How the US-EU-NATO Fascists use Ukraine to destroy Novorossiya, Putin & Russia!

You've got to hand it to them, with Stolti the new figurehead of the Zionazi Oligarchy's instrument of Death and Destruction calling for Putin to stop supporting the 'Rebels' in East Ukraine and the DC Warmongers passing HR758 to totally upend truth and reality, the western Zio puppet Politicos and their Zio MSM has been able to create a climate of deranged and irrational fear and hate for Putin and Russia.
This is exactly the sort of paving the ground for the Muppets to go along with yet another insane, unjustified, criminal war by whipping up a hysteria and frenzy amongst the sheeples who will then gladly march to their own slaughter for the Bankster Oligarchy exploiting them - and laughing all the way to the Bank; literally!

The fourth estate has ceased to exist a long time ago and now we have only the same humdrum of Zio MSM lies, hate and misinfo to get the Zombie populous to go along with whatever vile plan their parasitic bankster overlords have hatched to further their Fiat Currency Crime Racket and line their bulging pockets with yet more of the Productive People's wealth via taxes and interest the Government will have to pay on borrowed confetti from the banksters to pay for their heinous wars.

It's the most insidious, circuitous, onerous crime racket these parasitic banksters managed to foist on humanity, and with which they can oppress, exploit and rule over the productive people - with the plundered and looted wealth from their victims!

If people understood how the system works, how they literally finance and foster their own enslavement and exploitation via complicit polit whores, there should have been a revolution long ago!

Yet the people are too meek, preoccupied and obtuse, and already beaten into submission by illegal laws and a militarised nazi police force to even contemplate any resistance, let alone revolution, for surely there is now no alternative left to get the liberties and dignity back which has been destroyed under the guise of FFOps like 9/11, Sandy Hook, 7/7 London, Boston, Charlie Hebdo and many more.

The people of Novorossiya who desperately tried to give themselves a better alternative than to be slaves and/or being massacred by the worst of the worst of Zionazi Fascist Oligarchic atrocities and exploitation have been abandoned under immense pressure, threats and blackmail against themselves, Putin and their natural protector; Russia!

Fascism has won yet again - thanks to the apathy and cowardice of people in power; Politicians, Media, Church/Community Leaders, Academia and the people themselves!
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