The ‘Most Reviled Person of the Day’ Award

Sammy Power spelled out her righteous indignation of 'Humanity', (the USG) over Russia’s veto of the Malaysian sponsored draft resolution, co-sponsored by Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ukraine, purporting to seek “the bringing to justice those responsible for crimes related to the destruction of” the aircraft, as follows:

“Russia’s veto is heartbreaking for those families and it is a further stain on this council’s record. Russia has callously disregarded the public outcry in the grieving nations.”

“When people see Russia’s hand up on something like this, when the whole world is united that when a civilian airliner goes up in smoke and so many families are affected, it is in all of our interests, our collective interests to see that justice is done.”

“I think not only does it raise real questions about Russia's relationship to the crime itself and what they’re afraid of within the creation of an independent tribunal, but also raises real questions about the Security Council and whether it can be counted on to enforce the UN charter.”

And on introducing the US-drafted resolution on Friday laying the groundwork for an inquiry that would assign blame for chemical weapons attacks in Syria's civil war, ever fearless warrior for Truth and Justice had this message for the Criminals who perpetrate the atrocities against Syria:

"Pointing the finger matters,… this is a modest step toward ending the impunity Syria's war criminals have enjoyed…. but accountability for crimes in Syria are a long way off because Russia and China vetoed our proposal last year to refer the Syrian conflict to the International Criminal Court.”

Well everyone must agree, this woman (sorry to all the 3 plus billion real ladies on this planet) has the gall and nerve to pin blame, by inference, when none has been established – at least not officially.

However, the facts of these two Atrocities alone have abundantly been established and the evidence points unequivocally to DC and Langley.
Never mind that Kolomoysky brags of his invlovment, or the decoy guy who claims a pilot came back and lamented that it was a ‘case of mistaken identity’, the MH17 Atrocity could only have been hatched in Langley with the highest level approval from DC!

Equally, the Chemical attack in Ghouta has the fingerprints of NATO-Turkey-CIA-ISIS/al-Nusra/FSA all over it!

Never mind that ISIS is just one of the many US Army Divisions perpetrating atrocities across the globe, except this one is out of the regular uniforms wearing sneakers, beards and balaclavas.
ISIS was and is, just like the regular army units, formed, trained, armed, financed and directed by the US Army command, CIA and other affiliated contractors and NATO members along with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and of course Turkey.

If you wold care to remember what the Nuremberg principles hold, which were, at the time, retroactively applied to the Germans, and only the Germans, you would keep your foul trap shut, but in finest of Zionazi traditions, your puerile venom belies the notion that you're even remotely fit to hold your position as 'Ambassador' to the UN!

So dear Samantha Power, your verbal diarrhea has truly and deservedly earned you this prestigious Award for the most Reviled and Loathsome Person of the Day, but don’t fret, you won’t be forgotten tomorrow, your legacy lingers on and we’re sure you’ll work assiduously to keep up Humanity’s revulsion and repugnance for someone whose sense of decency resides in the Gutters of Zionazi Hell!

Bravo and Congratulations!

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