Updates to the Ukrainian Revolution of ‘Dignity’, Page 1!

Continuous Updates to the Chronicles of a 'Revolution of Dignity'


• Fighting at the outskirts of Uglergorsk; NAF attempting to encircle Debaltsevo

• Totally brainwashed, hate-filled Nazi Kiev Residents can't stand the truth!
That's how the Zionazi Fascist Junta gets their people to indiscriminately massacre peaceful people in Novorossiya.

• The effect of the 'Revolution of Dignity' on the Ukraine Currency!
Since their Loans are denominated in Dollars and Euros Ukraine debt just doubled in Hryvnia terms - thanks a lot Obama, Biden, Nuland, Pyatt and Wall Street vultures.

01 February 2015

• Huge cache of arms and supplies captured by NAF

• US Propaganda tool VoA having to admit to heavy casualties amongst the UAF cannon-fodder soldiers.
One hospital alone reports 40 casualties daily and 13/15 killed!

• UAF (Ukrainian Armed Forces) uses White Phosphorous supplied to them by US/NATO/Israel, another Crime against Humanity.

03 February 2015

• Hasidic Jews in Ukraine donate money for Genocide and Crimes against Humanity in Novorossiya - just like in Gaza!

• People mobilize against Mobilization of their men for war against Novorossiya.

04 February 2015

• Horrendous Report from Mariupol on massacres, broad daylight abductions and rape and murder by Ukrainian Battalions Azov, Dnepr, Shakhtyorsk and Holy Mary with the collusion of the local Police.

05 February 2015

• Proof that the Ukrainian Armed Forces UAF are targeting civilians to cause maximum carnage in their genocidal war against Novorossiya!

• Lots of reports of White Phosphorous raining down on Donetsk, banned WMDs supplied by the likes of the US and Israel!

• John Kerry is visiting Kiev Thursday 05 Feb, so expect more Atrocities and Crimes against Humanity from his Zionazi Fascist Junta;
Birds of a Feather flock together!
The US is the most notorious purveyor of Crimes against Humanity, perpetrated in many guises: Directly with their Army, via "Nato", with proxies like AQ, ISIS, Boko Haram, the Zionazi Terrorist Junta in Kiev, their Bovver Boy Israhell in occupied Palestine etc.

• Calls in DC are escalating to a crescendo to arm the Fascist Nazis in the Ukraine to perpetrate their genocidal War of Atrocities against peaceful Novorossiya!
The nominee for Defense Secretary, Ashton B. Carter, in his confirmation hearings opined that he'll be sending Lethal Arms to Ukraine to arm the Junta.

06 February 2015

• Indiscriminate shelling of towns brings more Death and Destruction while Kerry wines and dines with his fellow Terrorist Porky!

• McCain being awarded a Medal for bringing Death, Destruction & Crimes against Humanity to Ukraine - as he does everywhere he goes!

• Hollande before leaving for Moscow: "France does not want Ukraine to join NATO"
France next in line for a Maidan Revolution straight from the US Embassy?

• "The Head of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM), Ambassador Ertugrul Apakan, echoing yesterday’s call by the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office and Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić, urged in the strongest terms all sides to stop the shelling of residential areas and all other military activities and establish a temporary truce that would allow for the immediate evacuation of the civilian population on humanitarian grounds. The SMM stands ready to facilitate and support the truce, which should take effect immediately and stay in place for a minimum of three days."

The OSCE never mentions that the 'Indiscriminate Shelling' Crimes against Humanity is exclusively perpetrated by the Zionazi Fascists from Kiev supported the US/EU/Nato Terrorists, shelling Towns in Novorossiya!

Latest Frontline Map

• Further Proof that the Ukrainian War against the Novorossiyan People is a Bankster-Vulture war of rape and plunder came from the the head of the office of Niema Movassat, a deputy for the opposition Left faction in the German parliament, Birgit Bock-Luna:
"The armed conflict in Ukraine is a smokescreen for the seizure of high-quality cropland by foreign firms funded by the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, we have reasons to believe that the German Government is also involved in the land grab"

The German lawmakers suggest that large areas of Ukraine's arable lands could be used to grow genetically modified crops, away from the watchful eye of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which is EU's agricultural regulator.

"The previous Ukrainian administration was opposed to further relaxation of agricultural laws, but this changed after the coup, with the help of the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development"

07 February 2015

• Horrific report from the frontline in Debaltsevo!

• Newsweek opines:
Putin Warned: Do Ukraine Deal or Kiev Will Receive Arms!
A nauseating piece of prop lies written by the Zionazi fascist super warmonger ATLANTIC COUNCIL!

