Dogs of War, or how the Zionazis declared open hunting season on the Goyim

The Nobel Laureate is a busy man, overseeing the Democratisation and Pacification of so many ‘Tyrannical Regimes’ and Rogue States all across the globe with his armies in and out of uniform.

Some Dogs of War are official and wear uniforms, like NATO, but first he needs to send in his incognito armies out of uniform, the Zio MSM calls them AQ, al Nusra or ISIS etc, to stir things up and pave the way for the real heavy Democratizing Bombs to be delivered to countries like Libya and Syria.
In the Ukraine, that is Novorossiya, the use of Zionazi Battalions are employed with great success in Democratizing the pagans with Democracy Genocide, Democracy Ballistic Missiles, Democracy Howitzer Bombardments, Democracy Sniper killings, Democracy Massacres and Democracy Organ Harvesting.

Then the odd shooting down of a Passenger Airliner full of people from a far flung country which dared to challenge the Zionazi ̶T̶ᴇ̶ʀ̶ʀ̶ᴏ̶ʀ̶ɪ̶s̶ᴛ, sorry that’s ƊЄMƠƇƦƛƬƖȤƖƝƓ Matrix, by holding War Crimes Tribunals punctuates the Democratizing process. Also a good old inferno in a Trade Union building full of people helps the cause of Democratizing the unruly natives who obviously are in need of some good old fashioned Western Style Civilizing!

In case anyone has any objection to the term Zionazi, well that is a lovingly used pet name for ‘Democracy People’ who follow a Nazi doctrine hating everyone including Jews and are financed and controlled by Jewish Zio Fascist Oligarchs, who stole their wealth from them in the first place, quite quaint really!

Ah yes, Obama’s Dogs of War, well trained, armed, financed and controlled by an entire coalition of likeminded Democratizing individuals like Mr. Democracy himself King Abdullah, Democracy Erdogan, Cameron, Hollande, some nice democratic Emir from Qatar and other Democratic Philanthropists.

In all some 14 million people are already experiencing blissful Democracy right now away from their homes in some Democracy Camp, while some two million have already achieved complete Democratic Enlightenment and were allowed to depart to their Democratic Heaven thanks to these selfless Benefactors from the land of Zion.

Are there any other countries which would like to be gratefully Democratized by the Exceptional People from Zio DC; may we suggest Venezuela, Russia, Iran, China, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan, oh the list of eager countries goes on and on……
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