Fascism is back in Europe, fully sanctioned

Wherever you look, from the Ukraine Zionazi fascist massacres, atrocities and genocide, to violent protests in Brussels, Prague, Greece and all across the Nobel Prize winning EU, Fascism has not only resurfaced but is now official, sanctioned policy from the highest Jesuit/Zionazi self appointed Regime in Brussels to their puppeteers in DC – as long as the Zionazi atrocities are directed at the arch nemesis Putin/Russia, anything is fair game.

But as with all bigotry and hate based dogmas, they have a nasty habit of backfiring and biting the hands that lead them…….
But the Satanist Puppeteers are bereft of such insight and will always try and further their aims with whatever venal, atrocious ideology they can mobilize the masses with.
The Crusaders tried it unsuccessfully massacring anything that stood in their way and with 'god' on their side! Hitler tried it - it lasted for a few years then it annihilated him, Hirohito and his minions tried it, they massacred 30 million all across Asia with the utmost savagery, hatred and contempt for all other races and then got beaten into submission and never recovered - they're still a vassal to the victors. The Zionazis in Palestine do it right now and have so for the last 60 years massacring indiscriminately on the basis that the Palestinians are just Goyim, Cattle, Sub-humans, well actually not even humans, more like 'animals' as they like to call the rightful owners of the land they stole and squat on; Palestine.
Israhell has its day of reckoning coming to it someday soon.

Now the Zionazi Fascists from DC and the EU adopted it to get at Putin/Russia and it blossoms right across the noble EU, till the Beast eats its own!

The atrocities couldn’t be more egregious and depraved, the dehumanisation of the Russian population in the Eastern Ukraine is taken straight out of the Nazi’s rulebook – just worse.

It’s gone part underground, part overt and from the very top at that; the ‘President’ the Exceptional People from the western ‘democratic’ Free World like to schmooze with and uphold as the New Democratic Face and fruit of a ‘Grassroots velvet Revolution of Dignity’ has declared them Nonhuman in as many words and decrees!
Sorry if you feel nauseous at that notion, but that’s how the Zionazi propaganda and policy is now played on the sheeples across the globe!
Nothing is too depraved, too sick or deranged; as long as it fits into the overarching policy anything is employed.

And what’s this overarching policy?
The prevention of any rivalling power, the enslavement and vassalisation of EVERY nation on the planet for exploitation and as puppets that can be used for any purpose from UN votes to allies who fight your wars against any perceived fabricated conjured up enemy.

An empire of total control; total hegemony!
The Exceptional Zionazi US Empire!

Live Organ Harvesting

Assassinations of Russian speaking civilians
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