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◆Wars, 9/11 & other False Flag Ops ◆American/Israeli Axis of Evil
◆The financial system; How & Who ◆People in power; their dark secrets
◆Israel in occupied Palestine ◆Conclusion
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◆Who controls America? ◆Who are these People?
◆Holocaust or Holohoax? ◆The REAL Holocaust!
◆History, Hitler, WW1/2, Khazars ◆Who owns and controls the MSM?
Supplementary Pages:
◆The main protagonists behind WW1/WW2
◆Quotes from the Protagonists to understand WW1+2

◆ 9/11, the Mother of all False Flag Atrocities and US/Israeli Terrorism!

It is difficult for most honest and law abiding citizens to comprehend that their government could be involved in Terrorism abroad and more shockingly, against its own people.

It is even harder for sincere, upright people to comprehend that there is literally no evil event on the planet which is not planned, carried out, sponsored, financed and conducted in some form by the USG, often with the aid and connivance of the Israeli, and sometimes other Governments like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, France, UK, Qatar et al.

There are no Muslim Terrorists, they are all literal Divisions of the US Army; formed, trained, armed, financed and controlled by the US Army/CIA/Mossad and some other complicit actors.

Likewise there are no indigenous, organic and independent uprisings or protests against Governments anywhere in the world; they are ALL instigated and contrived by the US and its myriad of Front Organisations directed through the biggest Terrorist Network on the planet; the US Embassies!

False Flag Operations, or more accurately described as Government Terrorism, are as old as Nero’s burning of Rome so he could build his ‘Neropolis’, or the countless atrocities perpetrated by the US and Israeli Governments to wage wars against inconvenient obstacles to their unfettered hegemony and control of resources, governments and territories.
The list of FFOps is a very long one but some of the more notable ones are:
  • USS Maine in Havana Harbour; USA
  • Lavon Affair; Israel
  • USS Liberty; Israel
  • King David Hotel: Israel
  • Manchurian Incident, Japan
  • Tiger Regiment incursion into North Korea; US/South Korea
  • Staged bombing attacks in Iran to blame ‘Communists’: US
  • 1976 Air France Jet hijacking to Entebbe by Shin Bet; Israel
  • Gulf of Tonkin Incident to justify attacking NV; US
  • Operation Northwoods; US
  • Oklahoma Bombing: US
  • Syria, Ghouta Gas attack; NATO/Turkey/US
  • USS Cole in Aden; US/Israel
  • Berlin Nightclub bombing; US/Israel
  • Bali Bombing; US
  • Transmitter planted in Tripoli, Reagan bombs Libya; Israel
  • London Bombing 7/7; UKG/Mossad
  • 9/11, Mother of all FFOps; USG/Israel
  • Boston Bombing; US (same modus operandi; Entrapment - Patsy)
  • Ebola outbreak with GM engineered Virus; US
  • MH370; US/Israel (during every FFOp the US runs Exercises)
  • MH17; US/Israel/Ukraine (Ukraine is full of CIA/Mossad Ops)

9/11 was a Parallel Operation, that is there were patsies employed and strung along towards the actual event while at the same time the real perpetrators of the event were busily implementing a different kind of staged event.
This scenario is employed for ‘plausible deniability’ purposes and to have patsy culprits ready to take the blame.
It also confuses the media, public, any investigators and even operatives inside the system like in CIA, FBI and any other Government arm and even foreign secret services who were all fooled into believing that there were really Muslim hijackers, while the real perpetrators of this atrocity were sitting in the White House, Langley (CIA) and Tel Aviv (Mossad).
It is the biggest heist and deception ever pulled off, but as with all such events, the truth has leaked out as there are always too many lose ends and telltale signs of proof of a conspiracy different from the Government version of lies.

To illustrate the venality and callousness of the perpetrators, as with the USS Liberty FFOp where the Israeli attackers deliberately destroyed the lifeboats and shot at sailors in the water, in the Twin Towers many of the stairwells were bombed and made inoperable so as to create maximum casualties.
In fact had they fully succeeded in their hideous plan, as up to 50,000 people worked in the twin towers most would have perished had this depraved plan been fully successful.

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory
A lighthearted look into the 9/11 Atrocity by James Corbett, a true classic

9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed!

9/11 Documentary The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy Discovery Documentary HD 2014

9/11, Behind the Smoke Curtain - Barbara Honegger - 2-hour Edition

Directed Energy Technology
This is a must see Video with one of the best experts on the 9/11 Atrocity.

9/11 Israel did it!
Wide ragning article by WikiSpooks: The People behind 9/11, Modus Operandi: Why, Who Why, When!

September 11 -- The New Pearl Harbor

9/11 Documentary

CNN reports from the Pentagon that there is absolutely no evidence of a plane having crashed into the building!
This clip was aired only once, proving once again how the entire Zio MSM is totally controlled, but makes the odd mistake which is then quickly smothered for good with endless counter propaganda lies!

Treason, Betrayal and Deceit: 9/11 and Beyond
Jewish born Dr. Alan Sabrosky

September 11: Inside Job or Mossad Job?
by Laurent Guyénot

9/11: The live footage they made disappear
For good reasons, commentary of "secondary explosions", "like a planned demolition" etc.

1986 Berlin Nightclub bombing a CIA/Mossad FFOp

List of FFOps actually admitted by the perpetrators, i.e. Governments and officials

List of False Flag Ops

1976 Entebbe Hijacking Was A Israeli Shin Bet False Flag Operation

False Flag Terrorism by the US and UK Armies in Iraq to blame it on 'Sectarian Violence'!

Ebola, the US manufactured airborne virus set lose in Africa.

What if Putin is telling the Truth?
a brief synopsis of some of the covert CIA terrorist and subversive wars against Soviet/Russia to destroy it.

The Truthseeker: 9/11, Operation Gladio and other False Flag Ops by the USG.

Truthseeker: False Flag Op Boston Bombing

US Intelligence Officer: “Every Single Terrorist Attack In US Was A False Flag Attack”

Axis of Evil: US, Israel, Saudi Arabia working together to implement the atrocity

'Greater Israel'

, from the Nile to the Euphrates.

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◆ American/Israeli Axis of Evil and Imperialism, the ultimate threat to the world and its ceaseless Crimes against Humanity.

The power of the ruling Oligarchy stems solely from their ability to print virtually unlimited Fiat Dollars by owning and controlling the mega Banksters, the Federal Reserve and other western Central Banks.
This is only possible as long as the US Dollar is the ‘World Reserve Currency’ and as long as the world’s most traded and valuable (in volume) and fought over commodity, oil, is sold only in their own private Currency, the US$.

