Obama's 39% approval rating and why Dems lost the election

Just another day at the Oval Office!

With the Ultra Zionazi Dems being clobbered by the Ultra-Ultra Zionazi Reps and Obama dropping to another new low in his approval ratings it’s judicious to examine the reasons for the disdain the US electorate has for this perpetual War Criminal and globally wanted villain and perpetrator of Crimes against Humanity, Terrorism, Extrajudicial Murder and War Crimes.

The 39% approval rating is not the full story in fact. With a massive 56% disapproval rating he's probably the worst performing puppet stooge to ever been put into the WH by TPTB, as measured by the notoriously unreliable and skewed opinion polls.
The question as to why is the most telling part.

Americans are bombarded incessantly by the redneck warmongering Zio MSM with lies about the evils of Assad, Iran, Putin, Maduro, Dilma Rousseff and on an on, so much so, that to these deluded zombie pundits Obama is in fact not aggressive enough, not bombing enough countries, not massacring and assassinating enough ‘recalcitrant’ leaders of sovereign countries!

They disapprove of the lie that Obama supposedly is not in there boots ‘n all in Syria, Iran, Ukraine, Russia, Argentina, Venezuela bombing, killing, assassinating, destroying and Regime changing Rambo style; which in fact he already is, surreptitiously, covertly, with proxies, front orgs, contract killers and hired thugs!
The Zombie electorate would have the US War Machine ‘teach lessons’ round the clock to every leader they can’t completely control and subjugate.

Thus ironically, if the truth were to be told to the US Zombie electorate about the real nature of ISIS, the Zionazi Genocidal Mass Murderers in the Ukraine, the AQ thugs in Libya, if they were to be told that they are Obama’s agents, armies, terrorists, mass murderers, beheaders, assassins, gang rapists and sex slave traffickers acting at his and Israel’s behest, they’d probably accord him with the highest approval rating for any incumbent stooge in history!
An Oxymoron spawned by Zio MSM induced Insanity?
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