What is really at stake in Novorossiya and the Ukraine - Heroes of our Time!

Minsk-II was never going to fly – just as Minsk-I before.

Tweet from Poroshenko:
Ukraine will always be a Unitary state. No federalisation whatsoever.
Dated 12 Feb 2015-02-14

What did anyone expect from a know crook and Zionazi fascist revelling in the genocide and slaughter of his fellow countrymen, who happen to speak Russian.

"We will have our jobs – they will not. We will have our pensions – they will not. We will have care for children, for people and retirees – they will not. Our children will go to schools and kindergartens... theirs will hole up in the basements. Because they are not able to do a thing." (because we will bomb the hell out of their towns, their cities, schools, hospitals, infrastructure...)
"This is exactly how we will win this war!"

Then Interpol wanted leader of Right Sektor, Dmitry Yarosh, immediately
scoffed at the agreement and vowed to ignore it completely, pre-emptively blaming the Self Defence forces of Novorossiya and of course Putin for the upcoming failure!
In fact, pre-emptively blaming Novorossiya Self Defence Forces for any failure is a preconceived plot so that their own planned violation or blatant non-adherence and ignoring will not be scrutinised by the complicit world media.

In all a very good outcome for the Novorossiyan People, as a strict adherence to this sell-out treachery of an agreement would have meant that they were to be totally subsume into the Zionazi fascist junta state ruled and controlled by the DC/Tel Aviv/EU zio fascists. And good bye to any hope of any decent civilised society under their fascist dictate.

Of course calling it an agreement is an insult to real agreements where the signatories ‘agree’ to what they sign after they had input and negotiated the points of ‘agreement’; that’s what ‘Agreement’ usually means. But when you’re excluded and threatened do sign it or else, then it’s as good as any dictate practised by any Nazi fascist tyranny going back thousands of years.

So, since the Novorossiya people were not even considered worthy of a hearing they are lucky that the Zionazi Fascists will NEVER adhere to what they’ve solemnly signed by proxy, and thus they’re free to fight on to total victory, and by hook or crook - we need to see them succeed!

The people of Novorossiya are members of a select handful of heroes on the planet who give their lives in the struggle against the Zionazi Fascist menace marauding the planet, headed by DC/EU/Tel Aviv with many actors and hangers-on who are in on it for the profiteering from the wars and misery of their victims and over the corpses of millions.

This sadly includes Merkel and Hollande who were not acting out of any altruism, quite the opposite, German companies are already big on buying up fertile farmlands in the East of Ukraine and will, together with MonSatan, grow GMO crops to poison the food chain flowing into the EU, where there is a moratorium on GMO crops.

So what’s the sinister part of this agenda?

GMOs are known to have so many deleterious effects on health, but top of the list is infertility, gastro-intestinal disorders, general breakdown of resistance to disease and the permanent alteration of the human genome.

Agenda 21 anyone?

The ‘reduction’ of world population to less than 1 billion people by means of poisoning the food (GMO, Paraquat, Herbicide Monsatan), water (fracking), soil (Chem-trails, i.e. spraying of heavy metals), in short the eternal pollution of the entire ecosystem by means of corporate profiteering, genetic engineering and the deliberate poisoning of the environment by the same corporate eco-terrorists who profiteer from these atrocities.
All of this is set in concrete for the Ukraine, from the IMF/WB and all the WS Banksters/Corp-Am Vultures having this fixation that the Ukraine is theirs to plunder and use for these diabolical machinations against Humanity.

It’s a gigantic, diabolical Zionazi Fascist Crime against Humanity, and the Heroes of Novorossiya and others, resisting and fighting against this genocide pact, need your support and help to stop these psychopaths from succeeding in this heinous atrocity being perpetrate right in front of our eyes.

There is much more at stake than the independence of Novorossiya, or even Russia itself, it’s Humanity itself which is being attacked and under siege by these dark forces, and Novorossiya is one Domino Block which must not fall or they'll start toppling ever faster.

Their resistance, Success or Failure, it's our last stand, our last hope and the entire planet, Mother Earth, deserves that they succeed, and with everyone’s help they shall prevail.

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