Plans for World War 3, if all else fails go to War

War is profitable – for some, the same ones who own the puppet government, the very same ones who own the Wall Street mega Banks, the Military Industrial Complex, CorpAm
– the same ones who control the CFR, Atlantic Council, AIPAC, Brookings etc who in turn write ‘Policy’, the same ones who appoint the stooge in the WH and appoint the Cabinet and Fed – a veritable Bar Mitzvah on steroids!

But the days of the Empire are numbered, the smell of Death lingers putrid in the air, its one single underpinning pilar, Satan’s $ is being chipped away, dismembered, cast aside, piece by piece:

• Currency Swap agreements all over the place

• Oil/Gas deals in other Currencies; Euros, Rubles, Yuan

• Trade Deals excluding the Empire of Terror

• Alternatives to the IMF, Fiat $$$, SWIFT Visa/Mastercard are emerging

• Gold is emerging from its Empire imposed slumber since that infamous, fateful day 15 August 1971, which allowed the Empire to print with abandon and fund a gigantic military to build a global Empire of oppression and exploitation.

• The 22,000 tons of Gold the US held after WW2 are long gone in the price suppression crime to excise Gold from the system - since Gold prevents the unlimited printing of Fiat. And the many, many tens of thousands of tons looted from the people of Asia, courtesy of the Imperial Japs, has long since been squandered on Black Ops, Regime Change schemes, propping up all the unsavoury puppet tyrants and regimes the Exceptional People put in power from Japan to Saudi Arabia, from the Philippines to Chile, from Egypt to Jordan etc. • The people of the planet had a guts full of the Exceptional Empire’s perpetual War Crimes against Humanity and are fighting back

So what’s left - go to all out War and take everyone down with you; the ultimate Spite of a losing, chastened Tyrant Bully!

This is one scenario espoused by some pundits, though it’s doubtful whether the Zionazi Oligarchy in DC has the cranial substance to ever contemplate, in their delusional hubris and utter contempt for humanity, that their Empire of Death and Destruction built on exploitation and oppression could ever falter.

But if all else fails, that’s their last ditch Crime plan against Humanity so as not to concede any advantage to productive humanity, the masses of people and nations they’ve exploited for so long with their Fiat Confetti, WS, IMF and CorpAm always there to rape and plunder.
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