The reasons behind the Bankster’s War against Humanity and why we must fight it!

If you had a system in place with which you could rape and plunder all of humanity by the trillions and leech off society’s productive people to your heart’s content then;

• Would you go to war, would you walk over the corpses of millions of people to create more vassal states to further the scope of your plundering?

• Would you destroy and bomb country after country back to the stone-age and leave death and destruction, DU radiation and toxic pollution in your wake just to rape and plunder even more countries and assets in pursuit of your exploitation racket?

• Would you go after and assassinate anyone, any Pundit or Leader who openly challenges your system and offers Humanity a fairer and more equitable alternative to your private Currency Crime Racket?

Rubin Greenspan Summers: Architects of total deregulation and WS rape & plunder

• Would you risk the extinction of all Life on this planet by pursuing total War against anyone who threatens your parasitic Crime Racket by implementing a fairer, more equitable and just system?

Off course not, such psychopathic behaviour is not in accord with Human Nature, it is sociopathic and it is unconscionable for most human beings, it would quite certainly not even cross your mind!

But there is a subspecies to Homo Sapiens, which clearly has no qualms perpetrating any or all of these atrocities and crimes against humanity, a genus which apparently doesn’t possess what we call a conscience, or displays any empathy, let alone compassion!

To illustrate this, following are some excerpts from a paper written by Sherree Decovny on the psychological profile of Wall Street Banksters:

“Studies conducted by Canadian forensic psychologist Robert Hare indicate that about 1 percent of the general population can be categorized as psychopathic, but the prevalence rate in the financial services industry is 10 percent. And Christopher Bayer believes, based on his experience, that the rate is higher”
“These “financial psychopaths” generally lack empathy and interest in what other people feel or think. At the same time, they display an abundance of charm, charisma, intelligence, credentials, an unparalleled capacity for lying, fabrication, and manipulation, and a drive for thrill seeking.”
“They lie to family members or others to conceal the extent of their involvement with gambling and commit forgery, fraud, theft, and embezzlement to support their habit.”

Trillion $ WS Exec Fraudsters Crims treated like royalty in Congress - Zero Prosecution!

Or as one prominent psychologist quipped: “If I weren’t studying psychopaths in prisons I’d do it on Wall Street!”

So what is this often touted Criminal Racket with which these Banksters can rape and plunder Humanity?

It really is very simple; as the maxim attributed to the House of the Rothschild states: "Let us control the money of a nation, and we care not who makes its laws."
(whether Amschel Bauer Mayer Rothschild actually uttered those words is irrelevant, they certainly acted out this motto in all its dissoluteness)

In other words, if you own and control the money, (ahem, Currency actually, Money is something of Value, whereas Currency supposedly represents that Value, so when you buy something with Gold as money you exchange Value for Value) so if you own and control the issue of Currency then you own most of the Economy!
Come again; “own most of the Economy”?
Well, under this privately owned Fiat Currency system every bit of Currency in circulation, every coin or currency unit in your pocket, or your bank account is a debt by someone to the Banksters!
That’s it; the Banksters conjure up Currency out of thin air and lend it out at interest to you, the government or companies.
Thus every Currency Unit in circulation bears interest to the Banksters!

This system has accorded the Banksters unparalleled power and the ability to acquire, sorry that is rape and plunder, unequalled caches of wealth though various means, not least of all every imaginable crime and fraud, and with complete impunity.
It has become the most egregious circuitous Crime Racket in human history (see graph); the Banksters rape and plunder Productive People and with that wealth they’ve bought off the entire system: Executive, Legislative, Judiciary, Police Watchdogs, CFTC, SEC, and every market surveillance authority and thus are immune to any prosecution from perpetrating ever more rape and plunder of the Productive People.
Ingenious, right?

They own the Puppet President or Prime Minister, they sit personally i.e. self-appointed, in Government and appoint every other position in every administration by virtue of their economic power and wealth looted from the Productive People.
They appoint Judges, CFTC, SEC, FDA, EPA, NSA, FEMA, CIA, Fed etc staff; they ARE the system!

CFTC/SEC Chairs - Zero criminal prosecution of WS Exec Crims!