As long as they can print this confetti currency ad infinitum they can fund their

gigantic military

and threaten, control and occupy the entire planet with it and thus rule and exploit every country at their command.

Anyone who challenges this parasitic crime racket of the US$ being required for international trade will be immediately targeted and eliminated as were Saddam and Gaddafi.
Now it is Russia’s turn for challenging the US$ by Putin ‘De-Dollarising’ trade of Russian Oil and Gas and hence we see the relentless vilification, lies and puerile accusations levelled at Putin and Russia.
We see a covert war waged against Russia via the Ukraine and with sanctions and upheavals in every country siding with Russia, from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia to Bulgaria etc.

Their modus operandi is always the same: via US funded

Front Organisations

a sector of the public is bought off and set against the ‘recalcitrant’ Government with funded protests based on deception, lies and propaganda.
See the Ukraine Coup as a classic example!

Then CIA snipers fire at their own opposition protesters and loyal Government supporters alike and then immediately the incumbent Government is blamed for the US/CIA’s crimes by their Zio MSM, as happened in Cairo, Damascus, Bangkok, Kiev, Caracas, Tripoli and many other places where the US/KM wanted ‘Regime Change’ to install a vassal puppet, willing to let US Corps rape and plunder their country and strictly follow Washington’s orders.

Thus Libya was attacked and destroyed and Gaddafi murdered and 100,000 massacred, Syria is now being worked on for years after framing Assad with these US/CIA False Flag Ops, with 250,000 dead and millions of refugees and untold misery and destruction.
Same in Ukraine and everywhere where there is civil unrest, upheaval, war, death and destruction; the Jewish Mafia ruling over Washington via finance is also in control of the CIA and the Military and instigates all the horrendous misery and suffering on this planet.

It is never ending Crimes against Humanity by this Jewish Mafia Matrix.

US War Criminal #1 - and only!
Worse than Hiroshima; US' use of DU, Chemical Weapons, White Phosphorous, Cluster Bombs and other illegal Weapons of Mass Destruction.

John Stockwell reveals the CIA's Crimes against Humanity:
6 million Deaths of innocent civilians murdered by the USG.

General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years

Aaron Russo talks Rockefeller and Elite Plans for Humanity
Many conclude that he was assassinated by the CIA. See link to right for his Movie 'Freedom to Fascism': a Movie explaining how the IRS is an illegal, unconstitutional tool to extract taxes from the American workers to pay to the parasitic KM Zionist Banksters and the Federal Reserve.

Study: U.S. regime has killed 20-30 million people since World War Two
Some put the figure at 1.3 billion since its inception in 1776 if one includes all the 'avoidable deaths', by running an exploitative tyrannical empire supporting all the worst puppet tyrants in countries around the globe and exploiting and plundering countries with their 'Fiat Currency Crime Racket' they control via CBs, IMF, WS, WB etc.!

Dwight D Eisenhower the War Criminal
How Jew Eisenhower massacred 1.7 million German Soldiers after the War was over in his blind hatred for Germans.

Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on the Evils of the US Government, Greece and Russia etc.

The Ukrainian ‘Revolution of Dignity’ and the ugly truth behind the glossy façade!
Chronicles of a Coup made in the USA and the US Embassy in Kiev, by the Jewish protagonists Victoria Nuland (Nudelman) and Geoffrey Pyatt.

Special Ops Officer Blows Whistle on CIA Funding ISIS Through Swiss Bank Accounts

A good overview of the US/CIA/Mossad covert war in Syria

US / Nato crimes against Libya, Iraq and other ME countries.
Nato bombing destroyed much of Libya's infrastructure, particularly Gaddafi's pet project the irrigation system and also the factory producing the pipes so it couldn't be repaired in a hurry!

How the Zio MSM and Governments work together in spreading Lies and paving the way for War after War and Crime after Crime against Humanity. The self-proclaimed 'Gold-standard' in broadcasting the BBC has become known as the Bush-Blair-Corporation with its Lies to get Britain into the criminal Iraq war. Bush and Blair being the most wanted most reviled War Criminals alive.

Operation Northwoods, Gladio, False Flags in Europe, Ukraine etc.
The unspeakable evil and depravity of the Zionist controlled USG and its terror campaign across the globe.

ISIS In Greater Israel's Scheme
ISIS is a creation of America and Israel and is used to destroy Iraq and Syria, both of which are adversaries of the racist Zionist Apartheid squatter colony on Palestinian Land.

Zionism And The Third Reich
Mark Weber

The US of Regime Change, US of Atrocities, US of Crimes against Humanity

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◆ The financial system, how it works, who is behind it & owns and controls it and ultimately profiteers from it!

The current financial system is a criminal enterprise designed to transfer wealth from the Productive People to the parasitic Banksters!

There are two aspects to this system which make it thoroughly parasitic, iniquitous and criminal; Fractional Reserve Banking, FRB and the fact that what passes as ‘Money’ now is just ‘Fiat Currency’; a debt based system where the Central Banks, CBs, issue debt based instruments which then are multiplied by the mega Banksters by ten times and more, in effect creating currency out of thin air and charging interest on this fictitious confetti currency, i.e. usury!

This system has accorded immense powers to the Banksters in that they are the only sector of society which is legally sanctioned to lend out, and charge usurious fees, for a fictitious entity which only exist as a book entry.
You try and hire out, say a car, which you don’t have and charge a hefty fee for this phantom vehicle – you’ll be in jail before you can utter ‘but banksters do this all the time’!

Banksters have given themselves this privilege by virtue of owning politicians outright and having them at their mercy; once they are indebted to the Banksters the lender becomes the master and the debtor the slave.

But it has gotten worse, much worse since the introduction of FRB and Fiat Currency as a means to transfer Wealth from the Productive people to the parasitic Banksters, enslave humanity in debt to the banksters and having politicians subservient to these Money Master Leeches.

Now the banksters literally write legislation, control the entire system from Legislative, Executive, Judiciary, to all the Policing Organs which supposedly are there to make sure there are no criminal activities.

The financial sector is now a literal cesspool of fraud, scams, rip-offs, market rigging and every crime possible under the sun, with the banksters enjoying complete impunity from any (criminal) prosecution. The miniscule fines of a few hundred million or a billion dollars are just a charade to make the public believe that crime is being prosecuted.

Once the public outcry over Banksters’ crimes becomes too loud and persistent to be ignored by the financial watchdogs (CFTC, SEC, FSA, BAFIN, etc) then a miniscule fine is handed down, not to punish these parasitic criminals, but to protect them from being sued by the victims of their Trillion Dollar fraud and crimes!
Under double-jeopardy rules this farcical ‘prosecution’ precludes the defrauded victims pursuing civil action against these criminals and getting restitution and reparations paid.
The parasitic Banksters’ crimes have been of such gravity that every single one of these Wall Street (WS) Executives deserves very lengthy jail terms and worse; some of their crimes are so egregious and of epic proportions they constitute organised racketeering and Crimes against Humanity for which hanging might be more appropriate than being given bail out money.

