Je suis Charlie, je suis hypocrite extraordinaire

Just a reminder that there is no limit to the utterly sickening hypocrisy and cowardice of today's ruling Politicians.

The hastily convened March of Solidarity against 'Terrorism' and for 'Free Speech' reeks not only of total hypocrisy, it also indicates that this might have been all part of the scheme, well planned in advance and all part of the package:
Pull off a FFOp as part of the Strategy of Tension. to keep the population in constant fear and terror from unpredictable and random terror attacks so that ever more onerous and fascist laws curtailing freedoms can be implemented, while at the same time showing how 'caring and concerned' and 'on the side of the people' the Politicians really are!

It's also part of the constant terror needed to keep the phony War on Terror going against Muslims, a racket that has several aims:
Keep the oil rich nations in constant chaos so they can't form a cohesive front against western aggression and to install puppet governments in vassal states too weak to be of any resistance to Israel.
It's also part of the Military Industrial Complex's feeding frenzy on the taxpayer who has to foot the bill for all the military hardware needed to massacre people by the millions in far flung places in the MENA arena.

If this sounds like broken record then here are my sincere apologies - to all the millions of victims who died and are suffering at the hands of these despicable hypocrites and mass murderers.
My sincere apologies to all the displaced, the orphans, the maimed and crippled, the destitute, the starving and sick, thanks to these satanical megalomaniacs' 'policies' in our names.

What we need is a new system, a system that holds these tyrants to account.
So let's try Direct Democracy for once, a system where the populace has the last say in ALL important matters, in matters over the lives of yourselves, your family, your children, their future and that of every human being on this planet.
But of course the fascist Oligarchy in power would never let that happen, it would end their unfettered tyrannical, parasitic rule of exploitation and oppression; something they've come accustomed to over the course of many centuries!

But it is worth fighting for:
Ελευθερία ή θάνατος
Eleftheria i thanatos!

It is time to end their tyrannical rule of Death, Destruction and Exploitation!

To add emphasis to the utter debauchery and craven treachery of these despicable politicians; Mass murdering, genocidal Netanyahu wasn’t invited and asked not to attend but he decided to crash the self-glorification orgy anyway.
And while he was delicately placed in the back rows to be out of immediate sight to all and sundry, he quickly made his way to the front row to lock arms with Poroshenko, Hollande, Cameron, Merkel and other noteworthy War Criminals and genocidal Maniacs.
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