The decaying of Society; Trickle down Brutality due to a Corrupt System

US Police shot and kill on average more than one person per day. Regardless of the ethnicity of the victims and the circumstances reported by the cops, every killing is one too many.
There are always alternatives to shooting someone unarmed, compliant and clearly no threat to anyone!

It most often is not shooting to disable if threatened, it is clearly shoot to kill to do away with a confrontation and situation the officers created with their own aggression, arrogance and overreach of ‘law enforcement’!
To illustrate with just one example the mentality of the police:

Cop kills girl leaving Party!

Clearly the girl who left a party in her car and was shot by an officer while driving away in a huff over some personal dispute was no threat to anyone, least of all the officer who shot her for absolutely no reasons, other than having failed to arrest the girl, for no reasons either.
But clearly the mentality is now so pervasive in US society that the police are merely reflecting the system they work under:
A President who boasts of being good at killing people, and is massacring innocents by the hundreds of thousands with Drones, NATO, US Army and the special Army Division of proxy Terrorists variously called AQ, ISIS, Al Nusra etc.
Then there is Congress, on the Billion Dollar p/a take and working tirelessly for their owners, the lobbyists, AIPAC, the Zio Lobby and Israel.

And what are these zio whores constantly doing:
Crying out to bomb Venezuela, Libya, Syria, Novorossiya, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan etc., ‘take out’ Gaddafi, Saddam, Chavez, Assad, Maduro, Putin, baying for War, WW3….. The fish rots from the head and this head is sure is rotten!
You can't have a civil society based on the Rule of Law when the upper echelons are constantly in flagrant contempt of every Law, Moral standard, Decency and Convention! Then there are the parasitic Banksters, raping and plundering all the productive people by the trillions round the clock with complete impunity since they own the entire system, in fact they are the system!
The Executive, Legislative, Judiciary, Police/Watchdogs the entire system is bought off, staffed and bribed by the Banksters - with the looted wealth from the productive people; i.e. YOU!

Is there a more onerous, circuitous, insidious system where the victims pay to be enslaved, raped and plundered by their oppressors, the Banksters!

It's the Fiat Currency Crime Racket which drives and enables this system, and until we excise this criminal, parasitic system completely we'll be always stuck in the same rut of Gerrymander, Corruption and Fascism as we have right now and a decaying society due to the nature of the way this corrupt, sick system works!

• The corrupt, violent, lawless Police are merely a reflection of this parasitic, fascist system!
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