• Hollande and Merkel schmooze with fellow Zionazi fascist terrorist Poroschenko:
Must keep friendly with the vassal who lets you rape and plunder your family jewels; like rich farmland, oil and gas concessions and mines!

09 February 2015

• Reports of a gigantic explosion ripping through Donetsk coming in, presumably a ballistic "Tochka U" Missile.
It looks like another heinous Atrocity perpetrated by the Zionazi Fascist under the complete guidance and control of the Terrorists from DC/Tel Aviv/London/Brussels/Nato etc.

• The Ukrainian Zionazi Terrorists are in the process of mining the entire Rail Infrastructure of Debaltseve to deny Novorossiya even the most rudimentary Economic base and Infrastructure - the very definition of Terrorism, all under the guidance of control of thousands of CIA/Mossad spooks controlling the Uke Zionazi Fascists!

"According to information received during the questioning of two surrendered soldiers of the 25th brigade near Chernukhino, the authorities of the Ukrainian group gave an order to mine the entire rail infrastructure of Debaltseve"

10 February 2015

• Report from the Frontline around Logvinovo.

• Inadvertently and in a cryptic fashion Obama admitted that if Putin was of a mind to take the Ukraine he could easily do so easily:

“The prospect for a military solution to this problem has always been low, Russia obviously has an extraordinarily powerful military and given the length of the Russian border with Ukraine, given the history between Russia and Ukraine, expecting that if Russia is determined that Ukraine can fully rebuff a Russian army has always been unlikely.

But as always the propaganda must fly thick and fast, this from the guy who oversaw the destruction and overthrow of legitimate, democratically elected Ukrainian government of Yanukovych via the tried and proven tactics of Front Orgs, violent protests, Snipers shooting at both sides and the direct invlovement of their subversive cell planted in every country; the US Embassy:

“But what we have said is that the international community working together can ratchet up the costs for the violation of the core principle of sovereignty and territorial integrity. That’s exactly what we’ve done, and Russia has paid a significant cost, both for its actions first in Crimea and now in eastern Ukraine.
It has not yet dissuaded Mr. Putin from following the course that he is on but it has created a measurable negative impact on the Russian economy and that will continue.”

11 February 2015

• Documentary on the people of Donbass

• Yet another article confirming that this war is also a Bankster Vulture war of rape and plunder, besides as a provocation and battleground against Putin/Russia:
The World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) is helping biotech run the latest war in Ukraine. Make no mistake that what is happening in the Ukraine now is deeply tied to the interests of Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, and other big players in the poison food game.

• The finest 'Democracy' US$5 billion can buy:
A new Law introduced in the Rada, the Uke 'Parliament', makes it a crime to question the official propaganda lies:

Draft Law on Amendments to the Criminal and Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine (concerning responsibility for public denial or the justification of military aggression by the Russian Federation against Ukraine in years 2014-2015)

• Update from the Frontline: Debaltsevo Cauldron closed!

• Situation Map of Novorossiya Forces and controlled areas:

12 February 2015

• Poroshenko being asked why he is bombing peaceful citizens but ignores the journalist.

• Update on Fascist Atrocities in Novorossiya.

• Another Atrocity by the illegitimate fascist nazi Kiev junta; 6 Killed, many more injured when a shell hit the bus station.

• Situation map of the Frontlines in Novorossiya, Debaltseve Cauldron closed with some 4 to 7,000 Ukrops trapped. Apparently there are big numbers of foreign mercenaries present, mostly from Nato countries.

• Frontline Report

• More Fascist outrages: Civilian Home Hit in Stakhanov

• Report by Graham Phillips: Canteen hit, the daily struggle under fire from the US backed Fascists.

13 February 2015

• Report from the Frontline in Novorossiya

• Interview with freedom fighter Kira

• DPR PM Alexandr Vladimirovich Zakharchenko interview on Donetsk Airport, Minsk agreement, future of Ukraine

  • “……. Genocide……that's everything which happened in this country, to give away one's own country to be looted by the Americans and other European countries.
  • In a country where a quarter of their ministers are foreigners - it's not a country anymore it's a circus.
  • They (the Ukrainian forces) are on the land they don't control and will never control. Ever.
  • We'll go further to Slavyask, to Krarmotorsk. To everywhere else.
  • It's inadmissible to betray the blood of ancestors who fought for this land against the fascists.
  • Please visit Kirovskoye, have a look, near Zhdanovka, they have a concentration camp ready there.”

