Updates to the Ukrainian Revolution of ‘Dignity’, Page 3!

Continuous Updates to the
Chronicles of a 'Revolution of Dignity'

16 March 2015

• Press TV: Poroshenko✡ in Germany says Novorossiya violates Ceasefire, Truce Deal Not Working; (and no, he didn't even blush)

• Daily News Update: OSCE under attack from Uke forces, they knew that the OSCE will be at the Donetsk Airport; Ukes violated the 'Ceasefire' 25 times in the last 24hrs; Finnish Journalist beaten by Ukes for telling the facts of Uke ceasefire violations; President Grybauskaite "Lithuania already under attack"; EU's Tusk off to DC for more Warmongering.

• UT TV, Ukraine Today, trying to debunk rumors that their fascist Zionazi Government is killing off opposition politicians saying they are just 'suicides'!

• Poroshenko✡ Double Speak: Mobilisation / Demobilisation - Peace working / Not working;
Ukraine Demobilization Start: President says 35,000 servicemen to return home from east Ukraine

• DC Warmonger #1 McInsane interview: Arm the Ukraine; I'm ashamed of my country.... etc - but keep your Sickbag handy!

• Poroshenko Submits ‘Special Status’ Bill: Ukraine's parliament to vote on the bill this week, however areas 'captured after September 19 2014 are not to be included.

17 March 2015

• News Update: Uke Terrorist forces violated the 'truce' 34 time during the last 24hrs; Poroshenko submits law for special status of Novorossiya to Rada but as part of the Minsk accord the leaders of Donetsk and Lugansk must approve and sign the law first and they haven't seen this proposed law yet.

• Daily News: Since Minsk-2 comes into force the Uke Terrorists violated the ceasefire 8,254 times;
Uke Terrorists opened fire at DPR truck and murdered 2 men - (an attempt was made to advise the OSCE of this latest violation but they were all caught in bed with the Terrorists)

• Daily News: Drunk Uke tank driver runs into pedestrians and kills girl causing outrage and some retaliation against Uke Terrorist Forces

• Daily News: Riots after drunk Uke Tank driver kills an eight year old child and a woman; Poroshenko✡ declares War in Transnistria to 'unfreeze' the conflict and re-integrate Transnistira into Moldova; During the past 24hres the Fascist Uke forces violated the ceasefire at least 19 times destroying homes;

• A semi objective article in the Guardian on the Tartars in Crimea:
“In the incomplete year of 2014, Russia spent as much as Ukraine did in the previous seven years on issues of housing and support for Crimean Tatars,” said Smirnov, who heads the region’s committee on inter-ethnic relations.

• The Ukrainian's dirty tricks continue with their bill for limited self rule in Donetsk and Lugansk. while the to republics were not consulted first and didn't sign this bill it will not include all the territories of Donetsk and Lugansk. And it come only into force after local elections were held in the Eastern Region, a clear breach of the Minsk Accord.

Ukraine votes to approve ‘special status’ to rebels in the East

And endless subtle Propaganda Lies from every News outlet in the Western world:
Fighting continues Three government soldiers died on Tuesday, with five injured. Separatist fire caused some of the casualties and the others occurred when a military vehicle drove over a landmine, spokesman Andriy Lysenko told reporters, though he did not give precise tolls for the various incidents. Ukrainian officials have complained daily that separatists continue to launch grenades, mortar and small arms fire from their positions. The opposition fighters - who seized control of some parts of eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions last year after Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine - also accuse the government of violating the ceasefire.
While of course the truth is the exact opposite, but that's not the prescribed narrative of the Zionazi Fascists from DC.

• China ordered over 600,000 tons of Corn from the Ukraine snubbing the US suppliers.
Some of the Ukraine cargoes for April-May shipment were struck at about 1,500 yuan ($240) per tonne, including cost and freight, said one buyer. The price is about 60 percent lower than domestic corn quoted at 2,490 yuan per tonne in the major port of Shenzhen. U.S. corn is quoted about 80 yuan ($13) per tonne cheaper than Ukraine corn, traders said. "Some mills expect to get import quotas by the end of this month or next month," the buyer said.

• Russia says it will not hand back Crimea to Ukraine
Of course not, it's been part of Russia for over 200 years.

• UAF deserter wants to join the Novorossiya defence forces.

