The TPP & TTIP, FTAs, Economic Sovereignty and the Death of Billions!

Examining the Pitfalls and Fishhooks of Free Trade Agreements, how they can and are misused and how they affect smaller and weaker countries!
A stark Warning about the Dangers of losing control over one's Economy, i.e. the means of Production and Distribution!

This article is part of a series to better understand the TPP/TTIP
Who is behind the TPP? Getting into bed with the US?
Is there a Conspiracy?

   (A Declaration of Vassalage)

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• Colonial Powers and their Vassals

In 1901 the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, APOC, (later AIOC, now BP) was granted a prospecting licence to start exploration for oil in Iran and in 1908 they struck it lucky with a huge gusher and from 1913 on APOC was shipping oil out of Persia (Iran)to Britain, at very little benefit to the Iranians.
BP, a long history of Predation & Exploitation APOC only paid 16% of net profits to Iran while the industry standard was a 50/50 share agreement. To add insult to injury APOC always refused to open its books to let the Persians ascertain that they paid a fair and correct amount as per contractual arrangements.
In 1907 the colonial powers in Persia, Russia and Britain, divided Persia into two spheres of influence, unilaterally formalised in the Anglo-Russian Convention, Russia in the north and Britain in the south. By the time of WW1 Britain exerted enormous control over Persia and was acting as a colonial power in the country they exploited at will.
In support of their War effort against the Ottomans and Germans the British took control of distribution infrastructure like rail and roads and requisitioned Persian food and grain production and shipped most of the produce out of the country to feed their troops and occupying forces in the Middle East and India.

British engineered Iranian Famine of 1917-19 During the years of 1917 – 19 Iranian grain harvest were meagre and the British saw an opportunity to bring Persia to its knees and deal it a decisive blow from which it wouldn’t recover for a very long time, so as to keep it weak and a vassal state, unable to rebel or demand better economic contractual arrangements or even kick the British colonial exploiters out altogether.

During this meagre harvest time Persian food and grain produce were still shipped out of the country by Britain to aid their war effort, while British forces prevented imports of other food supplies from Mesopotamia and other sources, and literally stopped the unloading of grain shipments in the port of Bushehr so as to create widespread starvation.
While the Brits were already exploiting Iranian Oil on a large scale and had control over all the means of production and distribution, they paid a small amount of royalty in exchange, but APOC often withheld due payments during the famine years under various contrived ruses so as to prevent the Teheran puppet Government from purchasing food supplies from abroad to feed its starving population.

In all some 10 million died during this willfully engineered Iranian Famine at the hands of the British, close to half of the population at that time.
To add insult to injury, Persia had declared its neutrality in WW1 to keep itself out of this foreign war!

The fact that all the documentations of their presence in Iran during this period were destroyed by the Brits is not merely a suspicious act to hide their crimes, but standard practice by this colonial power who is guilty of equal massacres in Bengal, India and other colonial ‘possessions’.

The Bengal Famine of 1770 – 73 was another atrocity engineered by the British for profit and killed up to one third of the population, some 10 million people!
British East India Company with alternative Slogan! This wholesale massacre was followed by many more until the final 1943 – 44 famine which killed some 3 million!
Thereafter India gained independence and could take care of its own citizens and exert greater control over its means of production and distribution.

In 1765 the Treaty of Allahabad was signed between the British and the Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II after a battle, which took place the year before, between the intruding British forces under the command of the East India Company, EIC and the combined forces of three Indian States.
This allowed the British East India Company to take control of production and distribution of crops in India, but most importantly to also collect taxes from the peasants.
Previously farmers and producers paid 10% of their crop to their Mughal Emperor, but the EIC immediately raised this to 50%.

Representative picture of Famines in India, showing the horrific devastation and Death toll they wreaked on the population! In 1769 the rains started to fail and harvests became very poor, but instead of allowing the peasants to keep more of their production to feed themselves, the EIC increased the taxes to a staggering 60% to compensate for loss of earnings during this time of famine!
Since the EIC was in command of the means of distribution and acquired land rights they demanded that the peasant farmers plant cash crops like opium poppies which the EIC then could export to China at huge profits and indigo for export to Europe for more profits than rice could fetch.
This exacerbated the food shortage and deepened the horrors of the Famine, which was evidently engineered by the British EIC and its greed motivated Profit at any Cost conduct.
With these repeated, willfully engineered famines, the East India Company deservedly earns the sordid distinction of being history’s most immoral company with the most people killed for Greed and Profit on its conscience, though 'conscience' plays no part in hard nosed Commerce, Colonialism and Exploitation for Profit.
In all the repeated famines during British rule tallied some 85 million souls who perished for the callous greed of their overlords who took control of production and distribution of their economy!

