Merry Christmas to everyone, that includes you and those headed for Hell!

Here is a Merry Christmas to all!

Remember, just when you thought that the state of affairs couldn't possibly get any worse - then you're proven wrong and you realize that they really can!
But there is one glimmer of hope, Karma!
It's a universal law of physics; all forces must always equalize, i.e. thermodynamics, quantum physics or gravity.
As all forces must be in balance, so with Good and Evil; the will eventually find equilibrium!
Emit evil and it will have to return, eventually!

So on that note a very merry Xmas to Satanyahu, Obomber, McInsane, Dubya, Kerry, Bush Snr, Clinton, Hitlery, Butchershenko, Yaksenyuk, Poodle Cameron and all the ZioCrazies in DC, all the Think Tanks like CFR, AIPAC, Brookings, Atlantic Council, WS Boardrooms, the Fed, BIS, IMF, World Bank, CBs BoE etc etc ..........

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And let's spare a thought to all the Victims suffering indescribable Agony, Misery, Deprivation, Loss, Grief, Hunger, Death and Destruction at the hands of those in the glitzy Boardrooms in WS the Think Tanks, in the WH, in Congress and the Pentagon!
Let's ponder what it all means; that a few super wealthy, parasitic 0.0000000001% of Mankind can wreak such unimaginable Evil and Suffering upon Humanity - all with total impunity! That there sadly is no one who can or will stop them.

I take heart though, that in Thailand at least the Military had the incredible gumption and savvy to stop the rot, corruption and violence and brought order and the rule of law back for the good of all people. And predictably have been vilified for their noble efforts by the Zionazi Western Fascists!

But this should be a shining example for the top Brass in 'certain countries' to bring back the rule of law and constitutional government and end the Treachery and Crimes against Humanity perpetrated in everyone's name; the People's and the Military's!
Alas, there is a greater chance for a snowflake's survival in Hell than this ever coming to pass!

But keep spreading the message, we might reach critical mass yet and be able to take back Liberty, the Rule of Law and Justice! Merry Christmas everyone!
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