18 March 2015

• Zakharchenko: Kiev has deliberately destroyed the Minsk Agreement; Kiev doesn't want Peace it wants to destroy Novorossiya with violence and sanctions;

• Daily News

• Ukrainians show their true Zionazi Fascist nature of deranged barbarity and subhuman hatred and viciousness - just like their brethren in Isrehell.

19 March 2015

• The 3 plans of Petro Poroshenko✡

• Daily News Update: Uke Terrorist forces continue the shelling of residential areas of Donetsk; Rada declares DPR and LPR as occupied territories; Rada re-interprets Minsk agreement and is not ratifying the "Special Status" Bill until elections have been held in these areas - this is a breach of the ill-fated Minsk accord.

• Zakharchenko Presser: The sense of this bill is zero; Poroshenko✡ completely ignores all his promises made in Minsk; How can the Ukrainian People live with such a president;
Ukrainian jurno asks what would satisfy him:
Zakharchenko: Determination of the DPR and LPR according to the borders of these former Oblasts, withdrawal of all Uke forces from our territory, Sit down and negotiate with us how we are going to live with each other, trade, economic ties - that's what is in the Minsk agreement. That's what we've negotiated, that's what we've delivered.

• Zakharchenko: Kiev violates all Minks Agreement Points, it's sabotage of the Agreement,
The Ukrainian Military are attempting to take the Spartak Settlement and approaches to the Kuibinshevsky District of Donetsk from Peski direction by storm since the day before yesterday. They are using tanks, we’re repelling them with light armaments, this morning we’ve driven ours to their position
Yesterday's action in the Rada has basically annulled the Minsk Agreement;
The responsibility rests with Germany and France, they gave assurances that the Minsk Agreement will be fulfilled.
Our intel tell us that Kiev is strengthening their forces and is planning an offensive in the near future, we are intensely preparing for our self defence.

• Eduard Basurin: While the Novorossiya people repair the damage caused by the Uke Terrorists these same Terrorists keep violating the cease fire, firing shells and rockets into residential areas, targeting Novorossiya self defense vehicles killing 3 service men; 32 shellings have occurred in the last 24 hrs by the Uke Terrorists.

• Aleksandr Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitskiy stated that any further discussions with Kiev are only possible after the cancellation of the Rada's and Poroshenko's shameful decision.
(To unilaterally introduce the “Special Status Bill” without consulting with Novorossiya, to only include the territories held along the frontline on the 19th of September, and to ratify the bill only after elections were held in these ‘territories’ according to ‘Ukrainian law’! All in flagrant violations of the Minsk Agreement.).
Uke attacks on Novorossiya continue.
Uke Terrorist Forces are staging False Flag Ops with their Terrorists wearing Novorossiya uniforms - Video Crews at the ready to spread the lies.

• Ukraine is a country of Peace and I'm the President of Peace!
• Zionazi Fascist Rothschild✡ owned Reuters:

Biden, Ukraine's Poroshenko✡ agree Russia sanctions must be tied to Minsk

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko✡ agreed in a telephone call on Wednesday that sanctions against Russia must be tied to the full implementation of the Minsk peace plan, the White House said.

"As long as Russia continues to fuel violence and instability in Ukraine, the international community must be prepared to increase the costs to Russia for pursuing such actions," it said in a statement.

Biden also welcomed the decision by the Rada (Ukrainian parliament) to confer special status on rebel-controlled eastern regions and grant them limited self-rule - but only once local elections had been held under Ukrainian law, which caused anger in Moscow.
• While using heavy artillery and tanks to shell and bombard Donetsk and other towns the Uke Propaganda Ukraine Today reports:
Ukraine completes withdrawal of heavy weapons from contact line.

And now for the ULTIMATE Hypocrisy and deluded Arrogance:

Ukraine prepares to send Hague Tribunal evidence of militant crimes against humanity

Ukrainian PM urges Putin's recent documentary be used as evidence at any future tribunal

Ukraine's Security Service has forwarded three books to Ukraine's Prosecutor General, with evidence of war crimes commited by Russian-backed militants in east Ukraine. The documents are destined to be used at the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

Last month, Ukrainian MP's took a symbolic step for The Hague to investigate potential war crimes by Russia and militant group leaders with a parliamentary vote to appeal to the International Criminal Court.

