The New World Order is the Jew World Order!

Wars, Death & Destruction to establish this One World Government over the corpses of hundreds of millions of innocent souls is playing out in front of our eyes and no one is calling out the real powers behind it all!

It all has a purpose, it’s ‘goal driven’ genocide and we must honestly acknowledge the sordid reality behind all these wars and destruction.

There is a self serving reticence to call out the real perpetrators and the real reasons behind all this carnage.
Let's look at it this way, the chosen master race has some 250 years ago taken total control of the monetary system with which they can rape and plunder productive humanity by the trillions.
Their end goal is total global hegemony, control and subjugation of Humanity; the New World Order*!

Yet Humanity has had enough of all the wars and carnage and is hitting back where it hurts them most; the disestablishment of their powerbase – the infinitively printable US$.
Only with this one pillar can they continue the unlimited funding of their gigantic military and all the wars, planet occupation, black ops, insurrections, bribery via Front Orgs and puppet stooges and maintain their empire of oppression, exploitation and vassalage.

In their infinite lack of any conscience and being bereft of any morals, ethics or anything resembling human traits, their only course for defending the disestablishment of their powerbase are these Wars, Carnage, Misery and Destruction we’re witnessing globally.

We all know the names of the theatres of this carnage:
Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, Lebanon, Russia, Venezuela, Ecuador and other places who are in danger of slipping their iron grip like Thailand, Hungary, Czech Republic, the Cental Asian Republics, Central America, South America, Hong Kong, China it literally is the entire planet.

But it is not just some nondescript ‘New World Order’! The people behind it are all following a certain prescribed dogma and agenda; Freemasonry, Illuminati, Zionism, Oligarchy, Skull & Bones and what other guises it appears in.

These are all different shades of the same dogma and agenda; Judaism!

It is the ‘Jew World Order’ we’re fighting and which is the real scourge on Humanity.

  • Jewish UK Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli in The Life of Lord George Bentick:
    “At the head of all those secret societies, which form provisional governments, men of the Jewish race are to be found.”

  • An Encyclopedia of freemasonry, Philadelphia, 1906:
    “Each Lodge is and must be a symbol of the Jewish temple; each Master in the Chair, a representative of the Jewish King; and every Mason a personification of the Jewish workman.”

  • The Freemason, April 2, 1930, quoting Br. Rev. S. McGowan:
    “Freemasonry is founded on the ancient law of Israel. Israel has given birth to the moral beauty which forms the basis of Freemasonry.”

  • Rabbi Br. Isaac Wise, in The Israelite of America, March 8, 1866:
    “Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.”

The Jewish Weishaupt/Rothschild Illuminati doctrine is but a cancerous growth implanted into Freemasonry.

All of these shades of same dogma follow some form of Luciferian cult and rituals of blood sacrifice and demon worship.
All are in practicality one and the same Jewish plot to enslave humanity and to establish an overt one world government; a new Jew World Order.

Doubters please list all the influential organisations who really count and wield the real power which are NOT controlled by Jews or are to a majority populated by Jews.

CFR, Brookings, Atlantic Council, AIPAC, ISAPS, JINSA, AJW, ISW, the Fed, the entire USG, Supreme Court, Congress, Universities, Media, Hollywood, Finance/WS etc.

Yes, it is self-aggrandisingly cute to boast: ‘I’m not a racist/Anti-Semite and it is more complicated than to say it is the Jews behind everything’; but such sycophancy is exactly what allowed these covert powers to evolve over the centuries into the formidable and unassailably entrenched power they’ve become.

Of course there are many coopted Goyim who are in it for the crumbs and spoils of the racket; the profits to be made from the War Machine, the rape and plunder through their private Fiat Currency Crime Racket and the Power they many wield on behalf of their Jewish masters.

Only total honesty and courage in identifying and naming the real scourge on humanity so it can be targeted and shown up for what it is will bring about the needed awakening and resistance to save humanity from the total catastrophe which they are leading us into with their callous gambling with the fire of Nuclear WW3.

We must awaken humanity before it is too late, mobilise and get out of the system, stop supporting all Fascist Brands and Corporations, stop Banking with these globalist scourges, use anything other than their Fiat Confetti; Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Barter, but don't support their powerbase.

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