To demonstrate how much power these Banksters have over Government, (although this is putting the cart before horse the, the Banksters ARE the Government), when their infinite Greed and Criminality got these leeches into financial trouble the Productive People were forced to bail them out with their hard earned taxes, only to immediately pay themselves billion dollar bonuses and a renewed doubling down on their raping and plundering of the very people who bailed them out!

As a result of being totally in control of Government, the Banksters have also at their disposal the gigantic military and secret services with which they wage wars against every nation on the planet which is not subservient to them.
Anyone who threatens their private Fiat Currency Crime Racket gets destroyed (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Russia etc.)

There is only one solution to this bankster malaise plaguing the planet.

The private, Bankster owned FRB / Fiat Currency Crime Racket is what underpins all their power, it is:
  • The ability to create fiat currency out of thin air and charge interest on this confetti! The ability to enslave governments and humanity in debt and make them subservient by being the owners and issuers of Currency!
  • The ability to manipulate the supply of currency in circulation and create boom and bust cycles and raping the Productive People in every respect, on the way and down!
  • Being able to furnish and fund their gigantic military with an endless supply of confetti currency to occupy and menace the entire planet and wage criminal wars against nation after nation so as to enslave and exploit them.
  • By virtue of their immense power and owning the entire system grant themselves complete impunity from prosecution and having a free hand in raping and plundering the Productive People by the Trillions with Fraud and Crime of every description.

The answer lies in the removal of this power by adopting real Money, asset based, a form of Money which has endured for five thousand years and has served humanity exceptionally well; Gold and also Silver.
Not a Gold Standard, but Gold as Money; this will prevent the same powers being transferred from the Banksters to a Government which is inevitably beholden to powers behind the scenes, always has and always will.

But for this to be possible there must be real Nuremberg style trials to prosecute the Banksters and all the Bankster Families in the background, from the top on down, i.e. the Rothschild clan, Rockefeller etc, and they must be dispossessed of their ill-gotten wealth; raped, plundered form Productive People and profiteered over the corpses of hundreds of millions of victims and billions in their engineered and financed wars during the last three centuries.

For every War the Gold Standard was abandoned to print Death and Destruction and enrich the Banksters.
  • Fiat Currency is Death, Destruction, Exploitation and Enslavement!
  • Gold is Peace, Liberty, Economic Sovereignty and a Just and Equitable Society!
Do you want private Fiat Currency or Gold as Money?

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind
Hidden Secrets of Money
Mike Maloney

Dethroning the US Dollar
A historical look at the Dollar and how it is used to control the world and how it is defended; an intrigue of unspeakable Crimes against Humanity!

A look at Gold and its important role as a financial instrument and asset; the Banksters' machinations behind the scene against their arch nemesis!

The enormous importance of Gold in War and Peace as the ultimate Financial Asset!

The Definitive Guide to Gold and Silver suppression.

The Rothschild Empire - The True Leaders of Planet Earth
A comprehensive history of the Banking System and their Crimes against Humanity!
Great Doco bar the devious misrepresentation of the role of Gold plays as a Monetary Asset.

How the IMF really works and who controls it.
The IMF is a Bankster tool to rape and plunder countries' assets and to enslave them to the Banksters.

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◆ People; Truth about the People in Power

The western world is governed by a criminal oligarchy, perpetrating the most egregious Crimes against Humanity, which is protected by the Money Masters, the Kasarian Mafia, who wields immense power via the Banks, Mega Corps, Central Banks and have bought off Administrations in Washington, London and Paris.
Vassal states like Germany and most of the Eastern European countries are forced into submission by threats, blackmail and subversions, insurrections and covert attacks as is happening now in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Macedonia and other countries trying to escape the dictate of the Zionist controlled US.
These criminals are virtually untouchable and a good example of this is Bill Clinton who is a well known Crim for way back in Arkansas.
A documentary was made of all his crimes and put on the desks of every one of the 535 congressmen, yet it made zero impact. They all are of the same ilk and fraternity and will cover, shield and protect each other so that their own crimes are never exposed.

Another example is Stephen Harper, Canada's PM, duly convicted and wanted for Crimes against Humanity by the ITCCS, the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State.
Harper will now do anything for the Zionists and Kasarian Mafia, bending over backwards to protect Israel and their Crimes against Humanity in exchange for their protection and immunity from being brought to justice.

So powerful is this Oligarchy that not one of these criminals has ever been brought to justice, instead the ICC is pursuing minions in Africa who are mere patsies in the power games of the KM and who are being prosecuted for crimes engineered and plotted by the US/CIA and their accessories.

Note   Subject Visual

Bush, Cheney, Blair, Howard, Obama and many more, all globally wanted for Crimes against Humanity!

The Clinton Chronicles
The Drug dealing, the trail of dead Bodies, the trail raped women.

Bill Clinton's long history of sexual violence

What John Kerry really did in Viet Nam
The blood stained resumé of Kerry's VN stint.

The Bush Crime Family

Hillary Clinton and her trail of dead bodies.

Obama's trail of dead bodies, crimes and deceptions.

Thaksin Shinawatra, The 2010 Bloodbath revisited

12 Things You Were Not Told About Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany

Arrest Warrants for the Queen, Harper, Pope, Cameron
‘International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State’ and the Kuala Lumpur Trials against the present day's biggest Mass Murderers.

The beloved and admired leader Gaddafi and his contribution to Libya's phenomenal success from poorest to Richest country in Africa during his rule.

Bill Gates and his Eugenics agenda of de-populating the planet!

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◆ Israel; a history of Deception, Genocide, Atrocities, Terrorism, two World Wars and Crimes against Humanity!

  • "This country exists as the fulfillment of a promise made by God Himself. It would be ridiculous to ask it to account for its legitimacy."
    Golda Meir, Le Monde, 15 October 1971
Timeline of events leading up to the formation or the state of Israel on Palestinian land.