Via their Lobbyists (Bribing Agents) and Think Tanks (Policy Writers) Banksters own and control Congress or Parliament and the entire process of Government.
Thus they write their own laws, exempting themselves from rules and regulations everyone else is prosecuted for, giving themselves impunity from prosecution, bailing themselves out, permitting themselves criminal activities everyone else is hounded and jailed for, exempting themselves from Bankruptcy by being allowed to commit fraud and suspending GAAP, declaring themselves TBTF and forcing tax payer funded bailouts (so they can pay themselves billion dollar taxpayer funded bonuses) etc etc; you get the drift!

It is evident that the Banksters will fight to the last drop of blood, that’s YOUR blood, to keep this parasitic Crime Racket in place and they will be the ones who will write the rules for a new Currency system when the present one collapses, as it inevitably must.

Now if the reports are correct, there were already attempts to set a new global Currency System in place for this inescapable consequence unfolding right now, but apparently the USG, that is the Bankster Government of the US, has reneged on this international agreement, as it would have involved Gold as a Monetary Asset backing new Currencies!
(Just as the Bankster Government under Nixon reneged on the Bretton Woods Agreement honouring Gold convertibility, the USG is a serial reneger)

And as every half backed mug pundit knows by now, Gold, the Banksters nemesis #1, has all been stolen and sold a hundred times over – to China and Russia and other smarter, more diligent countries. All Gold in the West has been looted by the Banksters:
  • The people’s Gold
  • The Customers’ Gold in allocated accounts
  • In pooled accounts
  • Other countries’ Gold stored with the Banksters in NY, London, Paris
  • Every ounce everywhere, stolen and sold a hundred times over and then more
  • It is being suppressed with hundredfold Naked Shorts on the Crimex in the world’s Fraud Capital, WS
  • Suppressed at the LBMA Crime Syndicate in the City, the Financial Oligarchy’s Home Fiefdom
  • And suppressed with naked OTC Fraud contracts.
So the Banksters will fight with everything they’ve got, ahem, stolen that is, to preserve their parasitic Crime Racket.

But humanity mustn’t let them get away with it yet again; this is the Opportunity of a Century, if not Millennium; to rid the planet of the Bankster scourge, to break their power over our lives, to uproot their private Fiat Crime Racket with which they can control the entire world economy and leech off Productive People by virtue of every single Currency Unit being Debt to them.

It must be self-evident by now that anyone who understands these simple truths must be outraged and willing to fight against a mere reset and rollover of the same system by the Banksters who control the financial and political system and thus are certainly the ones writing the codes for the new Currency System which will continue to enslave humanity to the Banksters in Debt in perpetuity after the coming collapse!

And fight we must; or it will be just a continuation of their Reign of Terror over Humanity!

The Banksters, that is the big Bullion firms are short Gold, hugely short, that is they’ve stolen everyone's Gold, from allocated customer's accounts and the Gold and Silver in the ETFs, in addition they've leased Gold from the Central Banks which criminally appropriated this asset belonging to the people, many tens of thousands of tons of Gold, and sold it at lower prices into the market and gambled with the proceeds.
Thus they need to perpetually suppress the price of Gold or go bust.
The way this is achieved is by writing Naked Shorts, almost in perpetuity, to keep Gold suppressed.
While the mega Bankster firms like JPM, HSBC, Scotia Mocatta, Chase, UBS, GS, BoA, Barclays, etc hold the short end, the 0.00000000000001% Execs hold the long end.
Since, in the deliberately murky world of finance where official record disclosure is sketchy and scant at best and is based on self-reporting, no one can be sure who is long and who holds the short end of reported positions, and whether any of it is true at all or not, they rig and lie about everything else so why should the COT (Commitments of Traders) report by the CFTC be any different, while the OTC market is completely opaque.

Alas, when the suppression racket breaks the super crims will benefit by the trillions – yet again while the firms go bust, or are bailed out by the tax payer or bailed in by savers under the insane, fallacious TBTF (Too Big To Fail) doctrine the Banksters implemented for themselves.

It’s a gigantic rape and plunder Fiat Crime Racket, as always at the expense of the Productive People of course, and it must be excised from the planet once and for all!

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