• Neo Colonial Powers and their means of Exploitation

UN figures reveal that between 1950 and 2005 alone the world has suffered a genocide of a staggering 1.3 billion Avoidable Deaths.
Taking figures separately they show that 82 million deaths are directly attributable to the US alone due to its criminal Wars of aggression and invasion of over 50 countries since 1945, and a staggering 70 since its inception in 1776.
In reality the actual figure is many, many multiples of this, due to the covert involvement by the US in every coup, war and conflagration all across the globe.

Though this is only the tip of the iceberg, the 1.3 billion Avoidable Deaths are also due to the fact that the western countries like the US, UK, and France are operating an exploitative system of Economic Colonialism, that is, they control the means of Production, Distribution and the Financial resources i.e. Banking system.

Under such a system, as demonstrated in the cases of Iran and India, the colonised countries have very little or no political and economic power and are literal slaves and vassals to the colonial power who hold the means of Production and Distribution.
The profits are all extracted from the vassal states and line the pockets of the already affluent colonisers.

Thus the colonised and exploited countries have little means to care for their own citizens and develop indigenous Industry and meaningful Employment which would generate some degree of Economic Independence and sufficient tax revenues to build a modern civilisation to care for their citizens with clean Water Supplies, Sewerage Systems, Sanitation, appropriate Healthcare, proper Housing, adequate and healthy Food Supplies, contemporary Education and Infrastructure to meet the demands of a modern, integrated Economy.

Therefore the Economic Neo Colonialism of the Western Powers led by the US is directly responsible for the 1.3 billion Avoidable Deaths the UN has documented, and that is only between 1950 to 2005. Since then the exploitation and especially the criminal wars of aggression have intensified and accelerated in severity and lethality.

This exploitative system is also built on the Fiat Currency System where the US Dollar has been the World’s Reserve Currency and most international trade is conducted in US Dollars.
Parasitic WS Banksters destroying the Lives of Billions at a Key-stoke by rigging every Market to rape & plunder Trillions from productive people! It is also built on all the control over the means of Production and Distribution, i.e. the control of the Distribution Channels, Futures Markets and Wholesale Markets associated with this Fiat Currency/US Dollar oriented World Economy where every market is rigged in favour of the neo-colonial western powers by the controlling WS and City Banksters. (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, BoA, HSBC, RBS, DB etc)

Futures Markets are manipulation in itself; rigging markets to rape & plunder the productive people globally Integral to this exploitative system are also the US mega Multinational Corporations which, in cahoots with the Banksters, are ruling supreme over the world economy and many of the Developing Countries are their vassals with little to no independence left, and when the TPP & TTIP Agreements are implemented then these Multinational Companies will have completely usurped the sovereignty of all the countries whose governments treacherously sign up to these ‘Declarations of Vassalage’ to US Multinationals.

• Free Trade at any Cost and China as the new Economic Neo Colonialist on the block!

In 2010 the Chinese construction company COVEC won the bid to build the A2 Motorway in Poland by undercutting other bids by a staggering 60%!
COVEC shipped their own Chinese workers to Poland and paid them the meagre wages they would be paid in China, and the wages were paid directly in Yuan. Thus there was zero benefit flowing to the Polish Workers and Economy from this entire project.
Wherever the Chinese win contracts around the globe, they ship their own workers as much as possible, and where they are forced to employ local labour the workers invariably complain about their Chinese overlords for their uncaring arrogance, cruelty and for being Slave Drivers; just as they are accustomed to treating their own Chinese workers in China.
Thailand's rapidly deteriorating Trade Balance with China reaches THB490bn in 2014 and is almost entirely based on domestic consumption by replacing Thai Products with Chinese Imports!

