Lavrov, the consummate Politician and Gentleman!

One has to hand it to Lavrov for his performance in public; the toadying, kowtowing, the cajoling, schmoozing, the indecorous grovelling; is this the real Lavrov, the consummate Diplomat, the impeccable gentleman and politician? Or even the Russian Patriot fighting for a free, independent Russia, a superpower in its own right?
Well, we will have to wait and see for when push really comes to shove, maybe sooner than anyone thinks; a new offensive against Novorossiya, more onerous sanctions, a full on assault on Syria and Assad, or whatever diabolical obscenities the Zionazi matrix will throw at humanity next.

The vilification, acts of aggression and assault on Russia are now full on: Oil at $54, down from $107, the Ruble at 16cents down from 30 - it was as low as below 13c, onerous Sanctions, HR758 brandishing Russia an aggressor, the perpetrator of MH17, drawing ‘Red Lines’ forbidding Russia to sell arms to Syria, Moldova, Georgia, etc. - in all a very bleak picture, and through it all Lavrov and Putin talk of ‘Partners’, and wax lyrical prose of diplomatic speak no self-respecting patriot of any country could ever muster!

But there is a hint, Lavrov and Putin are not really the doormats the west hoped they’d be in light of the odious assault on a peaceful, independent country.
In an interview with France 24 he dropped a classic beauty of a sound bite with a sting:
"Frankly it's really a pity that for many years, we overestimated the independence of the European Union and even big European countries"!

He then made a poignant reference to history:
"I can assure you that Russia will not only survive but we will come out stronger. We have been in much worse situations in our history and every time, we got out of those fixes much stronger. This will happen this time."

He also lamented, and inserted another gibe:
"Well of course it hurts. We don't take any pleasure from sanctions. But it's not our problem. It's the problem of the European Union, the United States and other countries."

Then Lavrov took aim at the psychopathic Harlots in Congress and their obtuse, delusional mindset of the proverbial Frogs in the Well after passing HR758:
"Congress is a very special group of people: more than 80 percent of them never left the United States. They live in their own world, so I'm not amazed at this Russophobia"!

Classic Lavrov; you still have our love and respect in spite of your vain efforts of appeasement in mollycoddling the most egregious psychopaths since Attila and Caligula!
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