Washington's incessant propaganda lies that there are Russian troops fighting in Ukraine:

  • "To date, we have only the involvement of some members of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Russian citizens as part of illegal armed groups in the fighting. Military operations do not carry out against the regular Russian army. We have enough forces to inflict a final defeat illegal armed formation".

• The Ukrainian Media Landscape: An incessant blaring of anti Russian/Novorossiya Propaganda, Hatred & Lies

This 'Civil War' is a criminal, punitive Terrorist Atrocity against a people just wanting to live in peace, never threatened or attacked anyone, all they did is decide that since the Kiev Zionazi Fascists declared them subhuman persona non grata and want to exterminate them, they will just form their own state and live in peace; and as always it is the US which is behind this heinous Atrocity.
And what's most revealing is that the US/EU fascist alliance in all it's posturing and grandstanding on Human Rights, International Law, UN Charter is 100% behind this 21st century Pogrom, Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide.
Their motivation is the looting of the Ukraine, the inclusion of a vital sphere of influence in the western fascist fold prized away from Russia.
The incessant puerile propaganda lies and insane hatred spewed out against Putin / Russia is part of these diabolical machinations - while the hapless Ukrainian People are the victims of these geopolitical Crimes against Humanity.

Just another Country destroyed, bombed to ruins, economically devastated and the people left in misery and destitution, just like Korea, Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and countless others!

UN Charter is fully on the side of Novorossiya, it states as follows:

  • 1. The subjection of peoples to alien subjugation, domination and exploitation constitutes a denial of fundamental human rights, is contrary to the Charter of the United Nations and is an impediment to the promotion of world peace and co-operation.

  • 2. All peoples have the right to self-determination; by virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

  • 3. Inadequacy of political, economic, social or educational preparedness should never serve as a pretext for delaying independence.

  • 4. All armed action or repressive measures of all kinds directed against dependent peoples shall cease in order to enable them to exercise peacefully and freely their right to complete independence, and the integrity of their national territory shall be respected.

Ukes get captured by NAF forces

Even USG front Org HRW confirms Ukraine Forces use illegal Cluster bombs

Indiscriminate shelling

One of hundreds of villages hit by indiscriminate shelling.

One of tens of thousands of horrendous tragedies, all Crimes against Humanity, perpetrated by the Ukrainian Zionazi Fascists under the control of USG/CIA.

• Conclusion; The sordid Reality

Since the violent overthrow of the democratically elected Ukrainian Government by the USG engineered Maidan riots, possibly some 30 to 50,000 Novorossians have been massacred in indiscriminate shelling of towns and villages and outright acts of executions and genocide, over a million are displaced and tens of thousands injured and maimed.

The Junta’s war and declared genocide, under the control and guidance of the US via thousands of CIA ops swarming the country, is carried out in very a sinister and particularly barbaric fashion, with reported rape camps, summary executions, live organ harvesting, random kidnappings to rape, organ harvest and kill anyone who speaks Russian.

Novorossiya as it existed in the 18th century

The Novorossiya region has been the economic engine of Ukraine and has huge gas and oil reserves. It would be a very viable state in its own right, and there is no need to keep transferring wealth to the parasitic Oligarchs ruling over the Ukraine while being cut off from all Government funds.

The Donetsk republic alone makes up 22% of the Ukrainian GDP with only 10% of the population while the entire eastern region, of what once was Novorossiya produces about 75% of the GDP with less than half of the population.

Established by Empress Ekaterina II, Novorossiya existed from 1764 to 1802 after which it was divided into three smaller Oblasts: Nikolaevskaja, Ekaretinoslavskaja and Tavricheskaja remaining as part of Russia.

Bankrupt Ukraine is on the hook to the EU/IMF for bailout money to avoid bankruptcy and as part of the funding conditions, present and further funding is subject to review if the Ukraine loses this vital economic region.
In short, the previously Russian region is the economic engine of the Ukraine while the ultra nationalist fascist nazi western part is living off the industrious and diligent Russian East.

(Update 15/02/15: The IMF now has gone one step further and is in fact funding the Ukrainian's War of Terror against its own people in the East and announced it will provide another $17.5 billion, funds which will allow the Zionazi Fascist Junta to purchase further arms to perpetrate its war of death and destruction against Novorossiya.)

Alas, of the first tranche of $3.2 billion some $3.1 billion has allegedly disappeared into, well, most likely Oligarchs pockets and to fund the criminal war of atrocities against the peaceful residents of Novorossiya.

The only option for the Ukraine to pay its debt is to sell the family jewels, as is always the case and demanded by the banksters’ rape and plunder tool, the IMF. This includes the oil and gas rights and fertile farmland in the eastern region of Novorossiya.

Igor Kolomoisky owner of Burisma Holdings & Azov Death Squad

This sheds new light on the Hunter Biden/Igor Kolomoisky connection, where the former is VP Joe Biden’s son appointed to Burisma Holdings, a gas fracking company, and the latter the owner thereof, a self-appointed ruler of a nearby Oblast Dnepropetrovsk in the Eastern region of Ukraine and the chief and owner of the notorious Azov Battalion known for its brutality and Crimes against Humanity.

Clearly the IMF/Banksters/USG are behind this heinous crime against humanity; the IMF has breached its own rules in lending to a country at war or in a civil war, it has lent four times the amount its own rules stipulate, and is lending to a country which is clearly unable to service the debt and/or pay it back, against its own regulations.

As always, it’s clearly to protect the private parasitic banksters who are exposed to bad loans; it’s simply to bail out these banksters, not out of any benevolence towards the Ukrainian people or to keep a state viable.

The IMF is a tool of the parasitic Banksters to rape and plunder countries and to bail themselves out if they’ve made bad loans; as always at the expense of the Productive People!
Hence this is also yet another parasitic Bankster War against the productive people; to get the assets where Chevron, Shell and Monsanto etc are all baying for the loot and plunder of Novorossiyan assets.

All the actors and subversive Terrorists with blood all over themselves!

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