China is not known for its fair trade practices and is a very aggressive exporter with Chines nationals based in every country on the planet, facilitating imports of Chinese goods into their host country to replace local products and to destroy the domestic Production Base!
This is deliberate strategy played out across the globe, but South East Asian countries like Malaysia and Thailand are examples which demonstrate this cogently. This is one case where FTAs are disproportionately benefiting the stronger 'partner' to the agreement, at the expense of the smaller economy.

• Privatisation on Principle & Economic Vultures

In 1984 New Zealand opened up its Economy to all competition and subsequently sold off all its state owned enterprises, following in the footsteps of the equally failed Reaganomics and Thatcherism follies.
Railways and Telecom were two such companies which were hocked off to private American owners.
In both instances the new owners simply bled the companies dry by paying themselves huge dividends and never invested in required maintenance and new infrastructure.

In the case of Railways it was so bad that trains were required to slow down to 20km/h in places since the tracks were in such bad shape for lack of maintenance.
The NZ Government eventually had to buy back the Tracks for $1 from a subsequent owner to ensure that NZ still had a functioning Rail System, and needed to invest hundreds of millions in overdue maintenance.
And when Telecom finally was sold by the American predators, the new owners quickly found that hundreds of millions of maintenance and new investments were required just get the company up to a level where it could operate properly at all.
In both cases the companies were partially floated on the stock exchange to demonstrate how ‘profitable’ these companies were.
Then when their share prices reached their peak, they were quickly hocked off at huge profits, and thereafter the share price collapsed when the true state of the companies were revealed by the new owners who bought these lemons.
This same scenario was repeated over and again with every company sold to foreign owners to be exploited! Today there is virtually no company of size which is New Zealand owned, and all profits flow out of the country into overseas pockets.

• EU, Poster child of all failed 'FTAs'

The European Monetary Union, with the apt acronym of a flightless bird i.e. EMU, was a sugar coated Bait full of Fishhooks, Booby Traps and Poison.
But the Politicians couldn’t resist the temptation of hollow promises and bribes which induced them to lead their countries into disaster, and in the case of Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy and even France once the true facts are admitted and faced, into outright Debt Servitude to the Banksters and Money Masters.
In the case of Greece a 'triple bypass' Cross-Currency Swap devised by Goldman Sachs, the self-appointed Financial Masters of the Universe, made their cooked books, soiled full with doggy litter, smell like roses and allowed them to join the EMU.
This blatant and most obvious sleight of hand and deception was conveniently overlooked by the Auditors in Brussels so as to proceed with their ‘Free Trade’ EMU project.
So desperate in fact, were the Conspirators behind this initial step towards a ‘New World Order’ that Greece’s, and the entire Club Med’s gross and brazen cooking of their books, and every nation’s missing of the set deficit requirements, were conveniently and deliberately ignored.
This was in order to proceed with their pet project towards a One World Government, of which the EU was from the outset Piece number One in the jigsaw puzzle of interlocking Blocks.
Once these blocks, like the EU, NAFTA, and any Trading Block based on the Trojan Horse of a Free Trade Agreement, were cemented into place they could easily be joined into one gigantic mega block ruled by Money Masters’ appointed Administrators!
(This scenario has already been tested in the case of Mario Monti for Italy and there was nary an outcry over this blatant interference in the democratic process of a purportedly ‘sovereign’ country.) This all proves that the EU ‘Free Trade Zone’ never was about the welfare and economic prosperity of the thus caged countries, but about a gigantic Gulag of vassal states which could easily be ruled from Brussels by unelected Dictators appointed by the unseen Money Masters, which is almost the scenario we have now - there is only one more step towards such a fascist, undemocratic, totalitarian Federal Europe!.

What was so attractive about the EMU for these Club Med Countries?
For one the Interest Rate differential was enormous and once rates were dropped to the very low German levels of the new EMU it ignited a property boom across Club Med and towards the economic mess and disaster they find themselves in now.
Also the promised benefits of a united 'strong' currency proved to be elusive and meant that the weaker economies couldn't compete against the much stronger ones of Germany, France and Scandinavian countries.

Today the streets of Greece, Spain and many a EU country are littered with Misery, Hardships, forced Prostitution, abandoned Children the parents couldn't care for any longer, fifty percent Youth Unemployment and Crime just feed a family with hungry stomachs;
The EU/EMU was a complete success!