In a statement, lawmakers requested a case be opened dating back to February 2014 about events that quote ‘led to particularly serious consequences and mass murder of Ukrainian civilians'.

Parliament said in a statement: "Since spring 2014, Ukraine has been suffering from continued military aggression of Russia and Russia-backed militants, during which Crimea and Sevastopol were annexed…. and parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions have been occupied. Thousands of Ukrainian citizens have been killed, including children; thousands of people injured, the infrastructure of the whole region destroyed, and hundreds of thousands of people were forced to flee from their homes."

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk requested last week for a Russian documentary trailer about Moscow's takeover of Crimea to be sent to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

The parliamentary vote may be difficult to act upon as Ukraine has yet to ratify the Rome Statute, the treaty covering international investigations into accusations of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

21 March 2015

• Novorossiya Rescue workers came under fire while looking for Uke Terrorist Corpses at the Donetsk Airport from Uke Terrorist Forces!
Uke Police arrest Protesters after a drunk Uke soldier killed a girl and a women, Police are authorized to use live rounds on people;

• Continuous Ceasefire violations by the Uke Terrorists Forces with Mortars, Automatic Grenade Launchers, Machine Guns etc;
From 25th March the DPR will introduce a multi Currency System with the Ruble and US$ and start to withdraw the toxic Hryvna;

• Oligarch Gang Feuds over Billion Dollar Assets takes to armed takeover:
Kolomoyskiy seizes Ukrtransnafta Headquarters with his heavily armed hoodlums to oust newly appointed Head Yuri Miroshnik to re-instate his ousted ally Alexander Lazarko accused of embezzlement of H2.5 million;

• News Updates

• Assassination attempt on Givi

◘ During the last 24 hrs Uke Terrorist Forces violated the Ceasefire 51 times with heavy armory;

• News Updates: Novorossiya's own Mobile nearing completion;
Uke Terrorists destroy a vital Rail Bridge connecting LPR with Ukraine;

• Bankrupt Ukraine has money to build its very own Wall of Delusions, to keep out the Russians - or is it to keep the impoverished, conscripted, oppressed, and Nazified Ukes in?

• More on Kolomoiskiy's Banditry:
Ukrainian Oligarch under fire after night raid on state oil firm
But Poroshenko said the Oligarch would be issued with a "reprimand" for his behavior.
How nice, he will be politely told that taking 30 armed gangsters into the HQ of a state owned company to reinstate his criminal ally is not ok - the Ukraine of US/EU Values!

• Brainwashed or is it Brain-dead Stoltenberg regurgitates the hackneyed lie that Russia has troops in the Ukraine while Nudelman giggles on.
Stoltenberg: Nato is a defensive alliance - Tell that to the 100,000 massacred in Libya, or the 250,000 slaughtered in Syria with NATO proxies like SFA, ISIS, al Nusra etc, or the people in Serbia who got bombed by this 'Defensive Alliance'.
23 March 2015

• During the last 24hres the Ukes violated the Ceasefire 41 times.
Huge column of Armored Vehicles seen driving towards Kostyantynivk

• Comedy hour with Deputy Commander of "Anti Terrorist operation" Colonel Fedichev listing the losses of the Self Defence forces..........

Meet Mr. Kolomoyskiy, such a nice, polite and civilized man like all Ukrainians - and particularly his fellow Chooze!

• A look at what "President of Peace" Poroshenko did to the $700,000,000 Donetsk Airport where still countless of his conscripts are buried and can't be retrieved since his Army of Peace is constantly shelling the Novorossiya Rescue workers.

• Stratfor Director George Friedman: The Goal of the US is to prevent an alliance between Germany and Russia; Build a Cordon Sanitaire to isolate Russia;
What he is not openly enunciating is the proclaimed aim to prevent the emergence of Russia to challenge the US, economically and militarily, by ANY means, even the Nuclear Option which is a seriously studied scenario and in full preparation by the Zionazi Lunatics in DC!
First Strike tactics - Nuclear War - Total annihilation of Life on this Planet - the Truman-Wolfowitz-Brzezinski Doctrine of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) but if they just can get away with a First Strike...... Yes totally insane!

• Igor Strelkov: I won't go back to Novorossiya as it would cause division an upheaval in the power structure.

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