Berating Putin - Washington's Arrogance, Condescension and Delusions!

Would the real Vladimir please stand up!

On the one hand Vladimir Putin is displaying a demure, acquiescent public face, one far more commensurate with that of a dependant vassal coolie than that of the leader of a superpower.

His public utterings must be intended to be pleasing the zio fascist masters of the universe from the DC/WS/City/London matrix of financial rape, perpetual war and global hegemony.
Though on the other hand he seems to assiduously be working on the downfall and demise of these self-appointed Emperors over humanity, with the declared ‘de-dollarisation’ and implementing alternatives to the western controlled financial clutches. There is the BRICS Development Bank, the pricing of Russian Energy in Rubles, Yuan and Gold, the development to an alternative to SWIFT, and the extended use of Gold for trade settlement.
There are many unanswered questions; is he completely abandoning Novorossiya, Syria, Iran, or is he merely playing a coy game of deception. As a trained KGB apparatchik he must be well honed in the skills of covert ops and con games and lulling his opponent into a false sense of security and disseminating false trails which mislead the predator into a trap.
Is his public posturing merely such chess playing; judo moves to get the opponent off balance and to stumble over his own hubris?
Time will tell, his demeanour is difficult to read, but his track record however gives us confidence that he is still onside with the good fight and humanity, which frets over the Zio Fascist onslaught on the planet.

The likes of Kerry, Obama and their zio handlers better take heed that a cornered bear might be very unpleasant to deal with if provoked once too often, and their public belittling and berating certainly doesn’t go unnoticed – as the saying goes; Drop by drop the cup is filled and one day it runneth over!

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