Questions and Reasons to suspect foul play in Germanwings flight 4U9525

First up we need to realize that the matrix in power has the intent and wherewithal to control the masses by any means and that includes withholding information, the dissemination of false information and the planting of lies and decoys.
What has been known for a very long time and has recently been confirmed again by Dr. Udo Ulfkotte in his book and widely disseminated interviews is that secret services like the CIA, MI6, Mossad and BND write false stories and force Newspapers/Journalists to put their name to it and publish it.
The rest happens automatically since all news services copy each other and particularly if one has an ‘exclusive’ as would be the case in CIA provided lies; and thus the whole planet gets saturated with this lie planted in one single news outlet.

The Germanwings story can act as an excellent case study in this.
We have story after story coming out where each is a fragment to a picture from different sources but none of them provides hard and fast proof and tangible facts. they're all but little tantalizing tidbits of information which add up to a narrative the powers decided on or are forced into to cover whatever they need to hide from the public
  • There is the voice recording allegedly showing that the Co-Pilot locked the Pilot out. Where is the voice recording proving this, but of course it would be easy to fake this since the Co-Pilot apparently never says a word and only his breathing is audible, but screaming from the passengers and and knocking on the door can supposedly be heard.
  • Then there are stories of mental illness hidden from his employer, yes we are to believe that he got away with hiding a serious mental illness from Lufthansa!
  • Then there is the ex-girlfriend who tells stories of him hinting at a big thing he’s going to pull off one day and how he’ll be remembered for that, and of mental outbursts and other bizarre behaviour which led her to dump him. Of course we’ll never know her name or whether she’s legit and really exists.
  • Then he converted to Islam and is on a Jihad doing Allah’s work.