• There is no doubt that this Minsk deal is a treachery of gigantic proportions on every level:

The two Novorossiya leaders, forced to wait in another building and not party to the negotiations deciding their fate, were surely forced/coerced/threatened/blackmailed into signing this surrender declaration.
They know full well that the likes of Poroshenko and Yatsenuk can’t be trusted, period, they’ve proven their treachery time and again.

They might have the vain hope that it will be the same as Minsk I, but this time they won’t wait and let the Ukes build up strategic advantages by the country miles as last time and press their own advantage at the first sign of the Ukes flouting the agreement – which no doubt they will!

Merkel and Hollande acted out of the worst and most cynical of motives; to prevent an independent Novorossiya emrging now that they’re on the brink of miltary victory, and seeing their loot disappear.
And also to appease DC, as they probably don’t won’t a full blown WW3 on their doorsteps.

Washington didn’t even wait for any outcome of the ‘negotiations’ and is going ahead with escalating the genocide anyway to safeguard their loot for Chevron, Monsanto and VP’s boy Hunter Biden on the board of Burisma, NATO expansion, naked aggression towards Russia etc. sending a battalion to train the Ukes and continue sending covert arms shipments and the presence of CIA Ops on every level in Ukraine.

The whole spectacle looks like a truly disgraceful farce on all sides, including Putin who must weigh the economic repercussions to his Russia higher than the fate of the 8m Russians in Novorossiya.
But he can hardly be blamed for that, as a crippled and impotent Russia is no good to anyone – so one must give him the benefit of his priorities as he must consider his duties to Russia first.

• Poroshenko reveals that the Ukrainian terrorist units were totally destroyed at the beginning of the last ceasefire and that they were replenished (from NATO sources) during the ceasefire.

".... and that's how we use this so called ceasefire".

Minsk ll just a ruse to re-arm the Uke terrorist army - again?

14 February 2015

• Poroshenko immediately quashed any illusions that the Kiev Zionazi Fascists were anything but a criminal mob of deranged terrorists and would never honour any agreement - just as Minks-I.

But that's a great bonus to the Freedom Fighters of Novorossiya as now they don't have to submit to this treacherous Surrender Agreement forced on them without any input from them.

• Frontline Report

• Mixed report

15 February 2015

• DPR PM Alexandr Zakharchenko lays down the law on the Minsk agreement:
In short: Novorossiya Independence is not negotiable; that's what we've signed!
"Independence is factual and everything else will be danced around" [this]!

• Obama's Fast Food Diplomacy!

• RightSektor [Nazi] Trip to Novorossia goes wrong
15 February 2015

• Predictably the Zionazi terrorists breached the Minsk 2.0 ceasefire straight away causing casualties in the civilian population of Novorossiya.

• Michael Hudson explains the IMF's game plan for the Ukraine and Russia - and it's not all happy peace and prosperity!

16 February 2015

• Frontline report: UAF not adhering to ceasefire, Logvinovo settlement totally and wantonly destroyed.

• Daily briefing on situation in Novorossiya: Ceasefire violations, provocations and suspicious amassing of journalists.

17 February 2015

• Frontline report; continual violations of the Minsk ceasefire agreement by the UAF
• Losses sustained by both sides during the Winter Campaign started by the UAF

• Interview with Alexei Mozgovoi interview: Sanctions, the Debaltsevo cauldron, Ceasefire violations

• Poroshenko Tweet; seeding the narrative as to who is behind their own ceasefire violations!

• NAF enters Debaltsevo and evacuates 135 civilians

• UAF carried out more ATO, (Atrocities & Terrorist Operations) against Novorossiya, destroying Homes; Ceasefire violations by "ATO" UAF.

• DPR PM Alexandr Zakharchenko interview on the current situation.

18 February 2015

• DPR PM Zakharchenko injured and recovering in hospital.

• The hopes and upbeat mood after the signing of the Minsk2 agreement - mostly dashed and forgotten by now!

• UAF Squad surrenders and is dispatched by NAF to return safely to their homes.
The difference between the civilized, respectful treatment by Novorossiya and the savagery and murderous atrocities meted out by the Zionazi fascist UAF, Azov, Dnepr, Shakhtyorsk and Holy Mary etc Death Squads.

• DPR Defense Minister: 80% of Debaltesvo is now controlled by the NAF

• Zakharchenko to a captive Ukrop: "To Poroshenko you're just a piece of meat!"

• Fierce fighting by the UAF against NAF positions in the Cauldron.
Ceasefire violations all around by the Zionazi Fascists Terrorist Operations Battalions against Novorossiya.

• Ukrainian propaganda and the reality in Crimea.
• What American 'Values & Democracy' has brought to the Ukraine; and still the Kooks are cheering for the Zionazi Fascists from the US/EU/Israel.