1799 Napoleon Bonaparte, in an effort to aid his Middle East campaign against the Ottoman Empire and the British tried to enlist the support of the Jews and issued a letter promising them a Jewish homeland under French protection in Palestine in exchange for their support.
Early 1800s Emancipation of the

Jews in Germany

1850s First mention of 6 million Jews in the Zio MSM
Mid - late 1800s Jews have

taken control

of most of German industry, finance, media and administration.
1882 First contingent of 'Chibbat' Zionist settlers arrives in Palestine who called themselves Chovenei-Zion, i.e. Lovers of Zion.
1891 First mention of

6 million Jews

being persecuted.
1896 Theodor Herzl publishes ‘Der Judenstaat’, The Jewish State.
29 August 1897 First Zionist Congress held in Basel, Switzerland, advocating for a Zionist state in Palestine.
18 October 1898 Theodor Herzl meets the Kaiser to ‘ask’ for Palestine.
1900 With the money supplied by Baron Edmond de Rothschild Zionist settlers arrive in greater numbers and by 1900 Rothschild's money acquired enough land to settle 350 families in 19 settlements through corruption and bribery.
The Ottoman Land Title System was a great contributing factor to the way the land was appropriated from absentee landlords and the rightful owners and famers callously evicted.
15 May 1901
After being refused two or three times before, Theodore Herzl meets the Sultan Abdul Hamid in Constantinople to ask for Palestine to establish a Jewish state, which the Sultan evidently refused.
On a previous occasion Herzl had offered millions of Pounds for Palestine, yet the Sultan refused even though the Ottoman Empire's finances were in shambles and he could well use the funds. But the Sultan was more concerned about his image and asked Herzl if he could work the European Press to put the Ottoman's treatment of the Armenians into a better light and then would re-consider.
1914 The number of Jewish settlers had risen to about 60,000 and some 100,000 acres of Arab land had been acquired with Rothschild money and corruption.
28 July 1914 WWI breaks out with Austro-Hungarian Empire declaring war on Serbia
1915 The Hussein - McMahon


7 May 1915 Sinking of Lusitania. (which was by all accounts a false flag operation by the Allies to blame the Germans and as a ruse to get the US to enter WWI)
During 1916 Zionists approach the Kaiser again to collaborate with their cause and ‘promise’ them Palestine, which the Kaiser could not unreservedly guarantee as it was part of Germany’s ally’s territory, the Ottoman Empire.
May 1916 The


Agreement was issued deviding the Ottoman sphere of domination into territories under French and British control.
1916 -1917 Upon failure to get unconditional guarantees from the Germans the Zionists managed to strike a deal with Britain in a quid pro quo deal; Britain would guarantee Palestine to the Jews and they in turn would wield their immense influence to get the US to enter the War to effect victory. (Woodrow Wilson was a Jewish controlled puppet.)
6 April 1917 The US Wilson Administration declares

War on Germany

against overwhelming public opposition but on the behest of his Jewish minders.
2 Nov 1917 The

Balfour Declaration

was made public in a letter to private citizen

Lord Rothschild

. In fact the deal was struck and sealed well before the US entered the war, back in 1916.
8 Jan. 1918 Wilson issues his 14 point plan of 'fair conditions' for Germany to surrender.
11 Nov. 1918 Signing of Armistice to end hostilities of WWI
28 June 1919 Signing of the

Treaty of Versailles

Jews had taken control of the Versailles Treaty process and managed to get the most

onerous conditions

forced upon Germany: huge Territorial losses and unpayable Reparations
10 Jan. 1920 League of Nations founded.
1929 First Palestinian uprising.
1930 The Zionist Jews and their Press switch from vilifying Russia for a 6 million pogrom to blaming Germany for their '6 million Holocaust'.
30 Jan. 1933 President Paul Von Hindenburg appoints Hitler as Chancellor, a relatively minor positions as most of the powers were vested in the President.
March 1933 Jews declare

War on Germany

7 Aug. 1933 Hitler and the Zionists conclude the Transfer Agreement, allowing some 60,000 Jews and $100 million of their wealth to be transferred to Palestine in return for ending the Economic Boycott of Zionist Jewry.
2 Aug. 1934 President Hindenburg dies allowing Hitler to consolidate power.
1936 Second Palestinian uprising.
The British killing of Sheikh Izz al-Din al-Qassam sparks this second uprising which lasts for three years till the outbreak of WW2 when the British seek to enlist the Arabs to support their war effort against the Germans and restrict land sales to Jews.
24 Oct. 1938 German FM Ribbentrop proposes to Polish Ambassador Lipski

four very generous steps

to rectify the injustice of Versailles and to eliminate all sources of friction between the two countries.
This offer was repeatedly tendered numerous times by Germany only to be rebuffed by Poland on British behests.
9 Nov. 1938


23 Aug. 1939 Signing of the German-Soviet

Non-Aggression Pact

, containing a secret protocol dividing Poland, 1/3 to Germany and 2/3 to the Soviet Union.
25 Aug. 1939 Mutual Assistance Treaty between Great Britain and Poland renewed.
31 Aug. 1939 Hitler orders the

start of hostilities

against Poland and the next day German troops attack and march into Poland.
3 Sep. 1939 Britain and France declare war on Germany.
6 Oct. 1939 Hitler offers peace terms in a speech before the Reichstag.
10/12 Oct. 1939 Britain then France reject Hitler's

offer of peace

22 June 1941

Operation Barbarossa

against Soviet Union commences.
Hitler justified this operation to prevent the Bolsheviks overrunning all of Europe in this announcement read by Joseph Goebbels.
30 April 1945 Hitler commits suicide.
8 May 1945 Unconditional surrender by Germany.
24 October 1945 The U.N. Charter takes effect after Member States' ratification.
20 Nov. 1945 Nuremberg Trials for the 23 'Major War Criminals' were held ending on the 1 October 1946. These Trials were literally a Jewish Jewish Kangaroo Court to establish the Holohoax as a fact in history and to silence the witnesses who were accused of these non-existent crimes from establishing the actual course of events. They all had to be hanged for this purpose.
A second set of Trials was held between 9 December 1946 and 13 April 1949 of 12 lesser defendants called the Trials of War Criminals before the Nuremberg Military Tribunals
22 July 1946 Zionist Terrorist group Irgun bombs the British administrative HQ housed in the King David hotel in Jerusalem, killing 91 people.
29 Nov 1947 U.N.

Resolution 181


partitioning Palestine

to establish the Jewish State.
30 Nov 1947 The beginning of Al-Nakba following the UN Partition of Palestine the Zionist settlers wasted no time to embark on an ethinic cleansing pogrom against the Palestinians which intensified after the declaration of Independence on 14 May 1948.
14 May 1948 Israel declares Independence
- to this Day Israel manages to

illegally occupy

almost all of the Palestinian's land and is working to establish a 'Greater Israel' spanning from the Nile to the Euphrates.
War after War is being initiated by the Zionists in control of the USG and

Country after Country

is being destroyed on behalf of the Zionist state.
31 may 1949 Apparently a secret


was forced onto the Germans giving the Allied Victors, that's the Jews, amongst other clauses,


over German Media until 2099, Germany's Gold is kept with the US Fed as some sort of Bail deposit, every incoming Chancellor must sign onto this secret Agreement, and it gives the US wide ranging sovereignty over Germany.
If this is correct then the Jews will have completely vanquished and conquered the Germans, combined with the never ending 'reparations payments' for the Holohoax, the 'Guilt Complex and eternal Shame', they have all but become vassals to the Jews.

