House Resolution 758 & the US War Circus

HR 758 was passed 411 for to 10 against.
This piece of legislation is a virtual declaration of war against Russia, full of lies and accusations which, by closer examination, prove to be exactly what the US has done – not Russia.
As Ron Paul described it: “The worst piece legislation ever; World War 3 is effectively around the corner”

Much has already been said about Resolution 758, so no comment is need other than perhaps that this is symptomatic of collective insanity, or the milder form of believing your own lies; pretty much the same though for an 'esteemed body' of elected representatives sworn to uphold the constitution and to work for the good of the people.

But then there is AIPAC ✡, CFR ✡, Brookings ✡, Atlantic Council ✡, WS ✡, and all the perma Warmongers who have the ears of the top echelon in DC; a cabal of Zio Crazies: Wolfowitz ✡, Brszinski ✡, Kagan ✡, Soros ✡, Murdoch ✡, Kempe ✡, Perle ✡, Kristol ✡, Feith ✡, Wurmser ✡, Leeden ✡, Libby ✡, Zakheim ✡, Rubin ✡, Chertoff ✡, Lieberman ✡ and then there's ISW ✡, ISAPS ✡, JINSA ✡, AJC ✡ - in all a veritable Bar Mitzvah on steroids - your real masters!

Yes folks, your vote counts, it counts who gets to serve these Warmongers and who gets to cream off the $10 billion in lobbying bribes annually!
The best Zio-Fascist Warmachine Money can buy!
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