The Once in a Millennium Chance to free Humanity from the Money Oligarchy!

A message not for the faint-hearted, the PC and Conformists!
But a Message of the utmost importance and relevance to EVERYONE's life and wellbeing!

• Information is King, information is Power!

The leveling of the information playing field via the Internet has brought huge advantages to the common women and man and has neutered the State's and the Oligarchy's monopoly on the dissemination of their brand of 'news'.
One mob in particular has felt the icy breeze lashing across their preserve of closely guarded secrets and stinking skeletons hidden in their dirty closet with agony and shivers running down their spine as their 2000 year long war against the Goyim of usury, exploitation, rape and plunder is being exposed and stood up naked for all to see.

The internet must rate as one of the most practical, beneficial and socially egalitarian inventions ever. Can't think of anything coming even close - don't mention the vaccine and medicine hoaxes, nor TV, automobile or aero-planes, they brought convenience and comfort but also at a price of pollution and misuse (War machines, propaganda and dumbing down).

The Internet has the power to free humanity of that one ultimate scourge on humanity, the Zio-Bankster Matrix and their plot to enslave humanity over the corpses of hundreds of millions, billions even, of innocent human beings. We are experiencing the run up to their final push now which is close at hand with wars in every corner of the globe, all manufactured and contrived to save their crumbling edifice of the Fiat Currency Crime Racket.
Their record is being exposed and spread far and wide and we can already see seeds of discontent and resistance sprouting up to their unfettered tyranny over humanity.

What is needed is the destruction of their power base; the US$, which is now in progress and we must make sure that these Jewish Money Masters will not call another Bretton Woods and re-implement the same parasitic, iniquitous fiat crime racket which saw them plundering trillions upon trillions from productive people for the last 300 years.
Humanity must unite, resist and build a solid front against such an event taking place.

The day is nigh that this will come to pass, as secret meetings are already constantly taking place to just re-boot the present collapsing system so they can keep their private Fiat Currency Crime Racket in place with which to rape and plunder the productive people, as they always have.

Wake up as many sheeples as you possibly can, as this is a once in a millennium chance to stop the greatest Crime Racket in human history!

The seriousness and urgency of this can not be overstated; this is our one and only chance to free humanity from their greedy criminal, parasitic clutches of tyranny, oppression and exploitation.

If they mobilize a million soldiers to guard them we must march on them four million strong and prevent these self-appointed Masters of the Planet from re-asserting their self-anointed dictator status which they are exerting now without any scrutiny, accountability or recourse!
It is the Fed - WS - BIS - IMF - Bankster Families - Think Tanks/ AIPAC - CBs - and every Bank Matrix which are our sworn foes, oppressors and exploiters.
They are a cohesive, integrated Matrix working in synchrony and collusion, waging a war against the productive people, that's YOU, whom they rape and plunder with complete impunity with usury, fraud and every crime possible.

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