Astute readers will notice that this Timeline is almost identical to the one accompanying events leading up to WW1 and WW2.
This is no coincidence, the events surrounding the two great wars of the 20th century were largely shaped by the scheming and connivance of Zionist Jews, who conspired to get their Jewish Homeland at any cost, by any means and through two world wars.
WW2 in particular was entirely avoidable were it not for the scheming and coercion of the Zionists on their puppet politicians. WW2 was the Zionists' final push for their state of Israel; it was their war, Hitler was a mere pawn in their grand scheme!
To the Jews it always was a fully fledged state, and not as the Balfour Declaration clearly stated a 'national home' and which also made it clear that "...it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine..."
Civil rights would include not being displaced, dispossessed, massacred and being treated like "rocks and obstacles which have to be removed" as the Zionists referred to the rightful inhabitants.

Over the centuries there were very few Jews residing in Palestine, during the middle ages only about 5,000 lived there and in 1845 census data showed a mere 12,000, but by 1914 the number had increased to over 60,000 due to Zionist endeavours to expropriate this land from their rightful owners, the Palestinians.
It then started to increase due to Zionist migration from Europe: 1931 sees 175,000 Jews and in 1947 there were already 630,000.

On the 31 December 1922 the British conducted a census; there were 757,000 people living in Palestine, 663,000 Arabs i.e. 590,000 Muslim Arabs and 73,000 Christian Arabs, 83,000 Jews.
So 88 percent were Arabs and 11 percent new Jewish interlopers.

The Palestinians had a

thriving society

and economy of their own, and were exporting cereals and citrus fruits to Europe and elsewhere. If you read Jewish accounts of life in Palestine, like Jewpedia aka Wikipedia, you’re bombarded with falsehoods and are told that the land was barren and very few people lived there and there was no economy to speak of.
This account from a Zionist himself belies this deliberate falsehood of a ‘Land with no people for a people with no land’. It was written in 1891 by one Asher Ginsberg relating an account from a Zionist who visited Palestine:
“Abroad, we are accustomed to believing that Eretz-Israel is currently almost all desert, without cultivation, and that whoever wants to acquire land can come here and get as much as his heart desires. But the truth is nothing like this. Throughout the length and breadth of the country, it is difficult to find any fields which are not cultivated. The only non-cultivated areas are fields of sand and rocky mountains where only fruit trees can grow, and this, only after hard work and a lot of effort in clearing and reclamation.”
The Palestinians, were annually exporting 30,000 tons of wheat and were the biggest exporter of oranges.

The Palestinians are well known for their thrift and savvy in commerce and had they been able to form a state of their own they would be a formidable economic unit in the Middle East.
Comparing their parlous plight of today with that of the Israelis is comparing an exploiting tyrant and jailor with his victim. The Palestinians have been under total siege and economic embargo since the rise of the racist, Apartheid squatter state of Israel.

After WW1 the British assumed a mandate over Palestine under the League of Nations, which incorporated the mendacious Balfour declaration granting Palestine to the Jewish interlopers from Khazaria who by all accounts have zero connection to this land.

As the Zionists flooded into Palestine after WW1 they wasted no time appropriating as much of the Palestinian’s land as they could by hook and crook.

In fact, ‘Palestine’ included Transjordan during the Ottoman rule and the Zionists balked violently at the British designs to establish the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan under the Transjordan Memorandum of 1922.
It is apparent that they schemed long and hard to get one of the powers, i.e. Germany, Britain or the Ottomans, to grant them Palestine, which Britain acceded to in return for the Zionist Jews getting the US to enter WW1 to aid Britain against the Germans.
This is what turned the Zionists against Germany in 1916, the Germans clearly could not possibly promise them a country which they did not own, control or have any influence over whatsoever, and in all practicality had to turn them down.
But not for the British, who had no compunction to promise them Palestine over which they, at the time, did not have any control over, which was governed by the Ottomans and which has been the homeland of the Palestinians for millennia and was fully populated with a thriving society!

It is glaringly evident that the Zionists still harbour designs to grab all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates and all of Palestine of old, now parts of, or all of Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Iraq.

No sooner had the new Zionist interlopers arrived in Palestine they set about to ethnically cleanse the land of its indigenous population through terror attacks, massacres and destruction of whole villages, crops and towns. Groups like the Haganah and its Palmach, Irgun and the Stern Gang rampaged through Palestine massacring and ethnically cleansing it of every Palestinian in sight.
  • "We shall have to spirit the penniless population across the border … while denying it any employment in our country.”
    Theodore Herzl

  • “Both the process of expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly."
    Theodore Herzl, Complete Diaries, June 12, 1895

  • “It must be clear that there is no room in the country for both peoples … If the Arabs leave it, the country will become wide and spacious for us. The only solution is a Land of Israel … without Arabs. There is no room here for compromises …There is no way but to transfer the Arabs from here to the neighboring countries, and to transfer all of them, save perhaps a few.”
    Joseph Weitz, director of the Jewish National Fund
    Benny Morris, The Birth of the Palestine Refugee Problem, 1947-1949, p. 27
The political system in Israel today is run by these terrorists and their successors all of whom perpetrated the most egregious Crimes against Humanity.
Yitzhak Shamir was leader of the Stern Gang, Moshe Dayan, Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin, Ezer Weizmann, Ariel Sharon all were terrorists in Haganah with the blood on their hands of tens of thousands.

Two of the operations for which the Irgun is best known for are the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on 22 July 1946 and the Deir Yassin Massacre, carried out together with Lehi on 9 April 1948.

The unfettered Zionist immigration and the ruthlessness with which they treated the Palestinians led to resentment and resistance by the indigenous population.
There were two uprisings by the Palestinians, in 1929 and one in 1936.
The British forces violently quashed the Palestinian resistance to the onslaught of the Zionist intruders, expelled their leadership, many were incarcerated and many killed and the Palestinian resistance groups were disbanded and disarmed. Yet the Zionist Terrorist gangs were not disarmed and left to continue their pogrom against the rightful inhabitants of the land.
In fact the British utilised and connived with the Zionist terrorist gangs in quashing the Palestinian uprising and even armed them ever more to perpetrate their atrocities.
Orde Charles Wingate a British officer even trained and encouraged the Zionist terrorist groups to fight any Palestinian resistance and embedded the Zionists’ modus operandi, enduring til today, that military might is what gets you what you want and being superior in strength allows you to dominate, subjugate and expand your territory.

