The finest congressional Harlots Shekels can buy!

If it weren’t so darn serious, if it didn’t involve the lives of millions, and even every living being on this planet, we could laugh about these Harlots and their insane antics they perform under the gaze of an alert humanity.
But it is Humanity which pays the price for these deranged whores’ warmongering, their callous attitude and unhinged ‘policies’ they foist upon humanity.
  • War in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya; all under false pretences, lies and FFOps!
  • Proxy wars in Syria, Ukraine, Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan, Gaza; whenever and wherever they encounter an obstacle to their unfettered rule, exploitation and hegemony; then it’s bombs away.
  • Iran and Russia and even China next, but already well in the works with Front Orgs, CIA/Mossad/AQ undercover spooks hard at work.
HR758 is so wide sweeping and insidious it is probably the most egregious and deranged piece of warmongering legislation ever passed by any parliament in history. It includes Syria and central Asia, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, ‘forbidding’ Russia to supply arms to any of these nations in Russia’s sphere and backdoor, actual neighbours and former Soviet Union states – or else! Yes the US of Atrocities is the sole arbiter of what anyone on this planet is allowed to do; if Russia supplies arms to Syria this is a violation of the HR758 ‘red line’, or if Russia should have the audacity to respond to the insane, illegal, unjustified western sanctions and throttle the gas supply to anyone; Ukraine who never pays for the gas anyway, or EU states who put onerous, malicious sanctions on Russia, then that’s another ‘red line’!

Yes, these insane, deluded whores are dictating to everyone what they’re allowed to do and what not, or else.
And the 'or else' could be war and even WW3 and the end of life on this planet! And that’s the insanity of these deranged Warmongers!
War has already been brought to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Ukraine and cost the lives of millions and destroyed the lives and livelihood of tens of millions. But in reality HR758 has only put on paper the way every country on the planet has been blackmailed in one form or another for a very long time.
(Even the closest of allies like Australia aren’t immune to regime change; Gough Whitlam)

Countless countries could attest to this underhand blackmail going on for many decades, from Egypt, Ecuador, Venezuela, Honduras, Nicaragua, Chile, Argentina, Greece, etc, etc.

And who are they prostituting themselves to? A ZioFascist cabal encompassing Tel Aviv, AIPAC, WS, City, Think Tanks who represent the Zio Lobby, CorpAm and the Arms Industry, et al!

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