MH17, BRICS and the German & Dutch Gold

The debauched yet insouciant intrigues of international politics!

The Dutch stunned the world with their announcement that they secretly repatriated 122.5 tons of their Gold from the NY Fed.

This surely must have riled the Germans who requested to repatriate their gold holding of 1,530 tons, also ‘safely stored’ at the NY Fed (out of a total of 3,396 tons).

After many refusals and unseemly bartering the Germans were promised they’d get 300 tons back – over a period of seven, (7) years! Yes, it takes seven years to ship that tiny tonnage from NY to Berlin!

That’s some 40 odd tons per year, but lo and behold, they got a paltry 5 tons shipped the first year, with Gold Bars which had to be re-refined and recast.
Clearly the Fed doesn’t have the Gold, it has been long since leased and sold a hundred times over – yes that’s not a misprint, Gold Bullion Banking is the same criminal fraud as the other Heist of the Millennium, normal Banking - just worse!
It is Fractional Reserve Lending, a practice dating back centuries which allows the Banksters to print ‘money’, currency actually, and lend it out at interest; if YOU do that it’s called forgery and you’ll be jailed for a very, very long time indeed.
With Gold they just sell Naked Shorts on the Comex, or call it ‘rehypothecation’ of an asset. They do the same with your house or any asset; sell it a hundred times over (rehypothecate), pocket the money and lend it out at interest or gamble with it in their Casino called ‘Futures Market or Banking or OTC trades, CDS etc’!

What the Headlines really should have read!

Now the Dutch joined with the Ukraine, Australia and Belgium in an agreement of the Joint Investigation Team, JIT into the MH17 Atrocity, which gives veto power to any signatory member to keep any findings secret.
Malaysia has explicitly been excluded from the JIT, and hence obviously also from this pact, even though it was their plane and had 44 Malaysian nationals on the doomed airliner, whereas Australia had 27 nationals on board!
Such an agreement and secrecy is unprecedented in any Air Accident Investigation, it is an affront to humanity as such per se, but there is more.
All evidence points to a premeditated crime against yet another Malaysian Airlines Plane, this after MH370, and the trail leads to the highest echelons in Washington and most likely Tel Aviv.
The Ukraine is swarming with Israeli and US mercenary operatives from the CIA/Mossad and it is very safe to construe that an operation of this gravity was not planned and executed by an isolated rogue element.

What an incredible coincident!

In fact the entire operation, though deeply flawed otherwise we wouldn’t be privy to so much cogent evidence of the guilt of the aforementioned parties, all was well planned with very specific objectives in focus, including the instant puerile, nauseating vilification of Putin and the Novorossiyan Self Defence Forces in the Eastern Ukraine!

Germany is secretly toying with the idea of joining BRICS and the BRICS nations are busy accumulating vast amounts of Gold to soon change to a Gold Trade Settlement System, as opposed to the US$, which currently is still widely used in international trade.
This is a fair and equitable system, and is a logical step after seven decades of the most horrific experience with the US$ as the World Reserve Currency.

Evidence Screaming False Flag Op

It is a logical conclusion that Germany was refused their Gold since the departure of Germany from the US sphere of control, over to the Eastern/South Alliance of the BRICS would spell disaster for the Zionazi US/UK/EU club of world hegemony and exploitation based on their Fiat Currency Crime Racket!

The Netherlands was rewarded for their cooperation in keeping any, all in fact, findings secret which would implicate the US/Ukraine/Israel cabal in the shooting down of MH17.

We know that the Fed/USG-ESF has sold all their Gold and everyone else’s Gold as well, so where is this gold coming from?
Is it Gaddafi/Libya’s 144 tons of Gold stolen by the Zionazi NATO Fascists? Oh no, that probably went to Hugo Chavez/Venezuela, which repatriated 160 tons from London. Or is it the Ukraine’s 43 tons of stolen Gold, well that wouldn’t go far enough.
Or is it some of the 60,000 tons stolen by the Banksters across the western world? That is everyone’s Gold from private customer’s allocated accounts to the Saudi’s and other oil exporting nations’ Gold to the very wealthy Asian clan’s Gold.

Or is it GLD’s Gold and replaced with ‘Gold in transit’, i.e. gold that’s being mined, made into dore and sent to refineries?
Or is some of the 45 tons Venezuela was recently conned to ‘lease and swap’ to GS, or the gold of sovereign nations stored in London?
Who knows where they stole that Gold from, but as sure as Gold is Banksters’ nemesis #1, it’s not the original Dutch Gold!

• Now this of course is all just pure conjecture, no one would ever contemplate that such depravity and unspeakable criminality festers amongst our esteemed western leaders!

Mark Rutte is a deeply compromised individual with the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State investigating his participation and role in murder and ritual killing of children.
“I was there, I saw the whole thing. I was told they were kids from the juvenile detention centres in Brussels. They were let loose naked in the forest and hunted down and shot. The killers included Prince Friso of Holland and his wife’s friend, the billionaire George Soros, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and Prince Albert of Belgium. After they shot down the young ones they cut off the boys’ penises and held them up like trophies, cheering and applauding.”

Elites love compromised politicians, they are easily controlled and blackmailed; just a few deeply compromised individuals come to mind: Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Rutte, Harper, Cameron, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney etc, all with a trail of blood, murder, drug dealings, fraud, blackmail and countless other crimes to their rap sheet.
Harper and Cameron both are also wanted for questioning by the ITCCS for participation in Ritual Murder of Children!

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