The TPP, TTIP, EU/EMU are the modern day equivalent of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company and the East Indian Company, whose sordid infamy should be a stark warning to all countries considering voluntarily relinquishing their Economic Sovereignty to foreign powers!

• Conclusion
So what this all demonstrates is that the more powerful countries will always exploit the smaller, weaker countries and leave them totally at their mercy, to the point of Life and Death over millions of their Citizens!
Economic power builds Military Power, and Military Power builds Economic Power, and the two reinforce each other at the point of the barrel of the gun, as history has clearly demonstrated.

‘Free Trade Agreements’ are rarely purely about ‘Free Trade’ they often are a means of Economic Neo Colonialism by the more powerful ‘partners’ in these unequal treaties!

Direct investments are all very well and can produce domestic jobs and economic growth, but the entire equation of money flows and control over the economy, i.e. production and Distribution of goods must be considered when evaluating the success or otherwise of such FTAs.

Understanding what the fascist TPP/TTIP are really all about: Total enslavement to the Fascist US MIC/WS/CorpAm Corporations!
The perpetrators behind all the Terrorism, Wars, Death & Destruction!
So why would purportedly sovereign Governments sign up to such onerous Agreements as the TPP/TTIP, which are demonstrably detrimental to their own country in every respect?

For one, politicians are not the brightest people, they are, as research incontrovertibly has proven time and again, merely psychopathic megalomaniacs who, due to their own hubris and over self-confidence rise to the top, just as they do in Corporations and every organisation where the top position confers a measure of power and prestige.

Then politicians get their ‘advice’ from ministerial staff, advisors and ‘experts’ in their respective fields.
But to put it more pertinently, politicians get lobbied and bribed!
It’s a form of brainwashing and prostitution all in one package; politicians very rarely act in the best interest of their constituency, but in the interest of the moneyed powers to whom they are beholden via awe, bribes and/or favours.

The idea that being left out in the cold by not signing on to these Economic Agreements is a ruse, at best they must be structured so that a level of sovereignty and control over one’s economy is maintained. But they are really superfluous in every respect as they merely serve the Vulture Capitalist Multinationals and larger Economies of scale.
Smaller countries always feel the need to join but never gain the same level of benefit the more powerful economies can reap.

The ultimate arbiter and bottom line should be viewed in the Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments, since having negative Balances of Payments means that Foreign Countries will own more and more of your country if the Balance stays negative for extended periods of time!

In the final Analysis, Free Trade Agreements are very heavily weighted to be much more beneficial to the most powerful Economies and Multinational mega Corporations.
Any benefit accruing to the weaker economies could quite possibly be achieved without signing Agreements full of Fishhooks and forcing participating countries into adopting measures, policies and laws which are detrimental to their own welfare and that of their domestic economy.
By the time the entire globe is locked into such FTAs it becomes a Zero Sum game in terms of export trade and the only losers are the workers and smaller countries.
The winners are always the mega Corporations, i.e. mostly American Multinationals and WS Banksters.

Trade liberalisation and a drive for economic efficiency and competitiveness is all very well and desirable and should be every country’s aim as an underpinning of it’s own economic policies.
But when FTAs take on the form of straight jackets and the blatant usurpation of of a country’s economic and political sovereignty, then countries have to carefully weigh up the Cost/Benefit equation such Agreements pose!

Ultimately, consumers can only buy a certain amount of products and services, either domestically produced or imported ones.
In the case of domestic products the collective wealth of the country cycles between manufacturing and consuming citizens, which of course are all one and the same.
In the case of imported products, where goods are manufactured in cheaper locations due to profit motivations, there comes a critical moment in time where a country trapped in such an import dependent economy faces either the prospect of very much reduced living standards, or even bankruptcy due to over printing and over-borrowing to keep the appearance of accustomed lifestyles going just a little bit longer.

The US is a poster child for this intractable conundrum and literally faces imminent and inevitable collapse due to two causes central to the discussion here;
Firstly the US has been waging endless, costly wars for Economic Colonialism and Exploitation.
To do this the US maintains some 900 military bases globally and finances a gigantic military and proxy Armies like Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, the Israeli Defence Force, (IDF), NATO and other terrorist organisations.
The only ones benefiting and raping enormous profits from all this Death & Destruction are the MIC, (Military Industrial Complex), which includes WS (Wall Street), and all US based Multinationals who are, via their 'Think Tanks', behind all these Wars for Profit and Exploitation.