On 19 April 1936 the Palestinians started a national strike in response to mass Zionist immigration and British connivance with this travesty. The British quashed the protests violently and during its course of 1936-37 massacred some 1,000 Palestinians.
This led to the British Royal Commission of Inquiry headed by Lord Peel.
In its report the


commission recommended that Palestine be partitioned into one third Jewish state and two thirds Arab, the latter being merged with the British vassal state Transjordan.
Although the British Government initially accepted this plan it was quickly superseded by the

White Paper

of 1939.

In 1939 Britain had second thoughts about unfettered Zionist immigration to Palestine and their

White Paper

that year proposed a Palestinian state within ten years and restricted Jewish immigration into Palestine.

In February 1947 Britain decided to place the issue of Palestine with the UN which then consulted and proceeded to a vote on the matter.

On the 29 November 1947 UN Resolution 181 was passed under immense pressure from the US Government.
President Harry Truman exerted unprecedented pressure on the State Department. Undersecretary of State Sumner Welles wrote:
“By direct order of the White House every form of pressure, direct and indirect, was brought to bear by American officials ... to make sure that the necessary majority would be at length secured.”

The secretary of defence at that time, James Forrestal, confirmed:
“ The methods that had been used ... to bring coercion and duress on other nations in the General Assembly bordered closely on to scandal.”

Even the UN's own fact finding mission returned recommending that no Jewish state should be established, but the powers residing with the Zionists at all levels of Government and Finance were able to overrule any common sense, justice and fairness.
The indigenous Jews of Palestine didn't want a Jewish state established and the Palestinians, promised independence within ten years in the White Paper certainly were against this travesty of international land piracy.

Although the Zionist population made up roughly one third of the total population and owned some 7% of the land, they were awarded 56% of Palestine comprising the most fertile and desirable tracts of land. The Palestinians were given 43% with two thirds of the Population and being the rightful owners of all of the land.
Jerusalem and Bethlehem were to become Internationals Zones.

On 14 May 1948 the Zionists declared independence of the state of Israel.

Prior to the declaration of independence, on the 10 March 1948 the Zionists hatched the Dalet Plan which had precise premeditated atrocities formulated; the country was divided into zones assigned to Haganah brigades who were ordered to cleanse all areas and villages of Palestinians and occupy the entire zone.
The aim was to ethnically cleanse all of Palestine by any means; mass-murder, destruction, expulsion, genocide.
Ben-Gurion’s orders were precise and left no doubt as what was expected of his terrorist hordes: “Every attack has to end with occupation, destruction and expulsion.”
It was a cowardly pogrom and atrocity of unspeakable callousness against a defenseless civilian population.
Palestinians were massacred with the most wanton callousness and barbarity. One favourite way of massacring the Palestinians was to roll barrel firebombs down streets in villages and when the inhabitants came out to extinguish the fires the Jews massacred them with machine gun fire.
The few who survived and managed to escape were hounded out of Palestine and their houses were blown up and booby trapped so anyone returning in a vain attempt to salvage any of their meagre belongings found only ruins and were most likely blown to bits.
In all during this pogrom some 15,000 Palestinians were massacred and three quarters of a million Palestinians became refugees, and still are today.
  • “We must do everything to insure they [the Palestinians] never do return … The old will die and the young will forget.”
    David Ben Gurion, 1948

  • "When we have settled the land, all the Arabs will be able to do about it will be to scurry around like drugged cockroaches in a bottle."
    Raphael Eitan, chief of staff of the Israeli Defense Forces, New York Times, April 1983
    In Debunking the Myths of Colonization: The Arabs and Europe by Samar Attar

  • "Everybody has to move; run and grab as many hilltops as they can to enlarge the settlements, because everything we take now will stay ours. Everything we don't grab will go to them."
    Ariel Sharon, Israeli foreign minister, addressing right-wing Tsomet Party, Nov 15, 1998
The British under their ‘Mandate’ were responsible for law and order and maintaining peace, but in the most cowardly fashion just secured their own safety and even forcibly disarmed Palestinians with a promise to protect them, but instantly reneged on this and left the indigenous inhabitants to be slaughtered by the Zionist intruders.

This all happened well before any Arab soldier from neighbouring countries came to the belated aid of the Palestinians.
But even this operation was a setup and a complete betrayal.
The Arabs were placed under the command of King Abdullah of Jordan, a British vassal puppet and he was only interested in getting his share of the spoils in this pre-arranged treachery against the Palestinians. A deal was struck that Jordan would get the West Bank and the Zionists get the rest of Palestine, leaving absolutely nothing for a Palestinian state, which made most of them homeless, a fate they suffer till today.

The Arab armies equipped with antiquated armoury were absolutely no match for the Zionists’ which were bristling with the latest weaponry supplied to them by the US and UK. The Arabs were not allowed to purchase these advanced weapons so as to keep them weak and vulnerable and at the mercy of the Zionists.

On cessation of this premeditated pogrom of genocide and ethnic cleansing half of the Palestinian population, some 800,000, was made homeless, and most of the villages were destroyed

In May 1948 Swedish diplomat Count Folke Bernadotte was appointed by the UN to seek a solution to the intractable and irreconcilable interests between the Zionist interlopers and the rightful inhabitants of the land of Palestine.
On the 16 September 1948 in his report he recommended that the Palestinians be given the right to return and that fixed boundaries should be negotiated and two states should form an economic union.
The day after the release of his report the terrorist Stern Gang led by future prime minister of Israel Yitzhak Shamir


him in Jerusalem.
  • "There is no such thing as a Palestinian people, it is not as if we came and threw them out and took their country. They didn't exist."
    Golda Meir

  • "Palestinians are not human beings, they don't deserve to live and they are nothing but animals"
    Deputy Minister of Religious Services, Eli Ben Dahan

  • "How can we return the occupied territories? There is nobody to return them to."
    Golda Meir, March 8, 1969.

  • "The Partition of Palestine is illegal. It will never be recognized .... Jerusalem was and will for ever be our capital. Eretz Israel will be restored to the people of Israel. All of it. And for Ever."
    Menachem Begin, the day after the U.N. vote to partition Palestine.

