The Nightmare of McCain in the Senate Armed Services Committee Chair

If you’re not scared then you ought to be; and very much so!

The US electorate has spoken and handed the Obama administration a resounding defeat and the NeoCon Zio Crazies a platform to go full bore ahead into the final nightmare of WW3 and probably total annihilation of life on planet earth.

Apparently the electorate was so dissatisfied with ‘39% approval rating Obama’ for his ‘reticence’ to bomb the hell out of Syria, Ukraine, Russia, Venezuela, and who else is presently on their list of foes and resistance to their world domination, that it elected even more hawkish Crazies to ‘kick butt’, as they like to crow!

But of course the war is already in full swing, covertly, but the Zio MSM won’t let the Muppets know this; that AQ / ISIS is just another US Army Division, that CIA/Mossad ops already control the Ukraine and direct ISIS, that arms and funds are freely flowing into these covert theatres of war, that the decisions have already been made to take it to the bitter end of destroying Syria, of destroying the Ukraine and bait Russia into a shooting war with Nato, at Europe’s cost – just like WWI and WWII!

All the Sanctions, the posturing, oil price destruction and warmongering has not produced the desired effect, yet!
  • Putin is still holding out, just.
  • Russia is still standing, resisting, being what it does best; showing its urbane, humanitarian, compassionate side:
    shipping coal to a belligerent, hostile and warmongering Ukraine which can’t/won’t pay, advancing credit to a Zionazi Fascist tyranny with a death wish for its very benefactor, and coaxing and cajoling a peace process with deranged, genocidal criminals who have never adhered to any agreement and won’t respect the next pact either, just pocketing the rewards extended by Russia for being deranged Mass Murderers!
  • Russia has friends, very powerful ones, with China seeing its own security threatened and being undermined by a faltering Russia, it has but no option than to extend the hand of friendship to Russia!
  • The European captains of industry are balking at the insanity of sanctions against Russia on grounds of Sanctions for Sanctions sake to destroy a competitor!
  • The Russian people have responded by rallying around their leader, according him an approval rating of over 87%, more than double Obama's abysmal 39%!
  • The Russian people are prepared to hunker down and tough it out for as long as it takes; they won't be made vassals to the Zio Crazies for the short fix of the sugar coated 'good life' as coolies to the WS Vultures.

But Russia is the villain, must be the eternal foe, for it’s resisting being a vassal to be exploited, subjugated and controlled; walked over like a doormat!

Hold out Russia, the planet needs you; we stand with you in this dire hour of anguish and need!
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