Don’t be a traitor to your country!

This article was inspired by a recent visit on holiday to a shopping centre in Thailand but is equally applicable to any country on the planet.

If you have ever walked through your local super market and deliberately looked for locally made products so you can support your country and the people of your country but found that in fact it is very difficult, you’re not alone of being fleeced and conned by a very clever, insidious strategy.

Most of the products you’ll find in the most easily accessible shelves are made in China, while the good quality Thai products are stashed and hidden away in the back-row shelves.
You’ll have to ask a shop attendant for assistance to find these locally produced products; that is if you’ll find one that’s informed enough to be able to assist you!

It is well known, and in conversation Chinese immigrants confirmed that they have been sent out to other countries by their Government to ‘facilitate trade’, that is to go to and live in other countries all over the world and start importing Chinese products to destroy the local manufacturers and economy and replace the indigenous products with goods made in China.
(What a 'nice' way to repay your host country which granted you residency and citizenship!)

It is a clear strategy and it is working so well that China has in reality already become the world’s biggest economy.

(The US still claims to be number one, but that’s based on false data and the delusion that shuffling paper, gambling with Trillions of Dollars in rigged markets and raping the planet with Fiat Currency is Economic Production.)

Thailand is running huge trade deficits with China, a situation which is totally unnecessary and is completely engineered by the people behind this insidious strategy.
Thailand is also running a huge trade deficit as a whole and in the month of January 2015 alone recorded a massive $457 million deficit; which is ฿14,864,153,500 and that’s in just one month!

This situation can not last and must be addressed and reversed or Thailand will get on the slippery slope towards IMF bailouts, and the IMF is just a tool for the Banksters to rape and plunder countries, where they print money out of nothing, lend it to the bankrupt country at interest and demand that the country 'restructure', 'open up' its economy and sell all its vital assets cheaply to the US Multinational Corporations and thus make the country even poorer still and ever more dependent on US Multinationals and foreign capital.

That’s selling your Airports, Harbours, Roads, Oil, Mining, Farmlands, Hydroelectric Dams, Power Stations and other infrastructure at discount fire-sale prices.

It is a criminal rape racket owned by the US Money Moguls who control WS, the IMF and WB (Wall Street Banks, International Monetary Fund and World Bank).

Thailand could and should be running massive trade surpluses if the people of Thailand were to be selectively and cleverly shopping and consciously supporting their great nation and its excellent products.

Countries are just like any company, person or household; you can not continue ad-infinitum spending money buying imported goods; one day every entity will run out of money and become bankrupt.
Every time you buy an imported product you’re sending money out of your country never to return and your country is that much poorer for it!

People who run the big supermarket chains have not the interests of your country at heart. In Thailand particularly they’re mostly run by people whose loyalty is more with China than with Thailand and hence Chinese products are imported instead of locally produced goods which would support Thailand.

Thailand produces most every product needed for a person’s needs; every overseas brand has a better Thai equivalent and is wholly owned by Thailand and thus retains he money within Thailand.
Even if an international brand is produced in your country, a percentage of the price you pay for the product is repatriated by the owners of the brand and this could amount from 10 to 20%.

Another con is to say that Thai people are living in China and are producing a certain product. But the reality is that:
  1. No Thai person gets employed to produce this product, and
  2. The money you pay still leaves the country and enriches China and makes Thailand that much poorer.
On the whole Thai products are of a better quality and thus represent much better value. People are always fooled, partly out of greed, partly out of the erroneous notion that cheaper is better value, into buying the cheaper Chinese products, but end up paying more in the long run, since these cheap products don’t last very long.
Often they break on first use as is frequently experienced.

Another scam is the dumping of products.
If you encounter a pile of cheap Chinese products sold in the open area in your shopping centre or supermarket, imported by the container loads and sold at absolute knockdown, loss making prices, the Chinese are not doing this out of kindness or charity for you!

The strategy of dumping hugely discounted products is to undercut and destroy the local manufacturers so that in future only the Chinese imports are available and the local manufacturing base is destroyed.

So remember, every time you buy any product, always make sure you’re supporting your country, your producers, your workers your people – and that’s YOU!

After all, if your money leaves the country then your nation will be that much poorer and eventually China will own all of your country, which will end up bankrupt and a vassal to its new owners!
Money is Power!

China is waging an economic war against the world and your country, and don’t you be an unwitting or even willing participant in destroying your own country with thoughtless and careless shopping habits.

But you can help by shopping only for locally produced products, educating your friends and family and by spreading the message so that people start waking up!
Remember this is economic Warfare and if everyone is consciously and conscientiously doing their shopping in an ethical fashion this war can be won!

Then there is the ecological dimension which must be taken into consideration when doing your shopping. It makes no sense to burn finite fossil fuels, shipping products from far awy countries to destroy the local economy in another country and which makes the imported product’s Ecological Footprint that much larger and which is now anathema to conscientious shopping.

Don’t be an Eco-Terrorist and above all don't be a Traitor to your country!

The King of Thailand has worked tirelessly for a lifetime to better the lives of his subjects and to make Thailand economically stronger and more self-sufficient by implementing and fostering economic programs designed to achieve this goal.
It is ironic that his adoring people are recklessly undermining, and in some cases treacherously sabotaging his noble aspirations and lifetime work by irresponsibly shopping and importing foreign goods to replace better local products.
This ranges from Cars to equipments to food, drinks, clothing, cosmetics, household consumables to high tech gadgets, stereos, TVs, etc all of which are locally produced, some as Thai owned brands, some at least as foreign brands but still made in Thailand.
The consumer in Thailand has a huge choice for products, and with a little discernment every product can be locally sourced and thus the Thai economy and country supported - like a true patriot who really loves his country!

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