Obama’s American Exceptionalism and the CIA & SOCOM Assassins

The marvels of having undergone a Conscience Lobotomy and/or re-programming as a Killer Automaton for the Zionazi Fascist Oligarchy!

“America must always lead on the world stage. If we don’t, no one else will. The military that you have joined is and always will be the backbone of that leadership.”
• The mentality of a Mobster, a Terrorist or just a deranged, power-drunk Commander in Chief with the biggest Killing Machine on the planet at his disposal?

“I believe in American Exceptionalism with every fiber of my being.”
• Delusions of a retarded jingoist or just a zealot believing his own deranged rhetoric and lies?

The US certainly has shown ‘exceptional Leadership’ in the use of its military; it invaded 70 countries, assassinated some 30 foreign leaders and attempted to kill as many again, effected ‘Regime Change’ in countless countries and has ongoing overt/covert Ops in 134 countries around the globe, that’s 70% of the planet’s sovereign countries!

The Special Operations Command, under which some of these covert Terrorists from the 'Exceptional People's Republic' operate, has an official budget of over $10bn alone, then add to that what they make in drug dealing, illicit arms sales and other criminal activities and the cash sloshing around for these Merchants of Death is staggering. And then there's the CIA, a much larger Terror Organisation again with a budget many multiples of that and sponsorship from CorpAm/WS/Military Industrial complex for whom they really 'work'!

The SOCOM's numbers alone officially are in the 70 thousands and are engaged in every shade of covert ops from assassinations, kidnappings, FFOps and Terrorism of every kind to fomenting insurrection, Civil War and any kind of unrest and destabilisation the USG wants in any given country, just like the CIA.

Some 13,000 operations have officially been carried out by the CIA alone, but all these numbers are ‘official’ and could be multiples of what’s admitted to, from the budged, to the personnel to the operations.

Today there is turmoil orchestrated across the globe by these covert subversive Terrorist Ops from the Exceptional People.
From Syria where they are embedded with ISIS – the US Army division out of uniform in Muslim Garb, to the Ukraine where they are embedded in the Zionazi government, Nazi army, Zionazi Azov death Battalions, to the covert actions in fomenting uprisings and civil war in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Hong Kong, China, East Turkistan, Russia, Venezuela, Ecuador and wherever you find unsavoury elements stirring up trouble, they are there active in financing, supporting, printing pamphlets, coining slogans, supplying logistics, guns, snipers, arms, media access, anything that furthers the insurrection cause against democratic governments not kowtowing to US dictate.

The Empire of total Chaos and Crimes against every Law, Convention, Agreement and moral and ethical Standards!

Exceptional Leadership from the Exceptional People!
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