Obama's UN speech and Ebola, USG's latest Bio Weapon release

In case you’ve missed the ‘incredible’ Obama Speech at the UN, which prompted Dr. Paul Craig Roberts to comment:
“Obama’s September 24 speech at the UN is the most absurd thing I have heard in my entire life. It is absolutely amazing that the president of the United States would stand before the entire world and tell what everyone knows are blatant lies while simultaneously demonstrating Washington’s double standards and belief that Washington alone, because the US is exceptional and indispensable, has the right to violate all law.
It is even more amazing that every person present did not get up and walk out of the assembly!”

Everyone knows that the Zionazi Junta in the Ukraine came illegally to power thanks to the machinations of US Front Orgs via the ‘Subversion Ops Centre’, aka US Embassy, pumping $5bln into insurrection and subversive activities buying off traitors and funding agents and snipers to really set the place ablaze!
It’s now also widely known that ISIS is just another NATO force perpetrating the most heinous atrocities and crimes against humanity on behalf of their masters in DC, London, Riyadh, Tel Aviv, Qatar and Ankara.
Yet, what is now becoming ever more evident is that Ebola is just another one of these deranged psychopaths’ atrocities against humanity, and as Professor Boyle asserts, is clearly a Bio Weapon’s release by the Exceptional People from DC.

Bio Weapons Expert: Ebola Outbreak Is A USG Bio Weapon Release

But the Zionazi Matrix in power is sticking together like the proverbial to the blanket and are covering and protecting each other to the hilt. Cameron’s speech is a follow up on Obama’s verbal diarrhoea and equally nauseating, to say the least!
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