  • “Destroy and damage infrastructure, public buildings and government buildings. We must make sure that Hamas will be spending many years rebuilding Gaza, and not attacking Israel.”
    Interior Minister Eli Yishai, Operation Pillar of Defense

  • “The goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages, only then will Israel be calm for the next 40 years.”
    Interior Minister Eli Yishai, Operation Pillar of Defense

  • “We need to flatten entire neighborhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza. The Americans didn’t stop with Hiroshima — the Japanese weren’t surrendering fast enough, so they hit Nagasaki, too. There should be no electricity in Gaza, no gasoline or moving vehicles, nothing. Then they’d really call for a ceasefire.”
    Journalist Gilad Sharon, son of former Prime Minster Ariel Sharon

  • "We have to kill all the Palestinians unless they are resigned to live here as slaves."
    Mayor of Tel Aviv October 1983

  • "We'll make a pastrami sandwich of them. We'll insert a strip of Jewish Settlements between the Palestinians and another right across the West Bank so that in 25 years neither the UN nor the USA, nobody will be able to tear if apart"
    Ariel Sharon 1973

  • "Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish People and the state of Israel on trial."
    Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, 25 March 2001, quoted in BBC News online

  • "There are no innocents in Gaza. Mow them down. Kill the Gazans without thought or mercy."
    Knesset Member Michael Ben-Ari

  • "We will have to kill and kill and kill. All day, every day."
    Arnon Soffer, Ariel Sharon's advisor, December 2004

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Earliest Jewish deception!
Ancient Egypt knew no Israelites nor anyone called Moses.

The rise of Zionism and the Balfour Declaration

The treachery and connivance of the British Government with the Zionists in the quid pro quo deal for enlisting Zionist support in getting America into WWI for a Jewish State. Not a 'Homeland' under Arab control, but a fully fledged Jewish State with no rights for the rightful owners of the Land, the Palestinians.

The Zionists' Crimes against the Palestinians

Nakba, the Zionists' crimes of ethnic cleansing Palestine.

Zionists' efforts to get anyone of the Powers at the time, Germany, Ottoman, Great Brittan to 'give' them Palestine.

The birth of Terrorism - Zionist Terrorism
The only value in this British documentary is it's telling of the origins of Terrorism.

Israeli Historian Describes Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine in 1948
An admission that the Jewish state is built on Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide!

We pray that the state of Israel should cease to exist
A real Jew expresses total opposition to the Zionist State and why!

Israeli terrorism.

The Land Speaks Arabic

The History of Palestine.
The treachery and betrayal of the British to the rightful inhabitants of Palestine.

A Summary of Zionist Terrorism in the Near East — 1944-1948
A long list of atrocities from the intruders who invented Terrorism and used it to get all of Palestine!

How The Jewish-Zionist Grip on American Film and Television Promotes Bias Against Arabs and Muslims

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◆ Conclusion:

Looking at all the evidence and documented sources, we have seen that the world is not what it seems, not what we are constantly being told and that history is one big lie.

We’ve seen that on balance, and certainly in relative terms, the real criminals in WW2 were the Allies; Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and above all their Jewish minders, and Stalin and his hordes of Jewish apparatchiks.
They conspired for WW2 and made life impossible for the Germans and trapped Hitler with a phony Mutual Assistance Treaty with Poland so they could, and did, declare war on Germany. It wasn't Hitler who declared war on France and Britain but the Zionists who controlled the leaders, Roosevelt, Chamberlain and Churchill.
They perpetrated the most egregious Crimes against Humanity with deliberate starvation and neglect of millions of disarmed German Soldiers.

They connived with the Soviets in expelling millions of German citizens from their homelands in the east and left them to die the same horrific deaths of starvation and exposure.

They were the first to bomb cities and civilian targets, and would escalate this barbaric War Crime into an outright orgy of death, destruction, mass murder and genocide on German city after city with the stated aim to exterminate the German race.

They betrayed millions of nationalities and ethnic groups and sent them, often under false promises and lies, into the hands of Stalin’s Bolsheviks and to their certain death.

We’ve seen that the real perpetrators of ‘Crimes against Peace’ were the same Allied actors and particularly their Jewish minders who conspired to trap Hitler into this horrendous war; it’s all documented in their very own words and deeds.
The Zionist Jews deliberately created the injustices at the Paris Peace Conference after the infamous Balfour promise, which led Hitler to seek to redress, but was thwarted and sabotaged at every turn by these same Zionist power-brokers to trap him into a conflagration so their subservient Allied puppet powers could crush and destroy Germany.

Though Hitler is certainly not blameless, his peace efforts, his modest and reasonable demands were all rebuffed; war was wanted at all costs by the Jewish controlled western powers.
His hasty invasion of the Soviet Union was to prevent Europe being overrun by Stalin’s Bolshevik hordes who had planned, and prepared for, to invade only weeks later.
This was acknowledged by the Allies later who, belatedly, bemoaned that they fought the wrong enemy!

We have seen that international Jewry is a well organised, united force and power which mobilised against Hitler and the NSDAP and was determined to crush Germany from 1916 onwards after British assurances of Palestine, a force which had the power over the US and UK Governments, and thus over other actors like Poland, to get what they wanted through two world wars; their 'Jewish Homeland' on the Palestinian's Land!
It is plainly and glaringly obvious that this organised force still exists and is ever more relentlessly at work to achieve their ultimate goal of world domination over the Goyim, or Cattle, as they so contemptuously call the rest of humanity.
It is a step by step process; from Israel as a first base, to Greater Israel, to world domination.
It has all been spelled out in their writings, in the Talmud, in the Protocols of Zion and by numerous Jewish Rabbis, Politicians and Zionists who will not hesitate to tender the most outrageous and diabolical diatribes and insults against Humanity, but since they rule the planet they're immune from criticism and prosecution alike!

We’ve seen that the Zionist owned MSM today is telling us nothing but lies, big massive whoppers of lies, out of context and oftentimes outright fabricated lies, sometimes just a loaded word which alters the entire news item in a way that it becomes a total complete lie, but more often than not outright fabrications.
But we’re never told the truth – for the truth would incriminate themselves, and the masses would eventually rise up and overthrow the system, as has happened before in 1917; at the behest of the very same people in power, now and ever since the rise of the Rothschild clan.

We’ve seen how the world is controlled by this Khazarian Mafia, albeit with a fair share of co-opted


who see their nefarious aims converge and overlap in parts with those of their Khazarian masters. They’re in it for the crumbs, the spoils of their iniquitous, private Financial System allowing them to rape and plunder the Productive People by the Trillions.

They’re in for the profiteering over the corpses of millions of innocents, over the destroyed lives of hundreds of millions and billions, who suffer from their heinous crimes against humanity; the criminal sanctions, the criminal FX and market rigging, the criminal wars, the exploitative financial system, the oppressive, mass murdering tyrants they support in all their vassal states and who let them exploit their country, their workers, their resources; their wealth.
The estimate that the Zio controlled US alone is responsible for the deaths, outright killings and avoidable deaths due to this exploitative system, of over 1.3 Billion souls over the course of its sorry existence is not an exaggeration; it is documented reality.

