Let’s put the Paris Charlie Hebdo massacre in perspective, Mr Hollande!

Let's spare a thought for the millions of victims of a 'game plan' acted out on a gigantic scale with countries and millions upon millions of lives being destroyed for the same aim every time:
the perpetuation of the present Fiat Currency Crime Racket - the tool of the 0.0000000001% to rape and plunder the productive people on a global scale!

Sarkozy was so terrified about the prospects of Gaddafi succeeding with his proposal of a Gold backed Dinar that he expressed his dismay over the 'threat to the global financial system' with action and sponsored terrorists on the ground in Libya as early since 2010 to overthrow Gaddafi.
✞ RIP to a fallen hero of the people globally; victim of the Fascist Oligarchy in power. NATO/France is using their ISIS/AQ Division to destroy and massacre Syrians by the hundreds of thousands for the same aims.

12 killed in Paris, a sad chapter, also as it took the lives of rebellious minded people mocking and showing up the establishment, but let;s keep it in perspective!

At this point in time there are three plausible possibilities:
A Hoax but unlikely, a FFOp by Mossad/CIA et al with the aid of patsies, and a remote chance that it was a 'spontaneous act by Muslim Radicals' offended by Hebdo's cartoons!

Zio Israel/Mossad is well known for its unspeakable barbarity, uncompromising vindictiveness and callous revenge for anyone crossing their unfettered reign of terror across the globe.
Was it to teach France a lesson after the French Parliament voted symbolically to recognise Palestine as a state?
And/or Hebdo’s mocking of Mossad and the racist Apartheid terror squatter colony on Palestinian lands commonly referred to as Israel?

Time will tell, but the one fact remains, France along with the other Nato Terrorists are behind the carnage, country destruction and misery in the MENA arena along with Israhell and the GCC Wahhabi crazies.

As long as we’re hostage to the present Fiat Currency Crime Racket we’re slaves and victims to the Fascist Oligarchy owning the system. It is their very own private Fiat Currency rape and plunder system, their tool of exploitation and oppression.
The way they can fund and maintain their gigantic military and massacre innocent people by the millions.

We must all fight to end this anachronistic, iniquitous, barbaric system and return to an honest, sustainable Monetary System and not let them continue with this tool of oppression!
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