Tibet, the real, new Shangri-La!

If one wanted to know what life in a Utopian society feels and ‘tastes’ like, one would have to live there for some time and be a member of that society, and live through all their experiences, as if being one of them. Live all their hopes and fears, their anxieties and joys, and their frustrations and pains.

Tibet is a very fortunate country, indeed.
Tibetans have the Han Chinese who take care of pretty much everything for them.

The Han Chinese build roads, and railways, so that their military can be deployed at much faster rates, and be on the spot almost instantly wherever the Tibetan people need them for their protection.
These same roads also facilitate the movement of Han Chinese settlers who will charitably occupy the land which the Tibetans have so willingly and generously donated to the Han Chinese Communist Government.
In return the Tibetans enjoy the privilege of having the option of buying into nicely grey tinged, walled in housing complexes in remote areas, which are too far for any work to commute to. In these housing complexes they enjoy the protection of the PAP, People’s Armed Police, day and night, just in case some untoward event should befall the Tibetan community while herded into this walled in reservation, lacking any such awful modern distractions, as running water, electricity or a reticulated sewerage system.
Of course, if the Tibetans don’t opt into this scheme, then they will enjoy the gracious custody of the Han Chinese in a more smallish confinement.

Tibetans don’t have to bother with their ancient, awkward language, for it will not get them anywhere, anywhere at all. Mandarin is the language of this paradise and Tibetans can enjoy everything they need to know on tv, radio, or print, all in Mandarin, right there pre-digested and in simple form, so all can understand the profound truths they convey. They’re also reminded not to be so foolish to ever use their deprecated language for any purpose whatsoever in Tibet, for this might not be the most prudent thing to do.

Tibetans are also spared the bother of wasting their time queuing up for any social services, government schemes, or health care services, for more often that not they’ll always find Han Chinese in front of them, regardless how long hey wait. These services were never meant for Tibetans anyway, and they wouldn’t be able to afford any such scheme in any case. Great time saver indeed, and in reality an inverse discrimination!

The Han Chinese also take care of all the natural resources on behalf of the Tibetans, they will extract these for them, and use those very roads to ship them away from Tibet into the safe hands of Han Chinese, out east. These same Han Chinese also have already clear felled just about all the ancient forests and left the hillsides denuded and open to erosion, so that the Tibetans don’t ever again need to worry about some ‘evil spirits’ living in the woods.

The Han Chinese also have, free of charge, rendered huge tracts of land, and groundwater supplies so contaminated with nuclear and chemical waste that Tibetans don’t have to worry about cultivating this land ever again, or using the groundwater for irrigation, drinking or any purpose whatsoever, for eternity. Really a great boon to the Tibetans this, when they have so much land and so few people to take care of it.

The Tibetans also enjoy free patriotic education during their working time, when they would otherwise have to work to earn a living, that is, if they are unfortunate enough to be in employment.
This free education will really get their employment prospects up, being able to say “the Dalai Lama is a separatist and splittist”, and “the CCP is our real Buddha”, and “the Motherland will never be split by the evil DL clique”, very useful – and free of course. They can pass a test after this education programme to prove their academic prowess in being able to repeat the Han Chinese’s highly intellectual musings.
Every Han Chinese employer can check this diploma and decide how useful it is for the job applied, or already held. Though it is not the norm that Han Chinese would employ Tibetans, for the Han Chinese will rather employ other Han Chinese, so that the Tibetans don’t have to work and can enjoy a long, healthy fast.
Of course if they happen to fail that test then, being a monk for instance, they wouldn’t need to go back to arduous monastic life, or as an employee, go back to their boring jobs.