For if we had a fair and equitable system which allowed every country to develop and control their own resources, then there would be fair prices paid for them.
If we didn’t have totally rigged markets, all with total impunity by this mafia, then the producers, the productive people would get the correct feedback from those markets and make the right business and investment decisions, they would get fair prices and would get the just benefits of their hard labour. But as it stands, the Khazarian Bankster Mafia is raping and plundering every market by the Trillions at the expense of, and by destroying the Productive People in the process - and as an end of itself.

This mafia is globally mass murdering people, i.e. Goyim, on a gigantic scale in order to preserve their iniquitous, private Fiat Currency System which is the underpinning of their aims of total world domination. They will go to war at the slightest hint that this system is under threat: Saddam, Gaddafi, Assad, Putin are only the latest in a long string of targets they’ve attacked and eliminated for threatening their exploitative, private Fiat Currency System.

This is all clearly documented; they openly declared it with their






They’ve spelled it out in great detail in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which is a genuine document, not an ‘anti-semitic’ hoax as is now claimed.
It was spelled out in the Jewish run and contrived PNAC’s

Rebuilding America's Defenses!

In other words to aim for total hegemony over the planet via criminal wars of aggression and the control over strategic regions by destroying countries’ sovereignty and installing vassals controlled by the Khazarian Mafia, puppets which let the US exploit their countries, resources and people.
It is advisable at this point to remember that America is a Jewish controlled vassal; they haughtily boast so themselves in glowing terms and it is glaringly evident reality!

The unspeakable venality, wanton barbarity and callousness of this KM is clearly demonstrated in the SS Liberty attack where the Jewish attackers aimed to destroy all the lifeboats and even shot and killed the sailors fighting for survival in the water, so as to inflict maximum casualties.

It is demonstrated in the fact that while the racist, Zionist, Apartheid Squatter Colony on Palestinian Lands is bombing Palestinian civilian targes, houses, schools, hospitals, families and children, these parasitic Zionist squatters gather on surrounding hilltops and cheer every bomb of death and destruction, clap and cavort over the mass murder of innocent women and children – an atrocity and crime so heinous, so repugnant and barbaric the whole world was expressing its revulsion and condemnation, bar the sick Zionists in the US and UK.

It is cogently demonstrated in the 9/11 attack where these Zionist Terrorists attempted to blow up all the stairwells with pre-primed explosives to prevent anyone escaping the towers inhabited with 50,000 workers, again so as to cause maximum casualties.

It is demonstrated in fact how the Zio Fed/ESF/WS Bankster matrix willfully and gratuitously destroys and rapes and plunders Productive People’s Wealth by the Trillions with its Gold and Silver suppression crimes, rigged markets and QE and ZIRP for the Banksters.

It is cogently proven in the way the Zionist squatter colony in occupied Palestine perpetrated a false flag in killing three of their own kids to blame it on Mossad controlled Hamas and then went on to destroy Gaza, massacre thousands of women and children, reduced the size of Gaza by 40%, all in order to steal the Palestinians' Oil and Gas fields offshore Gaza, to make life virtually impossible for Gaza inhabitants and to eventually expel the last Palestinian from their Homeland while massacring as many as possible.
And to top it all off they then sprayed the Palestinian’s crops with poison to starve them and destroy all their economic means of survival.

We’ve seen that the establishment of Israel is but one giant fraud perpetrated through elaborate deception by the Zionists.

It was achieved through the scheming via two world wars, the co-opting and collaboration with Hitler, the man now synonymous with "Anti-Semitic', 'Anti-Jewish' evil.

It was forced into existence over the corpses of of millions of innocent victims at the hands of the KM.

It was pulled off through the age old deception and false history of the Jewish People of both, the Sephardic and Ashkenazim Diaspora.

It was connived into being through the biggest swindle and lie ever contrived; the Holohoax of 6 million; planned and disseminated for decades in advance!

It was foisted on the planet through the power and coercion of money, which the KM is in total control of, since the rise of the criminal Rothschild clan.

It was brought about through the Balfour Declaration which was a payoff for the KM getting the US into WWI via its financial clout and control over the USG.

Israel is the KM’s base from which they plan the takeover of the planet and wield enormous power over western governments, the UN, finance, Media, and every institution and public forum which has influence.

The establishment of Israel has been the decisive driver of history since the late 1800s and has since then, and is now, behind all the wars, death, destruction, terrorism, misery and mayhem plaguing the planet.

The KM and its powerbase Israel is the single most powerful force shaping world history.
It is the tail waging the dog; Israel is dictating policy to the Zionist controlled USG, NATO, and the western Governments via the most powerful lobby groups and finance.

Now this KM wants to declare “Anti-Semitism’ an international crime so that the truth can not be disseminated any longer, even via the internet and any site outing the truth can be shut down and the authors hauled over the coals and incarcerated for ‘Hate Speech’, ‘Anti-Semitism’ or whatever felony they care to invent to suppress the ugly truth of the Mafia in power!

David Irving, Maurice, Robert Faurisson, Ernst Zündel, Germar Rudolf, Fred Leuchter are all shameful examples of how the truth must be quashed with Inquisitional persecution by the state. Germany, Austria, Canada, France, UK, the list is a very long one of countries resorting to medieval witch hunts to serve their Jewish masters! These laws violate all basic human rights guaranteed in the UN Charter and signed on by these vassal states.

The incongruity and absurdity of these Antisemitic laws is inescapable; the Ashkenazim Pseudo Jews are NOT Semites but Khazarian, yet the Palestinians, their victims whom they slaughter like 'cattle', are Semites.

To have so much power to have laws against even questioning the most glaring of mockeries, the Holohoax, to have laws outing or questioning the crimes of a creed declared as ‘Anti-Semitism’, and laws prohibiting the criticism of Israel per se, all being made illegal in country after country, and now globally is cogent proof as to who rules over us, right Monsieur Voltaire!

The solution is in the destruction of their power source - the Fiat Currency System and all the fascist multi national corporate power structures.
• Get out of the Banking System, boycott all multinational fascist products.
• Buy locally, domestically produced products.
• Buy Gold to store your savings.
• If you can avoid or refuse to pay taxes.
• And get the message out to everyone who has the ability to think for themselves and has the time to listen between soaps and zio brainwash.

This is the last stand of Humanity against total Fascism, complete Tyranny as envisaged by the KM and already expressed in the Patriot Act, NDAA, TPP/TTIP, internet censorship, all the Anti-Semitism/Hate Speech/Incitement to Racism Laws etc, and many more Totalitarian Edicts foisted on an obtuse, disinterested and emasculated populace.

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