And secondly its Multinationals have relocated most of the manufacturing jobs to China and also outsourced many well paying, midlevel professional jobs to India and other cheaper locations, purely out of greed and for profit. This has completely eroded the tax base, and in the process the USG is presently $18 Trillion in Debt, but realistically counting all the contingent liabilities it is more like a staggering $60-80 Trillion. This is unpayable Debt, not in today’s Dollar equivalent.
The US is Bankrupt!
This is one case of Economic Colonialism and Globalisation biting back in the form of unforseen consequences!
It is the erosion of the Balance of Trade and the domestic tax base due to Free Trade at any cost out of profit motivation!
Despite the fact that the US is the greatest Parasite on the planet, who can literally and simply print Fiat Dollars and export them in exchange for real Goods, Services and Resources, it is the enormous over-reach due to its own arrogance and criminal aggression against every nation on the planet which has ultimately brought the US to its knees in the from of unpayable Debt!
The sooner the world rejects the US$ the quicker will be its demise - and this can come none too soon!

As examined above, history is littered with hundreds of millions, billions in fact, of Corpses of innocent Victims of Economic Colonialism and Military Warfare for Economic Gain and Exploitation!

The salient lesson should be drawn by all contemplating signing on to any such Trojan Horse ’FTA’ as the TPP & TTIP that signing away one’s Economic Sovereignty and control over the means of Production and Distribution can come at a very high price indeed, just ask Iran, India, Greece and all the other colonised countries across the planet from Africa to Asia and beyond, whether at the barrel of the gun or via sugar coated poisoned baits as in the case of the EU/EMU!

• Remedies and Solutions

The present Fiat Currency System is clearly an iniquitous and parasitic form of Economic Neo Colonialism, affording the holders of the World Reserve Currency and controllers of the associated markets and financial channels enormous, unjust advantages!
Gold has been mined for 150,000 years and used as means of Transaction & Store of Value!
Nature's Gift to Humanity!
Now if the Rumour Mill has it correct then Russia and China are working towards a fair and equitable system of trade based on a Monetary System which is also – well, fair and equitable!
There is only one form of Money capable of delivering such just and noble principles: Gold!
It can’t be printed and forged as is the case now with Fiat Currency.
Gold will also, since it is finite and not printable at will, force every country automatically to adopt measures and policies to ensure their Balance of Trade is always healthy and keep their economy competitive and strong.

Under such a system all trade will be settled in Gold and will inevitably level the playing field for all countries.

This completely precludes and negates the need for any FTA or other such thinly disguised forms of Trade Agreements which only ensure Multinationals the right to exploit labour and resources of poorer countries and bestows stronger, larger countries unfair advantages over smaller ones.

The present Fiat Currency System predicates eternal, exponential growth. So to keep this iniquitous parasitic system going, every attempt is being made to generate this elusive eternal growth in a finite world.
In this, FTAs are seen by the Money Masters as a temporary, yet illusive fix.
The problem with FTAs is that they preclude countries from protecting themselves from deteriorating Balances of Trade and forces them into borrowing to keep the charade of prosperity and accustomed lifestyle going.
This of course is the Banksters’ ultimate aim; the enslavement of everyone in Debt which allows them to rape and plunder their Debt-Slaves and institute Oligarchic Rule over their Vassals.

There is a small measure of irony and justice in this wicked scheme; the main perpetrators behind this racket mainly reside in the US and UK and they are about to experience some of their own medicine when the Fiat Currency System finally faces reality and the lies and emergency patches can no longer keep it going, as it has been on borrowed time for a long time. They both are already Bankrupt were it not for the fact that both have printing presses to conjure up confetti currency and keep the Lie going!
Except of course the real perpetrators behind these Crimes against Humanity don’t recognize any nationality, borders or loyalty to any country; they are international Vultures & Parasites and have been so for thousands of years and are well know for it!

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This article is part of a series to better understand the TPP/TTIP
Who is behind the TPP? Getting into bed with the US?
Is there a Conspiracy?

   (A Declaration of Vassalage)

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