In the spirit of the Olympics, indeed!

Just a short few weeks away and the regime in Beijing will have pulled off one of the most remarkable stunts at deception and disingenuousness in human history, and this is filled with trickery and dishonesty indeed, from politicians and regimes alike.
All the promises of freedoms, liberalisations and improvements in human rights to come will have all but disappeared in the thick, choking smog of the host city.

Indeed, so smug and arrogant is this regime that even after having been extraordinarily rebuked by the IOC after their vitriolic outburst in Lhasa, Tibet, a blatant politicising of the torch relay, they audaciously scoffed at the reprimand and anyone highlighting their brazen abuse of the Olympic spirit, and their obligations they’ve signed up to as the Olympic host.

In fact it was the Chinese who ‘promised’ to use the Olympics to improve their human rights situation. But by any examination, this has grown far worse in the lead up to, and, due to the Olympics.

The grotesque spectacle of the torch relay jetting around the globe in its own plane filled with PAP thugs to guard it was another blatant politicisation of the Olympics.
This torch relay deserved to be disrupted and used as a rallying point, at every stop, to highlight all the flagrant contraventions of human rights this regime is perpetrating.

The Chinese imperial nation is an invention by the Han creed, and their justification thereof is based on the grotesque fabrication of the ‘nation family of 56 ethnic groups’.
It is an attempt at masquerading their occupation, annexation and settlement of all these minorities’ lands, from the Tibetan, Uighurs, Mongols to the Manchus etc.

Only the Han hold the power, and only the Han dictate what’s allowed, it is a racist regime far worse than the old Apartheid regime ever was.

Just on the overt racism alone the Olympics should never have been awarded to this regime.
Let alone the blatant human rights abuses, the abominable oppression in Tibet, executions on demand for the organ trade, and all the other travesties this regime commits, yet shows not the least bit of compunction, or pangs of conscience.

Awarding them the Olympics is a lasting shame and blemish on the “Nobel” Games.

Perhaps it is time to have the Olympics located permanently in Greece.
At least in ancient times the participants laid down their arms and ceased hostilities to pursue the high ideals, and uphold the ‘Olympic spirit’.

Beijing is only busy trying to hide all the atrocities and human rights abuses, and is engaged in one of the least subtle games of deception by having tightly controlled journo tours to Tibet, and suddenly allowing the odd foreign internet site.

There is no way that journalists will be able to verify what happened in Tibet over the last few months, what the fate is of all the monks and all the missing Tibetan people, thousands of them.

Still incarcerated, and many of them massacred by the Han Chinese security forces is what the trickle of information emanating from the completely locked-down Tibet is proving.

What would the outcry have been had the IOC awarded the Olympics to the old South Africa?
But then there wasn’t as much lucrative trade in the offing.

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