A very special Happy New Year's Message for 2016

Time for some Black Humour, or you might call it a Reality Check!

Happy New Year to all to Wonderful People who have
  • their Hearts in the right place filled with Compassion, Understanding and Tolerance!

  • with Minds wide open receptive to unpalatable Truths and inconvenient Facts!

  • with a will to change the World for the Better and not afraid of exposing themselves to Ridicule, Attack by Authorities and Zealots alike!

  • and are willing to getting their Hands dirty working for a World we all can be Proud of, where Equality, Justice, Fairness, Liberties, Respect and Cooperation in Harmony and mutual Respect are the Norm and guiding Principles for all relations; International, by Authorities to its Citizens, by World Bodies to everyone, and of course Interpersonal!
Here’s my Wish to Humanity for 2016 for a World filled with Peace, Prosperity and a kind of Love built on the aforementioned Principles!

Happy New Year to all!

But let's spare a thought for all the less fortunate and all the suffering Souls at the hands of Evil.

There is so much Evil on this Planet I couldn't do justice to list it all; Syria, Libya, Iraq, Novorossiya, Africa, Asia, South America, the Planet is one gigantic Hellhole of suffering, misery death and destruction, created by a few sick-minded Despots of a certain creed who want 'a world of their own', as they say!

It is our duty to bring these Satanical Atrocities to the attention of everyone and to out the perpetrators, don't be afraid to name the despots, they know that Humanity is on to them and they are ever more on shaky grounds the more people are alert to their Crimes.

It is our duty to doe everything we can to end these Crimes against Humanity by the Oligarchy known as the Jew World Order!

Make no mistake, there is no doubt as to who is ruling this planet, just take their very own words for it as they like to boast about how they rule and control the planet!

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