Open Letter to the Ukrainian People!

{Translation into Ukrainian needed if you could help, many thanks}

Imagine, if you will, that you live in a country with many diverse ethnic peoples, all living and working together to create a harmonious society which is at peace with itself and enjoys relative prosperity.
Your own historical roots and language are different than the country’s official language, but you feel and act as much as everyone else as a patriot to this country you were born into.

Now imagine that a Superpower has designs to use another one of these ethnic groups in your country for its plans to extend its empire and annihilate a major neighbouring country which has refused to become their vassal state and to be raped and exploited by them.

    Ambassador or Terrorist?

So picture yourself that Politicians, Diplomats, Ambassadors, Embassy staff and Front Organisations from that Superpower are plotting insurrection and the overthrow of your democratically elected government to install a puppet government which will allow your country to become a vassal state to this Superpower, to be raped, plundered and exploited and used as a staging point for its plans to annihilate this other main rival country!

Imagine your country being turned into a battleground and becoming ‘Collateral Damage’ in their criminal war of aggression against this fabricated enemy.

Suddenly your society is being turned upside down, thrown into chaos and an inferno of insane hatred and civil war by the most intense, odius propaganda campaign of lies and vilification against your own ethnic people!
People are pitted against people of the same nation, it’s the destruction of your country at the behest of this Superpower who has no interest in helping you other than in the total self-destruction of your country for their own venal purposes.

In the sick hate campaign against your people some politicians call for total genocide of your 8 million strong ethnic group, they want to ‘nuke’ you all to extinction, they call for the ethnic cleansing of your people, they want to be rid of your ethnic group whatever it takes; genocide, mass-murder, starvation, destruction of your economy, war!

So you decide that you all will just form your own, new country and live in peace, by yourself minding your own business, since this other group, incited by rabid mad hate filled propaganda, wants to exterminate you all.

The UN Charter is completely on your side, guaranteeing Self-Determination to all ethnic peoples, particularly if they are being persecuted and disenfranchised.

Now do you realise that they have dehumanised you with their venal propaganda, that they turned you into a rabid mad apparatchik fulfilling their venal plans and are destroying your own country, your own society and your own life?

This could be YOUR Sister, Mother, Wife, YOUR own Child!

They’ve turned you into Terrorists and Mass-Murderers, shelling peaceful towns in Novorossiya, killing and massacring civilians, destroying their infrastructure, their country – all the while their Zio Propaganda Media is telling you the opposite, that these heroic Anti-Fascist Self Defenders are the ‘Terrorists’, that they were the ‘Aggressor’ while they turned you into this Evil with their dissolute propaganda.

Parasitic WS Bankster Vultures rape and plunder the planet via IMF!

They fight as much for YOUR liberty and freedom from the Fascists and Oligarch Vultures as they fight for theirs - they are on YOUR side, on the side of Freedom and against the Oligarch exploiters and oppressors!

Your country now needs loans from the IMF to bail you out as your country’s economy is in freefall due to the civil war incited by this Superpower.
The IMF’s terms are clear: sell all your family jewels to pay the interest and the loans back.
It’s your oil, gas, your farmlands, your mines, your industry, your family treasure!

The IMF is just a tool of the US Bankster Vultures to rape and plunder countries by printing money out of thin air, lending to indebted nations and stipulating that all their assets must be sold in firesales to US Corporations; the Vultures.
Many countries have suffered at the hands of the IMF/WS Vultures and have been raped and plundered this way.

You realise that these US Vultures will come and also poison your pristine lands to exploit and rape your resources and steal your assets even more rapidly and cheaply.

Fracking poisons Ground Water & Soil! Outlawed everywhere except the US!

They will poison your lands with fracking, pumping toxins into the ground to extract oil and gas, poisoning the groundwater to eternity.
Some of the vultures are Shell, Chevron and Burisma; Kolomoisky’s company who stole billions from the people of Ukraine.

They will also poison your food and environment to eternity with GMOs. As part of the IMF deal Monsanto will be able to force its toxic GMOs into your environment and make it impossible for you to export food to any country which bans GMOs.

Both, fracking and GMOs are banned in almost all countries outside the US, because they are so evil and toxic, but the IMF, which is the US Banksters tool to rape and plunder countries, will force you to accept both in exchange for Fiat Currency loans they’ll print out of thin air and charge you interest on!

You will realise that the US Government, the Banksters, the IMF, the EU, Israel and the Oligarchs running and exploiting your own country are all one and the same: they are the same Zionist Oligarchy running and exploiting the world, they own all the Banks, all the world wide media, and all the puppet Governments supporting your Fascist Oligarchy ruling your country like a fiefdom!
That’s why you never hear a word of truth from their media.

Parasitic Oligarchs/Kleptocrats, using Productive People as cannon fodder in their War to rape and plunder YOU.

The first tranche of $3.2billion paid by the IMF has already disappeared into these Oligarch’s pocket, the same Oligarchs who force you to give your life fighting against your own Brothers in the East so they can profiteer and rape even more from you, the people of the Ukraine!

Wake up and realise that you’re being played like a fiddle, (Bandura, банду́ра), that you’re nothing but cannon fodder for the Oligarchs from Washington, Wall Street, London, NATO, EU, Israel and Kiev, and you’re the victim of these Vulture’s evil greed and designs for world domination so they can exploit all peoples of this planet and rule over you!

Michael Hudson explains the IMF's game plan for the Ukraine!
Your only friend is Russia, which has extended over $100 billion in loans and which has offered your country much better terms to see you through your severe economic crisis, all without being raped and exploited and turned into a wasteland and battleground as is the case with the US/EU Vultures and Warmongers.

All the Death and Destruction and Economic Armageddon facing the Ukraine is due to these Vultures and the criminal Oligarchs now running the country and waging war against your Brothers in Novorossiya.
The Ukraine is now a vassal state to these Vultures and is being used for their own vile purposes; as a ramrod into Russia, to expand NATO, to rape and plunder the Ukraine's resources and to start a shooting War against Russia; WW3!

UN Charter is fully on the side of Novorossiya, it states as follows:

  • 1. The subjection of peoples to alien subjugation, domination and exploitation constitutes a denial of fundamental human rights, is contrary to the Charter of the United Nations and is an impediment to the promotion of world peace and co-operation.

  • 2. All peoples have the right to self-determination; by virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

  • 3. Inadequacy of political, economic, social or educational preparedness should never serve as a pretext for delaying independence.

  • 4. All armed action or repressive measures of all kinds directed against dependent peoples shall cease in order to enable them to exercise peacefully and freely their right to complete independence, and the integrity of their national territory shall be respected.

Amerika will leave you crying, and crying out loud, just as in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and everywhere the US has brought 'Democracy' and 'American Values' to the People leaving Death, Destruction and Misery after walking away from their Crimes against Humanity.

See the 'Revolution of Dignity' and the ugly Truth behind the Facade!

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