And the Tibetans don’t need to run their own government, the Han Chinese do it all happily for them.
The Han Chinese will tell them how to run every aspect of their lives, what is allowed and what is tolerated, and what will get them into First Class Han Chinese accommodation, where they will enjoy some very special massages and electric titillation, how kind and convenient of the Han Chinese.
Tibetans rarely come back to tell of this wonderful experience they’ve enjoyed while in the care of the Han Chinese. Their relatives are also spared the expense of a burial, and the sight of their love one, for this could really upset them. The Han Chinese will take care of the body for them, free of charge of course.
Most often the Han Chinese won’t upset the relatives by informing them about the untimely departure of their love ones, for this would only cause them grieve.

The Tibetans don’t even have to write their own history for the Han Chinese have already kindly written it for them, a great service for the Tibetans, for they had a very contrary, and obviously erroneous account of their own history.
They foolishly thought, along with all the eminent historians and international law experts, that they were an independent and sovereign country.

Tibetan women don’t have to bear more than one child, for even though they are exempt from the one child policy, they get sterilisation on the spot from roaming Han Chinese teams catching them like some stray dogs on the road.
They don’t even have to go to a clinic, for this treatment, it is carried out on the spot by wonderfully unqualified teams of Han Chinese, who out of the goodness of their hearts, will give this service freely so that Tibetans don’t multiply beyond their own ‘good’ for their creed. It would be a shame if there would be too many recipients of such Han Chinese generosity in this paradise created by them.

Now just recently the Tibetans are the lucky beneficiaries of a Closed Circuit TV, CCTV, surveillance system, the SkyNet.
This system allows the Han Chinese to oversee the whole of Tibet, every prefecture, every town, every village, all over, everywhere where Tibetans live there are CCTV systems installed, just to ensure their safety, day and night.

In fact, Tibetans are really well taken care of, right now there are thousands in the pampering care of the Han Chinese, and almost all have enjoyed their special massages and electric titillation, some even have been treated to a special kind of water treatment.
Many, many more have already been through this treatment and have already been released again.
Many of the released Tibetans now no longer need to work, for their wonderful experience has given them a special yearning, and now they are just looking forward to their early departure from this incarnation, just as many already have departed, thanks to the special treatment by the Han Chinese.

Sadly, soon there won’t be any Tibetans left to enjoy all these benefits bestowed by the Han Chinese, for the plans the Han Chinese have for them and their land they so erroneously think of as their homeland, will see them rendered invisible, a minute forgotten minority, a creed delivered into oblivion, razed from their land and erased from the world’s conscience.

Now if this is a Utopian society, and Orwell has not, in his wildest imagination, envisaged anything like this ever being visited upon this planet, let alone in the enlightened 21st century, then how can anyone know what it would feel like to live there?

Of course this a is a very abridged account of life in this Utopian society, there are many more benefits these people, called Tibetans, are able to enjoy.

Like free Fear, real Fear, Fear down through to the bone, Fear day and night, Fear of what is going to happen next, will they be arrested for no reason at all and end up enjoying this special Han Chinese treatment they give so freely while in their tender care, and from which they most likely will never emerge again ………

Well, as enunciated before, just a Utopian Society!

Such unspeakable barbarity could never be perpetrated by one creed against another, be it out of wanton callousness, greed, and or ignorance.
Ignorance of the circularity of one’s deeds, the karmic dividends ensuing from every thought, utterance and deed!

Humans would never be capable of descending to such depraved depths, a hell below, and beyond animalistic behaviour, not in the 21st century, not ever, surely?

And in case you’re wondering, of course, this is all just made up; a CIA / USA / Western Powers / Media Propaganda beat up, lies, lies and more lies to besmirch the benevolent Han Chinese Communists who are not really barbaric and racist like this at all. This is just all part of a vile Western conspiracy to vilify the wonderful Han Chinese and put them back into their place!

And yes, all the Tibetan eyewitnesses, the people with first hand experiences, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, all the Independent Researchers, all the people who fled from this Shangri-La and related their first hand accounts about life there, of course they are all in on it, they too are all unconscionable Liars ; for there is no truth like the CCP’s own sweet, palatable truth!

Just a Utopian Society, obscured and hidden from the conscience of the world by mist and clouds, behind the world's highest mountains!

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