So let's look at the course of events and some nagging irregularities which seem to throw doubt over the official narrative:
  • There was no distress call or any communications from the pilots.
  • There were no attempted or successful cell phone calls recorded from passengers during the long descent.
  • The plane took 8 mins to descend and crash at full speed.
  • French authorities immediately announced after finding the totally mangled ‘Black Box’ that they’re confident that they will be able to retrieve all data.
  • Then conflicting reports say that one Black Box had its Memory Card missing, the other was badly damaged, but then the Cockpit Voice recordings are cited as proof that the Co-Pilot was responsible.
  • On the Voice recording there is allegedly audible screaming from passengers and the breathing of the Co-Pilot, ‘proof’ he locked the Pilot out.
  • The official narrative now is Co-Pilot committed Mass Murder-Suicide in slow-motion.
  • In 1997 SilkAir Pilot took the plane into a vertical nosedive at full speed with the same aim committing Mass Murder-Suicide; the way one would expect someone to commit such and act.
  • The Daily Mail first reported eyewitnesses hearing an explosion and then seeing fighter jets screaming away from the area. These lines were later redacted and are now missing from the article, a clear cover up of facts which implicate some foul play like Remote Hijacking by these fighter jets.
  • There were eight minutes to activate the Remote Flight Control System to save the Plane after the start of the unauthorised, unscheduled descent, yet there is no evidence of this being attempted. But apparently Fighter Jets made it to the doomed plane in time for eyewitnesses to spot them right after hearing a loud bang like an explosion.
  • The story that due to DGAC Protocol Fighter Jets were scrambled to see what was going on, a mere 5 minutes before impact, and that these are the Fighters sighted by eyewitnesses makes no sense at all, it is time wise improbable and smacks of a rearguard cover-up.
  • There are no indications, and no one seemed to have had any inkling that the Co-Pilot had any intentions to perpetrate this alleged act of Murder-Suicide.
  • The missing Memory Card could easily have been taken by a team standing by near the intended crash site, before anyone else appeared on the scene, to prevent the real facts emerging and substituting them with fake ones.
Theories abound as to what rally happened to the Plane and how it came to crash at high speed into a conveniently remote area of the French Alps:
  • Official story of Co-Pilot Mass Murder-Suicide.
  • Remote Hijacking via the witnessed fighter jets.
  • CERN caused the crash.
  • US Air Force tested a High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System (HELLADS) and accidentally disabled flight 4U9525
  • Mechanical Failure; this requires the simultaneous failure of all communications and controls.
Points to consider in conjunction with this recent mysterious crash of yet another high tech modern airliner equipped with Remote Flight Control Systems.
  • MH370, MH17, QZ8501 all have a common theme; there are many irregularities and suspicious circumstanced which the official narrative can't explain away but in fact heighten the suspicion of Foul Play!
  • All three and now 4U9525 have another common theme; they are operated by countries which buck the hegemony of the Zionist-Jewish controlled Matrix of USrael! That is to say the Military/Financial Matrix of world control; USG/WS/Fed/BIS/IMF/WB/CorpAm/Israel and the City of London Banksters.
  • Malaysia upset this Zionazi Matrix with its Kuala Lumpur Trials of Bush, Cheney, Blair, Howard, the Israeli Governments, and the many other actors involved in the Crimes against Humanity.
  • Germany upset the Matrix:
    • By joining the AIIB
    • Siding with all the righteous people of the globe voting at the UN against Israel, condemning the illegal settlements on the West Bank
    • Refusing to shut down European-Iranian Trade Bank and doing brisk business with Iran
    • By thwarting the US' drive for all-out war with Russia in the Ukraine in brokering the Minsk Peace Accord and opposing the arming of the Zionazi Fascist Junta in Kiev
    • By flirting with joining BRICS
    • By demanding their Gold back (which they were refused)
    • By maintaining friendly relations with Russia and safeguarding its huge trade with the Russian Federation
    • and many more 'recalcitrant' actions of a more independent, sovereign policy defying the dictate of the Zionazi Fascist USG and the Matrix controlling it.
Never underestimate the utter depravity and callous, satanical nature of the Oligarchy in power and the lengths they will go to to stay in power and subjugate the entire planet.
What's a few hundred people on a plane to them when they destroy the lives of hundreds of millions with their contrived Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan etc etc. and killed 1.5 million in Iraq, 100,000 in Libya, 250,000 in Syria, 50,000 in Novorossiya and would without the blink of an eye massacre the entire humanity with nuclear (First Strike) war to 'prevent the rise of any power to challenge US Hegemony' as their sick Wolfowitz Doctrine prescribes!

Who is still naïve enough to believe a single word coming from any ‘Authority’, be it Politicians, Government Officials or any Department or NGO wearing the mantle of ‘Official Authority’?

After the incredible shenanigans of the MH17 enqiry where the four countries involved, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and Ukraine, signed a NDA, Non Disclosure Agreement, allowing any one of them to veto and block any ‘findings’ to be made public or to be included in any secret report!
Of course the Ukraine has all the incentives to keep the facts secret and prevent it seeing the light of public awareness. It is no secret that MH17 was shot down by Ukrainian fighter jets, it just can’t become official narrative and publicly broadcast fact.

These four conspirators blocked Malaysia from being party to the enquiry even though it was their plane and had, with 43 passengers, the second highest number of citizens on board, while Monarchy Belgium had only four passengers on board.
Time will tell but anything released and stated as facts has to be treated with the utmost caution and suspicion.
Is there a chance for an innocent explanation and that the official narrative is the correct one, yes, but minimal.
Every such FFOp leaves always loose ends they didn't anticipate and cover, but with a complicit Zio owned MSM they can get awy with it every time and their control over every government is such that they all seem to fall into line every time and go along with their totally outlandish scenarios which no one believes.
Scenarios from the passport which survived the supposed 911 smash into the twin tower and landed safely on the footpath to be conveniently found, while the entire titanium engine and plane disintegrated into nothing, same at the Pentagon - to 'Putin shot down MH17' and so on....

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