The folly of NSA spying to save a crumbling Empire

If there is one thing the Zionazi Oligarchy ruling the planet fears the most, then it is the death of their single means of staying in power; Satan’s Currency!
It’s the unlimited printing of Fiat confetti $$$ which accords them the means to fund a gigantic military and support their empire of exploitation and oppression through force and brutality, it’s their single prop on which the entire Zionazi Tyranny rests to keep them in power via their military and secrete services brute force and prowess.

Gaddafi was swiftly massacred and his country and entire legacy of progress, prosperity, peace and equality destroyed with unprecedented savagery and conniving by the US and its NATO coolies, misusing a ‘No Fly Zone’, which was UN approved, alas all based on lies and a fabricated, paid for insurgency with controlled AQ mercenaries. His crime was the suggestion and promotion of a Pan African Gold Backed Dinar, a brilliant idea which would have given humanity a glimmer of hope in spelling the beginning of the end of the Fiat $ Crime Racket, which feeds and sustains the endless criminal wars of aggression and Crimes against Humanity.
With Gaddafi, a champion of the peoples on the entire planet was callously and cowardly slaughtered by the Zionazi cabal and with him the hopes for a fair and equitable Currency which can’t be printed by the trillions and used to fund Wars and an exploitative Empire.

Saddam Hussein signed his death warrant the minute, back in November 2000, when he decided to sell Iraqi oil for Euros instead of Satan’s $$$, “the currency of the enemy”. This after a decade of sanctions, vilification and isolation.

There is zero tolerance to the undermining of the hegemony of the Petro$ and Satan’s $ as reserve currency. The cabal had to wait for a really good excuse to attack and murder Saddam, the 9/11 FFOp was not quite convincingly made to stick on Saddam, no link to any ‘AQ’ could credibly be made, so the WMDs were invented and a vilification campaign was launched with tales of gassings and other horror stories; but removed and slaughtered he had to be at all costs for his transgression of abandoning the Petro$. This is another double crossing of an erstwhile ally and unwitting puppet, who was used against Iran in a horrific 9 year war to get back at Iran who also had the audacity to ask for a fair deal for the exploitation of its oil resources but was refused, and hence the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, now BP, was unceremoniously sent packing. Then after 79 Iran was targeted purely for reasons of spite, retribution and humiliation over the US Embassy hostage crisis and Israel’s inane hostility towards Teheran with lies of the “6 months to a nuclear bomb” fairy tales.
But in December 2007 Iran announced that it had ‘eliminated all sales of oil in US$; “a worthless piece of paper” and thus is now an even more intensified target by the Zionazi cabal for breaking with the Petro$. Sanctions have been in place against Iran since 79 with only a brief respite between 81 and 84.

Putin in his nonchalant and gallant manner is progressively and dauntlessly working on giving the planet an alternative to Satan’s $ and is undermining its dominance and hegemony over world and oil trade with the BRICS initiative and a Gold Trade alternative to the US$.
Thankfully the Zionazi cabal is in fact unwittingly aiding and expediting his valiant efforts with their inane, illegal and criminal sanctions against Russia, which has forced Putin’s hand in implementing alternatives and substitutes! Thus Russia is now top of the Zionazi’s ‘nemesis’ list and every attempt is made to destroy Putin himself and Russia’s economy and draw him into a military confrontation, which thus far he has gallantly averted to humanity’s relief and immeasurable blessing.

NSA spying is a tool by the Oligarchy in power to ferret out the wheeling and dealings of their own vassal ‘allies’, albeit ‘unreliable’ it proves to be, and Germany is at the forefront of their targeting of ‘friends’; the fear has them petrified that Germany will abandon the sinking Zionazi US$ Titanic and opt for the Yellower Pastures of a Gold Backed Trade System; Fair, Equitable, Non-Adversarial-Pacifist and Sustainable.
(The Fiat Currency System is pre-programmed to self-implode, and like a cancer, needs to exponentially grow until it destroys its host, i.e. the Economy and the Productive People!)

Besides economic warfare NSA spying is used to snare young hot blooded males with a revolutionary bent which then are entrapped in faux ‘terrorist plots’ and used as patsies, either as a means to show that the FBI/CIA/NSA is ‘preventing terrorism’, or as FFOp stooges to further the police state and destroy ever more liberties (Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook) or as a pretext to war and aggression (9/11).
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