19 February 2015

• Daily briefing by the DPR Defence MInister.
The world should realize the tons of rockets, shells and bombs which have been falling on defenseless children, elderly and women.
We did not surrender, we fought for our rights, rights which are not different to all the conventionally guaranteed rights!
It is impossible to break us with the force of weapons. Peace is close now and we want peace.
During the last 24 hrs the UAF has violated the ceasefire 10 times.
To show are commitment to Minsk2 the DPR Defence Forces have unilaterally started to withdraw heavy armament from the frontline.
BBC and CNN were invited to attend the withdrawal but they weren't able to attend, nothing new there.
We realize that the West is not interested in objective coverage of the conflict!

• A look inside Debaltseve, abandoned equipment, corpses, chaos destruction.

• German TV channel ZDF outed for using false pictures to claim Russian Troops were present in Novorossiya.
But it is the entire western/worldwide Zio MSM which is incessantly proffering PropLies by the Garbage Truckload full on a credulous zombie public.
This is aided and led by the US Zio Think Tanks (CFR, Atlantic Council, Brookings, FP, Chicago Council on Global Affairs and many more Zio Hate Orgs of Propaganda Lies and Warmongering) which churn out paper after paper spewing PropLies about 'Russian Aggression', Russian Invasion', Russian Threats', Russian Support' and just about every possible piece of Hatred and Smear invented against Putin and Russia, which is the only force for Peace and Reconciliation, while Putin is bending over backwards to accommodate the Zio Warmongers from DC/EU/Kiev/Tel Aviv.

Sadly, contrary to all the Zio MSM PropLies, Putin has no intentions of granting the Novossiya People's wish to be reunited with Russia.
Instead he's been looking for a fair solution of Autonomy to be granted to the Russian speaking Donbass People within Ukraine, but under the orbit of a rabid Zionazi Fascist Junta driven by insane hatred and fanned by their own Zionazi Media owned by the Zio Oligarchs this is an impossible act of fanciful diplomacy.

Putin is under enormous pressure, threats and outright blackmail by the western Fascists from DC/EU, and the Sanctions and Oil price destruction has him somewhat in a corner trying to make the best of a bad situation.
Ideally he should have gone with granting their wish and accepting them into the Russian Federation at the time of the Referendum back in May 2014 where 89% and 96% of the two Republics voted for independence.

• Update on Сurrent Front-Line Situation in Donbass around Debaltsevo.
Instead of surrendering some UAF 'ATO' unites tried to break out and were stopped by NAF taking losses.

• Novorossiya flag raised over Debaltseve, a town destroyed and occupied by the UAF while thousands now surrender after running out of supplies.

• UAF surrender.
"We will give you the chance to return home and take care of you, feed you give you clothing if needed and treat you with respect. Your command has sent you to slaughter the civilian population in Novorossiya and has abandoned you".

• Aid delivered to residents in Debaltsevo

• The devastation, suffering and misery of a punitive war of destruction and Crimes against Humanity waged by the Zionazi Fascists under the control of the equally rabid Zionazi Fascists from DC.

• Fierce fighting at the Donetsk Airport.

• Total destruction and devastation at the Donetsk International Airport, built only two years ago at a cost of some $850m for the Euro 2012 football Championship

• UAF captured conscripts interviewed.

20 February 2015

• Ukrainian economy in free-fall.

• War moment.

•Abandoned Tanks of the UAF

• "Fear and Loathing in Debaltsevo" report by Steshin & Kots

• Journalists visiting the Ukrainian POWs to see the conditions they're being held in in Donetsk.

• A captive Azov regiment trooper at a press conference in Donetsk

• Daily briefing by the DPR on the current situation.

• Alexei Mozgovoi's call on mass media

21 February 2015

• Situation Update: During the last 24hrs UAF has violated the Ceasefire 51 times including 4 times using Multiple Rocket Launchers and 32 times using Artillery
Russian Emergency Aid arrives in Lugansk and Donetsk

• NAF withdraws heavy weaponry while the UAF Terrorists keep shelling towns & Donetsk Airport, Porky calls for EU Peacekeepers
Beware of 'Psaking'

• The story of the Ukrainian Crisis (Genocidal War of Crimes against Humanity)

• RT. More Psaking: "Jen Psaki sounds like Baghdad Bob" "Moodies et al are political tools downgrading Russian Debt to 'Junk' status"
Ron Paul Institute executive Director.

• POW Exchange

• DPR PM Alexandr Zakharchenko interview 19/02/15

• Young wounded UAF conscript appeals to Zionist Jew Poroshenko: "Look at what you've brought to me"

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