Real Democracy for Thailand

Every Country and its Citizens deserve Democracy, Real direct Democracy: Democracy Of the People, By the People and For the People!

Today’s so called ‘Representative Democracy’ is not Democracy by any measure, or by the standard of the ancient Greek form of Democracy which was a pure form of Direct Democracy.

The Greeks proverbially invented Democracy which flourished in ancient Greece during the fifth to third centuries BC in varying degrees of purity.

Ancient Greeks exercising their Democratic Rights in the open air Ekklesia in Athens It was based on the system of Public Gatherings, the Ekklesia, ἐκκλησία, to debate and decide on the issues at hand, or to settle disputes and legal cases, and was steeped in their traditional art form of oratory and debate, which flourished at that time.

There were at least two flaws with this system of democracy, which both can and will be addressed;
Firstly, the female half of the population was excluded from this process, as were of course all the slaves.

Secondly, wealthier participants were able to hire Sophists, skilled orators who taught the art of oratory and debating and thus could sway a Jury in legal cases in their favour and get their agenda accepted by the thus persuaded voting assembly.

In spite of these flaws, this system allowed everyone, every male at least, a vote on important Matters of State, and truly was representative of the Will of the People!

The modern form or ‘representative’ Democracy of today is based on delegating one’s right to Vote to a Delegate, that is, a ‘Representative’ who then will Vote according to his/her own Conscience and Will as they see fit, regardless of what the people, who elected this ‘Representative’, actually want to happen!

US Politicians are being bribed by up to $20 million each, every single year! Worst 'Democracy' Money can buy! This does not include Money spent on Think Tanks and covert bribery! The problem with this form of ‘Democracy’ which is no Democracy at all, is all to clearly demonstrated in the USA where every single one of the 535 Representatives has been bought off by the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and the WS Banks who use their immense Wealth to buy off these Delegates and get their own agenda passed in all the Legislations and Laws passed.
In fact the MIC and WS literally write all the Legislations either directly themselves or through their ‘Think Tanks’ like the CFR, AIPAC, Brookings Institution, Atlantic Council and a myriad of other such Organisations designed to control the ‘democratic process’!

The entire USG, i.e. Executive, Legislative, Policing Organs (CFTC, SEC, FDA, Police, NSA, CIA, FBI etc), Judiciary and all Departments are under the control of the MIC and WS Banks and act out their every whim and command! As President Carter recently said: “The US has no Democracy”!

Every other western democracy is suffering from the same ills and all are thus corrupted to varying degrees!

It is safe to assume that Thailand is affected by the same Corruption and the influence Big Money inevitably can exert by bribing and buying off these Representatives!

Now Thailand has a unique, once in a Lifetime opportunity to bring All-inclusive, Real Democracy to the People!

The ancient form of the Ekklesia can easily be resurrected with the Internet, which now is ubiquitous and available to everyone!

Every Person can have an ‘e-Voting’ account and all matters of importance can be Voted on directly by the People after due deliberation and informed discussion also via the Internet!

Open Air Landsgemeinde still practiced in Switzerland in two Kantons (Provinces) Switzerland practices a form of Direct Democracy since 1848, and who would argue that Switzerland is not a well run, well governed and hugely successful Country!

The Internet is the People’s own right to Freedom of Speech, Democracy and expression of the Will of the People!

Finally the People have equal access to express their Views and Will as have Governments, big Corporations and Media Concerns.

To have Real Democracy flourish based on a Fair, Unbiased and objectively Informed Population, the Media must be diversified and no Corporation must be allowed to own more than say a maximum of 5 – 7.5% of the total Media structure of the country.

That is to prevent big Corporations buying up all the Media and influencing the Public with their own agenda as is the case now in America and right across the globe where there is only one wholesaler of News; Reuters and their subsidiary AP, both owned by the Rothschild Clan.
The entire western Media, including Hollywood, is in control of 5 Jewish owned & controlled Corporations! (The entire globe is brainwashed with the Lies and Propaganda from this News Monopoly, while most of the world’s media is owned by the same Oligarchy who also own the WS Banks and MIC and thus the USG)

The ‘Constitution Draft Committee’ must bring Real Democracy to the Thai People; Direct Democracy, where everyone can Vote on important Matters of State which affect Everyone’s Life!
Where Citizen have the right to initiate Referenda by collecting signatures and forcing a Vote on any issue dear to the people supporting it.
Switzerland is a good place to start consulting, but Thailand must go even further and become truly Democratic.

The present state of Fascism, Corruption and Gerrymander where big Money buys off the political process must end and the People must once again be in charge of their own Lives!

Nothing new under the Sun
Sun Tzu in 500 BC
As a demonstration of the present total Corruption consider the USG which wages War after War against Countries which have not aggressed or threatened anyone, where they use proxies like Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram or any of the other Terrorists armed, paid and controlled by the US.
It is all done on the command of the MIC and WS Banksters since War is their Business: War for Profit, $Trillions of Profits, over the corpses of hundreds of millions of innocent victims and the destruction of Country after Country!
Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine and if Thailand is not careful, they will not hesitate to destroy Thailand if it threatens their US Dollar Crime Racket and their hegemony over the planet.

Aristophanes' comedy play Lysistrata, first performed in Athens in in 411 BC Since in ancient Greece the women, with their protective and caring instincts, didn't have a vote, Wars were a constant plague and the only way to stop them fighting the Peloponnesian war, which raged on for almost three decades, was for the women to refuse their combative men their conjugal rights, this according to the bawdy comedy play by Aristophanes. This was evidently very successful as the men stopped warring in favour of female companionship!

Thailand can show the world the way to a really Representative, Sovereign, Equitable and Just Society steeped in Real, Direct Democracy and Democratic Institutions beholden to the People and not to special, Monetary Interests via Corruption, as is globally the case now!

  • The present political System of Corruption and Fascism equals Exploitation, Wars, Death, Destruction, Misery and Suffering.

  • Real Democracy can prevent these horrific Crimes against Humanity by rogue Governments beholden to special interests!
Would you really entrust your Life and the Life of your Family, to these Politicians, making the most important Decisions for you?

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